Monday, 02 August 2021 09:26

Mandy and the Bozo

Great things are happening - and will! I keep seeing the number NINE everywhere!

OF course, for someone who plays great, great emphasis on his GUT, soul and everything else - and "coming full circle" which I've written about SO OFTEN in all my books .. well, the non fitness related ones, I believe, but the message is there nonetheless. . . its important!

Maybe not to you readers, I dont know. 

But anyway, I once knew a girl named Mandy. 

An older lady. 

Hehe. Snicker. Cougars on hills and stuff, I know, but she is NOT mentioned  in the book on recollections - not THIS ONE!

There's another one in which she IS mentioned. 


Just recieved this. 

Subject line - Best regards from Mandy China

This is Mandy from China.
I am still not sure this e-mail is your personal e-mail.Whatever from the day I rescued you from Philiphine ,I didn't care about the ending between us.
Everyone has joyful and depressing monents in different life periods.Whatever still glad that you are finally prayed by God and get normal and stable life.That's the best wish from me from the beginning.I have once prayed thousands of times.Now it's the day.
I adore you for one thing you could keep walking as long as you could do everyday.That's good life habit.Keep the insisting and be yourself,follow your heart.
Hope you don't break my dream to come back to home to visit my mom, helping me the first time and last time from you.

Best regards!


I thought this was the Bozo who sent this. Hehe. 

Anyway, the "Rescued from the Phillipines" where he was drowning in drugs - I think they were getting ready to kick him out - and then she contacted Charles (his friend) to fly him back. 

Dont know, but thats suspiciously what it sounded like to ME, heh. 

And it doesn't seem to be Bozo who sent this, or wrote this. I can feel it!

Anyway, the "ending between us". 

This was, if memory serves right, the same chick from which Glyn stole "5000 RMB" by acting all innocent and "the blue eyed boy that just lost his job", and other rubbish, and fleeced her money. Chinese girls can be so simplistic at times!

Wonder if Mandy is reading this. Hehe. 

Poor Mandy - she's still in La La Land from what it seems!

But anyway, from what the Bozos posted on Freakbook, he ain't planning on returning to China. 

Of course, he never posted the tale of his deportation. 

I'll do that someday!

- Anyway, just thought I'd ask Ya'll what you think of THIS latest lunacy. HEhe. 

Maybe he's trying to work some wierd fetish in with Mandy as he was with his friend's girlfriend. 


I'm out. Thought I'd update y'all! 


Rahul Mookerjee

P S-  I was going to do a Lumberjack workout, but saw this, had to send it in. 

But y'all should get the pre-order now, because IT WILL DISAPPEAR VERY SOON!!!!

PS #2 - The Mandy I knew was "Mandy Dong" 

Nah, the last name isn't anyting but a Chinese last name, hehe. 

The Mandy that sent this is a Chan, I believe. Not sure, she never sent her last name, which makes me think Bozo is up to being a "female" again, but hey. Who knows! But I think thats the name, hehe. Poor Bozo. Can't get the "dongs" he so lusts after even from email, hehe.

PPS - As for the poor MOther? Dont EVEN GET me started on butts and Bozos there, ugh. Talk "old and cruddy"! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!