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Why you should always make "from the gut" off the cuff remarks!

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Lots of people trash President Trump for this for one. 

But these Boozos that (then show in the emergency roon after fingering themselves with Lysol or what not to get rid of the China virus) complain about "how dare he say that " and "why doesnt he think his comments through" and stuff don't get it. 

Trump is by far one of the most natural - and best - marketers ever. 

So is yours truly, sitting right here. 

My buddy from the Marine was right when asked about "who is more brutally honest - Trump or myself". 

Although yours truly said Trump, he was very forthright in declaring the following - 

"It's by no means a foregone conclusion, Rahul!' 

It ain't either, hehe. 

I should say it's NOT. 

But anyway, yours truly has been known for just saying it and just doing it and often "thinking later". 

I know. 

It's confusing. 

I keep Tom Tomming Henry Ford and Jeff Bezos in terms of "thinking things through thoroughly", but yet - the KEY to business - and life success? 

Is when a decision needs to be made, you just look inwards - and make it. 


And you change it slowly, if at all (that was one of Ford's defining characterestics which most people hated). 

Same thing for making comments etc in conversation. 

Just say what you feel - just SAY IT!

And then forget about it. 

If you're honest in what you say, isn't that all that counts? 

Anyway, the storm one of my comments sparked 'internally' on a LinkedIn thread I won't post here, hehe (all those involved are actually nice folks trying to make a living, hehe) ... 

There was this lady posting a video about training kids in something or the other. 

You on this list know my feeling on watching videos. 


But something seemed off, the hair seemed a bit too "perfect" - and made up. 

It looked like a wig, plain and simple . 

I know the lady in question has natural hair - probably a lot of it. Hehe. 

So I just posted "nice wig! If it is .... " 

With a huge grin. 

My oh my, the thread ... the responses. 

White knights jumped in with "Wierd comment!"   (one was her "enamorata" of sorts from what I understand, or maybe a steady, I dont know, so probably thats why, but still! Hehe) 

Others jumped in with "what are you on!" 

And of course lady in question, "mine? or his? " 

That comment hit home! 

It's not so much what the other people said - it's the speed at which they responded. 

CAN you get that sort of marketing response - or even in life? 

THAT will determine your success in failure in life (where we are ALL Selling ourselves in one way, shape or form) or business, or what not... 

Trust me!

President Trump, of course, knows the truism of this and has been doing this since he was born most likely - like yours truly. Hehe. 

It's funny though, on that thread, they all missed the "IF it is part.... " 


They chose to focus on the first part. (I didnt even think of all this when posting, I just posted, this morning I saw the responses - and while I could reply, it would likely inflame the fine folks there further, so I didnt - plus, of course, what I've always said about NOT getting into pissing contests on social media - not that I would anyway. Hehe. (and not that this is a pissing contest)). 

Here's what seperates the real men from the cucks, by the way. 

I've spoken a lot about Charles and his girlfriend - the latter not overly impressed with my "record in bed in terms of too many notches". 

she said her bit. 

Charles said the exact opposite in front of her i.e. "its his life, who are you to comment". 

Bozo, of course, was boozing away with bad breath right next to me and could care less, but trolled me later about it. 

But really, THAT is why I still respect Charles despite our many disagreements. 

Then of course, my buddy from the Marines, we were having BBQ one day - and I made an off the cuff remark about "that girl". 

Thats all I said!

This woman (his girl) had NO idea who I was, much less notches or the number. 

All she knew was "his friend and married". 

And thats it. 

And yet, the way she looked at me like an angry tigress after I made the remark, then had the "audacity" to invite my buddy out for more quid pro quo drinks ... well! 

That look said it ALL. 

She gave him hell after that all the time for drinking with me. 

To his credit, he kept doing it. REAL MAN!

But he did sort of disagree later with me about "Rahul, thats boys talk!" 


But I just said it, moved on ... really, all I said was "she was fine" or something! 

Nothing that "offensive". Trust me!

But he didnt say it then. He just told me later, and that too only when we were discussing "why is your girlfriend so angry with you drinking with me". Hehe. 

He also said this. 

"Rahul, you're a man of high moral fiber! You're a solid individual. You could be born in the jungle and raised in (I believe he said Amazon hehe) for all I care..." 

(this had got into some inanity over "in US culture this isn't acceptable" (it isnt? HA!)) ... 

And we met up a few days later, drank beer together. 

"WE need to get past this!" 

We did, very well indeed!

Unlike a certain Manny from the Phillippines who years later probably still remembers a drunken argument we had at Freddie's job "after party" (trust me, we had a LOT to drink). 

As Uncle Bob so sagely said, 

"Geez, time to get past it already!" 

It was. Hehe. I tried. He didnt. Oh well. 


But anyway, Linked-Out is a cesspool of these whiny "do gooder" "help others out FIRSTTTTTTTTTT" "dont market too much or they'll hate you" sorts. 

Good for people selling $10/hour services or $9.99 ebooks or what not... 

For folks lik eme? 

More "fodder" for the cannon i fyou get my drift, hehe. 

Anyway ... 

Thats the reason why!!

I'm out. I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to pick up the most brutally honest fitness system ever, truly the best and most outstanding ever - right HERE - The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PPS - Rememebr the time Trump said a tiny little line about "She's not a 10!" or something about a former model. 

Oh my, it was the same thing as what I did i.e. "Nice wig! If it is!" was all I said. 

The controversy in both cases, hehe... 

If you're smart - you'll LEARN!

(and you'll get the best book on working out right here - well, you'll place the pre-order for it - Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness). 

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