Thursday, 05 August 2021 15:13

Why Nazi feminist women will always give you the guilt trip of "he doesnt help me!"

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I've written enough about this, I think. 

But I remembered a comment my wife often makes to my daughter (talk about WEAPONIZING kids against their own parents!!) about "cooking". 

"He never helps me in the kitchen", she moans. 

To my daughter. (if I got that right). (i.e. what she said). 

Fair enough. 

I'm not huge on cooking ... 

But here's the thing, friend. 

What does SHE help ME with? 

When I needed help with finances - money - you think my wife was there for me? Fat chance. 

When I needed help with something as simple as "support" in terms of not having to leave family etc, you think I got any help? 


When the money ran low (when things were tight) - guess who got the brunt of it all? 

My wife talks and complains all day long about not having maids and so forth (Bozo Schofield, you listening? Hehe). 

Yet, the facts are these ... 

I do my own damn laundry (Bozo must be having kittens reading this. Hehe). 

I pay the bills. 

Yours truly paid everything HIMSELF every time he was away from family - AND paid for family too. 

All those laptops, phones, all of it that I bought - all conveniently forgotten!

More - 

When I stay at home - I do an equal job in terms of taking the trash out sometimes, unloading the dishwaster, et al. 

Where I finally drew the line, and the reason for the extra hostility towards me Nazi feminism wise? 

I figured out how to hit - where it hurts the most . 

If you'd think mental, you'd be spot on, except, NO, it's not "talking or engaging with her" on ANY issue. 

In fact, I'm openly telling her (when she asks or rants) "that she is right all the time". 

In the book on it, I constantly talk about how it makes NIL sense to engage directly with a Nazi feminist, because you'll never win!

Instead, the ways to do so are sneaky and THEIR OWN WAYS!

Which of course, they can never combat - because they believe in them themselves!

Anyway, just a brief rant, but it'll ring true for a lot of you!

"I agree with all you say about women. I've had trouble with them too!" 

Hopefully not NOW, P. 


Anyway, get the book on not just combating, but BENEFITING from this pestilence as well, friend. 

And on that note, a few more hours left for the Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness pre-order to end. If you want in, GET IN NOW! (before I pull the offer tomorrow). 


Rahul Mookerjee