Thursday, 05 August 2021 15:30

Panic Central... ?

I cannot believe the lunacy I'm reading about. 

A nurse told her husband to get vaccinated, or move out. 

Alarmed Louisiana Residents Turn to Vaccines in 'Darkest Days' of Pandemic (

Like, hell what about the guy's right to CHOOSE?? The Nazi feminist forgot that one, it seems! 

(you can bet if SHE didnt want to take the panixine, and the guy forced her to move out - oh boy - what a huge hue and cry it would cause, both "because she's a woman" and because she's got the right to choose. 

But guys don't? )

Phock that, friend.

I mean, really!

Yes, LA is experiencing a surge, but have these idiots and Tom Toms forgotten that Israel, very proudly Tom tomming itself as a leader in vaccinations, 95 % rate or what not - THEY are now havin g a huge resurgence as ever? 

Have these medical professionals ever considered the FACT that a) these panixines are not fully tested, b) there are side effects, sometimes FATAL - and c) you can still get the damned China virus anyway?????

Anyone that dares to speak out against the mask nonsense - is labeled "spreading misinformation", yet Fauci who spreads more rumors than an old lady on speed every day (his latest is that "new variants worse than the Delta variant will come" - is thought of as "sensible"? 

The very same guy who most likely sent money to the CCP to MAKE THIS Damn virus?? 

I mean, folks, have YOU considered that despite the Tom Tomming the CCP is now doing i.e. "shutting down borders so people can't travel internationally" - have yo uforgotten what they did when this whole damn thing started? 

They covered it up at home, silenced voices that dared to speak out - THEIR OWN PEOPLE - and they let peopl etravel willy nilly to spread it to the rest of the world!

Amazing how people forget these things so quickly, eh. 

Then again, the Bozos, Liberals, and Tom Tom's dont think a lot at all ... 

My stance on this madness is the same as it's always been . 

Precautions, not panic. 

THe minute you panic, the minute you're GONE. 

And the minute you join the ranks of the sheeple, friend. 

I mean, I dont get it - at least if the damn vaccine would work, I'd take it probably - or I wouldn't be critical of the idea, but with the Communist City of New York considering mandating EVERYONE to have a vaccine or else, the country of Bangladesh (a friend of mine is there) saying they'll do it, The steps taken in France and ITaly ... I mean, it all alarms me. 

I'd rather a free state like Florida - and preferably one like TEXAS!

Anyway ... 

Had to get that insanity off my chest. 

I've got it off now. 

But really, when parents of young kids are moaning in parks (my wife told me this one, I dont know if she said exactly what the other lady, but I think she did). 

"Why don't we all just die once and not suffer!" 

This from a housewife apparently whose lifestyle staying at home wasn't even that much impacted - except - gasp - she had to actually take care of her kid as opposed to fob it off on someone else. 

Pathetic, just so frigging pathetic, the way a lot of people have "given up". And "await death". 


FIGHT my friend. 

RISE UP - its the only way!

And remember, that pre-order - time's a ticking. Countdown starts now, there's about 4-6 more hours left I believe before I pull it. 

Get in while the going is good - NOW. 

See you "on the other side" - I mean that in a good way, hehe. 


Rahul mookerjee