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Why in life if you want something done right, you gotta get it done YOURSELF.

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In Isometric and Flexibilty Training, which is one of my greatest and nigh on NOW - most applicable ever, more than ever before, along with a few others, a Bozo wrote back. 

He bitched about price. 

But that wasn't his main grouse. 

IT was "simple stretches". 

And it was, most importantly what he felt and wrote honestly towards the end - a review which was never moderated, and I never WILL moderate it, because some monouments to stupidity MUST STAND. 


"The photos are terrible!" he went, as if his makeup or what not was ruined... 

But along with the down to earth photos, the mess in the background on some of it might have "brought out the Italian in him". 

Red blooded, hot tempered, "oh so perfect". 


Now, I've addressed the Tom Tomming about "just simple stretches" in the link above. BAsically, The Gama pushed against tree to build immense strength amongst the other stuff he did. 

Too simple? 

Tom Toms would say that yes. 

But does it work? 

I'll let you be the judge - and I dont even start with something like that. 

MOST fitness "gurus",even a certain Matt Furey in his course on isometrics have NEVER - well, at the time, never put anything like I did. 


Maybe he has now, I dont know. Probably not. 

But point is this, friend. 

Simple just works. Plain and effing simple. 

And I keep it BRUTAL and simple. To a T. 

You see it like it IS - or was when I took the photos. 

I didnt bother cleaning clutter in the background, what I bothered about was the WORKOUTS AND EXERCISES < showing you how to do 'em!

Both equaly important, #2 even more so. 

Or, I'd just write about it. 

Now, heres the thing. 

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. 

How many times have you heard this - and experiened it? 

Delegation is great, if and until it works. 

Seperation of duties, responsibilities etc is great - until it works. 

Y'all past the first marriage as yet? 


Then you KNOW what I mean, hehe. 

I still remember Major Michael telling me, "my first wife was a ****! She never even did windows!


I've heard that from guys galore. Especially doers and those that succeed. 

Which is fine, mistakes happen, we all live and learn, so it should be, most live by the rulebook, we don't so we live and learn, experience... 

I'll give you an example. 

When I'm with my wife, launrdy is often an issue as are other things . (Glyn Schofield's ears just perked up. Hehe). 

She lets it pile up for days, then complains about it, then does some, then complains more, it piles up agaim and so forth. 

For someone who does it on clockwork, it drives me insane, especially since it ain't my job to begin with. 

But you can lead a horse to water. 

You can't make it drink. 

For years, I tried. 

Then I left!

But in the "in between phases" of leaving, I just did my own damn laundry. 

I did it, dried it folded it, and put it back, she left hers all over the place. 

OK, fine. 

Used to drive me insane, I rememeber, but once I accepted the fact for what it is i.e people don't change unless they want to, it stopped any and all arguments on that front. 

David Goggins wrote about this in one his books. 

(I just read about that two days ago, so now, the Tom Tom's saying "hes my GORRRRRRUUUUU" - no he ain't either. But he's a great ACHIEVER - and CHAMP!)

And a great example of just do it, hence he's on the page for "Pull-ups from STUD TO SUPER STUD WITHIN WEEKS!

"When youve flown for days on end, or are exhausted to the bone, then you come home to a filthy house - but you dont blame your spouse or friends or roommates or whatever, you get it done - THERE AND THEN! Your sense of duty won't let you do otherwise". 

SO BLOODY TRUE!  (those are my words, but that was his gist too)

Naturally, I never took this to extremes. 

ANd no, before you ask, it aint one ot the tricks mentioned in the book on combating Nazi feminism - and profiting from it (which you guys do need to get now, as you will not only love it, but enjoy it).

"Just common sense", you might think. 

OK, if thats what you think... 

But is that common sense getting you results NOW? 

If not, book might be worth a look see, even a READ ... 

On that note, I gotta say. 

Serial refunders, that ain't for you. 

If you're going to buy and then instantly within an hour click "refund" with some inane reason given to Amazon, or wherever you get it from (NOT here, as there are NO REFUNDS of ANY NATURE for ANYTHING - I've made that clear multiple times, still people ask) ... then please don't get it, period. 

Go to someone who allows refunds. You and I will both have an easier time down the road!

But doers, you'll want to check it out now. 

Back to it - my wife likely has her own reasons for living the way she does. 

Hey, gotta walk a mile in a man's shoes first... or a woman's (not high heels, hehe). (I'll leave the jaywalking in tights to the Bozo). 

But whatever, we all have our own reasons, whether valid or not. 

And deep down inside, we all know what is right and wrong. 

But anyway, want something done, get it done yourself. 

Hence I make my own sites. 

Hence I do my own emails. Write my own books. The ONLY help I take is photographs - but I'm going to do that myself too in the future, if you can believe that. Hehe. Well, the videos at least!

Technology DOES have some advantages. 

Anwyay, enough on that front.

If you haven't already - pick up the Rolls Royce of Fitness, best damn thing ever you could do for yourself right about now. 

Hell, it even has mobile compatible videos, 5 "hot" ones!

Sexy chests and hairy ones aside, tech does have its advantages doesnt it. 

That pesky, all invasive, all knowing, all pervasive TECH... 



Rahul Mookerjee 

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