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Why cops and REAL business people (owners, especially) might just be the smartest people you'll ever meet.

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At the outset, if a certain Charles Mitchell is reading this, or if a certain Rahul Mookerjee might be eagerly gobbling it up ... hehe. 

It ain't aimed - or written to Tom Tom either one. 

Its a general statement (though I do love throwing folks curveballs as well, and seeing how many get back and with what). 

Truly Charles you sometimes feel like the Universe talking to me!

I say that not facetiously either. 

But anyway, cops - and business owners. 

The Tom Tommers and Liberals give them a a bad rap. 

Too violent, they whine.

They dont care about our rights, they whine. 

And of course, the richer you get, the more you succeed the more you get trolled. 

"How dare he have so much money!" they think "while we starve "(because they're lazy asses to be honest).

OR just plain dumb and aint bothered to improve. 

Let me be honest, EVERYONE is born with the kind of mental capacity needed to make you a success - unless you have some serious mental flaws, and even if you do. 

Hell, look at Churchill, Trump, Hitler, all these folks. 

Obviously I ain't comparing the first two to the last. 

Look at the Bozo, the most successful "in basement troll sticky fingered up where God knows)" if you want an example "closer to home" (poor Brum).

He's even such a successful scammer (the Bozo) that the scammed although they hate him, still feel sorry for him, and of course, he uses that to wheedle more dough of them. 

He does play the "poor old boy" routine very well, and the Bozos globally fall for it. 

He truly is the "Head Bozo", in more ways than one if you get my drift. 

But anyway ... 

Cops deal with people daily, friend. 

They know what people think - and what people DO, not just say they do!

They see the nitty gritties daily. 

They're out there - while we're sitting here behind our computers or what not.... Or Tee Vee, or, I Dont know, putting up with wives or what not. 

But theyre out there. 

They deal with all sorts of people. 

An experienced cop can, just like I can (no I've never been a cop!) "judge" a person very accurately by gut alone. 

Trust me on this one. 

Thats why I keep saying if people would just let cops do their thing - they'd not only be a lot safer, but the cops would be a lot more appreciative!

but of course, liberals. 

True, there's some bad apples - but I'm talking in general. 

And same thing for business people - exactly the same. 

I dont care if you're a one man show making moolah from a darkened bedroom, friend. 

If it's a real business, you're dealing with the real world. 

With people of varying natures and businesses DAILY. 

Yo uhave your finger RIGHT ON THE PULSE of people (if you're making money - which you should be - if you're not, you're getting it wrong somewhere). 

Same thing for martial artists, wrestler's and so called "jocks". 

Just the physical, the Tom Tom's whine. 


Lets see YOU, my friend (I'm talking to the Tom Tom here) learn even the basics of boxing without collapsing. 

Hell, just the footwork, no heavy bag, no pushups ... 

More than the physical, lets see you get the MENTAL down pat first. 

The more brutal the sport, the more cerebral it often is. 

Boxing and Wrestling are too "2" hehe prime examples of this!

And perhaps thats why all my courses are modeled on what people do to get themselves "combat ready" - either in sports - or real life. 

True, sport specific training and all that. 

But you dont got to be a boxer, for instance, to reap manifold benefits from Jump Rope Mania - both MENTAL and physical. 

Neither do you got to be a wrassler to benefit immensely from the 0 Excuses Fitness System

And if there's one I could choose? 

Tough choice!

But Id go with wrestling, if just because it builds a solid base for everything else. 

Boxing does too, but not like wrestling.... 

You "in the know" know this. 

But anyway, enough said... 

Had to get that off my chest - now I have.

Out for now!

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee