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Leave yourself with no choice, my friend.

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Dear Friend, 

That might not sound nice, eh. 

But if you truly want to succeed at that one thing ... if you truly have a REAL GOAL - or ever had - and it never took off, or you failed, if you truly WANT to do something so bad you can feel it... 

If you could - let me ask you this. 

Did you leave yourself with any choice BUT NOT TO DO IT - want it SO BAD - that you got it eventually? 

If you failed, chances are excellent that along with not dreaming right and NOT being persistent enough - you "had another choice" that seemed easier at the time. 

This, my friend, is a lesson often presented to me in many ways - that I've learned, and as I wrote to you earlier about, will never make the mistake of making again. 

I was giving so many chances, but lo, I didnt recognize the message in them!

I made all my luck, yes. 

But, WHY did I do that? 

I never recognized it until around August or so of last year when things became "final" - true, I experienced some temporary difficulty even then in terms of starting out towards the goal I speak so much of here. 

Hiccups, and so forth. 

All esaed and smoothed out eventually. 



But also doing what one was meant to. 

And, although I have other choice, to achieve this goal - until I do - I'm not leaving myself with many choices at all, and those that are, I'm not working upon (and there are many, hehe). 

To achieve a goal, a truly worthy one, it has to be an all encompassing desire, friend. 

You have to take it to bed with you - and you have to wake up with it. 

Many years ago, the last thought I had before bed? 

"The hill tomorrow morning!" 

And when I woke up, first thing? 

A quick toilet, and then laced up my shoes - 530 AM - regardless of weather - and I was gone!  

This kept happening for a while. 

After that, I changed my workout timings, reduced the frequency, did other things et. 

But it would never have happened had I not had that burning desire - which was planted into me by a girl although she has no idea how she did it!


How dare she? 

I'll show her!

Or, all of the above in a "very mild" manner ie. not harmful to the other person if thats possible!

I think most of all, it's the same thing that happens to me and every true doer when someone laughs at you, rejects your goals as dreams as being "possible for others" (of course, he has so much dedication, but you have no drive or desire - usually said by wack jobs of the highest order living on Venus or something) . but never for you. 


Then it builds. 

Then you do it!

It may take years, but you fuckign DO IT!

And - you leave yourself with NO CHOICES along the way, or you likely won't do it (or you don't and won't do it at the level you wanted to). 

Remember the story of the General Napoleon Hil lmentioned in Think and Grow Rich, where he literally ordered his soldiers, VASTLY OUTNUMBERED - to burn their ships as soon as they reached shore? 


They had NO choice but to win - and win they did!

There are countless other such stories, friend, that you might or might not hear of. 

But, YOUR story too is similar!

And really, ... well, let me quote from the book - this part is key too. 

A BURNING DESIRE TO BE, AND DO is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are NOT born of indifference, laziness or lack of ambition. 


Yes, THAT!

What are your DREAMS, my friend? 

Trust me, we all have 'em - at ANY AGE. 

You might believe they will never happen. If you do, you're doomed from the get go let me tell you this. 

But if you believe, read the quoted part above - again and again. 

Over and over again, and read this email too - not just once, but MANY Times. 

Fitness wise, I've given you the same example above - remember, friend. 

Life waits for nobody. 

And I've been promoting Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition since this morning for good reason. 

If you read this email, be indifferent, continue the "stupor" and say "whatever", well, then guess what. you won't be getting it. And neither you will be getting something very special, something you'll cherish all your life, something that will give you dividends galore, truly, the GIFT OF A LIFETIME THAT NEVER STOPS GIVING!

Believe me, I wouldn't say it in those words if I did not mean it. 

And the doers, those that want, remember, it's not just copies of this fantastic book but time that is OF THE ESSENCE AND LIMITED. 

To claim your gift, click here NOW, friend. 

And I'll see you! 

I'll be waiting with the PEN too, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee