Tuesday, 10 August 2021 14:40

Why Ron De Santis is the MAN! And why I believe the world is well on its way to opening up again!

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Ron De Santis is no Donald Trump, not even close though he's been dubbed as the Trump of FL. 

But despite the fact the (first glaring different) man reads from a pre-prepared script for his speeches, something I'd never need to do - but hey, each his own, and he doesnt really read from it as "refresh" his memory from it - he's a stellar solid character!

(The ONLY alternative to Trump globally IMO? Brazilian Pres Jair Bolsonaro, by far the best thing to ever happen to Brazil in recent times. And he, my friend, is truly - well and truly - the Trump of the Tropics!) 

But anywya, I couldn't help but break into a cheer while watching De Santis on youtube tear Biden a new one. 

This was a speech from 5 days ago, and he's spot on (De Santis). 

"I dont want to hear a blip from Joe Biden about the COVID until HE does his job!" 

Or something like that. 

He literally finished so strongly and tore ole Sleepy Joe a new one so abrasively that not even the Trumpinator would say "you could do better". Hehe. 

Fact is, friend, he's right. 

Joe Biden has turned the Southern Border (well, he and Harris) into an unmitigated, unprecedented disaster. 

People are pouring across that damn border like there's no tomorrow. 

Other hand, going to a damn restaurant in NYC with all their Communist restrictions has gotten tougher than crossing an international borde r- that belonging to the world's #1 nation!

It's stupendous indeed!

These illegals are unvaccinated, untested for COVID. There they are due to Sleepy Joe's policies (or more accurately lack thereof and delegation to the The Hyena) .... and they're not just pouring over the border. 

They're being bused all over the damn country - without being tested or anything!

And then Joe Biden weeps about the freedom loving states in the U.S. South. 

I'll tell you one damn thing, Joe. 

Ain't no-one gonna force me to wear a mask for one. 

I find every excuse not to even if the law were to say it (though I wouldn't break the law, but I simply wouldn't go where masks were mandated). 

And the panic passports? 

Kiss my ass on that one. 

It just ain't happening, Joe. 

First thing you know, TWO things have been conclusively proven SO OFTEN that I get tired of repeating it - One, who spread it. 

And two, if you get this damn thing, you develop immunity to it anyway (and MOST that get it recover, and that panixines don't mean you won't get the damn thing, so how the hell is it a vaccine anyway Joe and company????) ... 

I'm not a politician nor a future teller. 

Of course, i've been called a seer by many. 

I'll tell you this, whats happening in France with the passes and what not might happen there, but it won't happen in the US as a whole - perhaps some sections of the North, but believe me, there's stellar freedom loving people there too who won't let it happen, period. 

And neither SHOULD it happen. 

From Boris Johnson in the UK to the Governors down South to anyone with half a brain, damn near everyone has realized now that shutting economies down causes way more damage than anything else - and way more deaths. 


In the pudding, friend. 

And people are globally starting to rise up and protest. 

Enough is enough !!

By all means, if someone wants to be a sheep and turn into a crocodile or alligator or what not by taking this stupid thing (really, the side effects - research 'em well folks!) ... then thats their choice and I support their right to do so. 

But don't come shouting in my face telling me to put something in my own body I don't want to. 

Not only am I not going to not do so, but if you cross a line, things, my friend, will get serious. 

I've had it!

Flights shut down everywhere for ages, countries shut down, everything has "it's COVID!" excuse. 

I mean goddamn it, China spread this damn thing - now what? 

Live in fear and panic and be controlled the rest of our lives?

I dont think so, friend. 

And do you see ANYONE talking about real fitness? 



..... Maybe so? .



I Thought you'd say that. Even the most provaccine of people and fake news media out there will be the first to admit nigh NO-ONE talks about exercise - or the mental side of this - except when it comes to pointing out fake stories about 42 year old fitness fanatics that died from the plague. 

Nice try, Yahoo News, but no dice. 

It didnt change my mind one damn bit. 

I only dug my heels in EVEN FURTHER, and will continue to do so. 

so should you - if you've got half a brain. 

Anyway ... I won't criticize or even make a negative remark if you email me back saying "Rahul, but I want to take the vaccine". 

Hey, it's YOUR RIGHT to choose!

I fully support it. 

Just please, please bear in mind goose and gander, my friend. 

And bear in mind, permanent lockdowns and shutdowns ain't good for nothing or nobody. 

As a whole, lets rise up, lets get past this (engineered) madness once and for all .

LET THERE BE LIGHT - and normalcy! 

Oh my - I for one cannot WAIT for that day!

Anyway ... 

Remember, Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition, still lying around. 

And remember, its gotta go. 

Be the first to get the last uniquely unique copy of this stellar book, my friend. 

You won't be disappointed!


Rahul Mookerjee