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The carrots I dangle to drag trolls and Bozos out of the woodwork PRONTO - (and that Gullible Butt Buttler just cannot resist!)

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Life's a trip, eh. 

Some trippy ass shit, Holmes! 

- Training Day, of course. What else!

But anyway, yesterday I posted something on here (an email I sent out to my list) which had a bit of a teaser in it which I know (and had posted) to draw a few Bozos out. 

As a certain Steven California on a forum I owned once told in 2005 ... 

Let me shake the tree a bit and see what nuts fall out, lol. 

Well, plenty fell out here!

I was wondering where Buttler Schofield was for one. Hehe. 

After Mandy "outed" the Bozo (though to be fair, she's one of a lonnnnnnnnnng list he's screwed over, stole him as he says "licked ass and now everyone hates him" and so forth) ... he's been oddly quiet. 

He DID send me a few inane emails with the subject line of "Beta Fag Glyn". 

Which is fine, thats what he is, but really, Bozo, the whole world knows that by now. 

Then he sent me some equally batty comments about his derriere and the expanding girth or what not. Ugh. 

But other than that, he's been oddly quiet. 

So I had to do it!

I dangled the carrot. 

Sure enough, the Bozo jumped - and jumped first. Hehe.

Its amazing, friend. The Bozos and Trolls claim "no-one buys your books or reads your stuff". 

The first? 

Well, it's obvious - bestsellers don't happen without tons of people buying books!

But the second, you'd be amazed how many people "quietly" read everything I post. 

Hang on to every word I say. 

Can't wait for the next update from me. 

Trust me on this one, friend. 

True, the But(t)ler is obsessed with me, to put it gently. 

He cannot stay away from secretly checking what I'm up to on the sly - even if he's been roundly blocked on all social media, email and what not. 

Hey, Bozo started the block game on WeShat ... Hehe. 

Now he's getting it back in triplicate. 

He whines about "Rahul blocked me', yet he forgets what HE did ... 

To start it all! 

Anyway, I didnt even link the social media platform - I just mentioned Instagram, and my handle on there i.e. @0excusesfitness. 

I figured those that want will follow me there anyway. 

Remember, they'll find a way!

If they want to do it, they'll find a way - if they want to buy from you - they will FIND a way. 

Even if you make it hard for them, they'll still find that way! 

And the Bozo did. 

The post got like 70-80 likes within an hour or so of posting, but the Bozos three or so likes (I can just imagine him salivating at the woman he could never get in the picture, hehe) cinched the deal. 

Instagram was the only major platform I had NOT blocked the Bozo on until now. 

That's been rectified now, thank you, Bozo! 

But anyway ... 

Interesting how it works!

That email - or that bit - was designed SPECIFICALLY to draw the Bozos and trolls out. 

And it did it's job - quite well! 

(It was also designed to get the DOERS to get off their, ahem, butts, and take action. This inertia the world in general has slid into where people are content to sit by and do exactly F all. It's amazing, I dont get it! How can people BE that way! But a lot have become like that, the majority has...) 

I got another idiotic note on Twitter the other day. 

"Give us a break, please, please!" 

Thats all. 

Along the lines of the "Stop, stop, stop, no more emails please!" idiocy I received last year - remember that? 

Insane, my friend. 

Does life give YOU a break - you, me, or ANYONE? 

I didnt think so. 

It rumbles on. 


So does Rahul Mookerjee, my friend. 

And when I set my sights on something, Idont stop till I get it. 

Reletless Repetition, as Pete Lillo once famously said, and you cannot miss. 


I've been that way all my life, friend. 

And here's the thing - on inertia. 

It's amazing, but a book like Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition (remember, its MY copy and another which I'm giving up right now - thats ALL that remains) - a book which in the past would have sold out instantly within a few emails of promoting it - right now - inertia. 

It ain't that people dont want it. 

As a great customer said in May, you'll probably sell out before July!

I did - way before that. 

But the last two copies, people want it. 

The click rates etc are enough evidence of that, even if they weren't - you can feel these things. 

Yet, taking action is where the inertia kicks in. 

First you have those that claim they dont have money, yet they have all the money lying around for inanity. 

Apparently spending more than $100 on a night out is worth it, but not a book that will last you a lifetime and do you a world of good, a hell of a lot more than drinking it up in one night... 

(True, its your money. No, I'm not telling you how to spend it. But the point - and fact - remains). 

Then those that will only buy when it's "on rock bottom price with discounts galore". 

I dont get it. 

Lets take gold, which a lot of folks with sense are snapping up everywhere - yours truly included. 

Do we ask for discounts on that, or do we buy it up before the price goes UP? 

The answer should be obvious. 

Then to me, it's amazing why people would want discounts on something like this book - pure gold? 

True, I offer discounts a lot of times. 

Product specific too... 

But on this book, the Collector's Edition, I've never once offered a discount except "in private" - and I do not intend upon doing so either. 

This book is pure GOLD, my friend. 

And I treat it as such. 

Then of course, the do nothings, trolls and such ... always have all the time in the world to get on Instagram or whatever, and serial refund on Amazon, but ask them to BUY and ... 

"No money" 

Truly, thats the response I get (from idiots). 

Anyway, it's funny. 

The Bo(o)zo posted about "Priority Passes" on his Insta - one of the few things I saw before I very hurriedly blocked his ass on there. 

It said "B Schofield". 

Not kidding you, even. Hehe. 

Maybe Bozo has changed his name to Bozo Schofield, and given how famous he's become in that regard, hey. I wouldn't blame him. Plus, thats what he is anyway, maybe he's finally come full circle!

Anyway, thanks for reading this - what ? - 1000 plus - 1111 at the time of reading - word "rant". Hehe. 

And take action now, friend. 

Here's the link - remember to choose the Collector's Edition and email me if you want an autograph - -


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - From Charles the former friend to Mandy to a HOST OF OTHERS - believe me, all "lurking" and either gnashing their teeth "how dare he" or nodding their heads in appreciation "sheer genius!" (believe me, I get both comment son a daily basis. You either love me, or you hate me. No in between, I've been a highly successful marketer naturally all my life - this is who I AM, hehe - no "in betweens") ... 

All hanging on to EVERY Word I say, every utterance I make. 

Truly one of the best measures of success, hehe, in any regard, any field... 

PS #2 - I wouldn't be surprised if the But(t)ler ends up buying some of these books anyway. He's given up now. In the past, he'd have sent me inane remarks on social media, now it's just whiny "likes" i.e. I hope Rahul doesn't pillory me further. 

Well, I will - but I might not if the Bozo does what I asked here. Hehe. 

Well, thats one of the things. I can't find the exact email where I mentioned what needs to be, but its basically doing a Tony Greig in front of me (dont equate the great man with this idiot though) (and he'll probably love groveling anyway, ugh). And, it's doing the Jahpannah thing mentioned above hehe. 

And signing his name to the following. 

"Rahul, I'm truly a beta fag that messed up and trolled you, took advantage of many others except I didnt know that when I messed with you, I met my match in spades (black ones, hehe) and then some". 

I'd write more. 

but hey, y'all - and the But(t)ler get the drift. 

But really, don't be surprised if he shows up, his faggy self whining about "Rahul, please sell me some of your books". 

After all, he's using stolen money anyway...

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