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Why burning camphor won't necessarily change your luck any more than staring at the Throne, Bozo Schofield style will...

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I gotta say it ... to you! 

I would have to the person who thought I didnt know what and how and why she was doing... 


But - really. I've spoken about this before. 

All the mantra tantras, all the shamiaic CRAP the Astrologers tell you, all the so called predictions, all the so called nonsense, all the beads, chains, amulets... all of this rubbish. 

Does it work? 

Yes - BUT!


What really does the trick, friend is the subconscious mind. 

Read Claude Bristol's The Magic of Believing for more on this, but it's so damn obvious... 

Why do you think Narendra Modi for one shows up as a "wise old man with a longgggggggggg beard" and upraised forefinger all the time? 

Just why is Trump as successful as he is? 

And, why are the astrologers and wacko "fortune tellers" who couldnt predict their own fortune accurately let alone others (I know one lady that got banned from YouTube recently after a few days ago she boasted of her one million crap plus subscribers or what not) making tons of moolah when no-one else (apparently is)? 

Because they're preying on people's beliefs. 

Light camphor - get good luck. 

Write down your affirmations. 

I am, I am, I am. 


Hows that working out for you in terms of either money or fitness? 


I thought so, especially the former. 

There is a way to affirm, and a way NOT to - to magnetize what you REALLY WANT ON AUTO PILOT!

And, there is a way to repel. 

All free advice which works, which will be ignored by those that "don't know" - or couldnt be bothered. 

But just like seeing a magpie or anything doesn't mean bad luck, a broken mirror doesn't necessarily mean bad luck either. 

Broken glass don't either. 

For me, it's always been goo dluck. Hehe. 

Nigh everything that happens (Steve Austin ain't got shit to do w/the broken glass part either, heh) to me ? 

Is good luck, even when people say it's bad. 

THEREIN lies the key to success - your mind. 

Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations, leads to belief. 

Once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen ... 

Its amazing, the number of Bozos that do this - yet repeat the WRONG THINGS to themselves!

And aren't willing to learn. 

Lets do one simple experiment to finish this off, friend. 

Next few days, lets say a month. 

If you're a phat phocker, stand in front of the mirror and do what the Gurus say. 

i.e. proclaim the following. 


I am desirable!

And, whateve you want to be - according to the Gurus, thats what you need to affirm, eh. 

Do this for a month. Or even a week. 

Write back, tell me how you progress - or regress. 

Other hand, do it the way I tell you with SOLID action, and watch you rresults. 

Again, report back - thats all the proof you need. Hehe. 

Or, continue to be misled and make the nut jobs that don't know their own nuts from the hole (sorry had to say it) more moola... 


Rahul Mookerjee

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