Thursday, 12 August 2021 04:32

In case Asus and WinBlows 10 are listening...

They probably aren't! 

But actually they are. Hehe. I can feel them seething "just who is he to post such comments" (before they get together with their Big Tech Cronies and then ban me for saying it. Hehe). 

I can't recall what I posted. 

But it was something along the lines of "1" i.e. I'd NEVER recommend this brand to anyone - crappy China made Asus which the battery died within a few months of getting it, then the HDD crashed (so called SSD) ... Then, of course, Windows 10 made me install and reinstall the OS until I got sick of it, and never updated anymore. 

And I posted some other choice comments ther etoo, all on Twitter (which the Bozo for one I Can see him furiously "wanting to see what Rahul wrote". Hehe). 

But really, y'all on the list KNOW all about the computer, phone issues etc and how Big Tech is literally trying to SQUEEZE MONEY out of your pockets by the day. 

Thats not the most important thing here. 

Two things are. 

One, follow me on Twitter, since it likely is the only platform I will use in the near future. (until I get over 10 K there and they ban me haha, as they're doing to us Conservatives everywhere - but we wont STAND FOR IT!). 

And two, THIS ... 

Ill see you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Know the sneakiest part of this? 

Winblows made me think I was submitting feedback to Asus. Classic case of Bill Hates "firing a gun while on another person's shoulders!"