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I was SOAKED in blood!

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When I was 13, I believe, not sure, but yeah - ninth grade, I believe so, I was playing with firecrackers. 

Being the rowdy "Rathore" (not really, hehe) sort, I was the sort that used to burst those ... I dont know how do you describe them? 

"Bombs" we called 'em, and the massive BANG those crudely made firecrackers caused would make the whole house shake. 

Back in those days, before Diwali (the festival of lights, supposedly, but it turned into a cacophony of noise and smoke so thick you could barely see anything in your own house with all the thick smoke drifting in - and on the roads, it would seem like there was more paper than road, so solid was the firecracker bursting and the revelries "back in the day". I still remember our next door neighbor (well, the guys in front) really getting into it - three guys, their wives, all going all night long - with the crackers, hehe. They're stilll  living there. Good guys, all of 'em! Hehe. Well, two are there, the Dad passed on, and I believe one of the sons left. 

That often happens, another neighbor, two sons - one "left" because he was gay or something (so goeth the story). 

I dont know, to me, it seems like the Prodigal Son often leaves, hehe. 

He may return for short bursts, but he never stays - is never really down - has never really been down ... and so forth. He belives in the power of the Mind, and uses it to perform miracles, and ... ah, but where was I, my brother?) 

Lets get back to it. 

Gushing blood, like from a geyser!

.... so back in those days, people would start fooling around with crackers a month or so before the actual festival and days after. 

"Rockets" would launch into the sky - and you'd hear nothing but "bombs" everywhere. Hehe. Bang Bang Bang. 

I rather liked it growing up, as opposed to the hooliganism of "Holi" (festival of colors) where you'd be pelted with water balloons at all times of the day regardless of whether or not you actually did participate in the festival (I wrote about it here once). 

But anyway .. 

One night, I was bursting some "cloth bombs". 

These were crudely made "devices" (I dont know how else to put it!) with blue cloth interwoven, a tiny wick (you literally had to light it and RUN or the damned thing would blow up in your face) ... 

And what we'd do - or I'd do - and my Dad gave me this trick - I'd put a piece of paper under neath it, light that, and then until the flame got to the wick, I'd be at a safe distance. 

So it was supposed to be. 

One night, I wasn't. 

And the damn bomb burst... and initially, I felt nothing. 

Tilted my head, and blood literally GUSHED from it. 

I rushed "upstairs" to the house we were in then (we were on the second floor, two others on the first and "ground" (in India apparently first floor is ground an dso forth). 

I remember Mom screaming. 

Dad to his credit didnt - he showed up with ice and a towel, hehe. 

That towel was soaked to the "bone" in less than a minute. 

I remember it. 

Blood, blood, blood everywhere!

Not quite Sharon Stone in "The Specialist" moaning about "i never know blood could be so sticky" (that movie was hilarious in some ways) - but to me, I was wondering two things. 

One, the damn shrapnel hit right above my right eye- so I was thinking, I'm lucky it didnt take my eye out!

I still have the scar. Hehe. 

Two, I was thinking "the first time I got really injured". 

Three, I was thinking about writing to you about it. 



Not really. 

That was when Rahul was 13!

Anyway, the head is a most vascular place, friend. If you're wondering or have ever wondered how the WWE wrasslers (back in the day) used to bleed like stuck pigs - well - they used to have tiny razors hidden away in their wrist bands, and they'd slit their foreheads a bit when no-one was looking. 

Remember Steve Austin vs Bret Hart - that iconic "last man standing " or "I quit" match in WrestleMania? 

The match that turned Hart from "Hero" to heel, and Austin from bad guy to good + bad + the biggest star ever? 

Iconic images of Austin "bathed" in blood were beamed around the world globally (to his credit, Bret Hart is one of the best - a "real wrestler" trained by Stu Hart and the lot in their basement - their Mom would hear the kids scream in pain when Daddy was training them, no wonder they turned out as brutal wrestlers! REal men!- he was the one that won, but Austin won the crowd!)

Anyway, I showed up at school with my version of a "bandit bandage" with that damn thing tied around my head - and of course, that happened once on the chin too. Hehe. 

Nothing if not pungacious and "violent" I've often been. 

Of course, it's always been with bigger guys pounding the heck out of me - but here's the thing. 

Weak or not, I fought back. 

To me, that is KEY. 

And perhaps part of the reason I do all this now is because I wanted to be in super physical shape when young, yet had neither the tools nor info to get in that shape (pink dumbells were there tho, ugh. Thats OK, Dad, I used them for the other biz! Always the "money minded" man I am, hehe). 

Money grubber, I was going to say, but that ain't me. I'm the precise and polar opposite. 


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That, friend, is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee