Friday, 13 August 2021 06:44

Why I'm forced to break my own uber strict rules for "Mad Madams interested in weird stuff", hehe.

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My lovely friend, or my dear reader, whichever it is .. 

I'll use dear reader, on this site, hehe. 

Something interesting happning this morning (or afternoon, whatever it is for YOU the reader(. 

A lady broke rules in my WeChat group last night so she was booted. Period. No second chances, no explanation, and I believe I've gone over the why's and wherefore's before - in short, my playing field my football so my rules, within reason - two, rules are there for a reason, else much like Bozo Glyn who I allowed way too much latitude in "keeping it real in China!" the group goes to the dogs - though I would never allow that in a more serious group - KIR was an adventure, really - but NOT my employments groups, where you break rules - YOU'RE OUT - though with reason, not like the idiotic "you listen to smartphone" you're out idiot of a Prof in that silly grad school I once applied to in Southern India) ... and three most importantly, people dumb or brazen enough to break clearly posted rules usually do so again. 

With all that being said, something interesting happened. 

This lady, Helen, a "Goddess" if there ever was one - more on that later - added me. 

Sent me such a long note explaining why she did what she did that I just had to .. you know, I had a change of heart. 

Then I steeled myself. 

Remember, Rahul, you've done this before, the people have broken rules -AGAIN. 

So I told her, nothing doing - rules are rules, although I understand why you did what you did, rules are rules, and I explained it all in short. 

I didtn need to. I'd find that out later! Hehe. 

But anyway ... then, the way she accepted this struck me as ... something. 

not odd, different. 

Most people piss, moan, whine, and groan. 

She didnt, and was continually polite and most importantly, friendly about it - VIBES, vibes, vibes, that vibe I keep talking of! 

And, the vibe I got, smart! 

And other things too. Hehe. Including the Goddess part when she said "Oh God!" to my reply of "no way". 

She reminded me of a certain Ivy Bao. Hehe. 

I told her she reminded of a certain girl. 

Little did I know a girl I dreamed of lik etwo weeks ago, Carol, I didnt write about her - but this girl would also show up on my wechat today - and she did later! Right now, in fact. 

But anyway, Helen. 

So, the God(dess) was a bit of aj oke ... not really. Hehe. 

Her personal life proves it. 

Trust me, the Bozo would have kittens reading about her, and, another lady I wrote about on the other site (another school owner where the foreign monkeys apparently cook and clean, and she shops with half their salary or some inanity - Bozo would LOVE it, period) - but this lady, no. 

She wouldn't go near the Bozo with a ten foot pole. Hehe. 

We spoke of many things, including how Bozos like Glyn get caught by the TSA when wearing chastity devices, and end up in the emergency room after shoving bleach up their backsides to kill the China virus ... 

Both true stories, except I didnt tell her #2. 

She asked tho!

"how do these guys clean themselves after do private business"

"how to go to toilet" 

The guys sit down ,I guffawed. 

That they do! 

As for #2, Glyn could explain better. Hehe. 

But really, I suppose the plastic ones pass through undeteted, and I also know, one of the poses I mention in Isometric and Flexibility Training, although I Did NOT write the book thinking about that is perfectly tailored not just towards removing constipation and nigh quick (have a toilet nearby when doing the patented Rahul Mookerjee Squat in the book) ... but also if you're wearing "devices" down there. Hehe. 

"Do women actually wear those", she giggled. 

Men do, I laughed. And women too. 

To each his or her own, and I actually agree with that so long as you aren't a Badgering Bozo. Hehe. 

being a pest is not acceptable. 

They get swatted away repeatedly... 

Anyway, that pose is the natural way of taking a dump they've been doing so for years. Sitting on the throne - the exact opposite, and it ADDS to constipation if you have it (many do). 

Anyway ... and again. 

So, mid way through all this talking something struck me as odd. 

Hey, Rahul, you spoke to her before. 

I asked her. 

Sure enough, I had. 

Sure enough, Madam broke the rules - and was put back in because, well .... 

And now, even with my "NO SECOND CHANCES policy" she's got two. 

And she knows it. Hehe. 


Not often someone slips one past me, but this "Mad Madam" did. 

Now, whats up with the Mad Madam part 

Well, we were discussing the after life and how I was sayin gthat things happen for a reason, no such thing as coincidence, and that death is just an eternal sleep, therefore not to be feared. 

And, lo! 

"I was reading a book by someone called Michael" she went. 

And she was!

I wont mention him here - he isn't the Mike I use on another site for my erotica books (more on that later). 

But yours truly has many faces, but all brutally honest and hard hitting, studs, cucks and Bozos all blush, salivate and want MORE of what this person has to "offer". Hehe. 

But anyway, thought that was interesting. 

The Mad Madam interested in wierd (NOT) stuff that made me break my own rule twice. Hehe. 

In her own words "I dont want you to think I'm a Mad Madam who is interested in wierd stuff". Hehe. 

All for a good cause, but hey. It happens!

She didnt know she snuck one past either... 

Anyway, thats the tale for now. 

Remember, no rule breaking allowed in terms of the pre-offer for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness which was GONE a few days ago, but Kevin, well, I put it back because of him ...(or was that Irwin? From Ireland, I recall) ... 

And definitely NONE allowed for the last two copies of Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition allowed. 

(on that note, I was interrupted twice while writing this. Ghnash! 

In the past, I'd throw a FIT! 

Now, I just continue... while people around me spend days thinking of how and what to write....) 

But anyway, I've asked once, I'll ask again. 

Do you want 'em? 

IF so, come - and - GET 'em! 


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - Some of you have reported not recieving the purchase emails or what not after you buy something. If that is YOU, please get back to me - we'll figure it out. Sometimes, emails dont go through as they should!