Saturday, 14 August 2021 07:32

Isn't the word "family" - the way it's used these days by most people - overrated, and ring HOLLOW?

One of the prime arguments between my (ex) wife and myself is this - "you got the married tag!" 

Apparently her point is that I "say" I'm married, when the reality is the polar opposite. 

(I wonder if a certain Bozo - a female one - who twatted about "you're married, but you hide it!" is reading this ... ) 

Luna, I believe, was this bozo's name (not the Luna I once knew and taught - she's a great gal!) 

But anyway, the way most people bandy the word. 

It's a good word to begin with, and trust me, traditional families when things work like they should are the best thing ever, yet, the reality? 

The world is becoming more and more dysfunctional by the day, and it's Bozos who Tom Tom the word family, yet FEEL the exact opposite about family - that are responsible. 

You keep hearing it. 

"My family is important!" 



Until the next ring notifcication for money recieved comes on your phone it is... 

Until then, busy, family, and of course veeeeeedddddeeeoooosssss.... 


Thats not to say everyone is the same - no - but in the dysfunctional world we live in, where apparently in Scotland - get this - FOUR YEAR OLDS can "change their gender or what not" and "not inform their parents" - I mean WTF - four year olds??????? 

SSC is one thing, but FOUR YEAR OLDS? 

Give me a break, and these are the Tom Tom's talking about family!) 

Carol, that girl once I knew who had quite uncomplimentary and 100% true things to say about my own family has done an "about face" for the past couple of years - along with the rest of the increasingly FAKE world. 

Yesterday, I told her she could visit me with family someday. 

Her response? 

"When you with family together? How are you?" (and she's fully cognizant of the so caled family situation, more than most are!). 

Trust me on ths one. 

She of course, has turned into a Tom Tom too, ignoring most of what is said to her . Of course, she is "too busy!" 

And "other time is family time!" 

I cannot tell you the CRAP feeling I get from these posts i.e. these people are just getting more and more desperate by the day i.e. it coul dbe Carol wanting to (so called) climb mountains with me, or anyone else, but the reality is - the "family time" excuse is only used so much when times are tough, and there is nothing else to do, so Tom Tom's just focus on what they have. 

Ever seen a DOER constantly use the word family that way? 

Real doers DO. 

If there is a family, they take care of them. 

They dont sit on their ass and say we dont cook and clean (if you're a woman) - and if you're a man, you are the breadwinnner, simple as that. 

And for my wife to talk about "the tag" in a world where no-one gives a rip about it, where three wives and fifteen husbands with Bozos licking butt is becoming normal, I gotta say this. 

Then Nicole, another "outstanding" girl I know. 

She posted somethong on her moments translating to this - 

"Dont bother my peers today!

They're dating!

It's not easy to find someone! 

I work overtime, I dont date!


To say this post smacks of DESPERATION - and tough business (hey, thats China now) - would be an understatement, 

She's the boss. 

So, of course - she'd rather people go directly to her to avoid paying commissions out. Interesting how the reality is often not mentioned! 

And the "instant reply" part from someone who never replies to anything most of the time says it all. 


In short - the world is getting FAKER by the day. 

I never heard the word "family" being bandied around so much as I do these days - and it ain't because people love each other more. 

Divorces for one, are SKY ROCKETING EVERYWHERE - as is entitlement and Nazi feminism ... 

Men probably aren't entirely blameless either on that front. 

Anyway, yours truly has always been very open about his status, and continues to be so ... 

But really if you use the word, MEAN IT!

Don't just use it to show fancy idiotic pictures on social she-dia for one... 

To me, my only family, my daughter. 

Thats pretty much it, friend - if you talk about mutual caring, respect, and love. 

And that, my friend is that. 

This post will be a most unpopular one, I'm sure. 

But it's nigh true. 

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Rahul Mookerjee

(and one of those is mine, one the ex wife, so HURRY!) 

(I done "actually sold out" a LONG TIME AGO).