Tuesday, 03 April 2012 06:01

How to train when your rushed for time

Had some real trouble peeling the shirt off my back this morning. I tugged and tugged - but the darn thing just wouldn't come off my upper back. I finally managed to "reach around" and get it upto my shoulders - whence the tug of war began all over again.

I pullled, grunted, groaned - did everything possible to get the darn thing off my shoulders and into the laundry - at one point it seemed I'd have no option but to literally cut the damn thing off my body.

And then, finally, I managed to get it off - whoa!

Now, the reason behind me telling you this is not to detail my after workout struggles with apparel - but it fits in rather nicely with what I'm going to tell you today.

Today was one of those days where I suddenly got a little constrained for time as far as my workout schedule goes. Arrived at the park with a plan in mind - that being doing a long pull up and pushup session there - but wouldn't you know it, the best laid plans go awry at the last moment. Don't you hate that - I know I do, especially since I'm a creature of routine when it comes to exercise.

But, there wasn't much I could do - except to train in the very limited time I had, which was a sum total of 10 minutes.

So what I did was I took one movement out of each "group" of exercises I was going to do, and focused on that. I did this for THREE exercises - and did not rest between movements. And at the end of that 10 minutes (or maybe 12), I was breathing pretty hard and sweating all over. Not quite as much as during my regular routine, but nothing to sneeze at either. Called it a day at that point - will make it a point to make up for the lost time tomorrow.

And you'd think that this type of training wouldn't be too hard - after all, all I did was THREE exercises - right?

WRONG - and my struggle with the shirt bears testament to this. 

This type of "abbreviated" training can work great sometimes, especially when you're a bit stressed for time. It can also work great if you're exhausted from an extra hard workout the day before, or simply for a change. Key things here are to CONCENTRATE - concentrate HARD on form as well as the movement, and to move FAST - faster than you would during your regular workouts. And you'll quickly see that you can get a fantastic workout in even if you have a sum total of just 10 minutes to spare.

So, give this type of training a try sometimes - it really works!

Best regards,


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