Sunday, 22 August 2021 11:28

How I write so much erotica

Larry recently asked me this (paraphrase) - after reading the book on Nazi feminism (look for a lovely - pun intended, hehe - REVIEW on that soon!) ... 

"Just how do you manage to do so much fitness, yet write all those books on erotica?" 

"And, that SORT? How did ..." 

That is what the "half a page" email boils down to. 

Larry, sage questions. Hehe. 

First, my output is indeed prodigous in every which way. 


But it's true. Writing included!

And second, "in the flow" is the answer to question #3. 

Third, that ole bug bear Charles the former friend so hates... 

Just do it!

Fourth, and perhaps what I was going to tell you last night, but the idea percolated in my brain ... 

Believe it or not, B.S.. 



Nah, not bullshit you can smell a mile away. 

It's Bozo Schofield. 

Trust me, my friend, you'd never expect the type of erotica you see in that book (i.e. you see me talking about in that book in what is perhaps and aptly on #26 the PREMIER tip in that book amongst all the other very superlative tips) ... 

It's not "get your dick wet" erotica, and it ain't "spanking her" either. 

It ain't spanking anything for that matter, as far you're concerned. Hehe. 

But it's so hot that it "makes studs blush" - those that have just read the "preorder pages for the book". 

Trust me on this one, and it's a nigh perfect tip for the topic of the book. 

But anyway, the Bozo. 

He's a perfect,living example of how. 

i.e. I put myself in th eBozos quite addled mind. 

And, I just ask myself this. 

"Will Glyn Schofield like this (the one in Brum)"? 

If the answer is yes, I know two things. 

IT's time to put out a book on it. 

And, it's wacko central - yet "sizzlingly hot" - and as Dani said, she's read a few of them - "all real life!". 

Precisely why those books are so successful. Hehe. 

Plus, it's Mike in it.Hehe. 

Or, Mike's "style" I might say ... "Just what Mike likes". 

Mike, of course, is what am I to the Chinese. 

But the Bozo provides more than just entertainment, my friend. 

He makes the cash registers ring - quite literally. 

So, Larry. 

Thats how!

And the rest of you, if there are two books I'd recommend you get - it's the one int he 0 Excuses Fitness System

Both solid, great books - and if you're on the warpath against the Libtards, Nazi feminists, and cucks in general, hey, #3 awaits!


Rahul Mookerjee