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"Dont tell me about those people!"

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I'll never forget a conversation - an utterly one sided one I once had with my Mom in terms of "what I do". 

(which, until this date, she still doesnt know about what I do here - and the other sites, and if she does, she does a damn fine job of pretending "its the crappiest thing ever" without even letting it show. Hehe). 

But along with all the other battles with wife, family etc, I once mentioned the tale of Ford's struggles. 

I've noticed one thing, my friend. 

The Typical Tom Tom's could care less about stories, facts, and other folks's experiences. 

Tell them a story, and they ho hum it away - or worse. 

Even if it's one of the most inspiring stories ever. 

These are also the very people who believe "grit" and "working like a donkey" all your life is what brings results and riches down the line. 

Dont get me wrong. 

PErsistence at anything is key. 

But it's these people that completely overlook the mental, my friend, and the MENTAL is what is most required in order for you to succeed - at anything. 

Just trust me on this one, friend. 

I've told you why a bazillion times before! 

But anyway, I started talking about Ford, the numerous failures, bankruptcies, and of course, was rudely cut short. 

"Don't talk to me about those people!" 

What was left unsaid - "they're special with some much ambition" - you're not. 

(curiously this same standard isn't applied to other Bozos, apparently they have all the ambition in the world to wank off and do squat all - it's only the DOERS that get targeted. 

Bezos is so spot on in terms of "if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. 

Note the adjective he used. He wasn't referring to quitters!)


My Dad did once say quietly to me over email the following. 

You have this ambition of making a lot of money, which is not a bad thing. 

That was at the age of 23. ...

(then I had Charles the former friend once tell me, just when he was STARTING to make money at the business he quite despite me telling him so many times NOT TO - "I dont want to be Rockefeller!") 

Thats fine if someone doesnt want to be rich. 

But why the heck would someone NOT want to be rich is what boggles the mind (to me at least) and confounds me. 

it's this thinking about money that keeps it AWAY from the reach of the average Shmoe, if you were to ask me.

But anyway, the typical Tom Tom's make typically stupid remarks. 

Attempting to counter stupidity with either logic or intituion is pointless. 

It ain't gonna happen. 

As a customer rightly told me. 

"That brick wall will likely make more sense, Rahul!" 

But there are plenty of brick walls globally, I suppose this is why I write this now. 

Just why the heck can YOU not mention anyone you like - and aspire - and then DO - to be one of the GREATS? Who the hell is anyone else to tell YOU how to live your life and not be the BEST at what you DO - WANT TO DO - really want to do? 

The best at your passion? 

Jeff Bezos once spoke about "you dont choose your passions. your passions chase YOU!" 

Actually, he used "choose" both times. 

But you can use chase too!

If it's a passion, something that you MUST have, you'll get it. 

It'll chase you. 

ultimately, if you really want it, (and then it's a passion) - you'll GET IT. 

Note I said ultimately, not "tomorrow" or next year. 

Which that line above, of course is what puts most people off, including and especially Bozo like Typical Tom Tom's. 

But anyway, Tom Tom's aside... 

Fitness wise. 

Why the heck can YOU , my friend, not become as good as fingertip pushups as I am - or better me? 

Give me one good reason, and I'll eat my hat. 

Why can YOU not become a Battletank Shoulders machine - even leaner and meaner than ME? 

Why can YOU not bang out Hindu squats daily in high reps? 

Why can YOU not achieve anything you want, at the highest levels? 

Just some questions for you to ponder!

And if you can give me a conclusive answer to this - hell, if there is a "paralympic" Olympics - where is YOUR excuse? 

Sometimes, really, the toughest battles are not just given to those who can take it. 

They're given to those that ultimately MAKE IT. 

That, Rahul Mookerjee is willing to sign his name to, and he doesnt do that too often, hehe. 

He did it for the Fast and Furious Fitness - Collector's Edition series though, again for damn good reason. 

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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