Saturday, 28 August 2021 07:12

Why frugality truly DOES drive innovation!

Another day, another Bezos quote - ah wait. 

Another email, hehe. 

"I think frugality drives innnovation, just like other constraints do. 

One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out". 

Bezos isn't the marketer I am in that I "shout from the rooftops", so I use the term "harry Houdini" or "cat with nine or more lives", hehe. 

Truly, and first, the second comment hits true. 

I've been in a spot - big time - more than you'd care to think anyone would be. 

In situations No-one could even advise me on how to deal with, in situations that looked grim, ALL was gone, and so forth. 

They say "God" - or the Universe gives it's toughest battles to its toughest soldiers. 

Like my buddy from the Marines once told me. 

"Rahul, you're one of the toughest hombres I know out there!" 

Tough I am, but not necessarily just physically. In fact, without the mental, all the physical prowress would never have come about, my friend. NEVER!

And even today, the MIND is where its at for me. It always will be! 

Ask any true doer / achiever, they will tell you the same damn thing. 

To me, as I've said before, the toughest battles appear - to TEST you - and everyone. 

Only those that pass the inital fiery tests, which most fail, will progress ahead. 

It's the ultimate winners that get the toughest x 100 tasks thrown at them, my friend. Situations that seem unwinnable, yet, win they do - somehow!

THAT SUBCONSIOUS MIND, and as Napoleon Hill wrote, the mysterious force that comes to the aid of folks that keep trying - and striving - even when the whole world is against them. 


Call it what you will, it's a thing. 

And back to frugality, and being frugal. 

Amazon till this date follows that one principle - along with others, but we'll focus ont hat here. 

Bezos himself might live in fancy mansions NOW - and jet to the moon or what not - NOW. 

Mars, hehe. 

Since women are from Venus, ah, but I'll let that one be, Jeff! ;) 

But MGTOW aside (pun, hehe) - the richest man on the planet for a long time drove a beat up Honda. 

His mangers would complain about the desks in the Amazon offices "tearing their clothes apart". 

And Bezos himself, despite the $300,000 money he got from his Dad initially - was anything but a spendthrift in his early days. 

He probably still isn't now. 

Now, these are ALL concepts I can understand - and I do the same thing. 

I've been talking som uch about how when I spend, I spend big - but at the same time, every purchase is VETTED from an investment perspetive - be that an investment in feelings, or practicality, or both. 

Sometimes it's both ... 

Nary a penny is misspent where it shouldn't. 

Other hand, when it comes time to throw the kitchen sink at it - and win - win BIG? 

Guess what I do, friend!

I win - BIG. 

By putting all I have to into it and then some. 

that is what I have done all my life. 

But frugality - to the doers - means one thing. 

Or if you're in a situation where you have to "conserve every last cent". 

It gets us to think. 

Then do. 

Then keep doing. 

Until there is NO need to be frugal, yet we learn our lessons!

And its in that spirit most of my bestsellers were written. 

Perhaps there is no better and more glaring example of this than the "astoundingly pathbreaking" book (as a certain "Hero" from Kenya called it recently) on isometrics. 

He's right, but this book is bare bones, frugal - yet packed to the GILLS with useful info everyone can use. 

The Tom Tom's bitch about the fact that the photos are bare bones, but the doers - read - apply, and DO!

"aches and pains disappearing within minutes!" 


"Rahul, I truly believe this is the missing link that ties all the other great books together!" 

(John Walker from the UK - John - hope you're WELL! - long time no HEAR!)

"I think I can get in great shape with your books!" 

(Panourgias from Greece) 

"Truly does open up the musculature" 

(Irwin from Ireland) 

And there's more, but I'm not just referring to the contents, I'm referring to bare bones. 

remember Rocky? 

The FIRST movie in the series, and still the best (though Balboa was pretty good too).

Creed series, not too bad... 

And the latest 30 minute blurb Stallone did on Rocky, pretty power packed too - if just from a motivation standpoint, which is what he world needs now. 

"Never stop putting in your ticket", says Stallone. 

That one contact you meet, that one connection you make - coul dCHANGE your life immeasurably. 

It did for me! (Stallone). 

From a movie theater usher to the biggest star cinema had ever seen ... Past 30 too, I believe!

But anyway, that movie was shot on a budget to beat all budgets. 

FRUGAL was the name of the game, so frugal they were that they could barely find bit actors when required! 

And Sly had to rope in people he knew and family for a lot of it (which I dont blame him. I'd have done that anyway even on a big budget, I'm sure Sly would too. Always good to work with those you KNOW will DELIVER). 

But that, my friend, is that. 

So if the Tom Tom's are reading this, especially Typical Tom Tom's, well, this might just be a wakeup call for them, and all ... 

Some of my very best work - has truly come when times were FRUGAL!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Always think out of the box friend. It's the only, and best way! FOLLOW YOUR HEART, your TRUE DESIRES no matter WHAT MIGHT STAND IN YOUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I did - so can YOU!