Sunday, 26 September 2021 09:15

Triceps, the forgotten part ...

I dont know about you, my friend, but when you haven't worked out in a long time - other than core strength and "stomach" distending and so forth - what is the first to GO? 

It's not your grip, biceps, chest, or even traps ... 

It's your TRICEPS. 

For me, and for most people, triceps are the forgotten part of the arm - which is nigh astouding, since that brute pushing strength and arm SIZE - comes from - TRICEPS!

Not only pushing - if you're weak at pull-ups, and this is one of the secrets I explain deeply in "Pull-ups from DUD to STUD - within a matter of WEEKS!" (the new and updated version on the site now) - tricep strength could well be a limiting factor. 

Dont believe me? 

I understand. 

But just make a fist, and pull down. 

Feel the parts of your arm that work, I believe you'll get the answer right there and then. 

But triceps, my friend, are an INTEGRAL part of any real fitness trainee's training regimen - or should be - and unfortunately, are NOT the backbone of most people's training regimen, even those training with weights. 

In "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness", you'll see how your triceps are really what push, pull and move - all those heavy implements in the course!

And the one way to get strong triceps - to BUILD them? 

Is by pushing, and doing so repeatedly. 

There is a reason, my friend, boxers and wrestlers focus more on pushups than pull-ups - and why the Marines for one do more pushups - way more - than pull-ups. 

Dont get me wrong. 

PUll-ups - turn you into a battletank and powerhouse. 

I should know!

And a super stud too. 

But, pushups are and should be the mainstay of any serious fitness routine - implements, weights, pull-ups - or NOT. 

Pushups and legs, because if there is one exercise that can work the entire body ? 

Or two? 

I'd say hill sprints (or climbing hill) - and pushups!

More so than anything else, my friend, anything else. 

And the exercise in the best course on pushups do a fine, fine job of building the triceps and those huge arms you so want. 

There is truly NO OTHER COURSE like this out on the market - so says the bodyweight fitness GURU Rahul Mookerjee aka "Stella Artois of Fitness" 

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Rahul Mookerjee