Tuesday, 05 October 2021 06:56

If you're constantly running out of storage, can't seem to "find the pdf" or so forth. . .

"Everyone has a story"

It's true, my friend. 

As I was thinking about future plans and visualizing some things - I hit upon this idea, and it's been there for a long time actually. 

You guys - me - everyone - we ALL - want ONE thing above all (or equally important). 

We want someone to LISTEN to us. 

That doesnt mean cry on a shoulder necessarily, it doesnt necessarily mean friendship either, not validation, certainly not Bozo like "nose in ass" (opportunity for same) or anything like that. 

I believe what most of us want - even the anti social ones - even the "bedroom types" (myself) i.e. work from bedroom types - above all ?

Is to TALK - without being judged - abd be HEARD. 

We dont necessarily want the other person to agree, or even get into a debate - THAT - I believe is what most people get wrong about a conversation. 

Lets take politics, Trump, Biden etc. 

I'm am an unabashed Trump supporter, always have been. 

But I'll ALWAYS LISTEN to the other person's viewpoint, friend, though I might not agree. 

And loony as it might be, so long as the other person just says "hey, this is just what I THINK" - and neither party attemps to convince the other of the "right and wrong" or "sane and insane" of what the other person is saying - its FINE by me (so long as it's nothing illegal, underage, and so forth). 

To each his own. 

Not everyone can remain as calm and detached as I do - or many others do, Jeff Bezos for one, I recently saw a clip of him being interviewed about "do you think government will break big tech including Amazon up or is it just a fantasy". 

I'd say a fantasy in Amazon's case, they are SO MUCH more than just big tech! 

The big 4 otherwise, I dont know... 

(with the most recent facebook outages and all that) 

But he never answered the question, instead, in his calm and analytical manner, he went off on a tangent in a manner where everyone could (with brains, that is) see he was avoiding a direct answer,, but went off into something about "all large corporations should be scrutinized", and said nothing more after a brief "my story" tale. 


Jeff Bezos has this way about him ... 

If I was the interviewer, I'd push him for an answer ie. Jeff, is it just a fantasy, or CAN IT HAPPEN?

I'm sure he'd find a way to stymie me - at least temporarily. 


Anyway ... 

We all have a story, hence the recent email "doers only" - for SUBMISSIONS

I already feature a lot of you guys in the emails here, so hey - if there is something you want to share - do it!

The DOERS will be featured permanently for free (always going to be free, that part) on 0 Excuses Fitness, and you even get a $50 "submission" coupon in that regard!

Anyway ... this orignally started off as something about storage, eh.

And while writing my numerous stories with all the computer crashes and so forth, all Winblows update inspired - I KEEP having to go back and forth from my numerous backups, download, redownload, upload, and so forth ... 

If only there was a way to make it easier, I thought. 


(Because yes, while desktops now have "apps" to backup automatically - those crash too!) 

End of the day, much like Coca Cola, if you can believe it, shipping via COAL frieght ships - what they did in the 1960's!!!! - due to the current shipping bottlenecks being so severe ... MANUAL, old school , often works best. 

But anyhow and this is very applicable to all of you digital download customers, that make up the bulk of my customers, andj ust increasing (nothing against you paperback and HARDCOVER guys tho! Hey, I personally prefer those..) ...  

THAT is another advantage of the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship, my friend. 

The first, is obviously, the price. 

Despite the prices for my COURSES going up all the time, the SHIP hasn't gone up since inception, and I dont think it will anytime soon either. 

Well, it went up by $200 in January, but that was after three years, and I dont think there will be another price increase anytime soon. 

You get - for that one membership, as long as it stays valid - ALL OUR PRODUCTS - via digital download "forever". 

In perpetuity - so long as your membership stays valid. 

And it's just so price effective. 

Compare the price of the digitial downlod for Animal Kingdom Workouts, for one - with the Ship membership price. 

Or, perhaps any of our compilations ... 

Not only that, it's EASY. 

You dont have to store on your pc, or kindle. 

Just login to the site - its right there for you!

I believe the option is there in your "my account" section right now too. 

But, the Ship is different - you dont have to scroll through all your purchases to see which one you want to re-download, my friend. 

Just go to the product page, and you'll see a download now button instead of the buy button if you're a member. 

Of course, only catch, no "sign up and cancel within one day". 

Once you're in, you're in. 

And, we're currently expanding the FORUM section for that too - which is basically another area you can connect with your "fellow" fitness enthusiasts, and just share your experiences, and so forth. 

It's one thing to get advice from me. 

Its another to talk to your fellow trainees, see what they're up to, a community, and so forth. 

So that, my friend is why you SHOULD be a 0 Excuses Fitness Ship member - makes perfect sense to me, at least. 

Probably to YOU too, I'm sure... 

In the future there will be another "all encompassing" option where for ONE price, you can get PAPERBACK books - for any product - shipped to you - or hardcover, if available - with no shipping costs (already the case per product on the site, but that would mean you get anything via paperback or hardcover depending upon your choice - with that one membership). 

So, had to say that, now I have... 

Ball's in your court, friend. 

Take action now. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS and Edit - I remember, this storage issue REALLY hit me hard on my phone for one! No longer, but for years, I used a 13 GB Phone - but it occured even on the 128 GB phones, they'd constantly run out of storage that annoying little "storage full" sign. Ugh. 

All rectitfied now.