Saturday, 09 October 2021 05:40

"Tere Ko Sab Ata hai!" - and lessons you can learn from "Over the Top!"

There's plenty of lessons you can learn from the latter, which is derided by many as a crap movie and more - yet, it was a huge success anyway. 

Sly really hit home with his "Cobra" - and "Over the Top" movies in the 1980's. 

Visionary as usual, WAY beyond his time, thats what people WANTED!

If you look at what Bollywood - and Bollywood actors in general - are copying, apeing, right down to the look? 

It's Sly Stallone!

Hell, they even want to make a Rambo in India apparently!

Sly is just a legend, my friend, far, far ahead of good ole "Gubernator" Arnie. People will never understand his genius, perhaps this line sums it up the best. 

"90% of my life has been a mistake - but I've got it right 10% of the time". 

(I'm paraphrasing)

"But that 10% was what really COUNTED!" 

Said like the champ Sly is! 

Same thing for yours truly. 

Look at most of my life, you'd think I did nothing - failed numerous times - as an idiot recently said "you dont have enough docs for your business" (this Bozo, remember, had never started one business of his own, let alone five or more) ... 

But the REAL magic, when I really hit the highs - that EVEYRONE wants -I repeat, EVERYONE WANTS despite the Tom Tomming about "he doesnt have anything" - when people look at me - they ALL wish they could have my lifestyle, or similar! It could be "nomadic lifestyle" like Charles recently said, or "soo many girls" or "a business that pays me as I move about, with not as much work as you'd think or very little sometimes!" ... whatever it is about my way of living, life, that floats your boat - they ALL WANT IT, despite how vociferously they might DENY it ... anyway, that magic? 

That happened in the 1% - or the 10%. Hehe. 

Growing up, and indeed in school and so forth, I've always been one to remain silent as the Tom Tom's spout their nonsense. 

I remember an idiot Anindya from Bengal (in Southern USA) once telling me the following when I was doing pushups before leaving Ricky's house (he was rooming with Ricky at the time). 

"Pushups wont work the brain! Look at them (he was referring to people in general apparently". 

"They have a stupid mind!" 

This comment must rank RIGHT UP THERE in terms of stupidity with the comment I got about "why are you doing pullups! You need to work your mind more!" 

Both UNSOLICITED BS - both made by idiots and jackasses that couldn't do a pushup, let alone pull-up to save their fucking lives if they had to. 

But I remained silent.  

Harry, an Indian friend of mine (at the time - I was 17) once told me the following about my style of quietly saying "Oh, I dont know, I can't do that, how could I!" to all discussions.  

(because I found their theory of "stick with Indians only" so insanely DUMB AND STUPID that I couldnt even comment, I mean,why come to a foreign land then? Just stay at home, eh) 

"You know everything!"  (which is the English translation of the Hindi in the title)

Well, that was said in a sage manner too. He was right, heheh.. 

No, I dont know "everything", but I know a lot more than what Tom Tom's in general know - becauseI THINK - and I LEARN. 

I know because I exercise a right we ALL have ie. to THINK independently. 

And that gives me my lifestyle for the most part, ups, downs, everything. 

Anyway, in Over the Top, they show the arm wrestling match in the diner. 

The first one, and Sly is up against a bigger opponent (as usual - ever notice the similiarities between what yours truly says about "if you've taken someone BIGGER THAN YOU down, then it means something!" - defeating or besting someone that isnt up to par is just HOLLOW! - and what Sly's movies depict?) ... 

(I once remember when doing Taekwondo in eigth grade, and being set upon by bullies - or maybe this was, I dont know, before I started doing it- those guys did do it - and were showing off kicks etc, much bigger than I was obviously - and they were finally pulled apart by another guy. 

"If he doestn know how to defend himself, then who do you think YOU are by attacking him! Attack someone that knows, not someone that doesnt know!" 

That was said sagely too! 

Unfortunately my upbringing meant when I DID defend myself, like giving the guy a natural born kick to the KNEE way before I EVER learned TaeKwondo ... it meant I would be pilloried anyway. 

Damned if you do, damned if you fucking dont! 

PATHETIC, I'd say. Oh well) 

But anyway, Sly is on the losing end for most of the match ... 

And then finally, finally, after the other guy tells him (it came out as "me" when I was typing it - might as well be me!) "you ain't got it!" - he goes OVER THE TOP. 

And defeats the guy. 


That is what life is about, my friend. 

Notice the true winners, they're always ready to learn. 

Notice people that hate bullies, and stand up for the weak (like my friend from the Marines) - THEY are the true heroes and SOLID MEN - real men! 

True, they're bested by women sometimes. Hehe. Aren't we all! 

(I'd rather MGTOW for the most part tho!). 

But anyway, THAT is what it's about. 

Now, fitness wise? 

And arm wrestling wise? 

#2 first, most arm wrestling matches dont even last that long - not as far as I know at least. I ain't an expert in this either. 

Normally, for me, it's always been - either I win, or he does!

With a brief tussle, but brief. 

Over the Top was probably dramatized, which is fine. Hey, it's a movie after all! It has to rouse real emotion, which ain't arm wrassling - thats the vehicle. 

And remember two things, friend. 

Arm wrestling is one of the most brutal sports ever in many regards. 

And it requires BRAIN. 

And if you want to show off - or "feel like you can" - then arm wrestling - and handstand pushups - are the two fitness "standards" (if you can call them that, I'd definitely call handstands that) you MUST get good at!

Especially the latter - think about it - how many people can just up and get into a handstand ? 

How many have the GRIP (yes, it's all about forearms! - but dont get me wrong, chest, triceps, shoulders, all comes into it - but weak grip, you're GONE in arm wrestling) to simply flatten bigger arms like nothing else? 

I remember a Japanese dude doing that to me in college, hehe. 

Skinnier than even me by several degress, and yet - arm wrestling - BAM!

Of course, if he did 50 fingertip pushups a day like a certain Korean dude I knew did... hehe. 

OK, enough of the flashbacks, tips etc. 

GET the courses above, my friend. Please stop postponing it, putting it off, complaning about money and all the other BS. 

My stuff is the best out there, and it will get YOU in the best shape of your life. 

So then, just do it... 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - A great customer recently sent me the following 

"I'm 57, so dont have the energy of a young one!" 

Well, DO THE THING - and despite your age - you WILL HAVE THE ENERGY TOO!