Tuesday, 10 April 2012 05:57

Turn your body's circuits ON - naturally

I finished off my workout this morning with a series of dynamic stretches. Nothing at all complicated, just simple, basic stuff that stretch and strengthen the ENTIRE body - and make one feel amazingly alive at the end of it all. Now, I had just finished a HARD workout - but after I finished things off with stretching, I was literally buzzing with energy - good, positive ENERGY - all as a result of my stretches and how good they made me feel.

Folks often talk about runner's high, feeling the "pump" in the arms and so forth - but how many times have you heard someone talk about feeling "on cloud nine" after a series of fantastic stretches? I bet not many - and thats the reason I'm mentioning it in today's email.

One of the stretches I did was to grab my ankles. That's right, just grab my ankles. All you have to do on this one is to lie on your stomach, and bend backwards in that position to grab your ankles with your hands - and HOLD for time (in my case, a minute and 30 seconds). Simple as this one sounds, most folks wouldn't be able to hold this one for more than 20-30 seconds - let alone a minute or more.

Another one I did was the gymnastic bridge - something I've written about before, and something I highly recommend. Talk about turbo charging the entire body through this one stretch - WOW!

And while these two stretches I've just mentioned have you buzzing for the rest of the day, a great add on is that they are also an excellent core/abdominal workout. In fact, I wouldn't be lying if I told you you could get a good core workout from these two exercises alone.

Also note that I did these stretches AFTER my workout - not before. I've written about this before - it's always better to stretch at the end of your workout as opposed to before (which is what the "experts" all tell us). More on that later, and if you missed the post where I talked about it, simply use the search feature on the blog and you'll find it.

Well, my friend, that's it for today - gotta go run some errands now. Be well!

Best regards,


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