Tuesday, 19 October 2021 17:02

On businesses *so called* struggling to find workers...

I gotta be brutally honest about this one, all the news I see on this is so hopelessly either politicized, or goddamn WRONG. 

And missing the point - boat - entirely by a country mile or so forth. 

Politics aside, this won't be one of my typical "conservative" pieces either by the wya - let me roll up my sleeves, and give it to you straight as someone whose been there, done that, way back in the day - and it was a lot better, the overall situation back then!

The libs for one keep pushing back against the assertion - which I believe holds TRUE to a large degree - that giving people huge amounts of aid (in a comparitive sense) -  over and over again does nothing but enfroce the feeling that "Big Government will always be there to help", and end of the day "the government will do something". 

Sometimes, this can be good. 

I believe Trump did the absolute right thing when he announced those initial COVID checks and aid but it's gone on for way too long, my friend. 

The piper has to be paid sometime, somehow, and a lot of people - NOT all - but a lot - simply got accustomed to getting paid for doing nothing - and therefore, they aim at just that. 

As the great Jeff Bezos rightly said, human beings are naturally lazy - and they'll find a way to do LESS no matter what (or get the job done in an easier manner no matter what). 

Laziness aside, yours truly is the perfect example of the latter - finding ways to creatively make more money as opposed to slogging through broken glass on my elbows tthrough the figurative field to deposit checks in an account, hehe. 

And I'll take it!

But the aid, or lack of it NOW is NOT the main reason in my opinion. 

Does anyone ever talk about what these businesses are OFFERING? 

Crappy wages that haven't risen in forever, and the minute the employee wants more, they start looking around for a replacement. 

Or, per hour employment "ad hoc" with no health insurance, no benefits, nothing ... 

Or, as some companies do, be cheap on wages by saying "we offer you free housing, free this, free that!" 

Hell, son, I dont want your free housing, I tell 'em. I'd rather have the CASH IN HAND and figure out what to do with it and where to live MYSELF!

They complain these days about people saying they'll show up for interviews, then never showing up - or showing up, getting the offer, and then bailing. 


How it feels funny when the shoe is on the OTHER FOOT!

BAck in the day, I'd ask people EXACTLY what people are asking now. 

i.e. can you pay me what you want, and if you can't, then it's a waste of time me even coming in. 

More than 11 years down the line, people are only starting to ask that, and employers are already up in arms. Haha. 

Hell, I remember some interviews I went to where I knew it was a waste of time. 

I went anyway for the long drive. Hehe. Or to get out of the house. 

These days, heck, if I were in that position, I'd save my cash - and gas - and get a six pack instead. 

Then you have a lot of employers quietly getting fat on their stock options, bonuses or what not - do we EVER hear about them saying they're "doing well"? 

No, it's always "cut throat margins", we're under a lot of pressure etc. 

We woul dnever know Jeff Bezos's worth if it wasn't for the internet, given how little the man, who is by far the businessperson I admire MORE - speaks about his immense and WELL EARNED, truly DESERVED WEALTH.... 

Think of it from the employee's perspective though when businesses use every excuse to extract that last bit of flesh from the employee "pound of flesh". 

Then apparently people "dont want to do the grunt work". 

I got a solution. 

Offer them enough, they WILL!

Hell, this has been going on for a long time, friend. People dont want employees with BRAINS that will demand more, that will want just rewards for their work, and so forth. 

That caused me to entirely drop out of the workforce years back - and that aint gonna change - ever - no matter WHAT. 

And another bottom line, there are simply too many people int he world, and too much, as I've said before, "me , me, me!" going on!

Attracting what I want - OK, great. 

But when everyone is focusing on me, it aint gonna end up purdy in the long run ... 

Anyway, what do I know. 

I'm just the fitness pioneer and in many other areas too - where when I first started, I had ONLY Digital products - NO paperbacks or hardcovers!

EVERYONE told me that wasn't the way to go. 

Everyone pointed me to the gurus, how they "shipped hard copies of everything". 

Aint nothing wrong with that, friend. 

But there is a time and place for that - and customers that want that sort of thing - and theyre great customers, dont get me wrong - but NOW? 


I'm SO glad I continue to operate as a one man show (which Charles once famously derided "you know nothing!" - apparently one's worth or biz success is determined by how many employees one has) ... with VERY little overhead - other than my own time, labor, input, and expertise, an dso forth. 

And therefore, yours truly is sailing through all of this relatively unafffected. 

think it's just me doing this? 

Think again!

There's people now on Amazon literally packing stuff in bags you'd expect to find at Walmart - and shipping them out that way to save a buck. 

I was horrified when I ordered a product, and saw it packed that way - true, it wasn't a product that needed fancy or even extensive packaging, but still!

But that, my friend, will keep happening... 

And last, but not least, this goddamn supply chain crisis? 

SOME of it is inevitable yes, but I truly believe a lot of the so called crises are man made. 

And getting back to biz, and businesses not being able to find employees or what not, I'll quote ole Boris in the Uk when he said businesses basically need to stop relying on low cost labor and actually , you know, PAY their employees a bit more!

So goddamned true, my friend, despite him being pilloried from all ends, he's HIT the nail on the head. 

Sometimes, employers do need to get their GAME in order. 

Anyway .............. 

Thats my take on it. 

And if you have another, write back, tell me!

And of course, remember that a solid, strong immune system is the very best thing you can do for yourself NOW. 

This linK HERE will get you what you need right NOW- The 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

I'll see yall!


Rahul Mookerjee