Sunday, 07 November 2021 17:19

The latest inane trolling Glyn Bozo and company are doing on the great course "Shoulders like BOULDERS!"

I am SO glad I have the picture on the cover I do now for that book! Hehe. 

Although it attracts the most number of idiots, trolls, price wankers and such - it attracts real customers and real men too !

And I'd rather have ONE of the latter, along with 100 of the former, which any of us (the latter) could swipe away with one grizzly bear like paw if we wanted to ... 

... SOmetimes I dont. 

(as for the former, well, I've shared pleny here - the latest "belchworthy" rant, Bozo Keith James claiming "the author looks like he never trained" - just hilarious eh - and many others!) BUT!

My eyes goggle at the latest lunacy Glyn bozo posted on the book - something so blatantly hilarious and abusive both that Amazon promptly removed it - much like the hilarious, weepy rant - and abusive too if you can believe that (yes, Bozo makes it possible) on Fitness Pioneer Volume One

This one was even more ludicrious. 

I dont know if Bozo is drunk or high on , I dont know, bleach that he poured down /up his hoo haa... 

But it's something my friend (also an erotica writer and hes constantly checking for his book reviews on Amazon etc) sent me via screenshot. 

My reaction? 


Before "LOL" ing (laugh out loud) out loud, it's so inane. and INSANE!

But it's Glyn Faggoty Bozo to a T. 

Here is the review, if you can call it even a pseudo review. 

"Horrible fellow!" was the title. 

"This book was written by a faggot. He likes Chinese <bleep>. Do not buy Rahuls' book, he knows nothing about training!" 

There was more - in Chinese. 

Something about a toothbrush and some unprintables (yall can guess) and clear "copy and paste translation" the Bozo is using to "appear Chinese", and a host of other abusive, racist words. 

None of which bothered me. 

I rather hope the review comes back, hehe. 

But thats OK, but that was the review. 

Now, trolls and inanity aside, lets look at this. 


As an outsider. 

As someone that knows Rahul Mookerjee - or doesn't. 

As someone who is gay, or bi, or in between, or whatever they call them these days (no disrespect, promise). 


Let's even assume you're the Bozos's best pal, and looking for ANY sad excuse to "rant" against me. (I know you ain't, I'm just sayin...) 

Let ME put myself in the eyes of the BEHOLDER. 

(And, despite what I say in my own books about looks not being everywhere, despite me being a chameleon, despite me saying how the most outwardly "alpha" males have "different" preferences in bed often, despite all that) ... 

The EYES OF THE BEHOLDER! Do it, ...  

... I just did, and I'm struggling to figure out how that MAN on the cover of the book is "faggotty"? 

You could call me many other things, many people do, some warranted, most not. 

All believable to a T, but "faggot"? 

I mean, look at the picture. 

Then tell me!

I dont think so, hehe. 

It's so bleeding obvious, and the Bozo is getting desperate again apparently "lack of attention in Socksford most likely". 

Not to mention his latest deal is some nonsense about a Chinese guy he met somewhere and he's now salivating after him - now those, I DO have the screenshots, and i'll share 'em, maybe. 

Maybe Bozo felt guilty? 

But really, its insane. 

Anyway, this is a great book, my friend. 

And if you've bought the book - which many have - BE SURE AND LEAVE A REVIEW!

I've gone hoarse saying it, this is YET another reason we need decent - and REAL reviews 

And Glyn, like your friend Chuck says (or former friend). 


So sayeth the horrible fellow. 


Anyway ... 

The next book in the progression, and a REAL BEAST - and MEANIE of a book is BAttletank Shoulders. 

If you haven't got that book, along with Animal Kingdom Workouts, you're missing out - and you must get 'em! 

And again, please leave reviews!

Alright, my friend, I'm out. Twitt erfollowers will see Bozo's latest review in all its lunacy very soon!

At least he posted under his real name (his new account) this time. Thank Bozo for small mercies. 



Rahul Mookerjee