Tuesday, 16 November 2021 05:16

Why "Velocity" remains one of my favorite nicks till date!

I still remember an email from I think 2004, another one of those emails that stuck in mind, sort of like the famous email Brooks Kubik once wrote about me around that time as well. 

(That one's mentioned in part on Advanced Hill Training; I wish I had a dumbphone back then, oh wait, they didnt have them then! Hehe. Several computer crashes later, I lost the orignal email, but it's sum and substance is so INDELIBLY printed on my mind, it will last long after I pass!). 

(in the ETHER!). 

It till date is one of the emails that has meant the MOST to me in all my online or ANY communication. 

Truly, Brooks - he's a great - one of the best! 

He, along with a certain Vince Palko "The Godfather of Internet Marketing" as he was fondly called, hehe - is on my FB list - which I never logged into, of course, since Nov 2020. 

The hell with FB and social media in general, and I've explained this many times before haven't I ... 

What they did to Trump was the last straw, not so much because its Trump (though dont get me wrong, I love Trump) ... but if they can do that to a sitting US President, they're literally Hitler, or the modern version thereof. 

Hopefully Congress finally passes that bill, I dont know, but as my friend Dwayne once said. 

"I hope these damn social media companies go OUT OF BUSINESS". 

I think he said broke too. Hehe. 

but FB, writing's been on the wall for ages, LinkedIn with their China pandering too. Hey, I did manage to get all my Linkedin Articles etc back from them though, so I'll be posting them again elsewhere, stay tuned on that one!

Medium most likely. 

Stay tuned for that, I had some great stuff, great SEO value etc, all disappeared one fine day when big tech banned me. 

I was prepared for it, I've often said dont rely on social media, build your own platforms, but most arent... 

Anyway ... 

I love Vince Palko, great guy!

I've no idea if hes still into fitness or marketing. Last I know, he started a company doing internet doodlng - or his famous cartoons, hehe - and he's doing damn well!

Thats a skill and a half. 

I remember him offering me a free doodle for my fitness "blog" back then in 2008 (back then, yes, it was just a blog). 

I declined respectfully but the gesture sticks forever. GOOD MAN, old timer, one of the best!

We spoke a couple of times on FB too, I believe. 

But that email was about sprints, or was it? 

I dont know, Brooks Kubik had sent out a similar email a while back about sprints, I responded, talked to Brooks about it, but this email ... I dont know, maybe it was sprints. 

But my nick on his list was Velocity. 

"Velocity, cool nick!" I still remember Vinnie saying. Hehe. 

That it is!

Cool dudes have cool nicks. 

And to me, it signifies one thing. 


Lightning fast, demon like SPEED


SPEED IS WHAT WE NEED! (remember Mickey? Hehe). 


I've always been Mr Fast. 

Climbing hills fast, romancing the lovely carol fast (not really, hehe, I wasn't even romancing her to being with), eating fast, writing fast - getting her done - QUICK!

And to me, thats just a cool nick I've used so often I might as well have invented. 

When I use the terms "idiot box" and "dumbphone" my daughter claims I (might as well have) invented them the amount I go on about 'em. 


I might - nah. I didnt!

But, Velocity is definitely me!

Another favorite nick of mine on another site is Mystery. I love that nick too, sounds great!

Always Jason Bourne am I ... 

"Mystery Man", as a certain lady Rohini once called me "Dont worry, I wont tell my husband I'm talking to strange men in the middle of the night!". 


We met in person once at China immigration .. Poor husband. Hehe. 

But he's a nice guy!

And I was NEVER worried. LOL. 


Thats that. 

Remember the Battletank Shoulders special we got going on, friends... 


So - claim your copy of the very best in fitness manuals NOW

And I'll be back! 


Rahul Mookerjee