Tuesday, 30 November 2021 05:39

Should I be a movie star?

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Well, well, well! 

The "you look like a movie star" rears its not so ugly head again. Hehe.

Jesus, TV personalities, Habib - I cannot think of ONE thing I have not been compared to. Or person! Or "personality!" 

Ironman. Triathlete. All has been said about me - even "swimming champ" back in college (when I was doing breaststroke in anything BUT the "right form" (of course, being what I was doing was survival oriented, the vibe snuck through!). 

Anyway, y'al know that. 

So yesterday, dude #1 - on the phone guy, you know? 

I saw him from a distance first, he raised his hand later to "acknowledge me" (remember, he was on the video". 

"So, how's it going" I boomed, walking up to him. 

I thought it was a normal tone of voice. 

"Rahul, you should be in movies!" the guy responded with. 

I laughed, and told him of the movie star comments. 

"Maybe not a star", he went. "But your voice, perfectly suited for movies!" 

That reminded me of my what my "wife" told me when dating. 

"No Director would pass up on the opportunity to hire you!" 

She was probably right too. 

They both probably dont know the hell I'd raise on a movie set though! Hehe. 

I'd probably enjoy the ladies ... 

But it does bring up an interesting point. 

I dont know what dude's perception of "star" is. 

But I do know, for me, and this has always been a strength for me along with my "chameleon" abilities - is the knack to "treat all people equally". 

I dont care if you're a movie star, jobless guy, a cranky "Aunty" or what not - I'll talk to you the same way. 

I'm polite and deferent when need be - to ALL. 

And I rip ass - when need to be - to ALL. 

And this is one reason I can connect so well with people across all spectrums, my friend, regardless of  language, culture etc. 

Now, movies - I watch plenty (oddly enough, despite my utter dislike of videos). 

But, catch. 

I ONLY watch the sort of movies that mirror the sort of lifestyle I HAVE - or would like to have (if there is such a thing!). 

If you thought "action, plenty of beer, hot women, and PROPER workouts and bodies toned by the same" - you got it spot on. 

And I dont think "those are movie stars, wow!"

Growing up and sometimes even now, I'll imagine myself in those situations - either consciously - or not. 

I could do a damn fine job of being a movie star if I wanted to. Hehe. Or anything I wanted to. 

But for now, we'll stick to being a caveman ... 

And sending out notices about sales that a lot of you have taken action on - and some still haven't. 

To the latter category, I dont know what you are WAITING FOR?

And that, friend is that. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee