Monday, 13 December 2021 06:22

Lets suit up - and BOOT up - ladies!

Interesting how thats often used for the most alpha of males you'll ever see, the most macho, virile, rugged and so forth . . . 

I don't even mean "hidden desires" here - this email isnt' about that. 

It's just about when MEN - real men - such as in the Expendables, maybe - now there's a movie with very little romance, although the second movie had a wee budding bit of it! (I still remember my friend Jay watching Rambo II in 1990 something, and telling me "great movie, little bit of romance, great body (sly) - and lots of action!) ... 

Sly is nothing if not SMART. 

I dont think it's a coincidence that Expendables II had " a little bit of romance" like Rambo II, and none of the others did!

The tough guy with a soft exterior. Or was that interior. 


Sly, you're a genuis and legend, I'll never stop saying it. 

Because it's true. 

But anyway ... 

You know you're in good shape when non faggotty (the polar opposite of Bozo Glyn, for instance) look at you with women, or just in general and they notice YOUR shape more than hers. 


As Carol once told me. 

The boys are looking more at you! 


And they weren't gay either. 

This, of course, reminds me of Bozo Schofield ... another one of those anecdotes, before I tell you what I was originally goin gto tell you. 

Bozo apparently salivates over memes such as "if you look at this, and not me, you're a faggot". 

With sneering women showing their boobs on one side, and a huge fat "member" if you get my drift on another side. 

Bozo apparently (from what he once drunkenly told me in a 3 AM message) "meditates" to that daily. 

Truly a lunatic, yet, for nutjobs like him, I guess if thats what he wants, thats fine, but at least stop being faggotty about it! 

Be open about it, at least, not a perv, of course, expecting Glyn Bozo to learn all that is like asking a brick wall to make sense (it probably would, more than him). 

Anyway ..............

Suit up, ladies!


Yours truly is NOT the type to wear suits, or formal attire. 

Or to own or wear excessive jewelry. 

The other day, my friend made the comment about my dumbphone (in an era where most people change their dumbphones as often as their underwear) .. 

"Youre STILL using that!" 

Showl am, hehe. 

There was a period in my life where I had two pairs of jeans (light blue, dark - both STRAIGHT cut, tapered - showing off the body) - and THREE pairs of polo Tshirts, and I'd recycle those till they were threadbare. 

Nothing to do with money either. 

I just didnt need anything else, except my workouts!

I'm minimalistic in most regards, my friend 

You don't need a lot, especially the crap constantly shoved down our throats, oddly enough what you really need is never mentioned. 

Anyway ........ 

Im about to suit up and boot up for a long workout. 

I invite you to join me. 

And if there is one course that imbibes that spirit, that feeling, it is Eat More - Weigh Less. 

I Dont know, I just feel INSPIRED and raring to GO when I see that on the cover - that being me. hehe. 

But it's true, YOU too can feel the VIBE!

I'm out. 

If you ain't gotten the course, do so NOW


Rahul Mookerjee