Monday, 13 December 2021 13:43

Mountain climbing at HOME, and more . . .

Some of you will guess what this email is about, especially you Corrugated Core fans - where I cover the mountain climber in great detail. 

Thats another course I need to put a video out for, by the way! 

But for the rest of you, it ain't climbing actual mountains at home I'm referring to. 

You COULD climb stairs repeatedly, especially if you live in a skyscraper or 20 plus storey building, and get a great workout in while you're at it. 

But, the mountain climber I'm referring to doesn't require you to climb anything - or anywhere - except perhap get rid of the mountain of FAT a lot of people have on their belly and core! 

It's easy enough to do in theory - in THEORY being the operative word here!

Basically, you get in a plank position, then bring one leg up beneath your chest, then retract - then go with the other leg. 

You go as quick as you can, for me, that means two "ups" per second or faster. 

And you go for at least ... well, as long as you can go, but most people, even seasoned fitness fanatics will be out of breath and ready for a rest post a minute or so continously of this (much like with the bear crawl in Animal Kingdom Workouts - another great, great fat torching and core movement). 

But back to the mountain climber - clients of mine have used this ONE exercise - in conjunction with some exercises in Corrugated Core - and leaned out amazingly fast, my friend. 

Think "six pack" within a month - from "flab - o - central" 30 days ago. 

This exercise, quite literally works the cardio system BIG TIME. 

It's variants can be classifed as advanced plyometrics - and that will be there in the book (advanced plyometrics). 

Not only this, if you're having trouble doing pushups etc, well, this position will get you ready for the plank and/or pushups since you're IN the same position anyway while doing 'em - except it's more of a core / fat burning movement you're doing. 

There have been people that have reported dropped > 10 kg within a couple of WEEKS of doing this exercise - and nothing more - and no actual climbing. 

Just imagine how much more they'd shed if they combined it with walking, climbing actual hills outdoors, pull-ups, etc ... 

Why do I bring this up - well, just another way YOU can shed fat this winter, my friend - while you're all covered up in clothes. 

You might think SUMMER is really when you need to show off the abs, but truth is, unless you prepare for that in winter, you'll never have 'em to show off (if that is your thing) during the summer. 

At least that is my take on it, contrarian as ever!

In Corrugated Core, virtually ALL the exercises I give you can be a workout unto themselves. 

And you can weave a very creative workout indeed with a lot of those exercises - which daily won't take more than 10-12 minutes tops if you do it right.

You could also go multiple times if you so choose per day, and not tire yourself out with meaningless, mind less pavement pounding ... 

Corrugated Core, my friend, is truly a book for the ages. 

Truly a book to build functional abs, HARDCORE ab training as one of the reviewers said, as opposed to fancy shmancy beach boy look. 

(much like with all my other books). 

And in the festive season, with all the feasting going on, I think there is no better book for you to get - and benefit from - along with Eat More- Weigh Less, of course. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee