Sunday, 26 December 2021 07:06

Why it's IMPERATIVE to get them started early - by example, at that.

Something that a lot of you have spoken about, and that I notice all the time, especially when I see videos of her and stuff - is the SHOULDERS!

Lots of you have commented upon the broad shoulders and upper back my little girl has - YES, thats a good thing even for "girls" or ladies!

Makes the waist look far slimmer for one, but beyond that - most people - such as my wife, for instance, or my mom - they put it down to "genetics". 

Maybe there's a bit of that at play, I dont know. 

But here's the bottom line - her genetics come from mostly me - mentally. Physically, perhaps its a medley - but my family isn't exactly one which exercises a lot, has broad shoulders etc ...

Heck, until the age of 18, or 19 - I was SKINNY, period. 

I didnt even have shoulders, almost. Hehe

That ain't my fault, of course, as I was never given the environment to workout in - and more importantly I knew not a SMIDGEON of what I know today - that I learned from being in the trenches. 

Most importantly though, it's "learning by example". 

The only example I had of physical activity growing up was my dad collapsing in a second or so after hanging on to the pull-up bar - or, when climbing a hill, and asked to do again - "NO WAY!". 

Or, the pink dumbells we had lying around at home that were suppose to build "size". 

And fitness!

"Thats how you get ripped", I was told. 

It ain't either, my friend but you know this, of course. 

There was never anyone around to teach me how to do pushups - pullups - or even lift weights - that was "for those nasty BIG people" as my Mom kept saying. 

True, the mind the most important muscle of the body to train, but you only train the mind fully if you have a physically FIT body functioning at optimal levels in all regards. 

Anyway, enough about me.

My daughter's secret to those shoulders? 

Handstands - and handstand pushups. 

"Dad, I couldn't even do them", she often says. "But from a young age I saw YOU doing them, and then I started!" 


That is the key my friend. 

Little kids are like monkeys. 

Monkey see, monkey do. 

They see you sitting on your arse all day, guess what they will do. 

They see you on the dumbphone all day, guess what they will do (no, all the explaining in the world that "this is for work, I earn money from it" wont help either). 

You teach by example, period. 

As simple as it gets. 

That is the reason for videos and such anyway - come to think of it. 

My daughter has an example from a young age, unlike yours truly who started at 25 for the most part. That don't mean you can't start late - but it DOES mean those who start EARLY always have an advantage. 

Remember, the early bird gets the worm. 

Anyway ... 

Handstands - or handstand pushups - or both - are the secret key not just to building Brahma Bull like Shoulders like BOULDERS!

They're also the KEY to a ripped core - midsection - and so forth. 

And fat loss bar none. 

Even if all you do all day is hold a handstand for 10 seconds with the right breathing ... whooops!

I forgot. 

Most people can barely get into a handstand of any nature, let alone hold. 

My current best is 60 seconds at one time, though I'll do more if I have to. 

I mix in some pushups with it too ... 

Real strength, real training my friend. 

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And remember the lesson!


Rahul Mookerjee

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