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Wednesday, 05 January 2022 06:50

Why I never do "stripped to the waist" in terms of videos, pictures etc.

If you do a Google on the legendary Matt Furey (to me he's a legend, anyway, if just for his marketing and "Combat Conditioning" book, and several of his other training methods) ... you'll find a lot of criticism on him. 

Mostly about how he markets - from Bozos that are jealous of his bestselling status (the book above was one of them). 

And about his condition. 

Matt was a weightlifter back in the day, and one of the pictures on his website shows him lean, mean, ripped and shredded to bits. 

I've no idea how functionally fit he was back then, going by the picture - NOT AT ALL compared to what he is now. 

A lot of folks mistake him for "soft" now. 

Truth be told, the man's aged yes, but he's still kicking butt though (at least in my opinion). 

And tons of people make the following comments about him. 

"Ever since he stopped lifting weights, you've never seen him shirtless". 

ie. they claim his bodyweight routine didnt work. 

Now, I dont know about Matt - he could answer why himself. 

But personally, me, I've often been asked that - back in the day especially. 

The 0 Excuses Fitness videos were taken in a vest, but thats as far as I was willing to go. 

Cindy did take pictures of me "Stripped to the waist", and I put them on the cover of 0 Excuses Fitness - initially. 

(And one of them is still floating about on Instagram!). 

But, I dont know. 

It felt unnatural to me ... 

It felt like I was "showing off". 

I'd rather display my phat phocker status more as it MOTIVATES and INSPIRES if you are a DOER. 

And - so - especially after I got the snarky "you can do what you are in China, being a porn star!" comment from the wife - and others "you're an Indian pornstar!" - I removed the picture ... 

(but mostly because it felt unnatural to ME). 

I dont know, I just prefer filming myself with a T shirt on, or more, or vest, but nothing less than that. 

I believe your shape shows - regardless of what clothing you might try to flaunt it in - or hide it in. 

Strong legs, a strong NECK, forearms, traps, all these things just SHOW regardless. 

And the reverse too. 

Now, interesting bit? 

I've often TRAINED shirtless - in public. 

But it was on the hill, either in the blazing hot afternoons "I dont see how you do it!" - or rainy, cold weather (I know, hehe) ... or when people weren't around. 

Or, during the times I mentioned in 16 Inspirational FItness Recollections during those tropical thunderstorms when it would soak you to the bone one minute, next minute you'd be sweating - literally. 

I'd be drippng sweat,quite literally. 

"THIS is hill climbing", as Kathy, a student I was training at the time once remarked. 

So I'd often do shirtless then. 

In the past, I've written about a secret "core cooling" technique - even when you're in top shape (especially then) it works. 

Its called lifting your shirt up to your midsection, and going like that. 

Looks goofy, I know. 

But it WORKS. 

So I've often done that outdoors, yes. 

But pictures wise, I dont know ... 

I'd rather do natural. 

I always will!

And I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - PIck up 0 Excuses Fitness HERE

PS #2 - And Ive gone shirtless on beaches during my phat phocker days as well. Hehe.  

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