Wednesday, 26 January 2022 05:37

Some of the horribly form mangling forms I see on the "table" pushup

I just had to write about this as soon as I saw the man himself DOING it. 

My word, my word. 

The table pushup - or the "faggoty" pushup as a certain "Mydnight" once claimed - LOL -and then he was soundly refuted, not by yours truly, but by former cheerleaders, gymnasts and such getting back and saying "THAT exercise is one of the hardest to do! Youre doing great!". 

Not that I needed the validation, but I was. Hehe. 

And that exercise is a super, super exercise. 

Anyway ... 

He was likely joking in his "dark" style. He's actually a great guy, and I love the dude. Hehe. Especially his dark sense of humor. 

But anyway, this morning I woke up and viewed a video of ... well, a guy that BROUGHT this exercise to the mainstream years ago. 

I love the guy again, and I'm not going to kick ass and take names, but dude's got serious weight loss to do, I'll say that!

But anyway, that aside ... 

The "table" pushup is one which really exposes the fat around your belly - ass - and LOWER abs -BRUTALLY, more than anything else. 

Ya'll - those of y'all that are overweight won't be able to do this, period. 

And even a lot of "fit" people when they start, their lower backs cave in when trying to do it the movement. 

It's hard to enough to get into the position and hold - and then do the exercise for reps. 

In Pushup Central, I give you a super advanced variation on your fingertips that will smoke the forearms like never ever before - if you can even DO 'em. 

Believe me, much like the extended arm pushup on your fingertips, you'll want to be DAMN Careful when you do them on your fingertips. 

Yes, even grip monsters like me have to focus and really concentrate EXTRA HARD on this one!

Anyway ... 

I saw "guru" post a video on it. 

Apparently it's how you exercise after a huge meal, which I Really dont agree with. 

Right after a huge meal, you do what Mr Tiger does i.e. REST- and sleep, if you have to, but you certainly don't do pushups right after, or any intense exercise, and certainly not the "Table" pushup. 

Given the guru, and I respect him, dont get me wrong, and I won't name him here - but those of you in the know will have guessed already - is himself constantly talking about the ways of the animal and how humans should train like animals (and he is RIGHT there) - you'd think he'd have this one down pat. 

Anyway, video also had this bit about "getting power glutes" with this exercise. 

He's spot on there. 

The table pushup will build your glutes and lower back like nothing else. 

It will also burn FAT - if you do it right, and guru was barely able to do IT, let alone do it right. 

Anyway ... 

Some of the most common mistakes, and I Saw this in Matt's video too. 

(ok, I had to KATN - Matt, my friend, if you're reading this, please know that I would have posted this as a comment in the comments section of your video, but I respect you too much to do that - it would no doubt start a cat fight of sorts, so I'll just say it here). 

(as for y'all, well, you know ME. Leave comments publicly anywhere on anything, or email me - I love brutal, and would never mind. Hehe. So long as it's honest and not Bozo Schofield trolling..) 

(even then I wouldn't mind it, see my video on how I deal with trolls). 

Anyway ..... again. 

When doing this pushup, your entire lower back should be aligned naturally and when you think you're doing it right- you're NOT. 

You really need to tighten the GLUTES - and "push" the entire pelvis up so that your neck is not looking at the sky in a position parallel to your body - but your neck is PERPENDICULAR to your body. 

Looking backwards, not necessarily up. 

The latter is an easier way to do it, maybe when you start you can do it that way. 

But you need to be really concentrating on the lower back muscles and the GROIN area (i.e. lower abs) - and glutes on this one. 

Second, HOLD at the end of each rep, and then bring yourself back - in perfect form - which means your ass doesn't just come back DOWN or where your arms are - you end up with your buttocks being "behnd your arms". 

Again, remember. As I have said before, if you are doing this right, you will feel the stretch at the base of your neck - big time - and your GLUTES. 

Most, even those with good intentions don't do this right. 

Form is paramount my friend on this one, or you won't get 50% of the benefit you would by doing them in proper form. 

And Matt, in your video, I'm sorry to say it, but you weren't doing them in proper form. 

In fact you were barely DOING them at all to be frank. Maybe that was ONE reason behind the video ie. showing beginners how they do it, I dont know ... ? 

;-) Hey, I love marketing as much as the next person. Hehe. 

Maybe he was doing them after a while. Hey.I get it!

But that form wasn't right, and what do I know. I'm anal about form, as a lot of you are!

Do it right, or not at all ... 

Anyway ... 

Kick ass and take names is right. Hehe. I've always done that on auto pilot. 

But remember, youll want to WATCH me do this exercise. I put out a short Youtube the other day on it, but for long exhaustive videos, view the "pushup" video and "workout" video in 0 Excuses Fitness, you'll get the hang of it. 

And ...remember, get the book Pushup Central, it truly is a one of a kind book, and both kinds of table pushups are covered it and then some. 

"Some of those pushups are almost undoable!" 

I remember Charles Mitchell saying this. Albeit in different language. Hehe. 

They're doable, and they'll make a MAN out of you - see the reviews for the book. 

Im out. 

GET the books above - NOW. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee