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The last time this permutation of numbers happened date wise was, well, 2/2/2002. I believe I was in NY then, during an unusually warm winter (I still froze my BOOTOCKS off tho, hehe. I'm used to the South!). 

(from Mississippi before moving to NY). 

Today, I chanced upon this at 1 PM. 

Now, apart from the physical most of you on this list know I'm huge on the mental side of things - the Universe - esoterism- andso forth. 

And today just seems to be a special day, not the least of whch being the numbers add up to - well, 10 - and then 10 + 1= 11 - 1 being the number of "regeneration", "new" etc - and it being chinese New year, th e year of the Tiger, or Tigress, what have you (maybe thats why the tiger style loosening movement an other tiger like movements, I've been doing them so much over the past month or so!) - it just seems to be, along with the very POIGNANT dreams I've been having - make it a special day. 

Not to mention, Feb 12 is a special date for me, or should be, at any rate (no, romance ain't got nothing to do with it). 

(not to menton the email I wrote yesterday, "two sticks being better than one, and the number of clicks it got, also in the range of "2....") 

Repeating numbers to me - and certain numbers in general - has always meant the VIBE strengthens - you move closer to your DESIRES. 

I truly believe the Universe communicates with us all the time, we just have to be receptive to listen- recieve - not in that order - and then dO. 

DO being most important, without getting off your arse, the Universe ain't gonna move it for you. 

And so, fitness wise ... (yes, back to terra firma and hard physical training).  

All the excuses people make about not having time to train, being too busy and so forth. 

There is a reason the sales page for 0 Excuses Fitness mentions "do you know what the biggest reason is for people not training? " 


I centered an entire business around abolishing just that - excuses. 

If you dont want to train, just up and say it, at least dont make excuses!

Man up, in other words. 

"I dont have time". 


Well, how about starting with - and ending at - TWO squats today. 

Or, TWO pushups. 

Or, simply two minutes gently jumping rope. 

Something. Anything. 

Dont tell me you're too busy, everyone has two minutes, no? 

Trick being, after that two minues you're likely to want to do10. 

Do it daily, and you'll turn into a fitness phenom before you know it if you keep at it. 

The road to good intentions is paved with excuses, so I say. 

Avoid those like the plague, my friend. 

DO something today. 

And watch your life start to change for the better. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Same thing for purchases you've been putting off, theres never a better time to get to it than NOW. Putting anything off never works. 

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