Sunday, 06 March 2022 09:07

Why everyday is indeed leg day for me!

My friend, 

So it is! 

I saw that quote from a person I dont know on Twitter "everyday is leg day for me" - I can't quite remember how the rest of it went though. 

And dude is spot on from a certain angle, indeed, more than you'd think. 

It's always been that way for me with my daily hill climbs - back then - and now. 

True, hill climbs may change to jumping rope, or squats - daily, 400 - 500 of them without exception. 

And it often does. 

But leg day it is for me all the time, leg, back and stretching - but in a pinch, the first two, in even more of a pinch, the first. 

There's always time to get isometrics in. Ditto for legs (or any workout, actually, if you know what you're doing and HOW). 

Ole Steve Austin it was, I believe who once made the quote about "I dont care what else you do, how shitty your diet is, if you're doing tons of squats, you're going to grow". 

And I'm seeing the truism of that right now with my own body - and have been for years in terms of leg training of ALL kinds. 

Coming from a guy who became a super star from humble beginnings of having to wrestle long ass nights on a diet of nothing but a couple of potatoes a day to sustain that massive bulk - well, I'd think ole Steve KNOWS what he is talking about. Experience, my friend, is a teacher sage and better than all others. 

The school of hard knocks, like I keep saying. 

Now, the clowns who claim "it's about training body parts" one day at a time, well, I've debunked that shit enough times. 

Monkeys dont train one day in one day out, do they? 

You dont see an ape claim "my lats are tired, so I wont climb that next tree tomorrow". 

Or do you? 

Do you see Mr Tiger claim "paws sore, so no walking for two days and 48 hours now"? 

I didnt think so. 

But to those saying "we can't work body parts hard enough with the same exercise daily" - though we do it daily - well, I'd agree. 

Dont go all out daily, friend. 

Doing so - well, it might work for a while, but eventually, you'll find variety is not just the spice of life, but the curry of improvement - perpetual growth. 

I do 100 x 4 squats some days. 

Somedays, I knock out 500 without stopping. 

Someday, I'll do sets of 50 till I get to 300, then in the evening, one set of 100. 

Or, if the goal is 250, I'll break it down that way. 

Key thing, I do something - daily - and that something turns into much more than what I "planned" for - even on the days I feel BLA!

And this, my friend, is the ticket to super fitness - and growth - at anything. 

Put in the work daily. 

Go the hard yards - or easy - but go either way. 

Adopt the philosophy in life, see where you go - PLACES!

Other than that well, heavy squatting and leg training does for the body what nothing else can - back included. 

Leg and back training done daily will make men out of boys, and fitness phenoms out of couch potatoes and lard asses. 


I should know. 

I used to be the last at a certain stage!

And if you're currenty at "pudgie wudgie" status and crave super fitness, well, get on the fitness routines mentioned HERE

Again, the link is HERE

5 great videos, two great books, and a ...well, special "intro" as well. Hehe. Which I created on the spur of the moment. 

Get to it NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee