Tuesday, 22 March 2022 07:41

Do I need to warm up before doing pushups and squats?

A question ALL of you (me too) have thought about, no doubt. 

In 0 Excuses Fitness, and indeed with all my bodyweight writing, I often tout one of the benefits of my type of exercise programs as being "there is no need for lengthy warmups". 

Indeed, there isn't - especially when you compare it to warm ups you DO need before lifting gigantic weights in sets and reps. 

Think about it, if you're just out of bed, you bend down and stand back up - or you do the same thing, lift up a huge barbell, and stand back up. 

Point and case, or the other way around, #2 is an open invitation to injury and worse. 

I'm not quite at my wife's level who claims "dont lift anything at all for a while after you wake up". 


But the point - with exercise routines like pushup based programs, or squats - you just "do it". 

You don't necessarily need long warm ups, or warm ups at all. 

Yet, despite that being the truth "aint that the truth" (as one person recently emailed me about pull-ups) - the reality is far more complex. 

Matt Furey for one, wrote in Combat Conditioning that "I dont need a warm up at all" for these exercises. 

Talk to him today, he'll tell you all about warmups ... 

And that was likely the case back when he wrote the book too. 

Personally, for me? 

I dont warm up with special exercises, or at all. With my hill climbs, I just walk up the hill to warm up!

But slowly, while I stretch out, getting the blood flowing, and with regular bodyweight stuff indoors? 

It can be tough to jump straight into 500 squats without straining something, what I do is the exercise - except in lesser reps. 

For instance, I might do 10 squats, then I might jump around a little, then I might (and do) do isometrics. 

I've found isometrics the best way to warm up - not necessarily stretch before a workout, but some of the "get loose" movements included in Isometric and Flexibility Training - especially the "bird" movements - and some of the "leg lifts" included in "Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training" - THESE give me the best warmup and only warm up I ever need if I do at all.  

Pull-ups, I'll warm up with dead hangs, an exercise unto it's own. 

Pushups, I'll do the isometric pose - or a few easy reps before "getting into it". 

And so forth. 

Thats what I do, my friend. 

It's likely what most people do as well, although you'll see you need less and less of a warmup as you start to really "get into" all this... 

Thats it for me for this one. Movement, as always is key, and is the best warmup ... 

Back soon - be sure to grab your copy of the "sizzling hot" 0 Excuses Fitness System 

PS - Here is what someone wrote back on the now "defunct" Linkedin Account. 

"Wow, hairy chest, so sexy!" 

Ugh ... 

I can't guarantee it'll make hair grow on your chest. 

(I dont know if that was Glyn in one of his "sissy"as he likes to call it avatars) .. 

But these exercises will make men out of boys, that I do guarantee!