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Sunday, 10 April 2022 10:07

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Ignoring something is a skill a lot of us have - unfortunately for most, they end up ignoring the WRONG things altogether. 


Their health and fitness

Lifewise, their own dreams and asprations (dont get me wrong, this doesn't mean you go "me, me", me" all the time, but when your own desires and needs are usually always cast by the wayside for other so called important reasons which usually include what OTHER PEOPLE WANT for you, and not what YOU want - then it's BS, plain and simple)... 

And more. 

Now, today I'll talk about what you - and when you should - ignore 

One prime example, when you have peopel in your life - helpful, perhaps, "friends", perhaps -but they all do it "according to their own needs and desires". 

I've lost track of the number of times in the past I've asked for help in the past and have had it thrown back in my face in the form of "well, we did this for you, so you do this for us". 

Rarely, if ever - I cannot recall one single time where I have ever gotten, either when I asked, or didnt ask - help without "strings attached". 

Maybe y'all have, some of you, I dont know, but in the grand scheme of things, I have found it to be as rare as pearls from an oyster. 

Now, when people irritate you - it's always gotta be THEIR Way, and never yours? 

And when these same people understand the logic behind what YOU are saying about it being disrespectful, about how YOU FEEL about it - but CHOOSE to ignore it and continue on in their own merry manner, you've got two choices. 

One, try and reason with them for the nth time. 

It'll usually go nowhere. Either they'll say "whatever" and do the same thing again - or they'll try and twist the point around to some sort of BS argument about "I did this for you, not me". 

Or some such nonsense .


Ignoring is something that drives people NUTS. 

Believe me. 

And if you do it right, it's one KEY weapon against Nazi feminists - and women in general when theyre acting up (which they usually often do for no reason). 

It's one of the keys I've explained in great detail in the book on COMBATING - and PROFITING from Nazi feminism, which is a book you really must get my friend - a lot of you are in the same situation, so you know what I'm talking about. (same situation as what I mentioned above in terms of life, women etc). 

It's also how you drive trolls like Bozo Schofield nuts - to the point they literally turn themsleves into caricatures of women to get your attention (that is what Bozo is doing nowadays, believe it or not "Ma'am I want to be woman SO BAD" is his new pester central trick). 

That is something which will be detailed i.e. how to properly ignore trolls (if you just ignore, it wont work, you have to ignore in a manner that WORKS) in an upcoming book Profit trolll where the Bozo and his cohorts will feature heavily. 

Trust me, you'll WANT to grab that one when it does come out. 

Other than that, ignore is also a great way to work up to cutting idiots and morons out of your life... 

And if you're scared "nothing else will come along" - believe you me, it will. One door closes, the other opens, I've seen it happen all the freaking time... 

OK, I'll have more on this in the future. 

For now, remember NOT to ignore your health and fitness - without either one of those two, I dont care what else you got, you ain't got nothing without health and fitness, period. 

When it's all taken away from you - house, car, degree, salary, or what not - can YOU stand on your own two feet? 

I've posed this question often. 

People ridculed me, scoffed at it, not so much THESE days. 


Be sure to get a jump start on your fitness by investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness System - not today, but RIGHT NOW. 

Yes, RIGHT - NOW. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


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