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Yet MORE reasons to have a profitable, SUSTAINABLE online biz.

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I still remember my mother taunting me about my pronounciation of the word "online". 

As in "awwww-nline", truly Southern style! Hehe. 

Hey, Mom. 

I still remember standing next to a black dude at the age of 17 (our R.A.) - and I was speaking ENGLISH. 

He couldn't understand a word of what I Said. 

Sometimes, the inner chameleon emerges - actually, it's always there. shortly thereafter, they started calling me a redneck. Hehe. Such as it is!

Anyway - that bit aside. 

I've always loved online. Doing things online. I've always ... ah, I digress yet again. 

this morning, on a call with my friend Ricky - he said this. 

"Oh, so you've written Fast and Furious Fitness" .

At first, I didnt get it. 

I mean, I got the name of the book, but I wasn't aware he was interested enough to Google me. Hehe. 

Which he did, but he was doing it on the dumbphone, therefore the long list of books I've written (under Rahul Mookerjee) wasn't showing, it was just showing up in chronological order in the Google search results, being this book was written in 2010, well... (or was it 11? Hehe). 

Anyway - that got me thinking. Lots of trips down memory lane, including plenty in China. Some savory, some not, the whole shebang as it were. 

We'll get into that later. 

But another reaosn I love having everything online? 

Another reason that when I FIRST Started in this biz, with nary a single sale to my name, I flouted "commonly dispensed" advice about "you need to have paperbacks on the site too!" - and never had 'em. 

Dont get me wrong, they're damn important, but online is what I had when I started, and it still makes up the vast majority of sales (although there's a lot you guys out there like me that love paperbacks and hardcovers too!). 

More than this gut decision (all of mine tend to be that) - what really validates it, and if you look at what is going on in the world NOW (and really, all this was coming - I saw it coming for years, as I keep saying in my emails) - online survives. 

If a physical store is burned down to the ground, sure, you can and do rebuild it. 

But online is better in that somewhere, someplace, on some server, it will be there, you just gotta get it back up again - and truth be told, with what Amazon etc are quietly doing, but NOT making public - data is all going to be floating in space eventually, and that day might come sooner than people think/believe it to be true. 

As I told my buddy this morning, who was talking about Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter etc. 

(more accurately, Musk buying up a ton of shares, then Twitter putting more out there to avoid "rogue takeovers" if I've got it right) 

"I dont like Musk, Zuckerberg or any of them". 

I like one person, I told him. 

He couldn't guess which. 

So I told him. 

Jeff Bezos, my friend, is the REAL businessman, and anyone with a brain looking at how Amazon has been structured all those years ago - will understand this fact. 

Anyway, data floating around in space means it can't be easily destroyed, if it is, well, space is plenty big for everyone - for now at least. Hehe. 

But really, waking up in the morning, sitting down to a cup of green tea, seeing sales made as the world "goes about" - nothing better than that. 

So thats another reason. 

As if I need any more. Hehe. 

Anyway ..................... 

Remember, the best damn fitness system out there is waiting for YOU, my friend. 

You just need to make the digital leap from "on the fence" to doer - for those of you still on the fence - get to it NOW

And the rest of you, well, we have plenty to choose from here

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

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