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Friday, 13 May 2022 05:53

Why on earth would someone hold the railings when climbing stairs - is beyond me.

I just noticed a middle aged lady do it, by all means and by far she aint the only one. 

I have no idea why, but even physically NOT unfit people (note I didnt say fit) - I've often seen them climb, even one flight of stairs, even if that flight of stairs has like three stairs - by "grabbing" on to the railing for support. 

For dear life. 

To someone like me who climbs hill daily, whose always the one to take or sprint up those long subway stairs, laptop in tow, hair flyng, while the rest of the "so called sane" folks on the escalators look on with a mixture of boredom and "wtf" (little do they know that could be their workout for the day!!) ... 

.. it just seems insane. 

Why would someone do that? 

Maybe if you're REALLY sick and infirm, or if you're Glyn whose so pudgy moving an inch without waddling out of breath is a chore - I get it in that case. 

Him climbing stairs, it's like a B 52 bomber descended on the building - and not in a a good way either, like a past landlord once commented about my "building shaking workouts"! (more than once. Hehe) ... 

But either way, why? 

IT's laziness, combined with the mental thing about "oh my god, stairs - too tough!" 

I can never once, even in blazing heat and humidity that would have made most strongmen wilt right there and then - climbing steep hills 4 or 5 times "this is real hill climbing, as a student of mine once remarked"  - thouht of holding on to railings, even when I was dizzy and ready to pass out. 

Many did on that hill! I always remember looking back at them and thinking "WEAK" (dont get me wrong, it happens, but just one time - like, TOUGHEN UP!). 

Funny part, I saw this lady when thinking about something completely unrelated, that being how women want everything "now". 

Like it's always super urgent. 

"Budget for it!" theyll yell at you, while of course ignoring they never told you in advance. 

Apparently the ATM must keep floweth(ing). Hehe. Not so much the beer though for Nazi feminists, they can't stomach it (oddly enough, I haven't seen ONE single person in my family other than myself and perhaps one of my cousins really guzzle that beer!) ...

but really, I wonder - though I've never asked, no point. 

"What if its a REAL emergency" - and you've already drained what is there for so called emergencies. 

Of course, Nazi feminists aren't exactly known for thinking. 

YOU though CAN be - you can PROFIT from this madness, but of course, youve gotta be willing to spend what it takes to - or INVEST what it takes, I shoudl say - to learn from the best at combating it. 

I could literally give a lot of these Tom Tom's at Mgtow Central lessons to learn that they would never ever forget!

Oh my.

Anyway - if you're the sort that holds on to the railing for dear life like Bozo Schofield for one does while climbin stairs - just - dont - period. 

It makes you look like a sissy, period, pun intended. Very much so!

And it's STUPID. 

Stair climbing, one of the best workouts out there - best way you can prepare for them is do them, run 'em, SPRINT them ... 

All detailed in Advanced Hill Training, a book you must get NOW. 

A book that was rebraned as Eat More - Weigh Less as well ... well, that was the latter name, before I changed it back to the original. 

Couple of reviews, now, one I've already shared before - 

A great mini review for “Eat More – Weigh Less”, and more… (  

And the second .. 

Mike Watson writes in - 

Great little book - thank you so much, Sir!

Simple movements that really help in getting rid of excess fat, not just around the midsection, but the whole body is what this book boils down to. The author has written it in his usual "crisp, concise and down to earth" style, and its a classic book that will never go out of style (either). Neither will the movements in it.

I have not purchased this author's other books, but plan on doing so as soon as "the wife" permits, heh.

Hey, man - thank you! is all I can say to that, and he's damn right, it's an overall body training regimen, not just "legs" or core or whatever. 

And takes nary fifteen minutes, come to think of which, if you can go that long (pun, hehe) - you're already a stud. 

Anyway ............ 

We started with stairs, went on to budgets, then reviews, and somewhere in the middle Nazi feminists. 

Remember one thing - it's always prudent to budget for things that MATTER. 

Like my upcoming book Squat 101 - or another ass kicker, Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness

Or, Proft Troll (y'all will LOVE these, juicy details on a certain someone you have NOT heard before for one, but much like the book on Nazi feminists, it teaches you how to PROFT from someone attacking you and how!!) .. 

Or so  many others I've got on the backburner, including "Advanced Plyometrics". 

If y'all have ideas  for new books (I'm already at work on Isometrics  - Volume Three) - let me know!

And anyway, budget for those books - but get what you need NOW. 

And that is the 0 Excuses Fitness System, my friend - simply something you MUST have if you're in ANY way serious about fitness in any way, shape or form. 


Go HERE to get it. 


Rahul Mookerjee


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