Saturday, 09 July 2022 12:29

30 second squats

The sky, my friend - truly is the limit as I wrote about earlier, and there is always something you CAN do - period (other than bitch, moan, whine groan, look at the sh-news - and so forth). 

And in terms of squats, the KING of all exercises (dont get me wrong - the pushup is still the BIG DOG) - here is a variation that is #23 in the yet to be released book Squat 101. 

This is another one of those "past customer ONLY" emails which will be sent to the general list as well, but later. For now, it's only YOU guys that get to see it! (i.e. past customers). 

And it's simple, the how to on this one - yet the way it affects your body is nigh profound to say the least. 

To do these, simply take 30 seconds on the way down on a squat, and 30 seconds on the way up - if you can do either. 

For most people, FIVE seconds down and FIVE seconds up is all they should attempt. 

And do such squats in reps, and in conjunction with your REGULAR routine, my friend. 

If you're done with 100 squats, do 10 this way, and write back and tell me if your legs dont quiver like an aspen Maple leaf in Toronto in the BREEZE ... as "solid" Marc the African silverback Gorilla found out when doing dips, or getting in the position - for the first time. Hehe. Thats another book on the way on dips - nowehere near done though. 

You can always move ahead, and there is ALWAYS something to do. INcluding fitness, yes, in "this time" when people are buckling down, looking to do nothing but survive, yours truly marches on with his "expensive" books - and will continue to, much to the chargin of many, price wankers being numero uno on that list, but this isn't about them - ugh, but thats a pet peeve of mine, I even expressed myself in a video on that one! 

Anyway - where was I. 

Ah yes, squats ... 

Write back - let me know how these squats affect you! 

And remember while the 0 Excuses Fitness system covers squats in depth "you aint seen nothing as yet" - like with the first book on isometrics, hugely popular - now you have the SECOND book (well, you had it a while ago!) - Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training - and Volume Three is very much, well and truly in the works. 

Did ya'll see the email on when a certain Sophia called me a pyschopath for ... ah, you will see it soon enough! 

And, an email where a certain ... somebody asked if I ever sold any books. LOL. 

All to come - for now - write back - let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee