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Friday, 10 September 2021 05:55

Trump vs Sleepy JOe, "400% IMPACT!!" , Boxing, and more!

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The Trumpinator is nothing if not two things, my friends. 

Amongst more, feisty - till the end - and PERSISTENT!

He's also unique in that (and this is yet another trait yours truly shares with him) that he wears no rings, amulets, or other nonsense a lot of people believe in "to ward off evil" and such. 

To be honest, (and I've wrriten about the beads, chains, amulets nonsense before haven't I?) - I dont think the Trumpinator even thinks of those things - much like I don't. 

Not in either one of our spheres of thinking. 

And being it's usually women that alert us to "jade bracelets", or "metal rings from temples" (my wife once gave me one of those which of course a certain Ashley loved ...) or other nonsense, and in our cases? 

Women dont tell us what to do. HEhe. 

And they get irritated when we talk about the subconscious and pooh pooh ther est of it. 

Trust me, it's all about the subconscious mind my friend. 

You can listen to all the hip hop motivational crap talk out there. 

You can wear all the jade bracelets, amulets etc - but until and unless your subconscious is in FLOW with and conjunction with your real goals and desires, ultimately all will come to naught and often does. 

That dont mean I dont like jewelry!

I'm more the guy with gold rings and chains and (a silver one) chains around my neck, etc. Hehe. 

Which I sometimes forget to take off while boxing!

Marc pointed that out once "what is that? A cock ring for your 10 inch cock?" (LOL) so succintly once before getting into the ring!

Anyway, boxing!

The Trumpinator has been sending out emails galore with "400% impact" and such - and to be honest, I'm not sure if he's getting much traction at all. 

He's raked in some cash with them emails yes, but he's had to refund a lot too, and his mounting bills etc ... I'm not sure how he'll end up in terms of the court cases against him either. 

Likely he'll manage to "escape unscathed", but it'll be battle, both emotionally and legally - not to mention financially. 

At least, so says my gut. And it's never been wrong... 

Anyway, his emails promise "someone will match" whatever you donate to him or give him or whatever "by 400%". 

Now, dont ask me how this works. LOL. 

It ain't a marketing ploy I've used, and I wouldnt use it either ... unless it's something yours truly could match!

Such as my offer in the past of if you buy a product, I'll give you cash in your wallet (site wallet) for your NEXT purchase - or a discount code of equivalent value. 

But even that, I dont do too often. 

Anyway, the ole Trumpinator is doing "color commentary" from what I hear for the Holyfield - Belfort match, and if memory serves me right, it's going on NOW? 

Not sure, but I think it is ... Oh. No. It's on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, which is TOMORROW... 

But anyway, all sorts of offers are floating about on that one. 

And apparently Trump claims "he wants to box Biden" and will beat him hands down!

This sort of thing is nothing new, of course. 

Way back in the day Big Matt the Bat (great Aussie batter, one of my favorites) issued an open challenge to a young and lanky and not beefy at all Ishant Sharma who literally turned Hayden into a walking wicket. 

"I'd like to meet him in the ring!" lashed out Hayden. 


He was criticized for the comment, I dont know why. 



And now, Trump and Biden? 

Ill take a raincheck, hehe. 

Battle of the geriatrics is what it would boil down to, and I dont think either man would be doing it for more than a few seconds!

Of course, according to Trump, and he might be right - LOL - Biden wouldn't last those seconds either. 

But really, the good ole Trumpinator boxing, I'd perhaps pay to see THAT alone. 

And he knows it too, hence his comments!

Nothing if not smart is Donald Trump... 

Anyway, thats the news from here. 

And to get on one of the primary exercises and routines ALL Boxers do - ALL over the world - you'll want to start with Jump Rope Mania - FEW, if any, courses will prepare you better for the conditioning aspect in the RING!


Rahul Mookerje

PS - And pushups, of course! 

The BEDROCK of all training programs, and of course, boxing training regimens. 

Pushup Central - YOUR TICKET!

Friday, 27 August 2021 05:46

"Dont tell me about those people!"

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I'll never forget a conversation - an utterly one sided one I once had with my Mom in terms of "what I do". 

(which, until this date, she still doesnt know about what I do here - and the other sites, and if she does, she does a damn fine job of pretending "its the crappiest thing ever" without even letting it show. Hehe). 

But along with all the other battles with wife, family etc, I once mentioned the tale of Ford's struggles. 

I've noticed one thing, my friend. 

The Typical Tom Tom's could care less about stories, facts, and other folks's experiences. 

Tell them a story, and they ho hum it away - or worse. 

Even if it's one of the most inspiring stories ever. 

These are also the very people who believe "grit" and "working like a donkey" all your life is what brings results and riches down the line. 

Dont get me wrong. 

PErsistence at anything is key. 

But it's these people that completely overlook the mental, my friend, and the MENTAL is what is most required in order for you to succeed - at anything. 

Just trust me on this one, friend. 

I've told you why a bazillion times before! 

But anyway, I started talking about Ford, the numerous failures, bankruptcies, and of course, was rudely cut short. 

"Don't talk to me about those people!" 

What was left unsaid - "they're special with some much ambition" - you're not. 

(curiously this same standard isn't applied to other Bozos, apparently they have all the ambition in the world to wank off and do squat all - it's only the DOERS that get targeted. 

Bezos is so spot on in terms of "if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. 

Note the adjective he used. He wasn't referring to quitters!)


My Dad did once say quietly to me over email the following. 

You have this ambition of making a lot of money, which is not a bad thing. 

That was at the age of 23. ...

(then I had Charles the former friend once tell me, just when he was STARTING to make money at the business he quite despite me telling him so many times NOT TO - "I dont want to be Rockefeller!") 

Thats fine if someone doesnt want to be rich. 

But why the heck would someone NOT want to be rich is what boggles the mind (to me at least) and confounds me. 

it's this thinking about money that keeps it AWAY from the reach of the average Shmoe, if you were to ask me.

But anyway, the typical Tom Tom's make typically stupid remarks. 

Attempting to counter stupidity with either logic or intituion is pointless. 

It ain't gonna happen. 

As a customer rightly told me. 

"That brick wall will likely make more sense, Rahul!" 

But there are plenty of brick walls globally, I suppose this is why I write this now. 

Just why the heck can YOU not mention anyone you like - and aspire - and then DO - to be one of the GREATS? Who the hell is anyone else to tell YOU how to live your life and not be the BEST at what you DO - WANT TO DO - really want to do? 

The best at your passion? 

Jeff Bezos once spoke about "you dont choose your passions. your passions chase YOU!" 

Actually, he used "choose" both times. 

But you can use chase too!

If it's a passion, something that you MUST have, you'll get it. 

It'll chase you. 

ultimately, if you really want it, (and then it's a passion) - you'll GET IT. 

Note I said ultimately, not "tomorrow" or next year. 

Which that line above, of course is what puts most people off, including and especially Bozo like Typical Tom Tom's. 

But anyway, Tom Tom's aside... 

Fitness wise. 

Why the heck can YOU , my friend, not become as good as fingertip pushups as I am - or better me? 

Give me one good reason, and I'll eat my hat. 

Why can YOU not become a Battletank Shoulders machine - even leaner and meaner than ME? 

Why can YOU not bang out Hindu squats daily in high reps? 

Why can YOU not achieve anything you want, at the highest levels? 

Just some questions for you to ponder!

And if you can give me a conclusive answer to this - hell, if there is a "paralympic" Olympics - where is YOUR excuse? 

Sometimes, really, the toughest battles are not just given to those who can take it. 

They're given to those that ultimately MAKE IT. 

That, Rahul Mookerjee is willing to sign his name to, and he doesnt do that too often, hehe. 

He did it for the Fast and Furious Fitness - Collector's Edition series though, again for damn good reason. 

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 17 August 2021 05:12

YOUR story!

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My friend, 

This is going to be a short one after all the "long ones" i sent. 

But, those of you on this list will recall one email I sent - that being, the DOERS section on the website I was talking about last week, or perhaps the one before that. 

It done slipped through the cracks, to be honest. 

But ... it's still an idea in progress!

I recently received a package from Amazon, forwarded to me, and i saw a "seller's story" on there. 

Now, yours truly isnt selling mostly on Amazon, and my main sales comes from my OWN sites. That, I honestly believe is the best way. 

But, I love Amazon. 

Even if I didnt, you can't ignore Amazon, so I DO sell on there, but this is not about that. 

This is about ... 


And remember, I gave YOU a chance to be featured on the doers page - with YOUR picture - your story - and even a $50 coupon to use on the site - with YOUR story!

Fitness wise, life wise, this is YOUR CHANCE, my friend - to be featured on our site - forever. 

Remember, the page will STAY up once it goes up. 

And its YOUR chance to tell your story to the world - to show you're a DOER - and far more

Costs you nothing, of course, except a few minutes of your time to write something about yourself and the RESULTS YOU HAVE GOTTEN from my programs!

And, a picture ... 

And thats it, friend. 

Think about it. 

And get back to me on it, and we'll go from there!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Popko Schofields not wanted, hehe. For those sorts, I've got a special OUTED! page on the other site where all your dirty desires and secret nonsense will be outed. 

Yes, believe it or not, some people fetishize being blackmailed - their version of it when it comes to the other site is "put it out there" and the thrill of their significant other "maybe seeing it or not" ... 

People, hehe. 

Hey, so longas it's SSC and gets them off, I guess!

Wednesday, 11 August 2021 05:29

Why length ain't the only thing that matters.

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I know. 

But really, thickness ain't either. 

Chuckles again. 

I mean, really, I know ... 

But it doesn't - not when we're talking books, and especially my books written by yours truly "erudite" (that word just popped into mind) and "a man of few words". 

True reding this 1000 plus word dispatches, reading like 10-12 of them a day when I promised one short 500-600 word email, hehe (and thats another thing - overdeliver while underpromising - always been my mantra, always will be!) might not make you think so. 

But even those 1000 words. 

Can you find a WASTED word? 

Something that doesn't convey feeling, emotion, paint a picture or what not? 

True, I could say "just buy it and be done". 

Or, I coul dtell you a story too. 

I choose the latter option. 

But again, no words are WASTED - or MINCED. 

The latter is why scores, hundreds, and indeed thousands as "the man" once said follow me globally. 

They know they can count on me to give it to you STRAIGHT, no punches pulled, and thats also why the Bozos sneakily follow me too. 

Bozo just tried following me with an alter on Insta. BAN TIME!

They just can't resist. Hehe. Those juicy dollops Glyn for one knows so much about... 

I am truly irrestible in that regard. 

OK, I'll stop. Hehe. 

But anyway, an idiot, curiously enough again "Keith from the UK" "Keith James", I believe?? wrote three long whiny reviews about Shoulders like Boulders!

(prime example of what I said HERE i.e. people are more than happy to whine, moan, rant, piss, groan, moan, but not DO). 

his main beef was two things. 

The author doesnt look like he's ever trained!


(clearly this idiot hasn't ever seen me in real life or the pictures). 

(and the phat phocker picture is there where it is for a reason. One, it draws the Bozos out and filters them, like it did him, two, it tells you that YES, even if you're a phat Phock NOw - you CAN do these exercises if you stop being "Charles the fomer friend" and making whiny excuses).  

And more - "this book is only x number of pages!" 

I think it was like 50? I dont know, maybe around that. 

It retails for around $90 (if you buy off the site, you get the FAQ, another golden gem of a book thrown in for FREE). 

Battletank Shoulders, that retails for $300 - the paperback. 

IT's not much longer than Shoulders like Boulders!

My latest book "Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands" - again - power packed little ditty I never even advertised. Folks love it though!

"I almost fell over" was what a certain "Amy" (YES WOMEN CAN DO IT TOO!) commented... 

Well, thats the point, its the next step up to freestanding - except not in the way most people teach you. 

I teach yo uwhat works. 

And if it works for a "klutzo" like me, it'll work for YOU. Period. 

But anyway, thats an ultra short book too. 

Some may have thought "nothing different!" 

Oh yeah, there's a hell of a lot different in it, bro. 

Those MINOR differences make a HUGE difference. 

Tiny hingest swing massive doors, friend. Bottom line. 

And if you think the changes in foot positioning, the way you criss cross the legs, the way it works the LOWER ABS ain't nothing, then you won't get to freestanding handstands, period. Let alone the freestanding handstand pushup (holy grail). 

Let alone do it on dipping bars like ole Doug Hepburn at a mammoth 300 plus kilos, not pounds, did... 

Holy Grail x 100. 

You dont need to sure. 

But you won't get past the basics is my point, and you ain't going to really get titanium proof SHOULDERS. 

(if you feel that way that is). 

But again, lengths and girths... 

If you're talking down under, maybe they matter, or they dont, whichever your perspective is I'm fine with that. 

Alix, a guy I once knew sagely said the following about "his". (there were wackos and Bozos spamming my group with dick pics - unasked for - inane - then they claimed "they weren't into it" (if you're thinking that was Schofield and a certain other nut that did it, you'd be RIGHT) - so he probably replied to that before leaving the group - and he was right to leave at that point "This group is no longer serving the purpose Rahul created it for" - it wasn't, friend. Bozo for one was going bonkers every night on it ranting about roaches and washing machines, pestering dudes (Americana, anyone - that dude, poor chappie!) and dudettes galore, and being a royal pest - and others too) .. 

"Its about how you use it, not the size". 

Which can be applied here too. 

I mean, look. 

I can tell you how to get into a handstand with excruciating detail like "get your hands and knees first" "make sure there are no glass shards around" "make sure you dont rip your pants as you bend forward" ... and other rubbish. 

Or, I can tell you - "get on your hands and knees, and walk your way up the wall" - and I can show you how to do it i.e. a picture here is worth a thousand words. 

Those workouts I give you in my books. 

"Do 100 squats" is often how I proceed to step #3. 

I could drag that out into "how to do a squat" each time I'd write a different workout. 

It would make those 50 page books 500 pages. 

And the long ones (like Pushup Central and animal Kingdom Workouts) even longer than they are now. 

But why do so. 

Because the wackos will say "ooohhh, what a long book, it must be worth it?" 


If it's needed, sure. 

But if it's not, no way. 

Thats how I am in life. 

I can say "leave a review". 

Or, I could send you 1000 screenshots on how to do so, but it should be obvious... but it aint... but ... ah. 

I think yo uget the point, my friend. 

It's not about the "thickness of the book". It's about the INFORMATION therein!

Power packed can come long - or short. 

Its about being ...whats the word? 

Ah yes, pithy. 

And that I am, friend. That I am. Brutally so, to a point, to a fault, but I am!

And last, if it's a fiction book, yes, perhaps those can (somewhat) be judged on thickness. 

But even those, really, although more words are required - I keep those pithy (but obviously much longer, 120 or so pages seems to be the average length of books in that regard for me). 

But info products like the ones here? 

The shorter and more power packed the better. Hell, especially if youre lugging them around your gym as some of you do - why want "more weight"? 

And that,buddy boy, is that.


I so love the term. Like "Sunny (sonny) BOY!" Hehe.  

Back soon!



Tuesday, 10 August 2021 08:34

What the Navy Seals know about success.

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Is it any surprise - coincidence (which I dont believe in) - that long before I even know David Goggins wrote anything let alone great books, I put his picture on the sales page for "Pull-ups -from STUD - SUPER STUD within WEEKS!" ? 

I dont think so. 

All I knew about dude was he was a super stud at pullups, and a fomer Seal. I didnt even know he went to Ranger school, or his background or any of it!

I put him there for a REASON. 

And today, as I write to you about SEAL training - or the BUDS - or even the Marines, and their own crucible, almost as tough minus the salt water, hehe ... I gotta tell you, elite forces KNOW about success, and preparing you for it. 

Listen, when you go through BUDS, you think of anything but success - you just ... you're not in a position to sit and think for one!

EVERY muscle andt endon in your body aches like a motha, you just can't think straight - most people. 

They push you above and beyond. 

They understand that when you say "quit" - you're only about at 60 percent of your true quittting capacity - or DOING capacity. It works both ways!

And as for the candidate? 

Physical aside, no sleep aside, those that succeed will have this one thought in their mind, and nothing else. 




I won't even say "die trying" ... 

Remember, my friend, one thing. 

They dont have anything at that point. 

Except their training. No medals as yet, no commendations, none of it!

CErtainly not the Trident either. 

Even after that, the journey only STARTS. 

So to put yourself through all that in the first place you gotta be special. 

They don't choose you until and unless you are, period. 

Then they filter you out!

The MARCOS in India, and special forces globally do the same thing. 

In fact, in many regards the MARCOS (the INdia equivalent of SEALS - truly elite they are!) are an even better "trained" (physically force than the Seals - their training is even more brutal. And the SEALS that have trained with them will tell you this!

They make workouts out of the advanced book on pull-ups and BattleTank Shoulders look pedestrian. 

Wel,l not quite that, but remember, thats ONE PART OF ALL THEY DO!

Mental + Physical makes the elite warrior, friend. 

So it is with YOU. 

It's that DESIRE that Seals and elite forces test the most. 

Do you have what it takes - i.e. do you really, really want it? 

IF you do, you'll know, trust me. 

And as I invite you to join ME on this wondrous journey, friend, true, it might be my goal. But that goal includes several things for you too!

I'm going to keep it all under wraps for now, but remember, an integral part of my goal that I'm not goin got budge from this is this. 

That last copy simply MUST GO NOW. 

I know, myf riend. 

You've heard it four times already. 

So make that the fifth. 

I dont care, I dont care what it takes, how it happens, or what not. 

But that copy MUST BE GONE before several other things fall into place. I wouldn't say it would "jettison" the goal, but happen it must, an dso it shall. 

Only question remaining, who will get it FIRST. 

Because trust me, that Classic Edition - no more reprints!

Rush now, friend. 

And I'll be waiting with that pen, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 10 August 2021 08:00

Leave yourself with no choice, my friend.

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Dear Friend, 

That might not sound nice, eh. 

But if you truly want to succeed at that one thing ... if you truly have a REAL GOAL - or ever had - and it never took off, or you failed, if you truly WANT to do something so bad you can feel it... 

If you could - let me ask you this. 

Did you leave yourself with any choice BUT NOT TO DO IT - want it SO BAD - that you got it eventually? 

If you failed, chances are excellent that along with not dreaming right and NOT being persistent enough - you "had another choice" that seemed easier at the time. 

This, my friend, is a lesson often presented to me in many ways - that I've learned, and as I wrote to you earlier about, will never make the mistake of making again. 

I was giving so many chances, but lo, I didnt recognize the message in them!

I made all my luck, yes. 

But, WHY did I do that? 

I never recognized it until around August or so of last year when things became "final" - true, I experienced some temporary difficulty even then in terms of starting out towards the goal I speak so much of here. 

Hiccups, and so forth. 

All esaed and smoothed out eventually. 



But also doing what one was meant to. 

And, although I have other choice, to achieve this goal - until I do - I'm not leaving myself with many choices at all, and those that are, I'm not working upon (and there are many, hehe). 

To achieve a goal, a truly worthy one, it has to be an all encompassing desire, friend. 

You have to take it to bed with you - and you have to wake up with it. 

Many years ago, the last thought I had before bed? 

"The hill tomorrow morning!" 

And when I woke up, first thing? 

A quick toilet, and then laced up my shoes - 530 AM - regardless of weather - and I was gone!  

This kept happening for a while. 

After that, I changed my workout timings, reduced the frequency, did other things et. 

But it would never have happened had I not had that burning desire - which was planted into me by a girl although she has no idea how she did it!


How dare she? 

I'll show her!

Or, all of the above in a "very mild" manner ie. not harmful to the other person if thats possible!

I think most of all, it's the same thing that happens to me and every true doer when someone laughs at you, rejects your goals as dreams as being "possible for others" (of course, he has so much dedication, but you have no drive or desire - usually said by wack jobs of the highest order living on Venus or something) . but never for you. 


Then it builds. 

Then you do it!

It may take years, but you fuckign DO IT!

And - you leave yourself with NO CHOICES along the way, or you likely won't do it (or you don't and won't do it at the level you wanted to). 

Remember the story of the General Napoleon Hil lmentioned in Think and Grow Rich, where he literally ordered his soldiers, VASTLY OUTNUMBERED - to burn their ships as soon as they reached shore? 


They had NO choice but to win - and win they did!

There are countless other such stories, friend, that you might or might not hear of. 

But, YOUR story too is similar!

And really, ... well, let me quote from the book - this part is key too. 

A BURNING DESIRE TO BE, AND DO is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are NOT born of indifference, laziness or lack of ambition. 


Yes, THAT!

What are your DREAMS, my friend? 

Trust me, we all have 'em - at ANY AGE. 

You might believe they will never happen. If you do, you're doomed from the get go let me tell you this. 

But if you believe, read the quoted part above - again and again. 

Over and over again, and read this email too - not just once, but MANY Times. 

Fitness wise, I've given you the same example above - remember, friend. 

Life waits for nobody. 

And I've been promoting Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition since this morning for good reason. 

If you read this email, be indifferent, continue the "stupor" and say "whatever", well, then guess what. you won't be getting it. And neither you will be getting something very special, something you'll cherish all your life, something that will give you dividends galore, truly, the GIFT OF A LIFETIME THAT NEVER STOPS GIVING!

Believe me, I wouldn't say it in those words if I did not mean it. 

And the doers, those that want, remember, it's not just copies of this fantastic book but time that is OF THE ESSENCE AND LIMITED. 

To claim your gift, click here NOW, friend. 

And I'll see you! 

I'll be waiting with the PEN too, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

At the outset, if a certain Charles Mitchell is reading this, or if a certain Rahul Mookerjee might be eagerly gobbling it up ... hehe. 

It ain't aimed - or written to Tom Tom either one. 

Its a general statement (though I do love throwing folks curveballs as well, and seeing how many get back and with what). 

Truly Charles you sometimes feel like the Universe talking to me!

I say that not facetiously either. 

But anyway, cops - and business owners. 

The Tom Tommers and Liberals give them a a bad rap. 

Too violent, they whine.

They dont care about our rights, they whine. 

And of course, the richer you get, the more you succeed the more you get trolled. 

"How dare he have so much money!" they think "while we starve "(because they're lazy asses to be honest).

OR just plain dumb and aint bothered to improve. 

Let me be honest, EVERYONE is born with the kind of mental capacity needed to make you a success - unless you have some serious mental flaws, and even if you do. 

Hell, look at Churchill, Trump, Hitler, all these folks. 

Obviously I ain't comparing the first two to the last. 

Look at the Bozo, the most successful "in basement troll sticky fingered up where God knows)" if you want an example "closer to home" (poor Brum).

He's even such a successful scammer (the Bozo) that the scammed although they hate him, still feel sorry for him, and of course, he uses that to wheedle more dough of them. 

He does play the "poor old boy" routine very well, and the Bozos globally fall for it. 

He truly is the "Head Bozo", in more ways than one if you get my drift. 

But anyway ... 

Cops deal with people daily, friend. 

They know what people think - and what people DO, not just say they do!

They see the nitty gritties daily. 

They're out there - while we're sitting here behind our computers or what not.... Or Tee Vee, or, I Dont know, putting up with wives or what not. 

But theyre out there. 

They deal with all sorts of people. 

An experienced cop can, just like I can (no I've never been a cop!) "judge" a person very accurately by gut alone. 

Trust me on this one. 

Thats why I keep saying if people would just let cops do their thing - they'd not only be a lot safer, but the cops would be a lot more appreciative!

but of course, liberals. 

True, there's some bad apples - but I'm talking in general. 

And same thing for business people - exactly the same. 

I dont care if you're a one man show making moolah from a darkened bedroom, friend. 

If it's a real business, you're dealing with the real world. 

With people of varying natures and businesses DAILY. 

Yo uhave your finger RIGHT ON THE PULSE of people (if you're making money - which you should be - if you're not, you're getting it wrong somewhere). 

Same thing for martial artists, wrestler's and so called "jocks". 

Just the physical, the Tom Tom's whine. 


Lets see YOU, my friend (I'm talking to the Tom Tom here) learn even the basics of boxing without collapsing. 

Hell, just the footwork, no heavy bag, no pushups ... 

More than the physical, lets see you get the MENTAL down pat first. 

The more brutal the sport, the more cerebral it often is. 

Boxing and Wrestling are too "2" hehe prime examples of this!

And perhaps thats why all my courses are modeled on what people do to get themselves "combat ready" - either in sports - or real life. 

True, sport specific training and all that. 

But you dont got to be a boxer, for instance, to reap manifold benefits from Jump Rope Mania - both MENTAL and physical. 

Neither do you got to be a wrassler to benefit immensely from the 0 Excuses Fitness System

And if there's one I could choose? 

Tough choice!

But Id go with wrestling, if just because it builds a solid base for everything else. 

Boxing does too, but not like wrestling.... 

You "in the know" know this. 

But anyway, enough said... 

Had to get that off my chest - now I have.

Out for now!

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee


Been dealing with all sorts of issues as of late - wierd ones!

For one, a dumbphone that keeps restarting itself. Despite being in the "prime of shape" as it were, plenty of free space etc (hell, if 13GB out of 120 or whatever isn't free enough, I dont know what is!) - and of course, the "great" computer, and other strange issues. 

For some reason, this site admin wouldnt load when I was writing this - until now. 

Maybe the Bozo touch has touched it for just a nonce, hehe. 

Boozo, we should all call him! 

Anyway, one of the main rules I've ALWAYS had for business (that I've been guilty, I admit, of not always following in the past) - is "feed the business FIRST". 

Years ago, in the past, when I first started out in biz, I'd be thrilled to get payments in. Who wouldnt!

But I'd often forget to "feed the hand that was feeding me" - the business - or I'd do it later. 

My results were along similar lines. 

Today, NOW, EVERY TIME I make a decision business wise - financially - small or big - I ask myself that question - and DO accordingly. 

Feed the business first, friend, and it will feed YOU - more than you ever believed possible! 

Trust me, I should know. 

Pissing it away on "non essentials" may "feel good" for a while, but those aren't investments. 

Put your money where it will work for YOU, not the other way around!

Anyway, this holds true for life too. 

Are YOU giving your nearest and dearest, whoever that might be, enough time? 

Are YOU giving your children enough "attention"? Your friends? 

And so forth ... 

And of course, fitness wise, this applies big time!

Question for you friend - - 

What have you done today, or will do TODAY that adds to your fitness? 

What purchase or investment have you made in YOUR FITNESS today - truly the most important you can ever invest in? 

These questions should be asked daily, friend. 

No it doesn't mean you buy fitness books daily. 

I wouldn't want you to do that anyway - per person, I'd rather a person thinks - GETS a book - then DOES - then reports back to me with a great REVIEW - and then makes their next purchase!

But the question begets anyway. 

And it is a great one. Write back - let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The 0 Excuses Fitness System and Fast and furious Fitness (The Collector's Edition) are two GREAT books you must have. One builds upon the other, but they're both old time solid packed with training info manuals - not to mention five outstanding VIDEOS. Get ;em now. Remember, only two copies left for the Collector's Edition! (which you should get). 

Here are a couple of Trump quotes I've spoken about before that encapsulate perfectly what Im saying above. 


When someone hurts you, just go after them as viciously and violently as you can. 


I think maybe my greatest weakness is that I trust people too much. I'm too trusting. And when they let me down, I never forget, and I never forgive. I find it very, very hard to forget people that deceived me. So I dont know if you'd call that a weakness, but my wife said "let up". 

Sage, sage, SAGE!

Those words were uttered by the Trumpinator, but much like Napoleon hill reciting his life tales might be Rahul Mookerjee reciting his, so similar have our lives been until "this point" - what the Trumpinator has said is a philosophy that I've ALWAYS followed all my life. 

For large portions of my life, sometimes, I had no confidence to do it. 

Or, Iwas too trusting - or "too nice". 

I thought " lets forget it". 

But starting a few years ago, I completely abandoned that policy for the polar opposite. 

Guess what friend. 

IF someone is trying to hurt you, there ain't no proportionate response. 

You don't "hurt him back  in proportion". 

You whack the S.O.B so hard he doesn't dare to come after you again - or even think of doing so. 

Think about this, friend. 

IF the tables were turned what would HE do? 

For instance, Glyn Bozo when he first knifed me in the back after all the help I gave him, everything I tried doing for him, all the time I spent helping him. 

He turned around and did what a scorpion does - bite. 

And he didnt just bite. 

He went after me, tried to destroy me. 

OF course, liberal nuts like a certain "Chuck" wrote it off as "so what! He feels this way..." 

But they never bothered asking how yours truly felt - or why Glyn  was attacking me so "out of proportion". 

Today, as the tables are turned, they're all whining. 

So be it! 

Glyn Bozo - I haven't even started, believe me. 

I'm like a BEAST - a raving mad one when it comes to true revenge. 

I mean, think about it though - if Glyn Bozo hadn't demanded I "be his friend" again in 2020, and then gone bonkers first privately and then on Amazon, none of this would have happened. 

I done got the red ass. 

And when Rahul Mookerjee gets the red ass, and decides to KICK glutenous maximum, guess what. 

The seas part for him to do just that!

I even recall a great customer in the UK telling the Bozo to "meet us in a dark alley, and tell him to bring friends because he's going to need 'em". 

There were some talk of the Mafia too. 


I won't get into that here. 

But I dont need the Mafia, or lack thereof, or anything like that for the Bozo. 

I need my workouts - and my FISTS. 

Hell, even one arm tied behind my back will do the job! 

And my workouts that make me like that - well, some of them are right here - Animal Kingdom Workouts

But anyway, and I wrote about this before - - Dr Maltz in the bestselling Pyscho Cybernetics wrote about "forgiveness being a scalpel that heals all wounds" . 

Maybe in some cases for some people. 

But if someone tried to murder you, despite all the hoo haa about being the bigger man, forgiveness, and so forth - be honest - deep down inside - would you ever forgive him or her? 

If someone tried to destroy you otherwise - ditto? 


If so, you're "a far better man than I am Gungadin". 

Because while I don't get angry too often, when I do, it's like a ragin bull - UMTAMED, WILD AND UNCONTROLLED BUCKING STALLION

The Bozo crossed certain red lines, and he isn't the only one feeling it as of now. Hell, he ain't even started to feel it to be honest!

Anyway, more on that later. 

Sometimes though, I think true revenge is the only way to GET it out of your system! 

And THEN you can truly forget. 

I dont know, maybe the good Doc would disagree - but I think even he would say he could have worded that a little better i.e. what he meant was "stop letting the anger consume you". 

Dr Maltz, was like myself, a huge believer in doing things - not just talking. 

And thats what I do everytime I want to talk about it - I do - I email  you - I do other things! 

So thats my take on the scorched Earth policy. 

Write back - let me know if you agree!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - As I recently posted on Google, the ongoing "Lumberjack" offer for the book will NOT last long. Book's almost done, and it's a couple of weeks, give or take that the pre-order will run, so get your pre-orders in now, folks - those that haven't!

Tuesday, 20 July 2021 07:42

On losing focus, and more . . .

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I should have said "more on losing focus", because I think I've written about this before many times. 

But something that is oft ignored in terms of success, even when you talk to DOERS - real doers - and especially by the shamians that strut around claiming to be self help experts advocating "meeeeeeeeeeeeee time" and "feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel good advice" (and let me tell you, if it feels good, youre probably not even halfway, or even one step along the road to real lasting success - not permanently at least) this. 

What to do AFTER the success. 

Now, different people have different definitions of success. 

Different goals dictate this too. 

When I was focused on getting into the best shape of my life, my friend, the compliments came in thick and fast. 

I'd get called a movie star. TV "personality". You name it, and I was called it - and still am - both good and bad! (but never "fat and unfit" now)

(and sure, I'd get called all the above before too, but now x 100). 

My students would literally marvel at the overnight weight loss. 

Girls would flock to me - even more so than before (while that might sound like Tom Tomming - it is i, but it's also TRUE) 

And I'd just keep getting in pinker of health so to speak. Lifelong injuries vanished - without a trace - never to return. 

Lifelong health problems disappeared without phat phock docs telling me "dont go swimming". 

And so forth ... 

It would have been easy for me to lose focus and turn into a phat phock. 

I didnt. 

Neither did I lose focus on several other goals I had. 

But lifewise, I've been guilty of this on more than one occasion. 

Reach the summit - pause to "rest and relax and enjoy it" - but then end up sliding down, because the enjoyment stretched out for a bit too long. 

Business wise, there are reasons this is happened to me. 

In 2019, for one, I didnt devote near as much time to my writing as I should have - and the results showed. 

I was going through a tough phase in 2018, of course, that I've written about, and when I finally resolved it, I wanted to take time off to "savor my success". 

Perfectly understandable, and in my case I didnt really take time off. I was focusing on the wrong biz. 

But I was also taking time offf, and not hitting it as hard as I should be on this one - or as I am now. 

Right now, I keep pushing myself to remember one thing. 

Conquer one summit - then move to the NEXT. 

The minute you're idle, my friend, or dont have a goal is the minute success, as Claude Bristol rightly said in the Magic of Believing "grows wings and flies away". 

It is indeed a fickle beast - many waiting to enjoy it!

True, if you're a billionaire, you could probably focus on enjoying life more once you get there, but beware - those stories hear of overnight crashes, fortunes coming tumbling down - all very true!

Look at the real doers, Jeff Bezos for one - they dont stop! 

They understand that achieving one goal is cause for self congratulation, but also time to reflect and know that "the real work lies ahead". 

Bezos correctly emphasizes the day one culture at Amazon. 

The results show. 

Pity Google and most other biggies don't follow Amazon's example, but then again, thats why Amazon is pretty much the only conglomerate out there quietly growing - and how - while the rest stagnate. 

Sheer biz genius, superb customer service at the end of the day and then some. 

An obsession with the customer, as Bezos puts it. 

That, my friend, is something YOU need to be aware of. 

Fitness wise, if you're planning 100 fingertip pushups at a go, for instance. 

Tough goal, eh. 

Might sound undoable for you. 

But when you do get there, and you can if you do the thing , you probably wouldn't want to bask in the sunshine for too long, and pat yourself on th eback for too long - because if you do, that ability will fly away as quickly, or perhaps much quicker as you GOT IT. 

Muscle memory notwithstanding. 

Thats just an example, of course. 

Key thing - think in advance. 

Always plan your life - fitness wise, or otherwise - out by a few years. 

Have goals - then have goals. 

Focus on one - but keep the rest in mind too as you do so. 

And you'll do just fine!

It's one of the principles not directly, but indirectly mentioned in damn near EVERY Commandments in the 10 Commandments of Physical Training and Success in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and lifewise, in all my motivational books and courses

And rightly so ... 

Think about it - how does it apply to you? 

Write back. 

Let me know!

I'm out - back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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