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It's no secret that I think this whole mess we're ALL dealing that China unleashed on us (and their own unsuspecting citizens FIRST) is nothing more than "engineered mass panic". 

Hence why I keep railing against masks, idiotic vaccines that have not been tested (I mean really, why would you wanna be a guinea pig??), even moronic face shields, carrying bottles of disinfectant everywhere, Bozo Schofield like "injecting Dettol /  Lysol into ass" and then ending up in the emergency room (this last one really befuddles me - I mean Prez Trump said "X rays might kill the virus like it does the flu virus" and the Bozos misinterepreted what he said and thought, if that term is applicable that ...!)

Enough said. 

I mean, let's face it. China done spread this damn thing - now what are YOU going to do about it? 

As I keep saying, if you buy into all the above, and unfortunately the world as a whole continues to, then you're just buying into the CCP grand plan of world domination not directly (they ain't got a snowball's chance in hell that way, and they know it) .... done Hitler style, by sowing panic, chaos and FEAR everywhere (and of course the associated conditoning while putting their own people into concentration camps far worse than Hitler's willy nilly, at random almost). 

Here is what a great customer of mine - but I won't name him - he prefers to keep a low profile, and given Big Brother everywhere, I dont blame him - said about the plague from China. 

This Wu Flu thing is a HOAX and is being used to CONTROL us! (Yes, I realize that some have died from it if they had pre-existing conditions, but it is OVERBLOWN!) 

Spot on, bro, spot on ... 

My reply - 

I couldn't agree more, <name chopped> . . . this one whole China plague thing was created by China way back in 2013 - and there was ONE reason behind it - the Chinese plan for "world domination". They knew they could never beat us (the civilized world) the direct way - so they chose to begin the indirect way. As I've been saying for a long, long time now though, they have pretty much shot themselves in the foot with it. We will NEVER FORGET!

And yes, the panic is way overblown, lockdowns etc inane and meaningless (I mean, I for one can't understand why the sheeple cant see reality staring them in the faces i.e. lockdowns kill economies globally and therefore more people than this Wuhan Flu ever could - not to mention that although a lot of people have died from this yes (mostly with pre existing conditions though and even then 9 out of 10 recovered), WAY more people die from the regular flu, accidents etc globally)!

Then again, the Chinese knew this is the result it would have, and by buying into the panic (anywhere) people in general are unfortunately doing just what the Chinese wanted.

So it goes. 

Another awesome guy (and a very loyal customer from the UK) calls this the "Wu(han) plague". 

He spoke of how his wife got it, and how he told her he wouldn't, because his immune system, hardened from years of continous HARD TRAINING like A REAL MAN would "eat the damn thing for breakfast". 

And it did. 

He never got it, I believe or if he did (yeah, I think he did) - he made a very speedy recovery 

(I'm still not 100% on whether or not he got it - yeah, now I think he did! But he recovered like lightning, and a man of 60 plus - well - you get my drift!). 


And he's right. 

It's all about the mind, my friend. 

Dont get me wrong. 

By all means take precautions as you would against this and any other disease. 

But be logical, and remember that the flu kills far more than this stupid thing, and remember -car accidents - other diseases - I mean if you add it all up, where are we with regard to the numbers for the plague. 

I'm sure the idiots from the left and such will look at this and think "I'm disrespecting frontline health workers by saying this" or "this spreads way faster and in a more undetectable manner than the flu". 

To the first, no I aint. They're fighting the real battle!

And two, well, China engineered it that way. This thing was found or brought from Saudi Arabia in 2013, then to Canada, then when they got kicked out of the lab there back to the PRC in Wuhan and then, well. 

Their OWN DOCTORS have come out and said it as well, so for the idiots claiming "we haven't seen any proof" - get your head out your ass. 

And I (and others with SENSE) have been saying it even before their own people came out and said it. 

Pres Trump for one. 

And on that note, it's heartening to see the States push back against this silly vaccine passport nonsense i.e. providing services or allow people to travel or not based upon whether they got the jab. 

Eff - that. 

Let me repeat - F that. 

Ain't nobody telling me what to stick in my own body. 

Thank you very much

And Arkansas, Tx, and Missisippi I believe it was - correct me if I'm wrong here Charles and others - have pushed back very STRONGLY against the madness. 

some things even "Hiden Biden" cannot do, much as he'd like to. 

And I had to get that off my chest, so I have. 

I just got done with250 pushups

A great meal. 

And I feel great!

And thats how life should be lived. 

Vim, vigor and gusto and NO panic until you pass on, my friend - and even then!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If there is ONE course in our entire arsenal I'd advise you to get its Animal Kingdom Workouts. Truly makes you join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS!!

So, I gotta say this. 

Sometimes, MR Direct has "learned" to be indirect - and even more devastatinly effective, hehe. 

And I knew this for a while now of course. 

But anyway, recently I got the following thrown at me by my "wife" (all I did was ask her something about the daughter). 

"Dont you have any brains?" 

Now, she probably didtn mean in the rude manner she said it, but my hackles were UP. 

Believe me, if someone says that to me in real life they better EXPECT A FIGHT AND THEN SOME!

But then I relaxed. 

There's no point engaing with women directly, my friend, especially not when they do all they can to pick fights and engage in stupid "shaming" techniques. 

They're attacking you, the RATIONAL MAN in those ways because you cannot attack back (and if you do, how dare you - and if you simply bounce the same back to them "how dare you"). 

So sometimes, my friend, the INDIRECT mode of attack - and thereby profiting from it - is better. 

Think about it. 

What good would it do to engage in an inane argument with someone acting like an utter idiot (vast majority of women "in a relationship" - they're the exact opposite before that) ? 

None at all. 

Not to mention "you'll always lose" (as the man). 

Instead, figure out how to work it to YOUR advantage. 

This will be in the book on Nazi feminism - already IS, but in different words (tip #13 or something, definitely before #15 in the 46 tips so far...) 

But anyway, Bozo Schofied the "rumpus loving woman" who also likes being a servant is a prime example. 

Engaging directly with him all those years would have got me? 

Jack squat. 

What he wanted. Hehe. 

Instead, I let it "ride for a while". 

And now, payback's indeed not so "sweet" as it is hilarious in many ways. LOL. Even the Bozo knows it. (hopefully he does). 

I say hopefully because ... 

With regard to Schofield I just thought he was some idiot that left bad reviews on products just for the hell of it, I had no idea how mentally deranged he really is, seems like the poor little chap was at the back of the queue when they were dishing out the brains.

So said a customer recently ... (and more have too, but he was the most verbose of the lot on it, and said it the best). 

Yes, the Bozo is indeed suffering from bipolar and OCD and "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" and "schizoprenia" amongst many things - even Hannibal Lecter would shy away from him!

Anyway ... this applies to fitness too, my friend. 

Pull-ups, for instance. 

That exercise which the "phat phocks" so hate . . . 

(because nothing calls them out more than that) 

(nothing pisses them off more than seeing a stud do pull-ups willy nilly while they yank cords on the machine or their own or use inane grips or what not). 

When I got to that level at pull-ups, it didnt come quick - or easy - and it sure didnt come (beyond a certain point) from doing pull-ups and just that! 

I mention this tale in the revamped "Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD - within a matter of WEEKS!" (well, revamped in 2017 so if you've got it recently, you're well up to date). 

It came from doing something you'd never think worked (two things actually). 

When I got to the current level I am at jumping rope, for instance? 

Again, it didnt come directly from "just jumping rope" though that was part of it. 

And grip wise, same thing - although that is probably the only area where direct work was very much more responsible than the other areas, though even grip is a full body thing - not sitting on your ass and doing just forearm rollers or what not. 

Far more productive ways!

And to end this off, here's a silly review (though genuine one) - 

(or part of it) 

I was especially put off by the author citing a conversation he had with an American marine. He didn't really quote any of the conversation nor report any specifics and so it seems as if it was included to link his workout with the cachet of the Marines. He also mentioned he hadn't done a single pull up for months, but his grip had got better! He doesn't say what he has been doing instead, he certainly doesn't seem to have included it in this book.

Oh yes, it DOES, my friend. It does!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Full review on Amazon UK, but I'v ementioned it so many times here that ... 

PS #2 - Know the sign of a TRUE BUSNINESSMAN? 

Shantaram, in his bestselling novel ; a mammoth bit torn apart twice at that in prison, said the following about the time in an Indian prison where the guards literally brutally beat him to literally - shreds. 

Indian prisons are probably as brutal as Chinese minus the politics. 

"All the time they were flagellating me, I was thinkng of ways to profit from it!" 

SAGE Greg. Sage!!

Thursday, 15 April 2021 16:32

Think BIG - or not?

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A while ago, I wrote about a post which was based upon the nimrod like question a lot of employers ask "where are you going to be five years from now". 

Basically, heck, I said most people dont know where they will be five HOURS from now, let alone 5 years. 

Asking them to set goals they've never set on the spur of the moment (if they had those five year plans, they likely would not be applying for a job with these employers anyway, and they know it very well) is tough even for a doer (sometimes, you just dont know where you'll BE as opposed to "want to be" and even if you ask "where do you want to be" - well - thats none of anyone's business except the person's). 

Classic case of NEGATIVE energy being spread around and demotivation by the employer i.e. you have to stay in our Bozo job, because guess what, you'll never make anything of yourself except in an indirect "paper pusher" sort of way or personally (depending upon if it's a question on a jackass form or some jack/jill ass asking you). 

The post is here

But, I realize, as always, I missed a tiny little something ... 

An elderly gentleman (I'd assume, heh) from OH asked me the following 

"Dream big or NOT? Think big or not?

He said it in a large paragraph, but that was bascially what he asked. 

He replied to the email in question above while asking (he's behind on the emails, and with all the emailing going on as of late, do I blame him? Hell no! )

Well ,let me clarify ... 

I've always told EVERYONE to dream big. 

Precious few listen. 

Even fewer believe. 

I've always said think big - have big goals. 

Those big goals though, setting a "X" amount of time in which you gotta there is almost always counter productive for most people. 

For instance, someone that can't do more than 10 pushups now, and thats his entire workout for the day, and its hard for him. 

If you ask this person "when he'll get to 500 pushups" or how long, you're setting him up for failure in a way. 

And indeed, if the person over-focuses on the number, he may well end up failing. 

I advocated baby steps daily towards the big goal. 

Which is the whole point. 

Most people "crash and burn" after the initial excitement of a huge goal, so in those cases, I'd say its far better to set and focus on doable daily goals. 

If you're Rahul Mookerjee or his ilk that does mini workouts throughout the day, and writes books galore, and is chained to the keyboard, and deals with a lot else too, perhaps you could keep focusing on the big goal too. 

Most people though, just get frustrated when they "over focus" on the big goal, which is my entire poiint. (and therefore drive that goal AWAY in that regard). 

Most people aren't ready, willing or even able to take the massive action that results in achieving massive goals quick. 

Which is fine in my opinion. 

It ain't how long it takes you or even HOW you do it - so long as you GET there, at least that is how Id look at it . . . 

So thats what I meant, my friend. 

Hope that helps - and there's more very "actionable" self help tips in Zero to Hero!

And for motivation - Gumption Galore. I might put out a second edition on this one "sometime". 

All depends. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And even for huge goals and huge action taken daily, "incremental" huge improvement daily is always the KEY.

There's a great, great guy I followed on "Pinked-Out" if you get my drift. 

(It's a social media network - the only one I still occasionally check, and only what my contacts or what not have posted at that)

(It's quickly turning into a freak-book like Morass though - speaking of which - FB - wait for me to get my account deactivation requests in for ALL my accounts - the latest stunt Bozo Zuckerfield and his apparently Chinese wife pulled about allowing ads with slave labor from Xinjiang there??? UNACCEPTABLE!). 

Nike has come out and said it. H and M has said it. The WORLD has noticed it for ages, and has been saying it ever since Mike Pompeo spearheaded the effort, and here we have Freak-Book and Shitter (to an extent) doing all they can to undo that good work. 

Not acceptable. 

Some things just aren't. 

Anyway, there's a great great guy on that network. So helpful that you cannot help but like him. 

He's one of those guys you instantly put the "good guy" tag to (much like the exact opposite "barbarian" springs to mind when you look at yours "truly unruly"). 

Never says a word wrong, never puts a foot wrong, is helpful to the point of being fastidous, replies to ALL Messages from everyone ... Great guy in general, and so he gets certain "girly comments" directed at him from time to time, hehe. 

Here's one - 

Important reminders for all of us, my darling - thank you for sharing. It’s the green one, for me... πŸ™ˆπŸ˜˜

In response to one of his uber helpful posts. 

Then he replied with "Thanks! You matter!" 

Her - 


And this should be enough by itself to tell you why I'm starting to avoid Shanked-In like the plague from China as well. 


But anyway, I couldn't help but join the love fest. 

Yours truly - 

Dahhhhhhh-liinnnnnnng .... 😁 But really, he's a great guy!! Hehe.

And he IS, lol. 

Anyway, all that aside. 

I cannot remember the last time (except when in "lust" and there have been plety of those times) - ANYONE called me a Dahling. 

Bozo "Darling" Schofield once sent me the comment about "a face a Mom would hate". 

I dont know so much about that, hehe. The notches speak a different tale!

The Bozo was self projecting in that case. (and in most others). 

But Dahhhhhllliiin? 

I've never been called that, and I never WANT to be. 


I'm happy with unruly ruffian, hehe. 

Or "wilddddddddddddddddddddddd and untamed". 


Or maniac. 

Or any of the other (or wolf) names I'm so often called!

And I suspect if you asked the 0 Excuses Fitness posse, they'd say the same thing. 

We're REAL MEN. 

We dont believe in frills, fancies, and BS. 


OUr workouts are brutal, and we BRUSH aside mamsy pamsy stuff like the above. (and therefore, in many ways the ladies "try to" hate us, hehe, but they dont quite succeed). 

NIce guys finish last? 

Maybe, maybe not. 

I'll leave THAT for the other site! ;) 

But he's a great dude, and I mean it, and in case you didnt notice, hehe, this whole email - or most of it was writtien in a FUN spirit. 

We're certainly open to Jane Fonda types and Dah-lings too provided they DO the thing (not that dude is that type, I wouldn't think he is at least). 

And that, my friend, is the entertainment for now. Golly, that book I wrote TIRED me out!

And thats another reason why the wackos that complain about price etc get the boot promptly regardless of reason. 

When I put a product or book or course out, part of ME goes into the course, and a LOT OF ME, actually - given I write in the flow. 

I've been known to hammer out 20000 plus words in one sitting, and that takes some doing, friend, and do it in the flow, and it'll exhaust you - and even me - for days!

(in my case, I was back to my 8K words a day the next day I believe). 

But anyway, that book is on the other site. 

And for here? 

Well, remember that week long 30% discount we've got going on, darlings, and darling-esses, hehe. 

It won't last forever. 

I'm out!

BAck soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - A reader from Kuwait of all places wrote back about the Bozo of all things. Golly, we sure are getting around aren't we!

"Where is Bozo" was the comment from "Adel". 

Well, Sir Adel, I have NO idea. He's AWOL or up in ass or ... I dont know, probably on another bender or something. Maybe if we call "Dah-ling" loud enough he'll emerge with red spots on his cheeks on all ends, hehe. 




Now that was a long title, hehe. 

At the outset, NO, I ain't promoting harassment of any nature towards any gender, I am NOT saying you should pester women with inanities as Bozo Schofield and his posse do (well, you could, but she'll just block and report you) - NO, I am not saying that its right to do to either gender or in betweens or what not. 

And most of all, and again, it ain't an excuse to hit women out of the blue randomly for no reason. 

Now that we've got all the disclaimers out of the way, a certain Jeff Bezos and a Miss Sanchez comes to mind, hehe. 

And sexually charged texts - while Jeff was married. 

The rest is , well, public domain by now! 

But heres the thing. 

Most would criticize Jeff saying "but he was married, so it's wrong" while secretly themselves WANTING to do something similiar, but not having the balls to, or not getting the chance, or what not. 

Puranitism and "right or wrong" aside (no, I am not saying cheating is right, but what I AM saying is it happens - and I've said this in the past too! Some things "happen" - and if you look at the legion of achievers out there and THEIR lives, well ...  shout at me all you like, hehe, but those facts don't change!!) . . . the real point is this. 

What Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich about the powers and magic of sexual transmutations, and its a chapter that is truly sage, and NOT understood by most out there. 

Especially the wackjobs that message me asking to be introduced to women. UGh! 

Anyway, I just congratulated someone on a work promotion. 

A female someone. 

Thats ALL I said. 

"Congratulations - I'd congratulate you anyway!" 

Is all I said ... (bozo Schofields, please dont copy this line as it ain't gonna get you anywhere). 

Anyway, thats all I said. 

I'm sure you'd say - well - where is the "sexual" charging behind this? 

Well, it ain't obvious. 

But it's very much there. 

There is a reason I said it. 

FEELING is what counts, not the words - the VIBE does. 

And here's another spanner into the works - I don't know this lady, do NOT want services of any nature from her, do NOT intend to ask her anything from here on in, and certainly NOOOOOOOOOOOO "sexy" or hanky panky of any nature. 

Maybe down the line, someday, I'll make her the heroine of one of my non fitness related "Sidney Sheldon with a twist" books ... Such as a certain Miss Chen, or Aa Chie, or ... Miyako Li! 

Or others. 

They are truly legion!

Anyway, Napoleon Hill wrote about all great achievers being highly sexed, and the reason for them NOT succeeding in a big way - most men - before 40 - is they tend to "dissipate" their wild oats a bit too much. 

It ain't me saying that. 

Read the book, and you'll know. 

This don't mean you do it too often, or on a schedule, or dont do it, or abstain for months as boxers etc of yore did and probably still do. 


It doesnt mean you badger women you dont know with "Madam, can I be your servant" such as Glynn-ie Schofield does, or other inanities. 

It just means you TRANSMUTE it. 


Well, I'll write about that later!

In a way people can understand. 

But lets descend back to an earthly level, and get some inspiration. 


And that being the 30% discount we've got going on NOW on our products, my friend. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Truly a post that will get me hammered from all directions. 

So be it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, here is the link for the products

PS #2 - I ain't responsible for any marriages that may happen from the above if you do it right, hehe. Most don't, so I don't need to worry about that. But again, and this is for the idiots, morons and jackasses out there - none of this should be taken as an invitation to harass, badger, and PESTER. 

You just "do". Then you forget. And you do it "because". 

And thats all I am going to say here!

Monday, 29 March 2021 05:56

"Akal ke Dushman"

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My Hindi, my friend, is rather weak. 

Some of that is a conscious decision, some not . . . 

I dont know, I'd rather speak ENGLISH, which despite what the idiots in China keep ranting about is still very much the accepted Lingua Franca of the world, and no, Mandarin Chinese ain't replacing it any time soon. 

I remember an Indian hotel owner (I was staying at his hotel in Hong Kong) once tellnig me proudly ... 

"Now it's all Hindi everywhere!" 

I looked at him somewhat sadly. 

The bellicose jingoism was apparent, especially when he spoke English to me shortly thereafter. 

No it aint either. 

In fact, Indians in the US do everything they can NOT to speak hindi apparently - apparently the English is a badge of honor or some such nonsense, I dont know. 

But that aside, I dont see Hindi or any Indian language replacing English anytime soon either. 

Abla Espanol, senor? 

Now Spanish, yes, that along with French is a damn useful language to learn. Perhaps Italian too if we're talking a certain "Senorita Daniela " or "Princesspa Dani". Hehe. 

But Hindi, Chinese, I dont think so (though nothing against the languages or ANY language - by all means learn and speak it if you want to!) 

Anyway, loosely translated, that translates to "enemy of brains". (Or "brains of enemy" if y'all wanna go literally literal on me. As with Chinese, Hindi is sometimes "the other way around" if you get my drift). 

(No, Bozo, not that other way) (I'm talking to Bozo Glyn) 

What it means is what my wife keeps yelling at everyone all the time "Use your common sense!" 

If she was told that herself, of course "how dare I". 

So I just listen (when I do, which ain't often, hehe) and giggle internally. Not a Schofield style giggle, though he fits the expression to a T! 

Schofield, my lovely unpaid marketing intern - but please, please stay away from my feet and other body parts bro. And my laundry. Hehe. 

But anyway, some of what my wife says sounds EXCEEDINGLY rude to my "Western" ears. 

Then again, some of what - or most of what - mainland Chinese do, and how they say it does too!

For a long time, I used to get irritated. 

But then I realized it's one of those culture things. 

For instance, the word "brat" might not be "insulting" to say to a kid (for you and I) if the kid is acting that way. 

But to my wife, for instance, it sounds somewhat insulting . . . 

(And to the Bozo, of course, he wants bratty females in his life. LOL. Poor chap). 

(As Alonzo rightly said in Training Day, ain't nutting free in life, son. Not even "nuttin" - LOL again). 

So, I suppose it's one of those culture things, and of course, "Im suppose to know all this", but the next person isn't, because, well ... LOL again. 

Anyway, I dont know why I felt compelled to impart this bit of wisdom to you right now? 

Perhaps because I'm in a JOLLY ole mood, so jolly that I forgot I had to pull the discount on compilations first thing in the morning today. 

Being I wake up at 11 thats hard to do . . . 

But anyway, it's done now. 

No more discounts on compilations for the forseeable future - those that aren't "akal ke dushman" - those that used their common sense and got in while the going was good - well goo don YOU!

Those that didnt, well . . . wait for the next one!

(But I'll give you a discount anyway if you email me politely and ask - but IF - and this is a big IF - and ONLY IF - you deserve it!) 

(if you're a doer, you might get one. If you're a Bozo and pisser and moaner and whiner, you aint gonna get nuttin)

But anyway, here's the real reason I guess I said this? 

The price on Profound Handstands is currently at less than $70, which given the wealth of info jampacked into as FEW words as possible (in itself a skill that) is a THROWAWAY price that makes me feel I'm "giving the house" away. 

Indeed, if I remember right, the original course on shoulders "Shoulders like Boulders!" is priced higher than that, and Battletank Shoulders certainly is too. 

But Profound ... won't remain at the price it is forever. 

This is a SPECIAL introductory price, my friend, and for Bozos with no common sense it means that price won't last. 

So get your thang on while the going is good bro. 

And thats that for this one. See you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Also, check out my best course ever right HERE


Thursday, 25 March 2021 06:25

The million dollar "Magnum" question.

Written by

I've been asked this one many times, most of the times by angry WOMEN. 


The female of the species is indeed deadlier, until they find out they're not . . . 

But anyway, here is the question .  .  . (and the question of "a Magnum pointed at my head", or an angry woman demanding to know "why" ... well, I'll take a raincheck on that one, hehe. I'll plead the 4th too!). 

"If you had to choose between me (a girl) and your damned beer, which woul dyou choose!" 

I've heard this one a LOT, hehe. 

"You love beer more than me!" 

And so forth . . . 

Well, if I had a 747 pointed at me, and I had to answer no matter what? 


A nice cold frosty beer. 

It never lets you down, no matter what. 

End of the day, I'm sure all real men would agree with me on this one! 

But anyway, that brings to mind another one of those "Magnum pointed at you" questions (btw ... this was John Walker who coined the "if you have a Magnum pointed at you" - one of my great customers from the UK) . . . or two . . . 

One, and its a real, real toughie and a serious question indeed. 

Handstand pushups or pull-ups? 

Well, I dont know. 

Off the cuff? 

Right NOW? 

I'd say pull-ups, but that don't mean the former exercise isn't tough or doesn't have great benefits or so forth - it probably has as many if not more benefits!

If asked why, I'd probably say I dont know - or - more accurately PERSONAL preference. 

And they should BOTH be done TOGETHER - always - forever - your entire life!

And the #2 question is even tougher. 

Regular pushups - or handstand pushups! 

This is one Charles Mitchell wrestled with, of course, as he read through Pushup Central and finally chose it as a book over Battletank Shoulders - and again, that ain't by ANY means a "diss" against the latter, which he rightly said the workouts within will turn you into half gorilla, half human. 

But for me? 

Regular pushups, if I really had to choose, and why? 

Because of the sheer variety, myf riend. 

Because they give you a leg workout from HELL. 

And the ones done on your back - well - (and yes, you can do pushups on your back!) - they will BLOW you away with how good they make you feel above anything else!

Truly the BIG DOG of fitness are pushups. 

And if you're a Bozo reading this complaining "just pushups" and "we know it all" , well, might as well unsubscribe now - because what I'm offering ain't for you. 

It ain't for lily livered poltroons, pansies and so forth. 

Neither is Animal Kingdom Workouts - which is an EVEN MORE BRUTAL book in terms of the workouts!

You'll see what I mean when you get on em! 

And for now, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember that 20% discount on compilations - take advantage of it now - and pick up Barnstormer Shoulders while you're AT IT.

PS # 2 - My daughter seems to be drawing me a Statue of Liberty drawing with the lady holding - you got it - a COLD BEER - a frosty FOAMING ONE at that in her hand. Hehe. Now thats a tough choice, beer or daughter, but I'd choose the latter, but like I said and I told my daughter this - - honey - - we dont need to make those extreme choices, and I'm damned glad we dont! 

Amen, hehe. (even if I say so myself). 

Anyway, if you've got a beer belly from too much drinking on what not - well - THIS course is what the doctor ordered, along with THIS ONE

And indeed, doing so could be fatal to your success at anything. 

Life, fitness, anything . . . 

I wrote about in the last email on how the girl "Chloe" (the same complainer I wrote about in an earlier email) has put something to the effect of "Billionaire by age 45" (she's 42, I believe now) on her LinkedIn profile. 

Now, this is fine for those that want to do it. 

Trouble is,it comes from the "fake it until you make it" bullshit the self help gurus spout. 

Affirmations, and all the other crap. 

You keep hearing that affirmations are the BIG dog of self help. That repeating to yourself "I am (whatever you want to be" will eventually make it happen. 

For instance, if you're broke as sh**, you repeat anyway, 108 times, "I'm rich". 

And variants of this. 

There is one huge problem with this, my friend - it sets you up for failure. 

And if I were Chloe, I'd tell her 3 things which would be all roundly ignored. 

One, tell the world what you're going to do, but SHOW it first. If you tell them first, chances are excellent and second to none it will never, ever happen. (or remote chances). 

Second, that sort of thing doesn't happen overnight . . . 

And third, and most importantly, when you keep telling yourself "you are", then guess what - your subconscious thinks you are. 

So you might actually have no money, or be deep in debt, but your mind will think you're a "billionaire". 

THIS is the secret the self help gurus do NOT want you to know about. 

THIS is ONE of the secrets I talk about in my coaching calls. 

And THIS is something I tell you to avoid (well, I dont tell you directly, but I tell you a DIFFERENT way to go about it) in my motivational books and courses. 

Zero to Hero! contains one of the REAL secrets - real drivers at the very start of the book, and Gumption Galore! contain it in each and every one of the 51 tips! 

But there is NO "fake it till you make it rubbish". 

Bozo Schofield sends me this sort of nonsense regularly while living in his hovel on public welfare. 

'nuff said? 


I'm not saying all affirmations are bad, by the way, not the least of which the great Claude Bristol' advice in terms of repeating the same chant over an over again until the subconscious GETS IT, but you have to choose the right word. 

And there is a FOUR Letter word here which is much ignore, and which if used right will do the trick (no, it doesn't start with "f" or "a", lol). 

Again, all a topic of constant discussion in the Ship . . . 

Personally, myself, fitness wise? 

I have never ONCE told myself that I "was something" I'm "not". 

When I couldn't do pull-ups, I vowed to get damned good at them, and I did. 

When I didnt sell online - anything - I vowed I'd do it, and I DID. 

When I didnt have my own biz years back and wanted to start one, and break FREE - I said I'd do it, and I did it. 

Never for a minute in any of that did I fake anything until I made it HAPPEN. 

And if I did, it would probably never have happened!

Anyway, several important tips in this one. See if you can find 'em! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Our ROCKSTAR courses are getting plenty of attention globally, my friend. As we go from one height to another, I bring to you our most exclusive course as yet - and definitely the missing link in ALL your training - oldtime strongman secrets to super strength and flexibility right here - Isometric And Flexibility Training. Along with Animal Kingdom Workouts and Pushup Central, this one is a MUST get. Get it now. 

I ain't in Texas as of now, but I did some reseach right quick and what I saw made even my "wearied" eyeballs goggle. 

Due to the recent mess with power etc (which seems to be mostly fixed by now from what I hear from people I KNOW living there) - electric had shot up to something like $9000mwh from $20/MWH. 

Like a 10K $ increase. Damn! (Government there or something finally put a cap on it, or it might have "Risen" further). 

Cold weather has hit MOST of the Southern US this year, but damn, in Texas, the #1 energy producing state and a very independent state for the most part - that would be the last place I'd imagine a power outage like that to happen. 

Like I said though, always stay prepared!

Then I read something on the sh-news about some billion dollar gaffe or something about Citibank. Apparently they sent some folks close to a billion green 'uns "by mistake:". 

Like, WTF? 

How does that even happen? 

I can tell you, I ain't seen one red cent of it, hehe. 

But really, it's another reason why I rarely if ever read the sh-news these days. Except to check on what Trump is up to! 

I mean, does this even sound believable (the "by mistake" part)? Not to me, my friend. 

Then from what I hear from my lovely wife back in India, the petrol (gas) prices there have risen to record highs never seen before. So has almost everything else for that matter. You'd think that India, being in the grip of the China plague much like America is, where nothing is really still back to normal or anywhere near it would have LOWER gas prices, but of course, big government can't deal with the hit to their under the table moolah, hehe. 

And in INdia, and again from what I hear last year they imposed a "Corona" tax on beer of all things! 

(liqor as well). 


A man can't drive without the government sneering at him, and neither can he enjoy a drink without that happening. 

THAT is their mentality, and it all adds up to panic, panic, and more panic. 

Sadly enough, I seem to be in the minority when I say this, because the sheeple in general don't believe it. 

Anyway, I try and not buy into this "its too expensive" stuff. 

First thing you know, the minute I do, my OWN prosperous mindset goes down the toilet. 

Like Napoelon Hill said, keep a mind tightly closed against any and all negative influences!

This doesn't mean don't acknowledge REALITY - do so - but you could do without reading some of the BS the "sh news" serves up on a regular basis, that I will say! 

Money, my friend, at the end of the day is spiritual and is ENERGY that flows to you. 

The more you "hoard" or treat it with a panic mindset the more it will RUN away from you. 

Much like the girls do from Bozo Schofield, hehe. 

But thats actually an apt metaphor and one Napoleon Hill uses in Think and Grow Rich as well where he states the methods of getting rich are not dissimilar in many ways to those you would use when wooing the maiden of your dreams. 

And the first and most important key is this (and most miss this) - it starts in your MIND. 

The deepest recesses of your mind is where it starts . . . 

Once you get that right, you'll never bother about "being broke" again or "running out of money", because you'll truly understand it's all a state of mind. 

True, this email may cause a lot of you to rant and rail against my saying this, but it's true - money - and all "material substances" on our great planet are formed FIRST AND FOREMOST - and ONLY - in the mind! 

And as to why this is true - and why deep emotion is really the key to all this (i.e staying prosperous no matte rwhat) - well - Zero to Hero explains that bit in the very first Chapter itself, I believe. (that, and the Henry Ford and Henry Kaiser statements that I've included in the book).  (a few from those great men). 

Get it if you so choose, and along with "10 Commandments of Succesful Sales" - be sure and APPLY the lessons learnt to your life too!

Let me know how it works for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - These are the times when you really go back to the basics, even those that have been reared on the Jim Shim. I mean, I'm hearing from long time gym addicts looking to install pull-up bars at their houses, and good on them for finally coming around to the TRUISM of pull-ups being one of the best yet toughest exercises out there. And to address and GET OVER the "tough" hump - get my course here - and start applying - now!

Friday, 19 February 2021 18:14

What we can ALL learn from the Texas blackout

Written by

Texas, probably my favorite state in the US of A, and (in my opinion) one of the most progressive in many ways. 

Does many things right, not the least of which being gun rights and such (and therefore low crime rate for the most part). Along with Arizona, it sometimes almost feels one's entered an "autonomous" part of the nation - - especially if one is coming from places like the Socialist Republic of New York (or somewhere in the Union of "Yankee" Socialist Republics), the People's Republic of California, and so on and so forth. 

Great place to be! 

And over the past week they've been dealing with problems normally only seen in India, hehe (and other "third world countries, or perhaps even certain parts of China 20 years ago). 

No power in freezing cold temperatures - way worse than normal, which is why the grid collapsed (so they say). 

And no potable water even for days. Texans were literally boiling their water the way it's done in many parts of the world ... 

Unthinkable for a state like texas. 

Lesson to be learnt? 

Never think, in life, business, health wise, or fitness wise "it can't happen to me". 

One is NEVER too big to be taken down. 

For those thinking Texas "didnt prepare" - wrong. This winter was just one of the coldest out there - and you'd think that with all the A/C's that run in summer, if they had the plants operating at that capacity/output, then there would be no problem now. 

Probably not - except? 

They didnt expect it. 

Always expect the unexpected (but HOPE for the best) is my mantra for everything, my friend. 

And for a state that does so much else RIGHT, it comes as an interesting wake up call in some regards. 

Some are calling for the state's mostly independent power grid to be "hooked up more" to the national grid. 

I dont agree - unless there is a convincing argument, I'd say it's far better to be independent as far as possible. 

But, due planning is required .... but of course, what does one do with completely unseasonal temperatures! 

(some seem to be saying that this sort of winter happens every 8 years, so why not prepare). 

As always, tons of opposing viewpoints on everything. 

End of the day - always remember - if it CAN happen - chances are it might - and therefore - always plan for it! 

Same thing with your health and fitness my friend. 

Always stay PREPARED for anything. 

Because, as a customer of mine said a while "yo unever know! You just might need it one day!" 

And that, my friend is that. 

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - PIck up the best home based fitness system here. It'll keep you warm, thats for sure - I remember many a "freezing weather" workout in China! (in years bygone it once SNOWED where I am - record cold!). 


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