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Monday, 30 November 2020 08:50

Muscle memory, and more ...

I remember a time in my life when I did not do a single pull-up for what seemed like ages (it was about a month- gasp!)

I’ve written of course about the time when I did not do any pushups for years, and how it HIT me when I finally started back up again (despite already being damn good at pull-ups).

Now, during this time I did pushups.

Plenty of ‘em.

And I really, really focused on handstand pushups.

Done in sets.

Done throughout the day.

And so forth.

I was really busy at the time doing a LOT of writing – sort of like I’ve been over the past few weeks NOW (and I dont predict it getting better any time soon, hehe).

And so I was knocking out mini workouts like I so often advocate.

When I went back to pull-ups, and I wrote about this I believe, I expected to effortlessly rock back into doing ‘em.

Not so my friend.

The first day I was amazed at how “different” it felt - and this BE the pull-up MASTER talking, hehe.

Not hard.


Funny part is this, tho ...

Once I got back to the park the second time to do ‘em, I started banging them out again with little or no “effort”.

And the thick bars, static holds – all came ROARING back with a vengeance, and then some.

Took all of three workouts, or two I should say to get back to BETTER than normal.

So, lesson here?

Or lessons?


One, muscle memory doesn’t go away if you train RIGHT. (no, the pumping and toning at the gym won’t build any sort of decent muscle memory. Sorry, but it’s true).

Second, pushups are of VITAL importance to any exercise program, and there is a reason why I call pushups the best exercise ever, and the BIG DOG of fitness in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Get good at pushups, and you’ll improve at everything else, but the reverse isn’t necessarily true.

And hence, I put out the supplementary exercises section in my books and course on pull-ups, both the elementary one (which is more than enough for most, to be honest) and the advanced course.

Super advanced be on the way too, hehe. Watch this space for more (i fyou’re interested in that!).

There is a reason though you see wrestlers and boxers pump out a ton of pushups, but lesser number for pull-ups.

Not saying they’re not good.

They are! One of the best exercises you can ever do!

But, pushups, pushups, pushups. Like I keep saying, hehe. Can’t be ignored!

(Not if you’re serious about real strength , health and fitness, not necessarily in that order).

And third?

Handstand pushups help to build pulling ability WAY more than you’d think if done right, and thats why I advocate doing them the way I do in my books – completely opposite to what most people think it should be like, but again, there is a reason.

And fourth?

Well, a lot of you love my books in paperback format.

And as of now, all of my stuff is digital (because it seems MANY people love it digital as well, especially the videos etc).

But as a bonus for purchasing off my site, and this is something you guys may or may not have noticed, I include a “faq” manual (an entire tiny course unto itself, really) along with Shoulders Like Boulders, for one, which is yours free if you buy off the site in digital format.

On Amazon etc you’ll have to fork out a tiny bit extra for it ... which is fine, of course, if you prefer it that way.

But I believe in giving those that buy off the site – as well as other loyal customers – a BENEFIT ... and that is the benefit here!

Alright, my friend. I’m out for now. Back soon – I’m sure! Hehe/


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I talk a lot, but believe me, DO what I say, and you WILL become a better YOU – and the fittest you’ve ever been.

Sunday, 29 November 2020 10:37

Wolf workouts, and building momentum!

It’s often said that once you’ve got momentum BUILDING – or BUILT up – at anything – you’re unstoppable.

Could be a cricket match (currently we have India vs Australia where India is chasing a mammoth score that the Aussies pulverized India for – btw – a shout out to the Aussie cricket team – I’ve always loved ‘em - - great, great “barnstormers” if I may borrow the term John!).

Especially Smith and Maxwell, but of course, Kohli and Rahul may have something to say about that! ;)

(Edit - just checked, and the "King" of one day chases is out, hehe). 

We’ll see how it pans out.

In the meantime though ... I’ve been feeling weak today. That stomach bug left me a bit weak it seems, and though I slept most of it off, and woke up feeling fine, I wasn’t sure what to write to you about.

Guess what I did.

I (and I know many are going to hate me for saying this, hehe) ... JUST DID IT!

Built momentum with a few sentences and though today was supposed to be a writing free day, I’m back at it!

Same thing for workouts, bro.

You just do it. Despite the hoo haa that Charles, a friend of mine made about my “just do it” approach ultimately it’s what WORKS – in life – biz – fitness.


And then YOU JUST DO IT, bro!

No whining. No whinging No Mama’s Boy Scofield drama.

You get down to it.

And you just do it!

Anyway, wolves.

I’ve written before about that, hehe.

How an Uncle of mine often called me a “wolf” for my lifestyle.

And he was right, of course. I prefer “caveman”, but lone wolf works fine too!

(The Bozo got that part right, although he used the term “loner” as if it was something to be ashamed of. Yes. Figured he’d say that. Bozos generally make those judgements!

Guess what – when you cut out bozos out of you life and become a “loner” and associate ONLY with those that are aligned with YOU and lift you UP as opposed to drag you DOWN – is the day your life will improve, and how!).

(You wont believe it – it’ll seem like magic, but it’s true. Cut what you dont want out of your life, and scary though the thought might be, guess what replaces it!)

And for a brief while there, I thought about becoming “Denzel” in Training Day and putting out “Wolf Workouts”, hehe.

Thats a rooster, dawg! Give me a wolf!


I love ole Denzel. Training day is one of my favorite flicks. Right up there!

And ... it’s workouts like I advocate – WOLF like workouts done on your lonesome without the bros primping and preening and posing and looking at the girls next to you.

It’s the WOLF like workouts that give you gumption – strength – character – and the DESIRE, WILL and power to face ANYTHING in life!

Ever wondered how most prisoners are in such kick ass shape? Charles Bronson for one?

And I’ll leave you be on that note!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushups and Isometrics were part of Bronson’s routine. Dont believe me? Well – read his book – and no, I get nothing for promoting it, but what he said was true – and thats precisely what I have been saying !

PS 2 – NO, I do not advocate breaking the law to get in shape, hehe. I know that sounds silly to say, but trust me – with some of the nimrods out there on the Web readin gthis via Google or whatever – well – I had and have to say it! Hehe. Like I tell people to be “careful” when doing handstands. You would be nigh on surprised at how the elementary things need to be drilled into the vast majority of people!

Saturday, 28 November 2020 16:43

Barnstorming fitness – and three more BARNSTORMER REVIEWS!

Recently a customer ordered three of my books off Amazon (in addition to a few others he owns already).

His goal is to own everything I’ve written (fitness books) . . .which I can’t say is an entirely bad thing if you’re into true and functional fitness routines – that just flat out work – and make NO excuses for doing so!

What do I mean?

Well, lets hear it from the man himself, John Walker (from the U.K.) ... here is what he has to say about Battletank Shoulders (he owns Shoulders like Boulders already) - -

Another Barnstormer Rahul!!!


Yet again the bodyweight guru smashes it out of the park with "the book" on building shoulder size and power.
Like Rahul's other books this one is elegant in it's "simplicity" (simplistic not easy).
If you like to "train savage" this is must have book!!!
Bravo Rahul bravo.
John Walker.

 .... for Corrugated Core .... 

Not Another Abs Book

This is functional core training, not your usual get "buffed for the beach" nonsense.
This is hardcore training for a hard core, if you're after performance above pretty, then this is for you.
John Walker.


For "Gorilla Grip" (advanced) - he owns the "basic" version already ... 

Awesome book! 

If you've ever dreamt of having a grip so strong that it's literally intimidating, then look no further than this book, if you follow the advice in this book and you're prepared to put in the work you will develop a grip that is quite literally terrifying.


Well, my friend, I think (for a change, hehe) yours truly doesnt need to say much in addition to whats been already said.

Except for thanks for the great reviews again ,John – and happy, happy TRAINING!

I’m out – and I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And he’s right. Simple doesnt necessary equate to easy. Like the great Fred Herman said, selling is simple – but not necessarily easy! And the SAME thing holds true for my fitness programs. Get on them NOW my friend – you’ll never look back!

Thursday, 26 November 2020 15:10

Feeling on top of the world when CHAINED to the keyboard!

We had a bit of an issue with one of the sites last night that was a “blink and you'll miss it” thang of sorts.

And you probably missed it. Heck, I almost did myself!

But anyway, and either way, I've been chained to the keyboard pretty much since this past Monday.

And given the rest of the world (or in th eUS, anyway) is on Thanksgiving break, it seems apt that yours truly “contradictory as usual” chose THIS time to go full bore for another writing spree.

I thought (and on that note, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you no matter where y'all BE!) that Jump Rope Mania! Would be the end of it for now.

But it wasn't.

Another NEW course on another site followed.

Followed by a compilation.

And then late last night (or early this morning) I started the book on isometrics, and Ive been chained to the keyboard ever since, not to mention I've also NOT slacked back one damn bit on any of my other writing.

Which includes these daily (I promise daily, but it is usually three times a day!) emails.

Not just for this site, but another one too.

Coaching plans etc and “staying on top” of other business (sales, accounting, the whole shebang).

And of course, new books which I've not done for a while, but I am now.

And the good news is, the book on ISOMETRICS is waiting to be released.

Pictures need to be taken, but thats it!

 (and I need to tinker around with a few "new" workouts I want to put in there!) 

And right now, we are accepting pre-orders for the book – and of course, those of you that email meabout it before release – I'll make sure yall get a discount coupon in your Inboxes for the book!

Actually, for the site I should say. I haven't had a formal Thanksgiving sale in forever, but I've had two “sales” of different natures this week including this one, so ... that shoudl suffice!

By the way unlike last time, I DO have the book backup . I'm being over scruplous now with backups of any nature, hehe.

And just so you know that when my regular customers ASK, I listen – plyometrics WILL be the next one out too! ;-)

I should have titled that as the subject of this email.

But anyway, feeling great you ask?

When most would be feeling stiff and cranky and sore?

Well, I'm a bit sore – but thats it.

I did a few minutes (nay, seconds, I believe) of the very workouts I'm going to put in the book on isometrics – workouts that aren't really workouts, yet they are.

That don't feel like you're working out. 

Yet, you are.

And you're doing IMMEASURABLE BENEFIT to your body from the inside out!

Not to mention feel like a bazillion bucks overall!

Anyway, I'm back to it after some tea, but for now, the sales page is up right here – Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Take a gander, and shoot me an email in case you are intereste din pre-ordering, and we'll go from there.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As always, it's an ebook – yours to download upon reciept of payment. Instantly!

PS # 2- And as always, if you want paperbacks, email me and we'll see what we can finangle ..

Friday, 20 November 2020 19:18

Why I don't really advocate close grip handstand pushups ...

You on this list, and indeed those of you that have bought my books etc are no doubt aware of my liking for the CLOSE grip pushup – and all it's many variants.

That being, to bring the hands in close together while doing pushups – or the “elbows in” boxer style pushup as I like to call it.

I dont know why, but every time I say pushups, people think this means either with arms at shoulder width, or slightly wider than that.

And I have to say this.

If THAT style is all you're (primarily) doing for that type of pushup (and there are many!) then you're not only doing yourself and your strength training a disservice, but the mighty pushup as well!

Believe me, the elbows in variant is so much better than the regular version that I could probably write a mini -manual on that alone!

And while the regular version(s) are fine to start off with I don't recommend you “stay” there.

(Of course, it's still better than benching or doing nothing, but hey ... )

Anyway, in came a question from a subscriber a while ago that I completely forgot to address here.


What are your thoughts on close grip handstand pushups? Would you say they work the body and the shoulders, specifically, more intesely than the regular version?”

There was more. He had another question which I believe I did address ...

... But back to this one, and it's a good question actually 

I don't really advocate the close grip version of the handsand pushup my friend – for two reasons primarily.

One, BALANCE and reducing unneeded stress and strain on the wrist (and indeed, by extension) the elbows are parmount when doing any upper body exercise, and all the more so for intense workouts such as what handstand pushups lend themselves to.

And believe me on this one – no matter how much of an expert you are or will get to be at these, the closer you get, the more “unbalanced” you'll start to get.

Handstands and handstand pushups are meant to work the MAJOR big muscles of your upper body and the forearms. And the core, of course. And lower back.

But again, upper body wise – that means traps, shoulders and LATS (is it any surprise that I've always mentioned handstand pushups as one of the keys to getting better at pull-ups, and why the two together make an unbeatable workout combo?) . . .

And the closer you get with your hands when upside down, the more strain goes AWAY from said muscles.

Not good, and not what you want.

And as for “diamond” style handstand pushups?

Well, you could try – but again – I believe the variants I give you in Shoulders like Boulders, combined with the pulling variants in Battletank Shoulders are ALL you need for your entire life in that regard my friend.

As for pull-ups, well, you're already well aware of my views on the close grip pull-up – and why 

One of the best ever movements! Enough said, hehe.

Anyway, these and MANY other “faq's” make their way to me pretty frequently my friend, and sometimes I forget to address them in these emails.

And that is why I did up the “faq” on handstand pushups – and PULL-ups.

25 in each book, I believe – or mini book I should say, and if you're ordering off the 0 Excuses site, well, they're yours FREE with the purchase of the other books.

But if you're ordering off Amazon etc, well, it's a seperate order.

I don't believe I've gotten around to putting them anywhere else, unlike my other books, and I probably won't either. Hehe.

Well, my friend – thats it for now. Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the best course on pushups right here – Pushup Central. My fingers grow weary of typing it, but I'll do so anyway – I nigh on challenge you to find one better than THIS! ;)

Friday, 20 November 2020 07:49

On ripping a phonebook in half ... WITHOUT training for it?

It's been “one of those nighs”, and as I wake up (an hour ago, actually) FRESH AS A DAISY, and READY TO GO – RARING TO GO – I'll share some interesting parts of the dream with you.

First “yours truly” (or whatever yours truly symobilizes in a dream for that matter) showed up in front of some sort of a classroom, or perhaps a seminar – I dont know.

It was unexpected. Completely so !

And out of the blue, I take out a book. Might have one of mine, or might not have been. I dont know.

And I ... rip the little sucker in half and then calmly put the “two halves” on the table.

Minutes later, I repeat this with another THICK phonebook – about ten times as thick.

I remember thinking in the dream “boy I haven't done this before!”

And yet, as I think about this ... I “just do it”.


The first page tears, and then the rest do (and yes, there is an ART to this!) ... and as the two pieces are put back on the desk, I announce a 250 GBP prize for whatever reason to ANYONE that can do it.

And needless to say, no-one did and the dream shifted on to even more vivid “details” which I may or may not talk about on here.

Some things are best left unsaid – on this site, that is. And in these emails! ;-)

But anyway, the point of me bringing this up here?

First, you don't just need a strong grip to tear apart phone books in half.

In fact, you need a strong grip yes, but you need strong FINGERS, and a grip that is strong in the REVERSE direction as well.

And all the machines in the world and all the gyms will NOT give you that sort of grip my friend – unless you TRAIN it. Actively so.

Which of course, brings me to my second point.

You gotta train something if you want to get better at it.

Thats obvious, ain't it.

The more you do it, the more you get better at it. 

But here's the third point, which you might find strange as well, and in opposition to the second.

Is that your MIND actually controls way, way more of your muscle than you might think.

If you can tear apart a phonebook right now, chances are you can do so with a book 25% thicker – if you just “visualize” it first.

Your mind can indeed perform miracles!

I remember the tale I heard years ago about a little ole lady who didnt train, and her husband (I believe? Or maybe son...) somehow got pinned under a car bumper.

This lady was frail, old, and did NOT train.

And yet, as the incident occured, she didnt do much but rush to the spot, and ...

... lift the damned car off him!

True story, and I'lls ee if I can find th elink.

Your mind, my friend, is what drive syou to perform MIRACLES and hence my constant babble about the right form of mental conditioing in any endavor.

Anyway, back to the physical.

Think about how your fingers are positioned when you start to rip the damn book apart.

It's NOT the typical “gorilla like crushing” grip position yo udo on pull-ups, is it?


It's the basics, my friend.

Fingertip pushups, for one, done right will give you those sort of fingers, and a GRIP OF STEEL TO BOOT!

(Think Dan Hodge crushing apples with his bare hands at the age of 80 plus, and the fingertip pushup was a favorite in his reportiore).

Handstand pushups, another old favorite will train the forearms in that direction!

It's fingers – and the fact you need to train the wrists and fingers in every possible direction, not just one 

And don't get me wrong – the crushing grip is important as heck too. Pull-ups are as well.

But it's the COMBO that really gets the job done!

And it's a combo I've used repeatedly in ALL of my advanced courses, my friend.

And it's a combo that will get YOU into kick butt, ass kicking shape.

You might not be able to rip phonebooks apart like that. Heck, I can't!

(thats because I dont want to in terms of goals right now, hehe) 

But I do have a pretty strong grip, and believe me – as Rocky said – the grip is the last thing to go on a man!

And it's the FIRST Thing, along with NECK, traps and LEGS and core that tell you a lot about the state of a man's training – and it's something you can't hide in clothing.

Move over bench presses and the mamsy pamsies who focus soles on “building the pecs”.

So useless I can't even begin to say ...

Anyway, thats it from here. If you can figure out more than a few tips from this here jumble (not really, hehe) – well – you're my MAN!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Or woman, for that matter. Believe me, this stuff I do is NOT just for men – women can do it just as well, and Corrugated Core for one is PROOF of that fact. Don't believe me? Crack the book open, and you'll see my wife featured in some of those workouts!

PPS – And KIDS can workout right too – see Kiddie Fitness for more on that !

PPS #2 – Yes, I know. I've driven my family nuts with my caveman ways, and “please be silent” requests. And of course, the workouts! Hehe. But it's a good thing, actually.

Saturday, 24 October 2020 16:55

Workout #2 ... and more on RUNNING!

So as promised, the update!

But before that, a bit on running, something I Wrote about the other day.

You'll remember I wrote about running not being as bad as it's made out to be – provided it's NOT pavement pounding, and YES, there is a difference!

Anyway, being that I hadn't exercised “twice a day” for a while, I saw many old faces out there in the park at nighttime, including a guy I wrote about before once.

A realistic dude, and a business person (who does NOT buy into the mask wearing nonsense, and neither does he buy into the panic. Precautions NOT panic as I'm sure he'd agree!).

Naturally, we got to talking. I think I Was doing monkey bar work at the time, and he came up to me, and the first thing I noticed (and told him).

“Man!!! You've lost some weight, thats for sure!

And though it was dark, I gave him the once over again.

Yes! On the face, neck, and especially the legs etc. And the belly was a lot less from what I remember before (he wasn't really “fat” before, just perhaps a bit overweight, but he's positively looking slim and STRONG now!).

And he's been running around the park at a pretty brisk clip too, which is something I never saw him do before.

And as he said ... 

“you know, running really helps! It's boring, but it helps!”

“Yes”, I replied, grinning. “Especially if you run FAST as you are!”

“Well, even slowly” he replied. “I used to do it slowly for a long time, and ... “

“Yes. You do need to do it for a long time in that case!”

And the boring part, and then of course we got to talking about uphill walks, runs, and more.

 And then, of course.

 The situation.

 The plague from China.

 And I must admit, this dude gave me a point of view I had NOT thought of before, at least not actively.

 "I think once the COVID19 scare passes is when the world will really start to stick to China and demand that ... “

 "Yes”, I said. “Right now people just dont know what to do”.

 “Yes. Keeping their heads above water as it were!”

 Anyway, this dude is doing great in HIS Own business, and is a great example of something I've been saying all along i.e. The smart businessmen make MORE dough during the downtimes, and those are usually the businesses that last for the long term!

 And workout wise, it was a great one.

 50 pull-ups.

And various types of pull-ups, including those fabled rope and ring pull-ups ... oh boy!

Can feel it right now.

And no, while 50 pull-ups and 3000 jumps may sound like a lot (it is, actually) – you do NOT need to go that long or for that many reps.

Even doing something SHORT – brief and quick – twice a day gets the trick done.

In the wild, yous ee a tiger walk slowly for hours on end, but when it comes time to get the job done? ?

BAM! That deer don't stand a chance, and thats often the only real sprint the tiger does for days.

Same thing for YOU.

You could do sprints every other day, for instance. A 15 minute investment ALL IN ALL even for the super fit amongst you.

Or, perhaps 25 pushups in the morning, and 25 at night depending upon your fitness levels.

Hardly herculean in terms of time eh.

Or perhaps you jump rope for 10 minutes in the morning. Do pull-ups and pushups at night!

Key is to do something daily.

Key is to do something multiple times a day, but NOT BURN out when you do so!

And so it goes.

And thats really how it goes, my friend. More later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Have you checked out Pushup Central as yet?? Truly the BEST DAMN course there is on pushups – do so right HERE.

Saturday, 17 October 2020 08:06

The “they're elite and I'll never get there. How dare I” subconscious thinking …

…. that you need to avoid at all costs, I should say.

What do I mean.

Well I've written tomes about the “how dare he!” thoughts I get and pick up from TONS of people out there familiar with my writings. And my work. And more! ;)

 You truly ARE defined more by your haters than thos ethat love you and buy from you, and if you have any doubt on this, just look at any successful person my friend (anyone you consider successful) and you'll quickly see the TRUTH behind this statement.

 Now, back to it.

 Ever notice when people make the following statements …

 "Oh, those politicians! They're all hand in glove! They're all in cahoots!”

 "Oh, those big business men, they're all way out of our league! All in cahoots!”

 And so goes the mournful chant, accompanied by a “deflated” feeling on the part of the person saying it, and then of course IRRITATION.

 And ignorance of the fact (well, consciously, but not subconsciously!) that they themselves are as far from said person's success as I am from Mars right about now at the time of writing this, for one …

 Now, note two things.

 The above is correct.

 And the above two statements … well, in theory they may or may not be right.

 That ain't the point though.

 Point is the emphasis on the word “them” (or those).

 People making statements like these put themselves into a different bracket from the above subconsciously.

 Am I saying dont use the word?

 Not at all.

 It's there in the English language for a reason.

 But it's the WAY in which that word is used!

 As if these people are God, or someone the mourners can't emulate!

 Of course they can.

 The fact is, most people are too LAZY to buckle down to brass tacks and DO what it takes to get to where they want to be, rather preferring to focus on social media shmedia, “follow” their favorite people, and in general do everything but that what is required to get THEM to the point that THEY can …

 …. ah, but they don't even believe they can!

 And therein lies the crux of the issue, and why most people in this here world do NOT succeed (and no, it ain't their “fault” either in many regards).

 We've been fed a crock of shit my friend.

 We've been all spoonfed the crock of “getting a good job”, for one, and living a steady life, but what about the virtues of “doing your own thing” and the satisfaction you get from finally getting there, not to mention being able to make LIFE MARCH TO YOUR OWN TERMS?

 How often do we hear that?

 No. We don't.

 We hear “oh, you have no ambition! You can never do it!”

 And being our minds believe anything that we're told enough number of times, (subconscious mind that is, and therein lies the SEAT of accomplishment and true power) …

 Hey, look buddy.

 These guys were the same as YOU once.

 Donald Trump for one has been broke and has FAILED way more times than he has succeeded and sit down with him and have a chat, and he'll be the first one to tell you.

 Jeff Bezos was nothing but an unemployed office worker who was told NOT to create Amazon when he first started!

 And this holds true for ANY successful person. I cannot remember the other example I had in mind this morning, but the above two should suffice.

 It aint about you're not in their league. Anyone can be, if they try!

 When I hear statements like the above, incredulousness jumps to my mind, not because “they aren't in cahoots” necessarily.

 They might be.

 But because of how the person says the word “they” …

 As if they themselves can never get there.


 The human mind if harnessed correctly can perform MIRACLES my friend. Nigh on miracles, and this is as true as the sunlight shining outside the window in the late afternoon as I sit here writing this …

 (Nah, not really. I'm in my cave. Hehe)..

 And yeah, it applies to FITNESS too.

 “You look like am ovie star!”

 “You're super fit!”

 “I wish I had great genetics like you!” (newsflash, the idiots who say this have NO clue; it's the exact opposite!)

 And while I've written about all that before, the MENTALITY of the person saying this is something I wanna mention today.

 “I can never get there”, person is subconsciously thinking (if he's the lazy loser slob type).

 The DOERS, on the other hand look at me. Or anyone they consider to be at a high level.

 They say NOTHING in most cases.

 They get down to brass tacks. They invest in the PRODUCTS they need. And they just DO IT.

 Pretty sure, they're at the same level themselves, or better in some ways!

 And thats what it's truly about my friend.

 You have to stop making excuses to yourself my friend.

 You have to stop trying to convince yourself that you “cant”.

 And most of all, you gotta stop bickering and JUST DO IT (one reason I love Trump so muchj, and one reason that while I didnt even mention politics etc before 2020, I do now, and a lot, because he's a goddamned businessman, not a politician, and he gets thing DONE – high energy, high OCTANE!!)

 If you're too fat to do pull-ups, then just lose weight my friend.

 I dont care if that means you starve or don't drink beer. I don't care if it means the latest keto-sheeto diet, or what not. I don't care if you feel tired and rundown. I don't give a shit about any of that.

 What I care about is you getting down to brass tacks and just doing it my friend.

 Believe me, simple approaches work the best, and this one approach will reap RICH dividends, if you just let it!

 And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

 PS – Again, make sure to GET ON THE fitness train right HERE my friend. Truly the best fitness investment you'll ever make and one that just flat out works!

 PS #2 – Ah, I just remembered. I was going to talk about Herschel Walker!

 Charles who moaned about my info being useless said the following about him.

 “But he's got great genetics! Muscle sticks to him like shit on a ...”

 (Um no it doesnt brah. And he's said it himself plenty of times. He's a hard gainer with terrible genetics!)

 “He's 75 lbs bigger than you!”

 (This when doing a discussion on how according to Charles big guys couldn't do pull-ups.)

 (I mean, really. Not only does it have nothing to do with the price of fish in Germany for one, but it's a ridiculous statement to make anyway in the context of the discussion. Big small, yada, nada, schnada. Who cares! Just get off your ass, lose that weight, and then just do it BRAH!)

 … And Yes, you CAN get to his levels if you believe, but you won't, but this is not for you, it's for the others reading that can, and WILL BELIEVE!

 PPS – Be sure and pick up the PATHBREAKING course on pull-ups rigt here. The latest edition is PEPPERED with tips that will BLAST your performance sky high and right through the gym roof. You'll never want to gym shym again once you get good at PULL-UPS!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 07 October 2020 14:19

Hump Day training, and more on the 50% training I wrote about in the last email

So, it BE Wednesday in this here neck of the woods wher eI’m at.

And it BE  a great, great day. Some call it Hump Day.

And probably rightfully so in more ways than one given what I just got done doing, and no, before you ask, neither is the training nor what I just got done part of what you’re thinking, or anywhere near it.

My other list on the other sites may think something in that regard, and they’d be RIGHT. ?

But here’s the point.

What I said above is one of the best visualization techniques ever, especially if you’re doing tough workouts.

And WILL catapult your results through the ROOF, my friend.

Lets say you’re embarking on a tough tough workout (for you, lets say) of 100 pushups.

Your previous best was 50 in one workout, and that was ONE Time . . .

So you’re aiming at 100.

You get to 30.

The fatigue kicks in. The sweat drips off your brow. And you think about quitting.

“OK, lets just make it to 50. Then we’ll see!”

And yet, a better way of looking at this is as follows.

“I’ve made it to 50! That’s half out of the way!”

Way back in the day, I did this when I followed that punishing and grueling hill climb regiment I so love.

Let me tell you something, boyo. It ain’t easy for one climbing up steep hills in the middle of the day in Guangdong style heat and humidity, and that’s made it to the book on fitness recollections as well for a reason, but the point is it ain’t easy.

Often times, I’d use visuals to get myself through.

Sometimes I’d compare my slow (and last) walk up the hill to the Undertaker’s as he slowwwwwlllly walks to the ring.

And other times, after I got done with 2 climbs, I’d talk to myself.

That’s two done, Rahul. Just two more left!

I don’t know why, but this gave me a huge, huge mental boost and I needed it. Trust me!

And the same thing applies to you, regardless of what workout you do or if you pump weights or do bodyweight or do that “other” workout (well, not really in that case, hehe).

Anyway, more on training half bore you ask ?

Well, the Bourne Series comes to mind again! One of my favorite movies ever is the Bourne Identity (Supremacy is by far the best in my book) and while the book is much better obviously, Matt Damon doe a stellar job of portraying an ex CIA assassin whose “mind is broken” (memory loss, whatever).

ONLY Damon could have done it. And I’ve written tomes about him and the movie and his TRAINING for the movie as well before!

And as the Identity starts, we see him doing pull-up on a wooden ledge on a boat.

Pull-up purists including yours truly may have a thought here.

That he’s neither going all the way up nor all the way down, which NO, I do NOT recommened.

I do not recommend kipping either and have said why.

But other hand . . .

If you’re already cranking out 5 pull-ups per set, for instance, but can’t quite seem to get to the magic 10 a set number, then you may want to try half pull-ups – on occasional.

Go all the way down, and pull-up, but only half (even if you can do a bit more) and then hold, and then go DOWN again, all the way.

That’s ONE way of doing it.

And count the half rep as a rep, because you’re doing it AFTER your max 5 rep count (note – do NOT do it before you max out).

Believe me now, and trust me later, you’ll benefit GREATLY from adopting this one technique into not just your pull-up workout, but overall workouts.

And that’s that for now (yes, again). Back soon! (yes, again).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Take a gander at the 0 Excuses Fitness System, plenty more such great, great tips including one on how to recover QUICK when you’re out of breath right HERE.

Monday, 05 October 2020 07:24

On my fitness programs being “hardly” pathbreaking, beached whales teaching yoga, and more . . .

One of the comments in the lengthy rants I recently received to a post about pull-ups - - and one I did not address as yet is this.

“Your fitness info is hardly pathbreaking!”

Now, for context, the rants were LONG. Drunken rants that came straight from the heart, and while I thanked the poster for his thoughts, I will say this – a chuckle or two (or more) escaped me at the inanity of it all and the hidden point of it all (NOT exercise related) that he was and is still completely missing . . .

. . . which led to two emails of course, lengthy ones.

Andt hose are posted on the blogs for posterity’s sake . . . do a search and you’ll find ‘em. My dips yesterday after a loooong time have left my chest fibers extra sore, so I’m going to be lazy in this regard for once andnot post links etc!

But really.

Most people that are “slim and skinny” or eeven “in shape” can’t do a single pull-up, my friend. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that the vast majority of adult men and practically ALL The pumpers and toners and so called one rep weight pounders couldn’t even begin to hang on to the pull-up bar for any length of time.

And they’d probably tear a tricep or worse if they tried a pull-up.

Weight loss is an issue for most people out there. For years for some!

Despite being told how to lose weight most people CANNOT do so in the manner they’d really, really like.

Let’s face it, bro. We all want that V taper and “chiseled look”. That “packed” chest. That back that gives of the impression of doing one pull-up after other (as Marc told me “that V shape to your back”!).

And it’s when we can’t get it (because we’re either too LAZY or just don’t know how) that the comments come in thick and fast, and here’s an honest and straight from the heart FACT.

I enjoy ‘em all, so please DO keep ‘em coming!

But really. Not pathbreaking? Losing kgs of weight in a single day, often times hours after a workout - - not pathbreaking? Especially when being on a diet that most would consider AWFUL . . .

I guess not for the nutzos out there who’ll find any excuse to justify their “slobbenneess”.

Is that even a word. Hehe.

Anyway, point of all this?

Well, one is obvious.

And the second is this – I’ve been seeing (over the past few months) a rash of bozos that have been parading around town as “fitness experts” (and for whatever reason, teaching “yoga for weight loss”).

Well, first thing you know, yoga ain’t all it’s touted to be, and I’ve written about that before, and certainly NOT for weight loss.

Second, and more importantly, the people doing it are FAT.

I mean, big time fat in many cases.

I’ve been watching a few vidoes my wife and daughter have been sending me of my daughter’s online “exercise class”.

And the one I watched this morning?

Jesus Jumping Christ on a Pogo Stick is all I can say.

Now, the dude who normally does it (or did it apparently) wasn’t exactly the fittest by any yardstick.

Had a belly poking out under the massive T shirt he wore, and man boobs down to his belly button. . .

But he looks positively skinny in comparison to this latest specimen that is apparently doing the kids “exercise” class.

(replete with “kids, don’t forget the water”! – much like you hear in the gyms with idiotic personal trainers massaging their clients shoulders after sets of reps with pinky dumbells and “cautioning” them to keep their latte or water or what not filled as they “jog on the old man mill (treadmill)”.)

I mean, its so stupid to start with, but the lady herself?

To call her a beached whale would be doing the goddamn whale a disservice my friend.


Pure, unadulterated LARD!

And a backside that (as she was doing the upward and downward dog, or struggling to) would make those of you that love ‘em big PROUD (or other things).

I mean, really folks.

There’s no reason to be artificially thin or what not. And if you’re fat or somewhat fat and can do things normal people cannot, then by all means FLAUNT it (if you so choose).

But when you’re teaching kids yoga or what not, the least you can do is to a) stay in some sort of shape yourself as opposed to looking like a hog more than a fitness teacher and b) actually be able to DO said exercises yourself!

Putting this in context (yet again) . . .

Sure, a military general doesn’t need to be in top shape like his soldiers do. That’s not his job!

But he doesn’t need to be a slob either!

Ditto for ALL teachers of any nature, shape or form.

And as I almost throw up my tea as I think about the video sent to me, and say “Jesus, Joseph and Mary” (really, I ain’t a religious person, don’t believe in religion, but THAT was what came to mind when I first saw the lady teaching) . . . I feel compelled to write this.

Take this for what you may, hehe. Up to you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And that’s why I INSIST on taking pictures, once, twice, and sometimes thrice for my books. One, to SHOW you how it’s done, and two to show you that yours truly can do ‘em too, at all weights at that. Sometimes (and I’ve said this before) the books take longer to put out because I have to redo many of the pictures, but it’s all worth it! Pushup Central took forever to get out, for one, but it was so worth it!

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