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Sunday, 25 July 2021 04:38

Why walking to me, is an activity that cannot be replicated along with SQUATTING

The past couple of days - well, Thursday and Friday have been somewhat annoying and hectic around here. 

And while I won't get into the whys and wherefore's here, let me say this - last night, or more accurately, for a lot of yesterday, I was feeling a strange "pain" in the joint connecting the foot to the ankle. 

Yes, THAT joint I keep telling you to strengthen via the "foot circles" in Isometric and Flexibility Training. There is a REASON!

Now, I've been focusing heavily on the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat in that book as of late, so haven't done a lot of the rest of it (as of late) - other than the hamstring stretches that I do EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL. 

But anyway, despite all the intense Lumberjack training making my shoulers POP - trust me, brand new XXL T - shirts - I can barely "get into them" if you get my drift - despite all the handstands and pull-ups, despite all the HIndu and other squats, rope jumps etc ... there is ONE thing I haven't been doing a lot as of late, that one thing we were all meant to do. 


Thursday an dFriday was a lot of walking. 

None of it really intense, and when there were stairs? 

I just bounded up them like nothing - didnt even feel it to be honest. Heart rate barely went up AT ALL!

But the wierd sort of tendon "soreness" I had yesterday - well, that reminded me of a fact that I've always known, but need keep being reminded of. 

One, leg training - intense leg training - you cannot beat it! 

And two - training the feet - and the ligaments of the feet - again, a must do - along with WALKING!

There is NO activity, my friend, that can replace walking. 

But the very motion of putting one foot in front of the other is a natural one, and no-one should overlook the health and mental benefits of walks. 

Those long walks up the hill in China did more than just reduce fat - they built mental strength and toughness like nothing I've ever done. 

I sent my wife some pictures (you'll see one I believe on the sales page for 16 Inspirational FItness Recollections) and her comment was along the lines of "walking will get you FIT!" 

True, that was up hill walks daily in extreme heat and humidity. 

But still, walking is something along with squatting - that YOU, my friend, should do your entire life -and keep doing anyway even if you're super fit now. 

Squatting of course, Ive gone into the benefits before, so I wont do so again ... 

But these two simple activities will keep you fit and lean until the day you pass - and if you combine them with the tips, techniques, and the workouts in my other books - well, you'll become a fitness phenom very shorly too!

Well, my friend, thats it for now - but wait. 

Before I leave ...

In Advanced Hill Training, a book that is sort of like the pre-cursor to Animal Kingdom Workouts - I tell you HOW to walk. 

No, "just walking" isn't the key here. 

Neither is power walking ... 

There is a way to connect with the ground as you walk, there is a way to breathe, there is a right way, and a wrong way. 

And that small section in the book which most people seem to ignore - well - don't, my friend. 

That section is truly GOLD!

And if you haven't already, of course, then get the book now - you'll truly be transported "back in time" to 2018 as you read and watch me train "almost like I was there with you"! 

Truly worth it, must grab!


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 10 July 2021 08:10

The GREAT review that Kiddie Fitness just received!

I just had to write to you about this, my friend!

After rejigging that products page in the morning - I got to working on the sales page for the book on Nazi feminism. 

Which is 99.99% done - and I need to make a few minor changes before getting it live on the site, which should be very very soon indeed, my friend - be on the outlook for it - you'll LOVE IT! (both real men and if you're sick and tired of the constant mood swings, entitlement etc that women hit us with all th e time). 

I figured I'd check my email. And I got this great review for Kiddie Fitness - a book truly worth it's weight in GOLD!

Trust me, and I just updated the sales page to say this - especially in these times of dumbphone addiction and China virus and "lockdown shockdown" - this book is probably a must grab for EVERYONE, my friend - and certainly so if you have kids (of any age!). 

Trust me, it's information that is both golden and priceless, and brings results like nothing you've ever done with your kids, so if you have not already, grab it now, but wait a min! 

I got ahead of myself. I often do, hehe.

Here is the review sent in by Lee Lowder from (I believe the US?) - 


Fun and Effective!

The only thing close to a complaint I have is that there is no video - but that isn't a huge one.

The movements are deceptively simple, but give you a workout. It's presented in a way that you are more or less playing with your kids while improving their health, endurance, and strength. Suitable for pretty much all school aged children as well - some of the movements can be done by younger kids, if you can get them to follow along.... Teens may be "too cool" but start 'em young and you'll get past that when the time comes. If it is too late to start 'em young, trick them into thinking it is their idea, or show them the book and have them come up with a program and coach you on it.

Amen - I could not have said it better! 

Lee, my friend - thank you for your support, and answering the "call" I sent out in the last email (a lot of 'em) in terms of providing REVIEWS - and in terms of placing the pre-order!

I believe the system should have auto emailed you a 10% discount code - let me know if you got it!

(PS - That is a huge bonus for everyone still on the fence about reviews - remember, auto 10% discount code for leaving reviews - which costs you nothing at all but a few minutes of your time!)

And, Lee's review is posted on the left hand side of the blog page on the site too. 

More "featured" reviews at the bottom of the page!

Truly a fanatic about real reviews am I! 

And even the Bozo Schofield reviews, hehe, but let's address what he said. 

First, he's right. 

I was going to put out a video for this - with my lovely little girl being the main star (only star, most likely!). 

But she wasn't willing. Hehe. It was enough to, as he says, "get her to focus" on taking the PICTURES for the book- a video? 

That might have been a stretch too far, hehe. 

Maybe I'll talk to her again about it. 

Or, maybe we'll do some secret filming with yours truly and her while she's doing the workout, and I'm there too. Hehe. Sometimes with kids it works best that way!

And like Lee said. 

DECEPTIVELY Simple movements - heck yeah!

Some of these movements look so simple the average adult would pooh pooh at 'em, but get THEM to do the thing? 

And they'll more than likely fall fat (flat, hehe) on their faces. 

Movements tailored especially for kids - but movements that strengthen, stretch and build your kid up internally - both mentally and physically - like all my other great products do. 

And movements many adults could use too, to be honest. 

Trick them into thinking it's their idea. 

True indeed! Lee's indeed experienced at how to deal with kids, hehe. And he's right! Give 'em the credit first, and see how quickly they do what you want 'em to do! 

(same thing for idiotic Nazi feminists as well, but thats a different kettle of fish, hehe - pun intended and maybe not). 

And anyway ... 

No, you're never "too cool" for any of this, my friend. 

I said on Twitter this morning - FOLLOW THE BASICS - ALWAYS!

And it holds true. 

You are never evet too cool for these, my friend, and neither is any kid!

And on that note, I'm out. 

Be on the outlook for the sales page for Nazi feminism coming up soon - book's I believe 85% done at the time of writing this, and coming soon, along with plenty more too! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And yes, write back - share more reviews, folks - the more the merrier!

PS #2 - Remember to grab what should be the base for any serious fitness enthusiast - the 0 Excuses Fitness System - right HERE

Monday, 28 June 2021 13:14

The Indian club workout that almost shattered my cheekbone!

Like the recent email about "do I train with beer kegs" - this one will be short! 

Hopefully so, at least. 

But while training with my clubs today, I remembered an incident that happened a few days that I don't know if I wrote to you about it or not. 

I believe I mentioned it in jest. 

"Smacked on the head with a clubbell", or something like that, I believe I said? 

Well, thats exactly what happened!

And as I was twirling my 12 kg club today like a magician's wand, one handed, back and forth, slithering in and out like a coiled snake ready to spring (no puns intended - I'm talking coiled strength) - I remembed what happened a few days ago when I thought (or didnt think, hehe) I was too good to follow my own advice. 

Advice I give you in Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness is this (well, part of it) - LESS - is MORE!

I repeat this multiple times throughout the book - probably yet another one of those things along with my incessant ,heartfelt and PERECTLY TRUE rants about Nazi feminism that you'll find inscribed on my tombstone when I "pass". Hehe. 

Yes, less is indeed more!

Most of you weightlifters - and those good at bodyweight too - I'd suggest starting out real light for the first month or so with these clubs. 

Yes, 3-5 kgs per hand is ALL most people need and can handle when they start (much like 3-5 reps of the Hindu pushup is all they can do when they begin!). 

(And it's a long time before the numbers increase on either one). 

Believe me, these clubs have a way of making numbers look meaningless, and magnifiying pre existing conditions/weaknesses beyond belief. 

If you've got weak tendons, for instance, from piling too much weight onto the bar while lying flat on your back, these clubs will expose it. 

So will maces. 

And some of the swings I teach, done traditional style? 

No, not just that NO-ONE out there teaches them like I do. 

They're also super tough to do in high reps and require immense concentration, stamina, and GRIP!

Trust me on this one - GRIP and then some!

And while I was twirling my 12 kg the day I got 'em - or the next - (it was after a while that I was training with it again) - OUCH!

It smacked me one on the cheekbone!

And luckily, much like the dog licking me on the tip of my nose when doing handstand pushups, and me getting a nasty blow to the chim as I "tumbled" downwards, no permanent damage was done, but the cheek stayed sore a while. Hehe. 

The worst injury I've picked up by far is still the thumb injury I sustained on that cold, wintery night in January in China (2018). 

Anyway, this time I was basically twirling the club counterclockwise and clockwise rapidly. 

It slipped out of my hand partially, and BANG!

Like the jump rope smacking you when you first begin - it reminds you to maintain proper form, and that easy is sometimes super tough (what looks easy) - and less - is often and indeed more!

There "endeth" the lesson on this one. 

And it reminds me - Jump Rope Maniia

An old favorite I haven't promoted much in recent times, but I am now -because it goes great, super great with training with implements "lodestone lumberjack " style. 

Which, of course is the book I'm curently promoting, and the price will go up maybe next week or so (it always does when I say it, so no, not just marketing) - - so be sure and get your pre-orders in NOW. 

I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 27 June 2021 11:37

IF you want massive traps all the way up to your ears? Then do ... THIS!

I looked at myself in the mirror today, and noticed something. 

It's been around 2 weeks since I really got back into heavy and exclusive "Lumberjack Fitness" style training - mixed in with bodyweight workouts from my books, of course. 


I test each and every one of those workouts I put in my books myself, and thats what I am doing with the Lumber jack Fitness workouts now!

Then it's a matter of simply taking and editing photos (quite time consuming) - and then finishing up 30% of the book that remains, and putting it out there. 

Then, getting to either the book on Nazi feminists (and how to profit from Nazi feminism) - or the Advanced Plymotric Conditioning book. 

But for now, what I saw in the mirror? 

My traps, my friend are swollen like a grizzly's - except in a good way. 

They dont like the "straight triangular" traps you associate with boobbuilders, the flexed sort. 

Neither do a grizzlys. 

They look like on the upper traps, a semi circular SOLID LUMP of muscle is encircling the base of the neck - on either side. 


And the broader it is, the stronger you are - and look. Like forearms and legs, impossible to hide in clothing!

And this increase in trap size - from Mr HandStand pushup. 

From a gorilla that did Battletank Shoulders galore, then put out the next level of handstands i.e. Profound Handstands "70% Gorilla 30% Human" book. 

Believe me, I didn't 'just' get this most recent increase in size and strength. 

It's Indian club swinging done OLD SCHOOL Style that does done it!

Traps might not be what you associate with clubs. 

Huge arms, chests, and grip might be what you associte with it, and truth be told, as you swing right, you'll feel it more in abs, core and lower back - and TRICEPS than anything else. 

You'll know why those guys that swing heavy regularly have HUGE arms. 

It ain't because they pump up their biceps, for one thing!

But the impact upon your traps, my friend wil be SOLID - both strength wise, and otherwise - and core strength. 

Truly something you cannot get with anytihng else - even pull-ups - except perhaps of course handstand pushups

In the past I've said that pull-ups and handstand pushups are the best upper body exercise, bar none. 

I still say that, but if you add in club and other patented Rahul Mookerjee's Lumberjack Fitness work? 

The best for the best x100! 

I am SO excited to put this book out - so much so that I cannot stop promoting and getting around to finishing it. Hehe. 

But all in good time!

And for now,remember to place your pre-orders on that page above - lock in the price while you can, because it WILL go up soon(and I dont suffer fools or entertain whining and moaning, so be warned in that regard). 

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Friday, 25 June 2021 15:22

"Cycling builds legs like pillars"

Its indeed interesting!

I've written so much about swimming in the past. It makes its way into my blog posts, it makes its way into emails, into books, even into the book on Fitness Recollections! (one of the most inspirational ever, and I'm easily overdue edition #2 and #3 on that one - but yeah, for now, it's full focus on Lumberjack Fitness as you know!) - but another old favorite - not necessarily mine, but a lot of yall I bet - cycling? 

Cycling is great exercise - not so much the stationery bikes in the gym that I hear President Biden and his wife both use every morning (it's a toss up to see who gets to use it first from what he said, hehe). 

(It's alright - not terrible - certainly better than the treadmill I think, especially the kind that let you monitor your heart rate etc as you really pump and pedal). 

Still nothing compared to cycling outdoors though ... 

Feeling the fresh breeze blow through your hair, the wind on your face as you rip and roar - nothing like it! 

And of course jealous fellow cyclists (I'm talking when we were kids) when you buy a new one, but they dont!

I used to cycle quite a bit till middle school, then dropped out of the habit - along with Taekwondo, swimming, the "weekly tennis" jamboree I wrote about, and a host of other things. Not good!

But I more than made up for it in my later years it seems!

But anyway, cycling is great exercise, myf riend - especially when done UPHILL - it'll truly build legs of pillars. 

My wife loves it too. 

She used to be an avid cyclist when younger - did it for miles apparently. 

Wanted to sprint as well, but apparently her Dad wouldn't get her the right "attire" or something. 

Running in those long flowing Indian dresses ain't easy!

Hey, I get it. 

My parents weren't overly enthusiastic about (not) getting me soccer material when I asked. 

"How can he ever..." 

You get the picture, hehe. Those were truly different times in that now - my daughter - when she asks for somethign? 

It's there, not just in single, but duplicate (both Mama and myself) - and triplicate (Granny, Mama, and myself. Hehe). How times change!

Sometimes for the better in this regard, sometimes for the worse when it comes to brattiness, China plagues, and the dumbphone. 

But anyway, I just emailed "the wife" the following - 

(with the subject line "cycling") 

"Cycling increases my stamina beyond belief! It builds legs like pillars, and also increases fitness throughout the entire body". 

Apparently two lines my daughter's gotta say for school online or something. Maybe she'll practice it and not throw a hissy about HW if Mommy makes her do it, heh.

But it prompted more than a few thoughts. 

Stamina - heck yeah. 

And there's no doubt cycling builds a strong core and strong, pliable legs, especially thighs . . . (especially if done uphill, or in sprint style). 

But for legs truly like pillars? 

Hindu squats done in high reps, my friend! 

And all it's variants. 

I've not found ONE single exercise that makes the legs blow up more than this - other than what I've mentioned, of course in Advanced Hill Training on the hill exercises - and of course Animal Kingdom Workouts

And cycling wise, lets talk .. upper body!

Did you know that one exercise you can do when on the pull-up bar with your legs that approximates cycling will build a core of STEEL and ripped, "bulging" abs - STRAITED to the core? 

It's a simple enough exercise - so simple people hee haw at it. 

But there it is - the simplest things often and always usually work the BEST. 

Those that have DONE the thing, and a close variant is mentioned in Pull-ups -from Stud to Super Stud within WEEKS! KNOW what I BE talking about. 

Additionally, then you have the CLOCK exercise - or it's variants. 

Where you literally cycle your legs in a circle like a clock, if that makes sense. 

I've been speaking a lot of mugdars and the like in emails so far, but THAT sort of training - oh my. 

Builds a grip and core like nothing else will!

Cycling builds the grip too, but nowhere near what I've mentioned above - not even close. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Lots of fitness related info. 

If Ryan "hanky panky" is reading this, he'll be a bit disappointed. 

So be it, friend - but hey - the book on pull-ups shows me in China, so you should love it from that angle at least!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 22 June 2021 06:39

Why I love training with ab rollers!

So, I received a new toy this morning!

One of those new fangled ab rollers - a perfect complement to the existing ab roller I already have at the house.

That one is a solid looking old ab roller with four small wheels, somewhat easier for beginners but not really.

This one?

The typical thing you'd expect from an ab roller - easy to take apart wheels, and two wheels, and a solid grip ... and thats that!

And both lend themselves to great workouts!

This is not about the patented ab workout I just had with it, and how I had to rush to the throne afterwards (though I'm not constipated, hehe).

It isn't even how on fire my already hard worked core feels like!

Note I said CORE .

Not abs.

Thats a thing roundly explained in Corrugated Core for one i.e. your core is more than just the six pack you see and covet.

That six pack is,, my friend, one of the most useless things ever in the overall picture.

Indian wrestlers for one, dont all have six packs, but any one of them could pick up a weightlifter (in general - I'm talking boobybuilders here) or average person and toss him out of the window without a second thought.

And if you're my buddy Charles reading this, let me tell you, my friend.

Picking someone up and throwing him around ain't all about strength.

It's about grip, core, and leverage, all of which come from the hips, legs and thighs.

Certainly not about how much you can deadlift.

Especially not when you're faced with someone that can counter it and hook you one to the ankle for one ...

But anyway, that aside, thats what I empashize in all my courses - CORE TRAINING!

Truly along with grip training, the most important thing you can do for yourself, and this isn't about the patented Rahul Mookerjee core torture workout you'll see in LumberJack Fitness.

It's about this ... while I've said in the past and continue to do so, that bodyweight is ALL you need and all the greats have needed down the ages to get in stellar shape and conditioning, SOME tools are helpful along with it.

You dont need 'em.

But they're the very welcome icing on top of the cake.

For years, I resisted the call of the wild, hehe.

That being, I resisted calls from people to put out a book on training with various odd objects and implements, but when John walker, a stellar guy from the UK asked me ?

I couldn't resist!

And a behemoth started, hehe. Might just rival 'Dinosaur Training' - another GREAT book (no, I'm NOT affiliated with Brooks Kubik, but he's an old timers and all time great, and i've mentioned him so often in my emails, and deservedly so!! Even in the book on recollections...) ... someday!

Or it might not.

But it'll be up there, I'll gurantee you, with all my other superb books.

But anyway, in Pushup Central there is an exercise which has been termed as 'Rahul humping the floor'.

And people dont even think it's a pushup, but it is.

Ab rollers, my friend, complement this perfectly because with the above exercise, simply doing it is tougher than most people can handle - seasoned gymmers fall FLAT on their noses when even trying it ... and it wil make your abs SIZZLE like nothing you've ever done before - work your grip like nothing else if you do it right - and of course, give you a lower back workout from Cain ....... but the roller?

The wheels add an extra dimension to the movement you simply cannot get with bodyweight alone.

And I cannot highly recommend training with such a thing enough.

Portable, light, inexpensive ...

Truly worth it!

Just like Lumberjack Fitness ... which is expanding by the minute like the Bozos' belly and ass, hehe.

You really DO want to get this, my friend.

Jump on over HERE, and lock in the special price while you can.

No, it wont last forever either!!


Rahul mookerjee

Friday, 18 June 2021 11:15

The Indian Club workout that left my legs weak (and shaking)

Yes, my friend. 

I seem to love writing titles with hidden puns - and for some people reading this, the title might actually be a reality LOL. 

Like Marc once jokingly asked about a bracelet I was wearing back in the day (which the lovely wife took back a while - long while ago) ... (you can see the bracelet in the 0 Excuses Fitness Videos though) when I was getting ready for a suer tough sparring session for me - and an equally easy for him where he whooped my ass (hey, I got him ONCE though - LOL) . . .

"You can't wear that! Didnt you know you dont wear jewelry during sparring?" 

He was right, but I knew, but I had forgotten so a part of me had that damn bracelet become. 

Lots of girls liked it too -well, a certain Ashley did I know ... 

"You're right", I mused. "How do I take it off. I'm not sure if ... "

Since I was brain dead at the time, Marc laughed. 

"If it came on, it'll come off SOMEHOW!' 


As it did, he asked me the following. 

"What is that anyway, bro! A cock ring for your 10 inch cock?" 

He didnt mean Indian, but in 2018 he once referred to me as "an Indian porn star in India". 

Anyway ... puns aside, my legs are still shaking hours after the workout. 

All I did in this patented workout (and it WILL leave your legs shaking) was three things. 

Squats - jumping rope - and club work (I could have used maces too, but I used clubs). 

And I did some lunges and stuff - advanced stuff as will be in Advanced Plyometrics .... 

But for the most part, basic stuff as above. Even the jumping rope part, I did a 1000 and that was that. 

But believe me, these clubs and maces, my friend, when swung right tax the ENTIRE BODY - but especially the hips, legs and core. 

It's a workout truly like no other, even if you can pound weights until "kingdom come", these implements I talk about in the book will feel different. 

And yes, you can get not only a full body workout in with these - but solid cardio exercise as well. 

Solid "digestive" benefits as well - all the blood flow to the core will mean you can literally eat more, and weigh less

And digest better, of course. 

Anyway, that workout will be there in the book, but for now, a quick sample - try combine jumping rope with lunges - the second WITH a clubbell or club. 

Or mace 

Trust me, you'll want to go light on this one. 

Or, use it as a sledgehammer. 

I know that sounds undoable. 

But, it's very very possible my friend. Very possible! 

And I'll write more about it later, but for now, just an update - pre-orders for the book are alive and kicking on the Lumberjack Fitness page. 

Given the amount of stuff I keep thinking of to add to the book, this will be my best ever, I'm sure! 

And I'm also fairly sure the price may increase - and soon, at that. 

REmember though, all you pre-orders get 20% off - and the price is "locked in" - either for digital version or paperback, whichever you prefer. 

Go ahead and place your pre-order by contacting me NOW if you so choose, my friend. 

And be on th eoutlook for the book within a few weeks!


Rahul Mookerjee


Saturday, 12 June 2021 07:14

Why both size and "shape" matters,hehe.

I know, I know. 

But I'm talking clubs. 

And not the Glyn Schofield like "club" he hangs out with the dudes, or the club he loves on the hockey field, or anything like that. 

It's the Jori we're talking about here. 

Indian clubs!

The Gada and the Jori for what it's worth along with a climbing rope - are PRIME training exercises in any old time Indian wrestler's routine, for one. 

Real wrassling, like Persian wrestling, Iranian wrestling, Greco Roman - and what not - anything but the highly enjoyable pantomine the WWE and it's muscle bound China kow towing monsters are. 

Although I have to wonder, rather than backfire on the otherwise very "loveable" John Cena (who I and scores of others have roundly criticized for the recent kow tow) - it might actually end up helping him. 

Given the number of countries that are saying the same thing now, hehe ... 

But yeah, in general Hollywood needs to grow a pair - big time. 

Some of the Chinee heroines seem to have more balls than Hollywood in general, to be honest. 

And as for what I wrote about earlier in Korea? 

Well, watch the Meg - the Chinese actress (Fan bing bing? Not sure) - does that same gesture all the time. No, it's not "by chance" as the Bozos and feminists would have you believe, everything happens for and is done for a reason, especially in china. 

Or anything China dominated or influenced. 

Anyway, Indian clubs for one. 

While climbing rope is a superlative exercise - and one I'll write about in books upcoming (believe me, there are entire workouts you can do just that way that will fry not just your upper body but legs too if you can believe that - similar to what I mention in Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - yes, those workouts give you cardio - and fry the legs too!) . . . this is about clubs. 

The "gada", for what it's worth is a massive mighty mace. 

If you visit the 0 Excuses Fitness System page, you'll see the great Gama of India standing there with it. 

But the jori is an infinitely, at least in my opinion - MORE VALUABLE training tool. 

The gada - especially the heavier ones work better as one time lifts. 

Make no mistake, they build strength and power like few other exercises can, especially if you swing from shoulder to shoulder (caution - NOT for beginners or those think "think" they're strong because they can bench an elephant - these maces wil humble the strongest of men very quickly, and injure too if you ain't careful). 

So will the joris - Indian clubs. 

And they'll rehabilitate and focus and build sold, superlative, tensile strength in the shoulders and ligaments like NO other exercise can. 

Other than handstand pushups, but these joris tax the shoulders in way few other movements can and have been used for centuries by Indian wrestlers to build shoulder strength and stability - believe me, the latter is important whe you're doing real lifting and wrassling for one. 

Remember those Chinese girls digging into my shoulder years ago and me squealing with pain? 

(and them giggling. lol at the fat phock who couldn't take Chinese massages?) 

It was cute, actually. 

Now, you could press poke and prod all day, and you wouln't hear a peep out of me, but my traps? 

Now thats another story!

While they don't hurt like before, they still stay sore as heck, and these Joris swung right will build and STRENGTHEN - and get this - relax the shoulders, traps, and upper body like never before if you do it right. 

And plenty more. 

REmember, less is more when training this way. 

There is not only an art to it, but a SCIENCE to it. 

And it will all be outlined in the book on .. ah, in Lumberjack Fitness, that book whose name causes SO much confusion. 


But I'll leave the name what it is! 

Last, not least, remember size and weight isn't necessarily the same as it would feel if you're parked on your ass lifting dumb-bells (emphasis on the first) - or on your back (flat) pounding out benches with easy to handle barbells. 

it's different. 

Trust me, and you'll see int he book- less is MORE. 

Ditto for shape. 

Difffernent SHAPES will tax your entire upper body differently with the weight distributions and such - again, an entire science to it I'll talk about in the book which many are waiting for with, as a customer put i t - BATED breath! 



OK, I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul mookerjee

PS - Remember, this book will be real man training x 100 - NOT for beginners or even intermediate folks - it'll be an ADVANCED Book. 

If you are starting out, do so here FIRST - and keep at it for a while - and then, and only then get this (when it comes out). 

Tuesday, 20 April 2021 09:02

The hallmark of a SUPERB trainer!

For Shoulders like Boulders!, a customer left a review - a great one!

"An excellent book by a superb trainer/writer. If you're at all interested in bodyweight conditioning, you need to get your copy of this book"

That is a quote not quite verbatim, but from memory. 

And as I sit here, still dripping with sweat after brief workout #2 (Animal Kingdom Workouts leg special - in fact, I did 30% of one of the workouts from the book), I not only feel like an animal, but I'm GONE. 

I have nothing left!

For now, hehe. 

Until my bridging mini workout later. 

And I'm getting ideas galore for all my different projects I've got stacked up, ready to go as it were. 

And I'm sweating buckets. 

My legs feel like JELLY. Literally. 

And that is why I'm writing this to you. 

When I used to train my daughter, and indeed when I do (well, when I do it) NOW? 

She says the same thing!!

And she complains up a storm, hehe. 

Yes, I could sit here and tell you everything is perfect, especially given SHE is the STAR of Kiddie Fitness. 

But, it sometimes isn't. 

She needs to be pushed. 

YOU do too, my friend. 

I do too, and I do it daily!

The hallmark of a good trainer, in my NOT so humble opinion - and I'm RIGHT (how humble eh) is NOT what the lovely Jassy asks her trainer to do, and he does ,salivating while he's at it in the Jim. 

"Rub my shoulders after each set", she instructs. 

Which may work for Bozo Schofield and his "femdom" posse ... (though they're not really into femdom. They're into "topping from the bottom" and trolling, which is a completely DIFERENT Thing, hence the women RUN away from them as fast as .... well, the Jim from me!). 

Or me from chrome and fern. 

But anyway, thats the reality of modern day trainers most of whom don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. 

I once asked one of these dudes, a strongly built man, to drop and give me 50. 


(great question that - if I asked YOU - could you do it?) 

And note - I didnt just tell him to do it - I was going to do it WITH HIM. 

I'm not the sort of person that tells YOU To do something, and then wimps out myself. 

No sirreeeeeee.... 

The "Trainer" couldn't get past 10 proper pushups, and the extended arm pushups? 

Forget about it!

That, my friend, is the sad reality of the JIm Shim where they pander to clients, but don't get them fit and strong - and supremely HEALTHY. 

Yours truly doesnt. 

I dont pander to anyone. 

I PUSH people - to their limits, and beyond!

I go hard - brutal!

And I say it like it is. 

Most of this does the opposite of "endear me to everyone". 

So be it. 

And the results I give my clients, my friend, even the most grudging one of them - and even the crankiest ones of them . . . admit are out of this world. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- To answer the question posed in the title? 

"It's when your clients are CURSING you throughout the workout, hehe, to make it EASIER, and you don't!

"And then praising you to the heavens after that!" 


But it's true!

Sunday, 18 April 2021 08:22

How the China Health Organization finally caught up with yours truly "pioneer"

Actually, my friend, it isn't so much just me that has pioneered what I am talking about, or any of what I talk about. 

I've learnt from MANY people either directly or indirectly - and I've gone on to better some - and some not as yet, but I will. 

Not that it matters. 

I will still give credit to each and every person I've learnt from and that has truly helped me for as long as I live - because thats how it should be!

But anyway, the W.H.O - one of the most profoundly USELESS and SPINELESS "we love kow towing to China commies" organization (and even they've come out and pretty much said China spread the plague - I mean duh! Now that took a while! Wonder if the Bozos there actually you know, THINK and have a brain and some common sense. Those of you and us with the above have been saying this forever, and it's only now some of the world is STARTING to wake up) there ever was, is, and will be - which I like to call the C.H.O - China health organization has woken up to some things health and fitness wise. 

I did not know of this before, of course but I received the following from John Walker, a DOER And a great customer in the United Kingdom today - - 

Back to training, in this month's Men's Fitness magazine there is an article about how the W.H.O. is now recommending what is being called "exercise snacking" in which you take small "bites" of exercise throughout the day, to combat our "sedentary lifestyle" seems I've heard this somewhere else "ah yes" now I remember, isn't it how you've been exercising for awhile now, must be nice to have W.H.O. finally catch up to with you and underscore what you are doing as a great way to keep fit.

Now I must admit, I didnt know that. I believe I once sent in an article in 2017 to Men's Health and Fitness or something in Oz, I dont know if it was accepted (I never heard back) but thats all I know about them. 

But yes - I've been doing and advocating brief "mini workouts" forever!

And I have been doing them forever too. 

YES, even when I climbed the hill all those times per day, I'd do bridging as a mini workout at night before dinner!

And these days, stuck or chained to the keyboard as I am? 

I do these as a primary means of not just keeping fit, but keeping the motivation and ideas flowing. 

Lots of people get their great ideas in a shower - so do I sometimes - but I get most during my workouts when I'm focusing on something else which is how the subconscious works anyway. 

And of course, it's a great way to keep fit. 

Dont get me wrong - you can do one MASSIVE workout per day and then nothing that day other than maybe gentle walks and errands around the house, stretching and isometrics or what not. 

And you'll do GREAT. 

But mini workouts hit you differently, and cannot be beat either. 

Heavy lunch, you say? 

Well, do 50 pull-ups two hours afterwards, and tell me where it went ... 

And so forth. 

Not to mention they're TIME effective if you do it right. 

It' amazing I gotta say this, you know. The entire world has nothing but time at home right now and people still complain about having no time, but anyway, time effective as well. 

So where is YOUR excuse, my friend? 

Hell, even the WHO - or CHO has endorsed the Rahul Mookerjee way now!

High time, hehe. 

"About time" as most people would say. LOL. 

On that note ... 

I was telling John he's an incredibly articulate and erudite person - unlike most other people these days. I think we were discussing Wacko Schofield or something, and how he got left behind when they were "doling" the brains out (on the dole - pun intended, heeh)

Here is part of what he said. 

Erudite, now that's a word that you don't hear often these day's, in fact I doubt many people even know what it means, why do I say this? Well in an interview for a job I was applying for there were many tests to see if you were worth employing, one of the tests asked the question what does erudite mean, according to the HR Manager who was interviewing me, of all the hundreds of people she'd interviewed over the years I was one of "four" people that actually knew what erudite meant, one wonder's what people are being taught if only four people out of several hundred know what erudite means.

Now, he's right on that one!

And it's a pity. 

Much like REAL old school training producing real results, same thing is happening with language and everything else around us (society included). 

Anyway, for those of you staying sane during the hen basket madness going on - check out one of the very best books I've writtten on exercise - that will literally make you join the ranks of the super humans  if you do it right. 

Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

And I'll be BACK!


Rahul Mookerjee

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