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Sunday, 17 October 2021 06:10

Let's talk Animal Kingdom Workouts, two great reviews (one not, hehe) - and why my books focus on ME - and therefore YOU!

Yes, like I said - I dont know how the title got so long. 

But lets talk training, let's talk books, lets talk - one of my best ever books (although I think the book on isometrics and Pushup Central would stake some serious claim to that title) ... if not THE BEST EVER - personally, if I had to choose, I'd probably choose this one just because how BRUTAL the regimes - or routines - which feel like regimes from the Colonial Era, hehe - are. 

Trust me, Battletank Shoulders is the book most talk about when they talk brutal workouts. 

But Animal Kingdom Workouts is equally, if not more brutal - and even quicker in terms of delivering results, and if you're sitting there thinking "it's too expensive", then you're a fool my friend, because this is one of the best books overall you can ever lay your hands on. 

Anyway ................. 

Here's an interesting Bozo review that came in last year ... 

Badly written, boring

I keep going back to Rahul's work as I have so much money to burn. Disappointment yet again. His writing style is very poor and the content focuses only upon himself.

Now, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess that this is the Bozo himself writing this -the way he puts the words in the subject line of his drunken review (he got toasted one night and left a bunch of hilarious reviews that I've been exploiting ever since, hehe - always the opportunist I am) (and also an expert in how to turn a troll's game onto himself or herself in a manner that truly makes the troll feel like what he is (in this case a grade A buffoon)). 

 Badly written? 

For the Bozo, yes, since it didnt involve me putting in "asses" in there (though the gorilla on the cover, well, as a 6'3" black guy "giggled" at me "some things are best left unsaid!

He also said some of my words (he was referrign to the erotica writing) made him "blush and turn pink though he was black". 

Which I get, hehe. 

Even the Bozo thats been downloading them off free off pirate sites or whatever hasn't complained about those books. Interesting how it works, the trolls actually buy the books they never claim to have bought, and dont buy the ones they so called troll (because the writer is so much better than they could eve be, hehe) ... 

But anyway, boring? Badly written? 

Most people LOVE this book - those that aren't put off by the price. 

Bozo was apparently, which hey, I get. LOL. 

Sitting in Mom's basement, with the plague from China havin taken his source of income i.e. scamming gullible Chinese women away, and of course yours truly calling him out and continuing to (on the Fitness Pioneer review he wept about how "what can I do to my friends!") ... 

Well, whatever I do, it doesnt involve butts Glyn, hehe .

But anyway, the "content only focuses upon himself" thingie. 

Lots has been made of this (in general, not my books or not). 

Apparently you should focus on the reader - THEIR NEEDS , THEIR ASPIRATIONS, THEIR DESIRES. 

Yet, here's the thing. 

There is a difference between selling - and executing. 

Yes, sales is 90% of the job. 

And in sales you do precisely what I say above. 

Or you'll never make a dime selling anything. 

Trust me, I'm a natural born "salesman" - the REAL sort that actually sells, and sells OODLES of not just fitness books, but many others. 

I've done it naturally - I;ve HAD to - since I was born! 

But in the book???


I dont sell in my books, friend, unlike some other idiots (in the fitness biz too) - that "sell you other books" in their books. 

Believe me, while I do have links to my other books at the end - in SOME of my books - thats the extent of it. 

Other than 0 Excuses Fitness, you do NOT need to buy any of my other books to benefit from anything I write in any book - and that too because it's a baseline of sorts, along with Gorilla Grip

Now ... 


Yes, hell yes, I focus on not me , but what I DO in the book. 

Glyn Bozo is just so stupid - but of course, for a monkey that equates teaching to showing up drunk in class, singing ABC and then pulling his pants down to take a dump right there in class (and no, I'm not making this up either - it's a TRUE tale - ask a certain "Roya" for one) ... it's all been well documented, including him getting deported, thrown out from Chuck's house in his underpants etc ... but he's just too stupid to get (and many are) - that it's about the teacher teaching, not, as in Glyn's monkey ESL jobs, the students teaching. 

You learn from the MASTER. 

You learn from someone that has HONED his craft to perfection - so you can hone yours. 

When it's time to learn, you shut your yap - and LEARN - unless it's time to ask questions, which I encourage all the time in any class I teach, have ever taught, or will teach. 

REAL questions, not Glyn"s "Madam can you show me your soles" idiocy. 

Apparently according to him another reason beyond his wild fetishes is "my feet are like a girls'" (Glyn told me that). 

Like, Glyn, really, who cares... and back to his nonsensical reviews.. 

I mean, it's stupid - without telling you what I do - and how I train - how would you learn from me? 

Bloody obvious, I'd say, the Bozo missed the train on that one, as he does all the time (though whether the train ever showed up is debatable). 

And it is only by focusing on how I do things that I can focus on YOU - and tell YOU what to do - therefore focusng on YOU - to get in the best shape of your life. 

It's so simple. 

Glyn Bozo clearly doesnt know what training means (which I get - for him the tongue in ass is the only training he does). 

And neither can he differentiate between fiction and INSTRUCTIONAL MANUALS... 

Anyway, why me say it. 

Here's another review that truly NAILS it ... 



This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one's own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you're a clown and quite clearly you've never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you'd know what's important in a "training book" which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, "I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style".

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

Now, that my friend, is a real review - and the bolded parts are what you should pay attention to - and if I had to really, really give you "why you should get this book" in a few words - THAT is the reason - or those are the reasons why. 

Or, you could read the LONG list here... 

And while the sales letter may have Tai pos, the book, probably not. Hehe. Though there might be the odd one, I dont know, and I dont care. 

Because "dats not"what it's about, friend. 

OK, enough talk from me. 

Just man up and GET the book already, a lot of you just keep looking at PRICE, I dont get why. 

you want it, you know it. 

I know it. 

And it's one of the best fitness investments you could ever make. 

So, just "effing" do it... 


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 11 October 2021 05:02

My thoughts on the breaststroke, breasts, Bozos and more...

Let's time this one! I dont know why, but I gotta time it for some reason ... 

It's 6 minutes to the "half hour" "write now" Hehe. 

Anyway, the breaststroke and me have a long history, as do breasts themselves. 

I've spoken galore about how to cure man boobs - some of the exercises in Corrugated Core are TAILORED TOWARDS THAT!

It's a huge problem a lot of men face - lets face it.  

And it solves other issues too i.e bloated stomaches, bulging bellies, expanding asses - and more. 

when it comes to females though, I've never been much of a breast man - to an extent. 

I love them sometimes, but I'm mostly a leg man. Hehe. 

I dont know why ... 

Yes, derrieres too (Bozo did your ears perk up? Hehe) ... 

But anyway, that aside, I'll always remember what someone said about me doing breaststroke at a hotel (somewhat) pool I was using when I took my wife out for a weekend getaway in "Badhkal Lake" in India (the Northern part) in 2007 ... 

That trip was the first of many we went on together! 

(mostly to the Himalayas, different parts of the hills). ... 

But I still remember everyone telling us NOT to go on the trip, my parents complaining about so called honor killings and so forth (I mean come on, yes, that was a bit of a risk, but nowhere near what they made it out to be - and plus - LIVE LIFE, dont RUN SCARED! - but of course, thats not what my parents thought, hehe "apparently it's good for those Westerners" "but not in India" - I mean jeez, even the Chinese are open enough about it, so as their favorite not President Biden says ... COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

... My wife, of course never TOLD her parents. 


Perhaps I shouldn't have either. 


Anyway, he was ... 

(its 8 minutes so far. I was interrupted for 3 of those, I'd say!)

So, 5 ... clock's on again! 

But anyway, thoughts back to what I was doing ... 

That trip was pretty cool. It was a bit of a hilly area, but we never got to see any hills - basically it was "time spent together" - lots of drinking, eating, petting the stray dog who showed up every night to eat the "leftover chicken bones and curry" - he'd literaly lick it up and the bowl used to be so spotless we wondered if we should even give to the hotel guys for cleaning and what not!

Reminds of the two dogs in the hotel I so liked in Nainital in UP in India growing up (that was well and truly the Himalayas, of course). 

They'd follow me and my younger cousin around all over the place, and my sister would ask why these dogs loved these two so much. 

Dogs love dogs, hehe. 

But dog eat dog world aside, my Uncle had it spot on. 

"No, it wasn't the biscuits you guys keep feeding them", he said to no-one in general.

"it's all the LOVE you give them!" 

He was right. 

I love that guy! 

Not many others did though, hehe. But he passed happily in 2013, oddly enough, as I went to China yet again ... 

Smoked, drank, made merry his whole life - and I often meet him in my dreams!

This stream of consciousness is both longer and slower than I thought! Hehe. 

But anyway, there was a phat phock instructor there near the pool I was swimmign in, and he started to offer me advice - though to his credit, once I was DONE swimming. 

Apparently my toes while doing breaststroke were splayed out wrong or something, but the guy himself was so fat, I just wondered, this guy giving me advice???!

Of course, swimming is one of those things you can do when fat too - I've seen former swimming champs do the butterfly for one pretty well even with a huge belly (for one lap, hehe). 

I still remember a lady telling me in 2009. 

"you do it so well!" 

(Butterfly - which I taught myself how to do). 

Breaststroke, well, I was taught the "head above" version - the least ergonomic way of doing it, but boy does it build the shoulders, chest and traps!

But it's not what I'd recommend you to do - or learn - except for SURVIVAL. 

In a pool, you're far better off doing regular breaststroke in a streamlined position - looking at the bottom of the pool, not "ahead" - but of course, in a choppy ocean it comes in handy!

Believe me and this comes from yours truly "ironman" (there is a reason I've been called that!) - swimming in the OPEN OCEAN is way different from a pool, or even calm river, lake, whatever. 

You'll FEEL how - once you DO IT!

But that aside, I believe I mentioned Bozos in the email title? 

I dont know why I did that - that instructor maybe was acting like a bit of a Bozo. 

But also because of this great (not) review (so called) that Bozo Schofield once handed out in his Bozo like style on the great book on pull-ups I wrote (advanced pull-ups - Bozo has as much chance of knocking ONE of those out as he has of farting and landing on the moon) 

(poor moon). 

Terrible trash for Tom Tom's! 

The author claims to share how he can be a stud, I thought I would try it. My days would start at 3am with me walking 20 miles a day, and doing 25 laps of the swimming pool at the complex. The rest of the time, I was doing volunteer work or working with the local authorities. I was just a typical Tom Tom! I wanted to be a stud like Rahul who has no friends or sex life. Sure enough, the book was utterly drivel. I asked for my money back but Rahul launched into a campaign of threats. He is obviously a loner and we hope he will get help.

LOL ... 

Ive debunked this rubbish so many times that I won't do so again ... 

(do a Google, you'll find it. Hehe). 

But it's interesting, even when copying the part about swimming recollections from the great book on fitness recollections I wrote, he lowered the number from I believe 50 to 25. Hehe. 

Some things, even the Bozo has his limits. 

I still remember though, I'd keep going way beyon 50 in that pool in the Southern US ... 

Anyway, it be a day for flashbacks today? 

I dont know. 

Here endeth this 1063 (at the moment) word "rant". 

Took around 17 minutes all in all, being I was interrupted for 3 or so, 14... 

Not bad, I'd say!


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 09 October 2021 11:06

Climbing in category three hurricanes, jaws dropping, and more ...

My daughter often repeats the following to me (it's been going on for years). 

"Dad, I told my friends you climbed in Category 3 hurricanes!" 

Which is true, of course. 

Living where I did, hurricanes, typhoons - whatever you call 'em - as much a part of daily life in Southern China as in the Southern US! 

Believe me, I've seen monsters in China - and in the US. 

But most of the time, they were hyped up by the media - at least in China, where even a few drops of rain is enough apparently to send locals scurrying for cover. 

Which is wierd... 

In the US, at the age of 17, I remember this prime "lovely" advice given to me when yours truly used to get soaked to the bone, and didnt care. 

"This is not India!" 

"If you fall sick here, no-one will take care of you, and look at these people! "

Then this grade A idiot would gesture around him. 

"Thats why they protect themselves" ! (he'd show me a bunch of Tom tOms with umbrellas). 

Phock. Fooey. I'd rather General Michael who once told me "Real men dont carry umbrellas!" 

I dont like umbrellas. 

I like rain even less. 

But in a pinch, I've been known to choose the latter! 


Anyway, this idiot didnt bother to mention that no one would have taken care of me "in India" necessarily either. 

this idiot also didnt know China, years later, where it's the same so called "take care of family" culture (it ain't - hint - China is by far the most materialistic even in that regard, materialism truly taken to GIDDY LIMITS!) ,,,, well, that ain't exactly why they scatter when a few drops of rain hits them!

That aside. 

Back to hurricanes, hehe. 

I guess the Chinese to an extent are right about their warnings, especially in the area where I climb. 

I dont know if I mentioned this in 16 INspirational Fitness Recollections, but I remember a tree falling next to me - right NEAR ME - as I climbed up, the tree fell where I was a second ago!

So it can be dangerous. 

But it's also exhilirating!

And being able to stick to those workouts no matter what - it gives you a feeling of INVINCIBILITY - that you can handle damn near anything and everything!

Kinda like in the Special Forces where they toughen you up to that level. 

Anyway, daughter continued. 

"Their jaws always drop!" 

Which I can believe. 

Most adults, and even kids these days - making the nigh tortorous trip from "bedroom -> el commode" before the "geyser bursts" is too much to do. 

Let alone climb hills. 

If they by chance climb a hill - you tell them to do it again the next day? 

Like my Dad once famously said after a tough climb. 


Was hilarious, the sense of finality in his voice, hehe. 

But anyway ...................... 

Good thing for you, my friend, and I know this - you ain't necessarly interested in doing anything like that. 

Neither do you have to be!

I didnt start out attempting to climb hills 6 times a day - or do 250 pushups a day - or have a corrugated core (well maybe a little!) - or none of that. 

I simply started out to get in shape. 

And along the line, what took place was truly beyond mind boggling and astounding. 

You too, can get started on this road now if you so choose. 

Start by investing right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 09 October 2021 05:40

"Tere Ko Sab Ata hai!" - and lessons you can learn from "Over the Top!"

There's plenty of lessons you can learn from the latter, which is derided by many as a crap movie and more - yet, it was a huge success anyway. 

Sly really hit home with his "Cobra" - and "Over the Top" movies in the 1980's. 

Visionary as usual, WAY beyond his time, thats what people WANTED!

If you look at what Bollywood - and Bollywood actors in general - are copying, apeing, right down to the look? 

It's Sly Stallone!

Hell, they even want to make a Rambo in India apparently!

Sly is just a legend, my friend, far, far ahead of good ole "Gubernator" Arnie. People will never understand his genius, perhaps this line sums it up the best. 

"90% of my life has been a mistake - but I've got it right 10% of the time". 

(I'm paraphrasing)

"But that 10% was what really COUNTED!" 

Said like the champ Sly is! 

Same thing for yours truly. 

Look at most of my life, you'd think I did nothing - failed numerous times - as an idiot recently said "you dont have enough docs for your business" (this Bozo, remember, had never started one business of his own, let alone five or more) ... 

But the REAL magic, when I really hit the highs - that EVEYRONE wants -I repeat, EVERYONE WANTS despite the Tom Tomming about "he doesnt have anything" - when people look at me - they ALL wish they could have my lifestyle, or similar! It could be "nomadic lifestyle" like Charles recently said, or "soo many girls" or "a business that pays me as I move about, with not as much work as you'd think or very little sometimes!" ... whatever it is about my way of living, life, that floats your boat - they ALL WANT IT, despite how vociferously they might DENY it ... anyway, that magic? 

That happened in the 1% - or the 10%. Hehe. 

Growing up, and indeed in school and so forth, I've always been one to remain silent as the Tom Tom's spout their nonsense. 

I remember an idiot Anindya from Bengal (in Southern USA) once telling me the following when I was doing pushups before leaving Ricky's house (he was rooming with Ricky at the time). 

"Pushups wont work the brain! Look at them (he was referring to people in general apparently". 

"They have a stupid mind!" 

This comment must rank RIGHT UP THERE in terms of stupidity with the comment I got about "why are you doing pullups! You need to work your mind more!" 

Both UNSOLICITED BS - both made by idiots and jackasses that couldn't do a pushup, let alone pull-up to save their fucking lives if they had to. 

But I remained silent.  

Harry, an Indian friend of mine (at the time - I was 17) once told me the following about my style of quietly saying "Oh, I dont know, I can't do that, how could I!" to all discussions.  

(because I found their theory of "stick with Indians only" so insanely DUMB AND STUPID that I couldnt even comment, I mean,why come to a foreign land then? Just stay at home, eh) 

"You know everything!"  (which is the English translation of the Hindi in the title)

Well, that was said in a sage manner too. He was right, heheh.. 

No, I dont know "everything", but I know a lot more than what Tom Tom's in general know - becauseI THINK - and I LEARN. 

I know because I exercise a right we ALL have ie. to THINK independently. 

And that gives me my lifestyle for the most part, ups, downs, everything. 

Anyway, in Over the Top, they show the arm wrestling match in the diner. 

The first one, and Sly is up against a bigger opponent (as usual - ever notice the similiarities between what yours truly says about "if you've taken someone BIGGER THAN YOU down, then it means something!" - defeating or besting someone that isnt up to par is just HOLLOW! - and what Sly's movies depict?) ... 

(I once remember when doing Taekwondo in eigth grade, and being set upon by bullies - or maybe this was, I dont know, before I started doing it- those guys did do it - and were showing off kicks etc, much bigger than I was obviously - and they were finally pulled apart by another guy. 

"If he doestn know how to defend himself, then who do you think YOU are by attacking him! Attack someone that knows, not someone that doesnt know!" 

That was said sagely too! 

Unfortunately my upbringing meant when I DID defend myself, like giving the guy a natural born kick to the KNEE way before I EVER learned TaeKwondo ... it meant I would be pilloried anyway. 

Damned if you do, damned if you fucking dont! 

PATHETIC, I'd say. Oh well) 

But anyway, Sly is on the losing end for most of the match ... 

And then finally, finally, after the other guy tells him (it came out as "me" when I was typing it - might as well be me!) "you ain't got it!" - he goes OVER THE TOP. 

And defeats the guy. 


That is what life is about, my friend. 

Notice the true winners, they're always ready to learn. 

Notice people that hate bullies, and stand up for the weak (like my friend from the Marines) - THEY are the true heroes and SOLID MEN - real men! 

True, they're bested by women sometimes. Hehe. Aren't we all! 

(I'd rather MGTOW for the most part tho!). 

But anyway, THAT is what it's about. 

Now, fitness wise? 

And arm wrestling wise? 

#2 first, most arm wrestling matches dont even last that long - not as far as I know at least. I ain't an expert in this either. 

Normally, for me, it's always been - either I win, or he does!

With a brief tussle, but brief. 

Over the Top was probably dramatized, which is fine. Hey, it's a movie after all! It has to rouse real emotion, which ain't arm wrassling - thats the vehicle. 

And remember two things, friend. 

Arm wrestling is one of the most brutal sports ever in many regards. 

And it requires BRAIN. 

And if you want to show off - or "feel like you can" - then arm wrestling - and handstand pushups - are the two fitness "standards" (if you can call them that, I'd definitely call handstands that) you MUST get good at!

Especially the latter - think about it - how many people can just up and get into a handstand ? 

How many have the GRIP (yes, it's all about forearms! - but dont get me wrong, chest, triceps, shoulders, all comes into it - but weak grip, you're GONE in arm wrestling) to simply flatten bigger arms like nothing else? 

I remember a Japanese dude doing that to me in college, hehe. 

Skinnier than even me by several degress, and yet - arm wrestling - BAM!

Of course, if he did 50 fingertip pushups a day like a certain Korean dude I knew did... hehe. 

OK, enough of the flashbacks, tips etc. 

GET the courses above, my friend. Please stop postponing it, putting it off, complaning about money and all the other BS. 

My stuff is the best out there, and it will get YOU in the best shape of your life. 

So then, just do it... 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - A great customer recently sent me the following 

"I'm 57, so dont have the energy of a young one!" 

Well, DO THE THING - and despite your age - you WILL HAVE THE ENERGY TOO!

Monday, 23 August 2021 03:28

Strongman infatuation with the BEAR CRAWL!

I wrote last night about how it's usually the "bodyweight exercise experts" that have done plenty of other training (and continue to along with their bodyweight stuff) before coming to the conclusion, after years of work, observance of the body and it's internal processes -and how bodyweight exercises AFFECTS the entire body from the inside out - how old time strongmen trained - and so forth - that there is no better overall form of training than the bodyweight training I promote so much. 

And will continue to for as long as I am on this "earthly plane". 

As Charles Mitchell in particular once rightly said. 

There is no better time to promote the type of training you do - your body is your own gym!

Perhaps it was apt that a medly of dreams last night ended up with someone giving me a "bear hug" - and then running away - or "sprinting away" in the quadruped position. 

INSTANTLY upon waking up, I knew I was going to write about this to you (sans the shaking ass, hehe). 

"Marc the African Silverback Gorilla's infatuation with the bear crawl " was what first came to mind, but he loves pushups

"I do 'em close grip, 30 at a time" was what he once told me. 

Being the boxer he is, a superb one at that, I'm sure he does!

The bear crawl, perhaps not so much - so the title of this email being what it is.

Anyway, it's bodyweight guys that have usually done it all - those that are master of their crafts that is. 

Not so much the boobybuilders the other way, though a lot of them come to their senses eventually. 

Bodyweight stuff really shows the "gym sorts" that weights ain't what its all about - especially not the regimented curls, pushes etc that move through ONE Plane of motion and one alone. 

That tax "one certain muscle a certain way" but not the body as a whole which is how it was supposed to move, and be trained. 

Hell, even the so called isolationist moves I teach in the elementary section of Corrugated Core for one tax the whole body - or core!

And there is no better exercise to introduce to the weight trainees than the bear crawl to start off with (overall body exercise). 

You could argue "dips" maybe - and have their upper arms shaking like maple leaves in a Toronto gale in the UP position of the exercise (a stellar one) as opposed to "down" which most cannot do anyway. 

Not without ripping a muscle or two out ... 

Or, climbing stairs which makes people's legs literally quiver the next day - going down. 

For some, thats the only exercise they get cardio wise!

But the bear crawl is a superb movement, my friend, and it's simple enough to do - yet is advanced enough to KICK your ass - regardless of the sort of shape you're in now. 

In great shape already? 

Great, try some of the advanced bear crawls I teach you in Animal Kingdom Workouts - or the Noah's Ark workout - or any of the other superb workouts in that book. 

Starting out? 

Go for Advanced Hill Training, where I cover the basic version of the bear crawl, albeit done up hill. 

It's easy to get into - just get into the quadruped position, and you're done!

But to actually DO, thats quite another thing. 

I'm not kidding you when I say this simple movement has gone many a strongman into great and better shape- but has whipped his butt FIRST - within 20 seconds flat. 

Dont believe me? 

Try doing the bear crawl properly (elementary version) at your house for 20 seconds - if you can last that long - and then tell me how you feel. 

If you're not breathing up a storm. 

If your whole body isn't burning from head to toe - especially the back of your body (back, shoulders, hamstrings) - and of course the CORE. 

The bear crawl, my friend, is just ONE of the superb movements I cover in Animal Kingdom Workouts

There are 68 in all, and 10 great workouts to follow as well. 

I dont care if your goal is to build muscle, or burn fat, or just get in better shape overall, or strengthen your upper body, or a combo of all the above, or some. 

THIS course is the one you need - it will truly fulfil all those goals i.e. help YOU do so and more. 

Get your hands on this course right now if you haven't already - its a mammoth, yet so understated course, but will serve you well your whole life. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Friday, 20 August 2021 08:06

How I used the secret healing power of ISOMETRICS to not only get rid of - but strengthen - a "centuries old" golf ball sized LUMP on my foot!

Some of the best books, my friend, just "happen". 

Despite a few customers asking me for a while about a book on isometrics last year, I thought - honestly - seriously - it would be the last thing I ever wrote. 

I mean, me, with all the "movement" I do - and isometrics

But one night, something CLICKED. 

Amidst all the movement I did, I paused - hit rewind - and saw HOW I did all of it. 

I looked at the stretches NO-ONE does these days. I looked at How I did those - how I breathed while doing 'em - most importantly what I thought both before - and after - and during doing 'em. 

And how I felt, better than a massage almost (done by GIRLS, hehe). 

I still remember going to a massage three years ago though done by a middle aged man. 

My wife shrieked. 

"By a man!!!!"

"How the hell did you even... " 

But it wasn't the oil massage she had told me to get (she was right. Hehe. That I got later!). 

It was a MEDICINAL massage. 

WITH clothes on. 

ANd the way I felt, like a billion bucks from pressing and squeezing - his, of course. 

The way he cracked my joints was like nothing else, yet, as he did, I recalled I'd been doing a lot of the same stuff myself, and anyway, isometrics? 

The Gama used them. 

Way simpler techniques that taught in the book, and along with other things, specifically, Luimberjack "Lodestone" Fitness - and the 0 Excuses Fitness System - look at the results it brought him - and me. 

Naturally, the Bozos will think I'm equating myself to the Gama. 

I ain't either. 

he's the greatest!

I'm simply the Stella Artois of Bodyweight Culture, par excellence - and I wasn't even the one that said that. Hehe. 

But anyway ... remember that foot injury I wrote to you about? 

Climbing and runing up and down hills galore - hence, I teach you HOW to do it right (no, it is NOT - I repeat - NOT - "just walking or running!") in Advanced Hill Training. 

It got so wierd at a time I had a golf sized lump on the front of my foot. 

Oddly, unlike my swollen foot years ago which made me scream in pain when I TOUCHED it (the whole foot was swollen big time) - you could squeeze or pummel away at this lump - I wouldn't feel a thing. 

Always extremes, yours truly. 

Life, fitness, everything. 

So it shall REMAIN. 

But that lump never went away, and kept re-appearing when I did Jump rope workouts for one. 

Yet, one of the stretches I teach you in Isometric and Flexibility Training, for one ... the "heels to butt" stretch which a lot of people cannot even do - stage one, that is - stage two will be in Volume TWO - another super stretch and strenghtener ... 

It cured it. 


Nothing doing, just a few minutes of sitting in that pose, then the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat, and calf stretches ... 

It's gone. 


Just like that!

Trust me, these exercises can strengthen weak links like never before - but they can also heal EXISTING injuries faster than almost anything else you've ever done!

Along with the books above, remember to get your mitts on the book on isometrics too - truly another "Special one" "in the flow" !

Thank me later if you so choose, hehe. Entirely up to you!

But DO BENEFIT yourself!


Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 11 August 2021 08:48

How YOU can literally suck your gut in - and lose those all importance INCHES around the waist...


In Yoga, there is an exercise called the KapalBhati. 

Basically, it's an exercise where you're ... 

1) Flat on your ass i.e. seated in the lotus position (not quite flat, but you get my drift). 

2) Your legs are crossed in the meditation position the right way (the way most people do it is wrong and the lazy mans way (due to lack of flexibility in the groin) - more on that later). 

3) Spine straight. 

And you ... BREATHE - in and out. 

With each deep exhale - your stomach contracts inwards - kind of like you are using your entire core to "knock stale air out of your lungs" - like you were punched in the gut or something. 

With each inhale that follows? 

The reverse happens. 

You'll have to do it to know, but get this - 

A client of mine once reduced TWO Inches off his waist while doing this - with NO CHANGE IN DIET!

And he did this within 6 days flat. 

The catch, you ask? 

He did hundreds of repetitions per day - usually 500. 

The other catch - a good thing? 

It took lik eTWO days for the magic to start working. 

THAT is the magic of deep breathing. 

THAT is what Farmer Burns spoke about the 1914 mail order classic "Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture" in terms of ... 

Deep breathing alone has made many a sick man strong, and many a weak man WELL. 


I inverted a bit, but you get the drift. 

Simply put, as another great old timer once said. Paul BRagg? 

Your breath is your power. 


YOUR waistline is YOUR LIFELINE - never let it bigger than it was in your prime. 

I love and live by these words. 

I'm the opposite! Hehe. 

In my prime I was, and now, I am .. but wait, you're not interested. You know that already!


But anyway, THAT is deep breathing taught in the 0 Excuses Fitness System which you DO need to get, my friend, if you're in any serious about reducing that rapidly expanding "girth". (around the tummy and ass, not what you're thinkign). 

Funnily, the other girth will likely expand too once the former reduces. 

It's true!

But anyway ... 

In Corrugated Core, an ultra special course for the entire core - not just he silly six pack (which by the way will become a 12 if you do it right) - I mention a version of this exercise which is even better, and even more effective, and why? 

A) You do it standing. Enough said. 

B) Because it gets you out of BREATH - quick. 

C) It does B) without you really "moving anything but your core". Right, your standing there, and you get out of breath, which is NOT The case with the Kapalbhati!

D) When you start, you won't be abl eto do it all, but you can TRY. 

E) You'll feel the INTERNAL muscle walls of the tummy work. THE REAL DEAL, which gives the six pack it's look and more importantly strength and stability. 

F) While digestion improves immeasurably with the KapalBhati, THIS exercise does it too x 10. Trust me... (and have a toilet nearby. Hehe). 

G) Clears the mind - big time. 

H) Can be done along with other intense workouts like in Advanced Hill Training. I often did (but dont get dizzy!) 

And this, my friend, is an ultra effective version of an ancient Yogic exercise, brought to you "Rahul Mookerjee" style as ONLY I can. 

Trust me, and again, much like with Pushup Central and other courses, ain't nothing like this on the market out there. Try to find it, but you wont. 

If you're indeed serious about reducing weight - like NOW? 

Well , get Corrugated Core today. 

"Real hardcore functional training, not the buffed for the beach nonsense", as a great customer from the U.K. recently said... 


Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 08 August 2021 10:38

$40 -> $200


Battletank Shoulders, when it came out was priced at $39.99 for the Kindle version, I believe, if memory serves me right. 

Around $40. 

It remains one of the best courses I've ever put out, a power packed little ditty basically - I dont even know if it extends beyond 50 pages!

Maybe it does, but not a lot more. 

That info though is invaluable, friend, and packs more power than 10 Tom Tom's could in 10,000 pages or more. 

And this book is one of the ones I never changed after putting out - along with Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - within weeks!

For damn good reason. 

They dont need to be. 

Gorilla Grip, the initial book on pull-ups, and Shoulders like Boulders! - all upgraded  and updated in 2017. 

Not so the above two books. 

Neither did the length of the books change. 

The length did change (no pun intended) for the last three books, and the price went up too. 

Not by a factor of 5 though. 

(Paperback currently retails at $300)

Anyway, an idiot, whose been following me for years recently could not help himself. 

"Sir, can it oRigInal price of $39.9999" 

HE's been writing to me abuot this for ages, I ain't responded - personally, not even now. SOme things are just not worthy of my very valuable time, friend. 

I'd rathe sit on the throne, to be honest, than answer such idiotic stuff. 

But it did bring up an interesting point, one the wackos are sure to hate and "call me out" on (they're really calling themselves out). 

Price, price, price. 

Battletank Shoulders didnt go up to 5 times the price it was originally priced at simply to fill my pockets. 

Thats how much the info was worth, so it went up. 

It went up steadily, because I wanted to give ALL The doers who DO a fair shot at buying it before the price shot UP. 

And now? 

My books are priced high friend for two reason. 

One, most importantly, the sheer and unparalled valued you get from 'em - truly like nothing you've seen ever. 

And two, almost as importantly, to keep price wankers away ... 

I cannot STAND the latter category!

True, if you write to me with a genunie problem or issue, I'll almost always work with you on it... 

But if it's just Tom Tom's claiming that their "purse is empty" as this idiot did (purse??? Wallet?? And in any case, the wALLET should never be empty, period!) ... 

... yet, this same person bitches about losing weight. 

"Sir, I eat at Domino PIZZA four times a week", he sent. 

No idea if that means delivery or take out. 

(Personally, I hate Dominos anywhere in the world, Pizza Hut too. Papa Johns so so, but the real stuff, the genuine Italian pizzas!) ... 

And GREEK food- I love it (the genuine stuff, lambs etc). 

This Bozo spends lots of money on pizza and likely other stuff, when quizzed about it, he acts like "Of course! It costs that much, so I spend!" 

Then he's told, well, the book costs that much, so ... 

"Huh?? But that just book!" 

THESE, my friend, are the idiots I want to avoid ... 

They'll spend the world on inanities, yet, something that doesnt help them Tom Tom, virtue signal, look good, or "feel good temporarily" (life's tough, I'm giving myself a much needed breeeeeeeeeeeeaaaakkkkk!) and so forth. 

But the real stuff, they piss and moan. 

He's being banned from the list as we speak (third time out). 

And thats why I keep exhorting you, friend, if you ain't yet, to place your pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, because trust me, you WILL Want it later. I get that, but I also get the price will RISE. 

So should you, friend, if you ain't done it as yet. 

True, its your money. 

True, I'd be the last one to tell you how to spend it... or how to piss it down the drain, or invest it, or what have you. Hey, your money, your choice!

But I think I'm perfectly within my rights to say everything else, given the logic behind it!

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


Saturday, 07 August 2021 09:05

The best thigh isometric (stretcher) ever

Another short one this, friend. 

And it's one of the best stretches ever. 

In the ADVANCED book on isometric i.e. Volume two of "Isometric and Flexibility Training" ( a book that has been fantastically well recieved by EVERYONE barring a single Tom Tom from ... I belivee Italy? Not sure, but I think it was Amazon Italy he left the "ridiculous retard" review on)... 

Look, fella, I dont care about stars or not. 

Well, we all do - I love 'em as much as you do! 

5 star reviews? 


but HOnEST is where the rubber meets the road, friend. 


And that review was neither one of the above - a typical whiny Mama's boy tom Tommer review about "the photos are terrible" . 

I mean really, like John Walker said on the Animal Kingdom Workouts book, "training books aren't about grammar" (there was no grammer mistakes in the book, I believe, he was replying to Bozo Schofield on yet another inane comment of his). 

And the stetch, without further ado? 

The Rahul Mookerjee patented squat is a MUST to do with this - along with another "one leg" hamstring stretch the doers know about ... while squatting. 

with these two, here is the stretch that works wonders. 

Your thighs will feel NEW - like nothing you've ever done before. 

If you're huge into Hindu squats, climbing, high reps etc - all of it - this will stretch those sore quads out like NOTHING you've ever done. 

It's tough, mark my words. 

But doable. 

Get your hands and knees on the floor, and then place your legs so that heels are under your BOOTOCKS. 


I didnt say Butt, because Bozo will be back if he reads that (he's disappeared for the nonce, maybe Mandy kicked his gluetous maximum once and for all MAX) ... 

Then, in that position, keep the spine straight. 

Lean backwards as far as you can go

I dont know if I mention the "thighs at right angles" version to the lower legs version of this in the book. I believe I do ... ? 

But THIS one, my friend, is the one you should aspire to. 

SLOWLY, breathe IN and bend back as far as you can go, for a lot of you, that wont be far at all. 

Thats OK. 

Work at it. 

The sheer "release" you'll feel in your quads - well - that will tell you all. 

And again, caution. It's very easy to overdo it and tear a quad or two. Don't do that! 

Safe, sane and consensual, whoa, wait a minute, wasn't that supposed to be on the other site. hehe. 

But, safe and sane applies... 

Go for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oh, and do the calf stretches along with it. So thats 4 that will give you the lower body stretch of your LIFE like nothing else will , can , or ever did!

(No Schofield stretches, thats on the other side, hehe). 

Wednesday, 04 August 2021 08:50

I was spreadeagled on the floor. and MORE!

Liberally and literally, there I was!

Legs spread wide open, friend. 

SPREADEAGLED on the floor. 

Multiple times. 

No Domina and no cuffs (unlike with the Bozo who can't get the former for paying, and latter for trying, hehe) - but I thought about it, I must admit!

I was on my knees - on all fours -like th eBozo often is. 

and more!

That, my friends, is the synopsis of my WORKOUT TODAY - now- if I gotta give you one. 

What was it? 

What spanked my ass SO roundly? Pun intended, hehe. 

Well, a 10x 3 workouts. 

thats all, simple!

A 10 minute routine from the yet to be released "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness", a book that is a must grab for all. 

Then a 10 minute Jump rope Mania! routine (which I did first). 

Then I finished off with a Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER stud 10 minute er. 

Of course, that wouldn't be completed without mentioning the 1 minute Isometric workouts I did when I was supposed to be resting. 

And, the one minute Gorilla grip workouts. 

So, 32 mins all in all. 


and I quit. 

When I was ahead!

Believe me, I could go for much longer. Like a couple of hours. 

But I didnt, because then I'd be spanked all day, which ain't the point.

Sometimes, friend, you train to failure. 

But most of the time, you leave when you're "almost there". 

You the fitness enthusiast knows what I mean. 

goal being to exercise so you get more out of life, not necessarily the reverse. Though of course, there have been times in my life I've done just that, hehe. 

But not permanently. 

Goal's not to be drained like the Bozo's financial drain fetishes.

It's to feel alive. 




VIM!!!!!!!!!!!! GUMPTION!

All in all, to get more of what you want out of life, and never accepting life's reverse gear!

I'm a sucker for punishment, I'll say that much, so after writing this, maybe I'll do pull-ups again, we'll see. 

Water first tho! Hehe. 

But yo uget the point, brah. 

And get the books above, truly the best ever. 

From yours truly, truly the Stella Artoios and then some of BODYWEIGHT EXERCISE AND FITNESS!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In life though, you KEEP GOING WHEN you're ahead. Thats a cardinal sin most people make, and I've made it too i.e. resting on your laurels when ahead. Never do it, success is a ficke bird, waiting to grow wings and fly. Always look ahead, as I do!

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