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Both very interesting things, I'd say! 

But anyway - June 10. Jun 25. The recurring dream, and the UBER POIGNANT one that I had, possibly a month or so ago, but could not locate today in m dream "diary" to tell you the exact date. 

Lots of people, I was dragging her along, then in the crowd my hand slipped off hers. 

Neither one of us "pulled away". 

But there she was, stuck, looking at me "left behind in the crowd" (she was) - looking neither forlonly nor happily at me .. just a wistful, "I wish" look, those eyes kind as always, even during the most intense of our battles together... 

Carol was someone I met in 2015. 

She did some very good things for me. 

Many things, she almost transformed my life. 

And, as I blocked her on WeChat the other day for reasons I won't get into here (no point, really) - what do I feel? 


Except, it was long overdue. 

And sometimes, things happen for a resaon. 

Carol, I'll always "love" you - and I'll always love  - CHERISH - and appreciate our time together. You know it, and you will too. I know that. 

I dont know when or how we drifted apart THIS much, but hey, you've fallen prey to it as well - what most people have these days. 

Apathy, general uncaring, and ... everything else associated with it. 

The times we spent together were the best ever. We both know it. 

It was beautiful, like few other times I've ever had with anyone. 

(they were there, but not many!). 

I doubt I'll ever speak to her again, let alone meet her. 

Sure, never say never, and the sheer unpredictability of LIFE makes it all the more wonderful and interesting ... 

But, thats how I feel at this instant. 

I doubt I'm wrong!

Anyway, dreams aside, here's some great reality! 

A "mystery" reviewer - and BUYER - has been giving us some GREAT, GREAT reviews!

On Google of all things. 

FB has been goin gon a while - I've got tons and tons of 5 star ratings etc there (the sole 1 star rating is for Butts Bozo Glyn which figures, hehe) - but on Google? 

I just noticed it today!

Now, this person has rated the books, but hasn't written anything, but thats fine!

It's OK. 

Sometimes, there's nothing to say - it's just sheer artistry and genius at work. 

Sometimes, you rate and say "F all" after that, because guess what, and i've been there - the books are just superb. 

I dont know who this person is. 

But to whoever it is - get back - I'll give you a HUGE discount as my way of saying thank you!

And, on that note folks - remember two things - 

One, I've said it time and time again, review, and I'll give you a 10% off on your next purchase simply for that review, even if it is not 5 star - my only requirement is it be honest and somewhat verbose, at least. 

And two ... 

Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness - get in on the pre-order while you still CAN, because it won't last too much longer. 

And that is that for now - back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 28 August 2021 07:12

Why frugality truly DOES drive innovation!

Another day, another Bezos quote - ah wait. 

Another email, hehe. 

"I think frugality drives innnovation, just like other constraints do. 

One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out". 

Bezos isn't the marketer I am in that I "shout from the rooftops", so I use the term "harry Houdini" or "cat with nine or more lives", hehe. 

Truly, and first, the second comment hits true. 

I've been in a spot - big time - more than you'd care to think anyone would be. 

In situations No-one could even advise me on how to deal with, in situations that looked grim, ALL was gone, and so forth. 

They say "God" - or the Universe gives it's toughest battles to its toughest soldiers. 

Like my buddy from the Marines once told me. 

"Rahul, you're one of the toughest hombres I know out there!" 

Tough I am, but not necessarily just physically. In fact, without the mental, all the physical prowress would never have come about, my friend. NEVER!

And even today, the MIND is where its at for me. It always will be! 

Ask any true doer / achiever, they will tell you the same damn thing. 

To me, as I've said before, the toughest battles appear - to TEST you - and everyone. 

Only those that pass the inital fiery tests, which most fail, will progress ahead. 

It's the ultimate winners that get the toughest x 100 tasks thrown at them, my friend. Situations that seem unwinnable, yet, win they do - somehow!

THAT SUBCONSIOUS MIND, and as Napoleon Hill wrote, the mysterious force that comes to the aid of folks that keep trying - and striving - even when the whole world is against them. 


Call it what you will, it's a thing. 

And back to frugality, and being frugal. 

Amazon till this date follows that one principle - along with others, but we'll focus ont hat here. 

Bezos himself might live in fancy mansions NOW - and jet to the moon or what not - NOW. 

Mars, hehe. 

Since women are from Venus, ah, but I'll let that one be, Jeff! ;) 

But MGTOW aside (pun, hehe) - the richest man on the planet for a long time drove a beat up Honda. 

His mangers would complain about the desks in the Amazon offices "tearing their clothes apart". 

And Bezos himself, despite the $300,000 money he got from his Dad initially - was anything but a spendthrift in his early days. 

He probably still isn't now. 

Now, these are ALL concepts I can understand - and I do the same thing. 

I've been talking som uch about how when I spend, I spend big - but at the same time, every purchase is VETTED from an investment perspetive - be that an investment in feelings, or practicality, or both. 

Sometimes it's both ... 

Nary a penny is misspent where it shouldn't. 

Other hand, when it comes time to throw the kitchen sink at it - and win - win BIG? 

Guess what I do, friend!

I win - BIG. 

By putting all I have to into it and then some. 

that is what I have done all my life. 

But frugality - to the doers - means one thing. 

Or if you're in a situation where you have to "conserve every last cent". 

It gets us to think. 

Then do. 

Then keep doing. 

Until there is NO need to be frugal, yet we learn our lessons!

And its in that spirit most of my bestsellers were written. 

Perhaps there is no better and more glaring example of this than the "astoundingly pathbreaking" book (as a certain "Hero" from Kenya called it recently) on isometrics. 

He's right, but this book is bare bones, frugal - yet packed to the GILLS with useful info everyone can use. 

The Tom Tom's bitch about the fact that the photos are bare bones, but the doers - read - apply, and DO!

"aches and pains disappearing within minutes!" 


"Rahul, I truly believe this is the missing link that ties all the other great books together!" 

(John Walker from the UK - John - hope you're WELL! - long time no HEAR!)

"I think I can get in great shape with your books!" 

(Panourgias from Greece) 

"Truly does open up the musculature" 

(Irwin from Ireland) 

And there's more, but I'm not just referring to the contents, I'm referring to bare bones. 

remember Rocky? 

The FIRST movie in the series, and still the best (though Balboa was pretty good too).

Creed series, not too bad... 

And the latest 30 minute blurb Stallone did on Rocky, pretty power packed too - if just from a motivation standpoint, which is what he world needs now. 

"Never stop putting in your ticket", says Stallone. 

That one contact you meet, that one connection you make - coul dCHANGE your life immeasurably. 

It did for me! (Stallone). 

From a movie theater usher to the biggest star cinema had ever seen ... Past 30 too, I believe!

But anyway, that movie was shot on a budget to beat all budgets. 

FRUGAL was the name of the game, so frugal they were that they could barely find bit actors when required! 

And Sly had to rope in people he knew and family for a lot of it (which I dont blame him. I'd have done that anyway even on a big budget, I'm sure Sly would too. Always good to work with those you KNOW will DELIVER). 

But that, my friend, is that. 

So if the Tom Tom's are reading this, especially Typical Tom Tom's, well, this might just be a wakeup call for them, and all ... 

Some of my very best work - has truly come when times were FRUGAL!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Always think out of the box friend. It's the only, and best way! FOLLOW YOUR HEART, your TRUE DESIRES no matter WHAT MIGHT STAND IN YOUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I did - so can YOU!

"Because he's a smart guy, it's sad..." 

"Because he's one of the few friends I have..." 

But before I get into all that and what Chuck meant by smart is that the Bozo is nothing but smart at trolling - lets face it, God gave him the same amount of "physical grey matter" up there that he did all of us. 

What Bozo chooses to do with it, much like Hannibal Lecter chose to do with his smart - super smart - genius level intellect is another matter altogether. 

Of course, Hannibal knew about the power of sexual transmuation by force. 

Yours truly does by "default" and choice. 

As Napoleon Hill rightly wrote about in Think and Grow Rich - its sexual transmutation - i.e. transmuting your sexual desires into things other than "sex" in terms of physical expression is really what elevates a man to the status of "true genius". 

Trust me, it's true. 

It isnt merely about abstaining, writing erotica, sending drozzled (I mis spelt on purpose) messages to women pestering them or so forth. 

It's about transmuation proper, a lesson and book unto itself in all regards. 

But I remember, every time I sent Chuck audio notes on WeChat, he was always too busy to listen. 

And, secretly with Glyn, he trolled me later about my complaints of "if you dont listen to me, how the fuck can we have a conversation". 

He ain't the only one guilty of this either. 

SO many times when I've explained a point in detail, when I've sent several messages across, when I've poured deep energy into saying what I am, or writing - Bozos globally don't read them. 

Or, they will listent o ONE audio note. 

Or, ONE text message. 

And just cherry pick and reply to that as opposed to the whole picture. 

There are few things that infuriate me more than that. Either have a fuckin conversation, or don't. 

"Jesus, man", I remember me telling him once. 

"I mean, if you dont listen..." 

Bozo trolled me on that one. Hehe. 

But, really, think about it - who is the one making sense? 

Incredibly, despite Chuck not having any time for real, meaningful conversation, he had all the time in the world to twiddle his thumbs and text inanities, participare in WeShat groups, and of course, the crux. 

(and dont even mention ESL, he's got ALL The time in the world for that infancy-cum-lunacy) (and the most surprising, perhaps - despit eGlyn screwing him over in a horrible manner multiple times, in a wierd sort of way, the two keep going back to each other. They truly do deserve each other! - AND EVEN MORE STRANGE - he continues to feed him money! (which of course lapdog Glyn laps up happily)) 

Listen to ALL of the Bozo's rants. 

I still remember him saying in FEIGNED - the word is important - EXASPERATION once. 

"Glyn sends me 200 -300 messages every night when drunk, I wake up, I gotta listen to them all!" 

He did. 

Yet, he never had time to listen to a friend that was actually trying to help him improve his life, sharing things only REAL friends would with each other, it never being reciprocated. 

Truly, it takes us a while to find out who our REAL friends are!

Its about if the person uplifts, motivates, inspires, all in a way that might not be palatable to you at the moment, or you dont even know its happening, but it is. 

THAT is a person that is really helping you, whether they're trying to or not. 

Most aren't that sort, unfortunately. 

And much like the horrible events unfolding in AFghanistan (though with this idiot Biden in office, was only to be expected and worse) ... 

The Teleban - pun intended - claims they never did it. 


I somehow, don't buy it... 

They might not have directly done it, but I bet they know very well WHO did it, and THEY provided the breeding ground for them to do it, and always have and continue to do so. 

what a bunch of LOSERS. 

And of course, Hiden Biden refuses to confront 'em. 

Wonder what itll take, an utter and bigger catastrophe again?

Trust me, even China - historically always on the side of terrorists (like their support for Hamas) isn't entirely comfortable with the lunatics now controlling the country that borders the restive and occupied region of Xinjiang for one... 

Thats China for you, Hypocritical to a T. 

They say they do all they can to eradicate terror to justify the worse than Nazi atrocities being committed on the Ughurs daily. 

Yet, they support the exact same thing abroad. 

Maketh nil sense eh. 

ONe of those facts no-one wants to talk about "because", but I just did ... 

anyway, fuck these losers. 

Stop - if you are - enabling them is the only message here. 

And, stay AWAY from them - as far as possible. 

Remember, you truly are the sum of all the people you hang out with the most!

And on that note, make sure to pick up the fitness system WINNERS are globally, and WINNING big time - the 0 Excuses Fitness System



Rahul Mookerjee

Some bozos, my friend - just dont give up. 

Nor do they listen to advice - even when it's good for them. But thats ok, if they did - they would not be Bozos! 

(such as lot of people on this list who won't buy products "because they're too expensive" - anyway, more on that below). 

I can still hear Chuck telling the Bozo, despairing of his million rants, and perhaps even, as he did all those years ago, sympathizing with the But(t) Buttling Butler "once" - or a little. 

Poor guy, chuck probably still thinks. 

and therefore, Chuck, you enable him again ... 

But anyway, despite what he's done to Chuck and Chuck's weird obsession with Bozo ("he's one of the few friends I have" - well, the fewer the better, but hey, who is yours truly to say eh. Hehe. I certainly ain't Rockefeller, Chuck!)

He was great. 

But, he doesnt make it into the list of greats - top greats for me. 

Ford and Bezos do. 

And the advice, you ask 

As you read this, remember what I said about Bezos saying about PASSION. 

You dont choose your passion. IT chooses YOU. 

Remember what I said. 

You don't chase your passion. It chases you. 

(consciously you don't, unconsciously it does, hence RESULTS!!!!!!!) 

Trust me on both fronts, it's true. 

"Just ignore him! He'll get bored after a while!" 

Except, Rahul didnt ignore the Bozo. Hehe. 

I might consciously ignore him, and did all those years ago even subconsciously i.e. "let bozos be bozos" after he trolled, but these days, while I might pull that act again, I'm not quite ready to do so yet. 

But, that isn't important, really. 

Whats important is this, friend. 

Bozo will never forget me - because he's literally OBESESSED with me. 

PASSIONATE about seeing what "Rahul is up to". 

Perhaps even more so than some of my great customers, hehe. 

And I can feel him looking on as I type this. 

Believe me, silence is golden, so many people dont say much these days, but they ALL READ. Hehe. 

And for the Bozo, trolling and hating Rahul (an dothers, but Rahul bieng #1) is a passion. 

He will never outgrow that, hehe. 

IT will chase him, as will the ass whippings that I enjoy - dispensing so much - and he loves getting so much. 


I better not go there. 

But yeah, other than those things, and being Josie's toilet, or servant, or other rubbish, best not go there - again. Bozo loves some things about me that you REALLY don't want to know about. 

And I REALLY DONT want to think about, it makes me SHUDDER. 


El creepo is the Bozo, and thats putting it lightly for Schofield, as many of the women he's cheated would agree. 

Or, lunatic par excellence. 

But it brings up that point I brought up before, friend. 

IF YOU on this list "want" to get something but never do "because of money" - then YOU, I'm sorry to say are NOT passionate about fitness, and will never get into the best shape of your life. 

I've recieved emails for months on Animal Kingdom Workouts from people "that would buy if the price wasn't so high". 

I never reduced the price an iota. 

I increased it. 

Because if you're truly passionate, friend, you'l find a way - and likely have already. 

If you truly want it, you'll fork out the bucks for what matters. 

And those that arent, and no, it isn't about the crazy world, finances, or any other nonsense. 

It boils down to this. 

DO YOU want it? 


Then come get it!

And that, friend, is all there is to say. Come to think of it, if you really want it, I wouldn't be asking you this right now ... 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Sorry, Luke. I'd love to, but nothing doing! 

(An extremely polite dude, but price, it will remain what it IS) 

(it might even go UP - probably will). 

(no I aint worrying about if people will buy. Like I said...) 

My friend, 

It might sound insane and incredible, but if you'd ask my "wife" about my fitness prowress, she'd scoff. 

Him! She'd say. 

What does he know about fitness. 

I know, I know. 


But, for her to say that sounds incredible anyway doesnt it? 

Her claim - or "logic" behind that is "he once used to be SOOOOOOOOOO phat" - and not the results that followed thereafter. 

Certainly not the fact I could do way more at that phat phocker status than either other phat phockers or the average Shmoe at the JIm could in a lifetime - or tries to in one. 


(oh, and to the other person who wrote in asking about "why I bring up the bad things also" (he was referring to women etc) - well, because I write about it all. The good, bad, Bozos and the Ugly. Hehe. And personally, I think what I write about, especially when it comes to these damn women affects WAY more of us than care to admit).

Anyway ... thats neither here nor there eh. 

So back to it. 

"Its just bodyweight exercises!" 

Just pushups!

Oh, those, just squats!

Oh, thats just a book ... 

And so forth. 

Yet, how many books have THESE bozos making the comments written - or done pushups - or squats? 

Nil in most cases, and less in the rest. 

Dont get me wrong. 

I'm not for blind Tom Tomming of any nature (one reason why I dislike the China Tom Tom's so much). 

You'll never see  me writing or advising you about "how to be a Bozo" (well, I can on that, hehe aka "The Glyn" - but seriously, no) - or "how to make a million dollars" - until I make it myself. 

Or whatever goal or result it might be. 

And if the other person is damn good at it, a damn sight better than ME, I'll say that. 

You'll never catch me saying something -ve about my wife's cooking - because she's so damn good at it!

Funnily enough, this "it's just ..." thing doesnt apply to all the astrologers she follows with their only claim to fame being "x number of followers" - which I call out, because as I've said before, they can be deplatformed at ANY TIME. 


Happened to Trump, can happen to YOU - or them. 

Hell, you ain't gotta be Trump - its happened to me on LinkedIn - no "1 million" followers - but I had a hefty 6 k or so - all gone - just like that - with the wind. 

Writing, articles, everything...

If I didnt spread it all out over other platforms, and focus on my own stuff, Id be wailing right about now. Hehe. 

(not really, but you get my point!) 

But to simply claim what the other person is doing as "just this or that" and not be able to do it yourself is a fuckin copout, friend, and anyone that does that knows it. 

And saying like Chuck once did "I was zero before, and zero now" - well, true ... but it's also a statement that smacks of LOSER. 

Sorry, friend, but it's true. 

Show me the man who says I was zero - and less - and I TRIED my ass off - failed - tried - failed - and keep trying - THAT IS the man I respect!

In other words ... 

I can tell you how much I deadlifted back in the day, Chuck. 

You won't see me making silly remarks on (if you ever) your posts on that. 

But how many pull-ups can YOU DO? 

How many extreme pull-up or grip workouts have YOU DONE? 

And so on and so forth. 

The "its just" brigade is way more common than you'd think, pal. Avoid 'em like the plague!

Oh - and one last night thing - those claiming I am a hypocrite because I "once did weights". 


I never denied I lifted weights - when I was a phat phock!

I never did boobybuilding though, no. 

Hence, no books on that (though I've been asked, I wont do it, not because I couldn't write one on it, but because I dont like it or support it, and would therefore be piss poor at it, and plus it's not good for you, period) ... 

But you'll find, Chuck, most bodyweight gurus have done some sort of weight training - either in the gym or "irregular weights" such as in Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness (far better IMO) ... not to mention kettlebells, barbells and the lot. 

The reverse isn't necessarily true. 

Most weight lifters may MOVE to bodyweight only - or in conjunction with other things once they get tired of injuries, lack of progress, or simply wanting to try it. 

I dont know why thats the case, but it is!

And that, friend, is that. 

Stay - away from the Tom Tom's and its just's - your life will thank you for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The best damn fitness system - right HERE!

Sunday, 22 August 2021 11:28

How I write so much erotica

Larry recently asked me this (paraphrase) - after reading the book on Nazi feminism (look for a lovely - pun intended, hehe - REVIEW on that soon!) ... 

"Just how do you manage to do so much fitness, yet write all those books on erotica?" 

"And, that SORT? How did ..." 

That is what the "half a page" email boils down to. 

Larry, sage questions. Hehe. 

First, my output is indeed prodigous in every which way. 


But it's true. Writing included!

And second, "in the flow" is the answer to question #3. 

Third, that ole bug bear Charles the former friend so hates... 

Just do it!

Fourth, and perhaps what I was going to tell you last night, but the idea percolated in my brain ... 

Believe it or not, B.S.. 



Nah, not bullshit you can smell a mile away. 

It's Bozo Schofield. 

Trust me, my friend, you'd never expect the type of erotica you see in that book (i.e. you see me talking about in that book in what is perhaps and aptly on #26 the PREMIER tip in that book amongst all the other very superlative tips) ... 

It's not "get your dick wet" erotica, and it ain't "spanking her" either. 

It ain't spanking anything for that matter, as far you're concerned. Hehe. 

But it's so hot that it "makes studs blush" - those that have just read the "preorder pages for the book". 

Trust me on this one, and it's a nigh perfect tip for the topic of the book. 

But anyway, the Bozo. 

He's a perfect,living example of how. 

i.e. I put myself in th eBozos quite addled mind. 

And, I just ask myself this. 

"Will Glyn Schofield like this (the one in Brum)"? 

If the answer is yes, I know two things. 

IT's time to put out a book on it. 

And, it's wacko central - yet "sizzlingly hot" - and as Dani said, she's read a few of them - "all real life!". 

Precisely why those books are so successful. Hehe. 

Plus, it's Mike in it.Hehe. 

Or, Mike's "style" I might say ... "Just what Mike likes". 

Mike, of course, is what am I to the Chinese. 

But the Bozo provides more than just entertainment, my friend. 

He makes the cash registers ring - quite literally. 

So, Larry. 

Thats how!

And the rest of you, if there are two books I'd recommend you get - it's the one int he 0 Excuses Fitness System

Both solid, great books - and if you're on the warpath against the Libtards, Nazi feminists, and cucks in general, hey, #3 awaits!


Rahul Mookerjee

Some random thoughts, but first, an interesting one!

Bozo Schofield and his tales, and I ain't even gotten started - truly legion, hehe. 

If he had any brains, ah, but wait... he doesnt. 

But anyway, here's what I just got. 

"what about that fat ass that keeps sending you this stupid thing" (this guy was referring to a review he posted on Amazon, specifically, THIS one). 

Lots of people want to be studs, hehe, but they aren't willing to pay the price, so they post inanity on websites which is free, and requires NIL effort (both are important for the Bozo, but the latter more so - he's just incredibly fat and LAZY to be honest. Does nothing, like his friend says, "sits around all day eating all my food and drinking all my beer, becoming a phat phock and burden in general we do NOT want to carry" - and trolls. Hehe. That thumb gets a lot of workouts!). 

(thats what I should have emailed back, come to think of I'll do it NOW. My bad!)

But anyway, Schofield? 

Trust me - he ain't forgotten squat. 

He's just at a loss to DO something. 

Hes tried all he had, and failed - the reverse of what he wanted happened. 


Thats why I love these trollly sorts, it's so easy to get their plans to backfire while benefiting YOU, friend. 

Unfortunately, the world in general gets intimidated and cheated by them, and of course, won't learn how because "it should be free". 

Well, be my guest. Hehe.  

Same thing for ... well, combating Nazi feminism

Everyone wants to do it. 

No-one's got the - well, I should say "precious few have" the gumption to actually do it in a SMART MANNER! 

Then, of course ... 

But anyway, enough on that. 

I haven't forgotten about the Bozo either, and I'll be sending you some updates on that shortly too. 

Neither have I forgotten the hordes of Bozos that sit around "lurking", beady eyes peeled looking for "free stuff in his emails and how to copy him to market". 

"Learn for free from him". 

You can, to an extent, but that will backfire upon YOU, my friend, unless you do it right. 

Trust me on this one. 

You cannot simple reverse engineer these emails and expect results - it won't happen. 

Frustration won't make it happen either. 

But, a good start would be doing what I did in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales - note, it should be 20, the sheer value I give yo u- and note - that is the START. 

And, incorporating the life tips in Zero to Hero! (again, just the beginning). 

Anyway, Boozy Bozo ain't the only one thats being a Bozo. 

The number of Bozos is legion globally, and is only, as Daniela said the other day "global problem". 

Not just customer service either, as I watch the idiots on WeChat either post retarded photos of ridiculously expensive apartments interspersed with "beautiful" pictures of themselves "hoping someone will buy" (hint - anyone with real brains wants service in that regard, not idiotic drama and Nazi feminism) ... or, and this I really don't get "selling it for cheap". 

Dont get me wrong - auctions and garage sales have their place. 

Hell, Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) is being auctioned somewhere right as we SPEEK. 

But, if you bought a nightie or lingerie for X amount, sell it worn for 1/2 X? 

I dont know, I dont think anyone actually buys it - people will wait for the latest coupon from Amazon or whatever and just get it brand new!

Again, dont get me wrong. 

SOMETIMES, it's worth it. 

When moving between apartments, I often hold garage sales. 

Hell, I sold my old power bank to Sophia the "I want large mammaries" girl. Heh. 

But ... most part? 

Id rather just give away. 

That coul dbe a flatscreen TV I am about to give away - or a perfectly functional oven I just gave away. 

People - dont - get it. 

At this time, and indeed all times, you have to GIVE - with an open heart FIRST - before you can recieve, yet, nutjobs are doing the opposite thing globally!

Or, an old DVD player. 

IF you really want to "help" someone, half price ain't it. You just give what you no longer use away!

I often put old clothes etc outside my apartment - the lady comes every morning, and she takes it away. 

Some people like the Bozo toss it in the trash "to be mean". 

"How dare she make money off my trash". 

Small minded thinking, and thats saying something! 

Anyway, what can I say ... Bozos. Ugh. 

But anyway, and again, ... real reason I'm writing to you? 

I ain't forgotten you. 

And despite me raising the price for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness like I said I would this morning, I ain't forgotten YOU - again. 

Which means, of course, a gift for YOU - and all the other nutters lurking. 

Let me take that back. 

The lurkers, wel,l I dont want their business. 

I only want doers. 

And, here is a superlative discount offer for you - Lumberjack. 

Thats right. 

Thats the discount code you use during checkout to get a 20% off on the pre-order price for this truly special, once in a lifetime book - (hence all the opportunities to get in while the price is "comparitively low" etc). 

This ones so special I might not even put it on Amazon. 

It'll be sold - but only HERE most likely ... 

Jury's out on that one. 

But, most likely so due to price etc, that is how it will pan out. 

Perhaps elsewhere, we'll see. I've already got plans for a solid video on it for one!

And anyway, thats that. 

Rest assured the Boozo will be back, hehe. 

And rest assured the discount code will work for you - but ONLY for this product. 

Get in while you can, friend, and dont forget to checkout the new paypal design during checkout - it truly rocks!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - This product is one prime example of why it makes so much sense to just say "fuck it" and be a member of the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship, period. 

Other than all the golden goodies I mention on that page, remember, you get access to ALL products for a lifetime free (digitial download) - so long as your membership stays valid. 

To me, it's a no brainer... calculate, and you'll see. Hehe 

And no, you cannot sign up and refund instantly or within a day or two. 

Once you're in, you're in. No refunds, no exceptions. 

So there it is, friend. 

Back soon! 

I gotta tell you, friend, this most UNPOLITICALLY correct thingie. 

The women part (except for rare ones like a certain Dani, hehe). 

But in general ... 

But anyway, I'll always remember a conversation I once had with Marc the African Silverback Gorilla on people not getting to messages. 

I cannot understand, friend, why people are so damn rude - and it's getting WORSE. 

I mean, I told Marc the following. 

"I usually give people at least 24 hours to reply - if they dont, it means they simply dont want to"

He agreed. 

And then he said this 

"And, it's sheer disrespect". 

Which it is, but at the time I focused more on the "dont want" part i.e. they want to get back, they'll get back asap!

Its just getting worse - to be precise, more annoying. 

I can just hear the Tom Tom's snicker. 

"he's frustrated". 

Not as much as YOU, my friend (to the Tom Tom's). 

I'm happy - very so - with my life and the direction in which it's going, but I DO want sensible people to have, you know, a conversation with! 

Not just idiotic one liners of "HI!" and then crickets (waiting for entertainment). 

Or, stupidity to the tune of "we're too busy" - but not to update social media by the minute. 

They just dont WANT TO. 

Such as Bozo Glyn, when I tried calling him. 

"I'm doing other things!" his voice tailed off (he was in ass mostly likely). 

Naturally, this getting back doesn't need to be taken to an extreme - I usually allow people 24 hours to get back. 

If you're busy, truly so, there is NO Need to answer the phone "now". 

But, at least return calls. 

And, these days? 

Send an email with an issue that requires thought and resolution? 


Send an email that is "copy and paste" in terms of responses? 

Youll get speedy responses before you even think about it. 

"Anther one out of the way", you can almost hear the person sigh. 

And, business wise? 

IF there's money to be made from you, watch the sheer speed of replies! 

Of course, once said dough is minted - service? 

Goes down the toilet!

And of course, if its a guy dealing with a woman, she'll eventually pull the "he's rude to women" bullshit when you PUSH like you would with a man. 

Men, beyond a certain point cannot pull that excuse. 

And thats why despite my love for women in general, I never ever do business with them. 

I've written about why it's a recipe for disaster doing business with significant others for one... 

And it's true. 

Anyway, these people that dont get back aren't too busy. 

ANd when you point out stuff like 

"Life, slow, eh" (with the snicker)

OR their relentless social media CRAP with 

"Everyone's too busy, yet always on their phone!" 

They dont reply. 

Not necessarily because you aren't important. 

BEcause they're sitting and sTEWING, simmering!

"How dare he say that"

"I wish my life was like his!"

I swear, the fake feeling I get from most people - until and unless you light a fuckin fire under their asses has gotta be seen to be believed. 

And most of all ,these days, people are just retreating into their shells, and amazingly enough, a time when they should be giving the MOST - focus on TAKE. 

And, rebut all help that come their way unless it's idiotic selfies in the Jim (requisite with makeup and the right pose, of course!) - and showing the right amount of skin - or so forth. 

And, unless it's something that requires NO effort, in that case you won't be able to serve the customers, so many of them will be. 


What a pain. 

Anyway I had to get this off my chest while doing a "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness" workout, and remember, that pre-order - we're nearing the completion of the cycle - my fingers FLY as I write that last bit due to reasons I will not mention now. 

But it's nearing completion, so get it now at the price it's being offered at. Post pre-order, watch the price shoot up, up, UP. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No, I'm not going to "go easy on people". At a certain point, it comes time to take charge of your life and just DO it, for eff's sake!!!

I can just hear it,  

"Thats great if you're life is great, Rahul! But not everyone is the same!" 

Well, if you truly think that way - those that do - and are dissatisfied with life, it's YOUR fault, friend, NO-ONE ELSE's!

Wednesday, 18 August 2021 09:21

The Gorilla Grip Auction!

Interesting, my friend, interesting. 

I just recieved yet another "nth" notice from a courier company (delivery company, express company, kuaidi, whatever you call it, hehe) - to the notice of one of my books "Gorilla Grip (Advanced)" supposedly been stuck at custome somewhere, and them wanting the "import duty" or what not applicable from me. 

This message and the emails came to me for months, then stopped. 

Now, I have no idea why. 

The book was supposed to be sent to a customer from the US - but at the last minute, we changed how it was sent - and it never crossed any borders, let alone into Asia. 

But apparently the "canceled" order on Amazon or whatever it was never reflected globally. 

One of those things, and today, I received some "long overdue notice" from some "import export adminstration" or some nonsense, some "non official" committee or something (beats me how they got my address???) ... stating that the "professional and technical manual" would be put on auction if I didnt retrieve it or some nonsense. 

I've even got the photo. HEhe. 

Much like I still have the photo somewhere of being served with a notice by my management in China and being threatened "we call police for breaking you peace!" and "creating mess" - all for what? 

Tossing beer bottles in the trash. Hehe. 

Some broke, which caused a catastrophe (personally, a cranky neighbor complained - PLUS, of course in Chinese... hehe. If I had done the same if it happened to me, literally no-one would care! and of course, the cleaning lady who couldn't sell the bottles for a profit or what not) ... 

Hey, it wasn't like I was tossing them down from the 11th floor like the Bozo was, bringing women of ill repute back home (Bozo was, he was paying them to -ugh, you know what) ... 

So his notice was warranted, mine maybe not... 

(though yes, plenty of "women" came, but I never got the ill repute thing served to me, hehe). 

But it's interesting. 

THey never told me where the book would be auctioned and "proceeds would be used to pay something off". 

No amounts mentioned!

So, some lucky dude will get it - except where, how and when - I have no idea!

I'll keep y'all posted. 

Last I did auctions was on She-Bay, I dont particularly enjoy them either. 

(nothing against 'em, just a hassle the way I see it). 

Anyway - I wonder what'll come of that!

Will keep ya'll posted, but in the meantime, remember, my friend - building your grip is paramount to fitness at any level. 

And the Gorilla grip series is one you simply must have. 

Pick it up now, either individually, or in compilation format, you'll love it - and benefit like never before. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS -And do NOT forget the book on tips - Volume two, yes, on it's way, maybe in a few months! 

Phock, this damn thing crashed while writing it!

But as I wrote it, the Universe was speaking to me - right down to a voice telling me "dont tell her!" 

I wont. Hehe. 

Beyond that though ... 

Tom Tom's and idiots and Buffoons that are neighsayrs, kindly dont read past this. 

Freebie seekers, dont either. 

Those that believe it's all motivational gobbleydook with no basis in the real world - kindly dont read. 

For the rest of though - doers - kindly do and please READ!

Let's face it. 

HOw many times per day does the average person, you, me, everyone use the words "I wish"? 

Recently, I was talking to a dude, a guy who I met in 2013 with regard to certain goals I have. 

Right from the minute I met this dude, right from how he was introduced to me, in a way most people wouldnt understand or even begin to comprehend - right, play of words - and the four ones above - just words, but they make a hell of a difference, friend, a HELL Of a difference!! - to your life - and results - or lack thereof - anyway, right from that point, I knew three things. 

Ambitious, the right guy to do what I wanted to get done then - and the person to work with on that. 

Great guy as well. 

Now, he was saying something along the lines of "Man, I wish someone would get that for me!" 

He wasn't referring to a handout, he ain't that kind of guy. 

But, it got me thinking. 

How many times do you, friend, say or think the following. 

"I wish my life was better"

"I wish I wasn't going through this". 

"I wish I wasn't married"

"I wish I was in better shape!" 

"I wish I had a lifestyle lik eRahul where I could do exactly as I please, when I please, make $$ to boot... and the rest of it"

(on that note, freebie seekers, like a certain Mr S, if you've made it this far - free coaching - nah. Please leave NOW. 

While YES, I AM giving you the secrets - some of them - for free here, they ain't the entire picture. 

But, a huge part of it anyway!) 

"I wish I ... " 

Lets face it, all of us do it - and sometimes, often, we ain't even aware of it.

Then we console ourselves by looking at the rest who're in the same boat. 

Miserable, unhappy, sad, UNFULFILED.. 

yet, what if, my friend, just what if ... You changed this thought to - for example. 

"What if I was fit enough to do 500 pushups per workout?" 

Thats it, and keep THAT thought in mind other than "I wish I was ...?" 

Words make a huge fucking difference, friend. 

And are ultimatly what seperate the true doers from the wannabe and Bozo sorts. 

You might not think so but words make you picture and FEEL a goal - and the intensity with which you feel is what attracts, or helps you attract, NOT the other way around i.e. just saying it without meaning it doesn't do an iota or fig leaf of any good whatsoever. 

When you say what if, if you do so right, you'll start to notice two things - 

One, how you FEEL. You'll automatically, even if you dont want to, picture the life without a spouse - or with more money - or being super fit - or job of your choice - big house - whatever it is!

This, my friend, is how you start to attract. 

When you feel it, you'l have it. Simple fact of life, and you'll be on the way to getting it too if you ain't already. 

Second, you'll be elated at the world of possibilities opening when previously yo uthought "impossible". 

Trust me on this ...

Try this trick fitness wise with any fitness goal you have for just a week - and report back in terms of your progress, and how you feel (and do so with deep emotion, the goal must be meaningufl to you). 

And next, remember this too. 

I ain't given my copies of Fast and Furious Fitness away for free. 

No way ... but I WILL give 'em to folks interested, and now that I've put out feelers, a lot are. 

But yet - I'm putting it on hold. 

I want YOU the list to have plenty of opportunities to get it FIRST because you deserve it!

So, repay that faith, friend. 

Go ahead and get these now. 

Trust me, pure gold, you will ALWAYS cherish this one book - as I do so deeply. 

Hence, I talk about it so much, or I wouldn't give a rip either way. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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