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Friday, 31 December 2021 15:11

On body(phat) shaming - and more.

You hear it all the time, especially from phat phocks who coudn't hang on pull-up bars for more than quarter of a second to save their lives if they had to - and people globally that are fat and out of shape, yet get pissed at people "saying it like it is". 

Back in the day, I sometimes did too. 

Note this wasn't when I was "fat" or a phat phocker per se. 

This was when I was in fairly decent shape, but eating and drinking way too much, and not working out enough (definitely NOT doing what I advocate in Eat More - Weigh Less) - and it showed. 

A friend of mine once made the comment back in the day. 

"I've never seen you like this, Rahul", he said, pointing at the core which at the time was admittedly flabby. 

"You always had such a strong powerful aesthetic core - it was really nice!" (note, I didnt train for looks - but still - that was a welcome byproduct). 

I was slightly surprised at the time. 

"Me? Fat?", I grinned back. 

"Oh, you're not fat", he replied. "But ... " 

Upon reaching home, I introspected - and saw he was RIGHT. 

And I made a promise myself to lose the extra (few, admittedly kgs - and I did within a couple of weeks - and how. 

Or, a guy around 5 years ago when the podge was starting to pile on a bit (for a period I was not able to train normally due to extenuating circumstances). 

At the beer store, he pointed to my gut - which to be honest, most wouldn't have noticed, "there was nothing there" - but there was, a little... 

His trained eye caught it, and he asked WHY. 

Now, most people would have got upset - offended - and me too in the past. 

(I didnt - I just nodded, and next day, I was hitting it 2x as hard again, soon enough, whatever little was there WENT away). 

Hell, if taken to an extreme, I probably still would too. 

Not for me the idiots who touch Charles (a former friend of mine)'s stomach as he walks down the road apparently (admittedly he's obese, but shit, that sort of thing is not on!) - and ask his girlfriend "how they do it in bed. 

Idiots incaranate, that pisses me off too. 

But other hand, what the world needs more than anything else is a return to being tough - long overdue, along with a kick in the pants most people need. 

To me, if someone says something like that, and they dont obviously NOW, its just a push to get in even better and even leaner - and stronger - or more flexible - condition. 

If I see YOU contorting yourself in positions that would make an octopus envious, if I see you fighting in an arena, if I see you walking up stairs - on your hands - and then back down again - I dont just sit back, pat my tummy, cradle my beer, and marvel. 

I want to be able to do that too, and I work on it, and pretty soon - I can. 

Thats always how I've been 

All around though, you keep hearing cries of "body shaming", and how it's supposedly a mean thng to do, bad for the person, and so forth. 

My opinion? 

Taken to extremes, yes, not on. 

People need to be ultimately UPLIFTED - not brought down.

But there is a fine line between (molly) coddling, and giving it to folks straight. 

Get down right now my friend, and give me 20 good pushups. 

Or, 5 straight pull-ups. 

Or, 75-100 straight squats. 

Or, bridge back and forth a while. 

We haven't even gone advanced as yet. 

Hold a plank, do a dead hang. Whatever it is - if you can't do any of the above - then you're neither fit nor are you strong my friend. 

(and, you need to get on the 0 Excuses Fitness System ASAP)!!

I hate to say it, but it's true. 

That ain't body shaming either. 

But if someone is a phat phocker, I've found the doers would rather be TOLD they're fat so they can work on it. 

Sometimes, we all need that kick up the ass... 

Enter "Iron" Mike Tyson, a legend for the ages. 

From the man himself, before his bout in 2020 with Ray Junior ... (which ended in a draw I believe?) ...

"If somebody's with me, I find out he thought I was a fat motherf***er and didn't tell me, I wouldn't be his friend no more.

"You say body shaming hurts some people, it helps me. I never looked at it as fat shaming."

Tyson at the time was WAY fat and overweight - due to booze and coke use (according to him - Mike Tyson claims being fat shamed 'helped' him make incredible body transformation ahead of Roy Jones Jr fight (thesun.co.uk)). 

And, along with the upcoming fight - that body shaming ultimately inspired him to drop almost 40 kgs! 

Thats something, at his age. 

Sure, 120-60 that I did is nothing to scoff at either. Took plenty of doing that! 

But there is reason Tyson is featured on the sales pages for both Pushup Central and Jump Rope Mania, my friend - not just because the rope is an essential part of not just Iron Mike's, but ANY boxer's regimen (along with lots of pushups). 

Fat Bozos like Glyn whose spindly arms couldn't support them for a nanosecond in a quarter plank troll it by saying "Rahul Tyson", while the doers BUY the book, and do - because they know very well the sales page is what it is for a damn good REASON. 

Even if you look at Tyson's most recent workout when he was out of shape in 2020? 

The ROPE features ... just take a look!

Not to mention, his mentality. 

Iron Mike didnt sit around bitching about "I feel so bad that people are saying that!" 

He took it like the man he is - and got into scorching hot shape shortly thereafter. 

Now THAT, my friends, is the sign of a real man. 

A man that doesn't back down from a challenge, and can hear the truth when it needs to be said!

And the workouts, the routines that will do it for YOU TOO, my friend, are in both Pushup Central - and Jump Rope Mania - and all my courses. 

As we head into the New Year, if there are nigh two courses I'd recommend you to get, those are the ones. 

Get them NOW, and start becoming a real man again, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

I just interrupted my jump rope workout to tell you this, 1000 reps in, I'm barely warmed up, but I have to tell you this, friend. 

I can just hear Rocky telling his son ... 

"I'm going to tell you something you alrrady know. 

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place, it will beat you to your knees, and it will keep you there if you let it. 

You, me, nobody will hit as hard as LIFE. 

It's not about how HARD you can hit. 

It's about how hard you can GET hit, but still keep moving. THATS how winning is done!

Now if you know what you're worth, go out and get it. 

But you can't keep blaming people, making excuses . 

Thats what losers do. 

And that in't YOU!": 

Old Rocky is almost in tears as he finishes (I quoted him almost verbatim). 

But I feel his pain!

His son knew it, but needed it to hear it anyway. 

Thats my whole point for this email. 

A lot of what I say - you know. 

But sometimes all of us need to HEAR it - from another person, if just to validate and emphasize the truism of the statements. 

The wise will always preface advice with "as you already know" or a derivative therein, instead of trying to "teach upfront" or lecture like a Bozo. 

I've had this said to me back in the day, still sometimes happens when I need it. 

We all do. 

And we all need that kick up the ass sometimes. 

Speaking of which ... 

How high and hard can you kick, friend?

Simple question, but most cannot do it without tearing a quad - or hamstring - or more. 

I keep saying this, you probably know it, you will find it inscribed on my very large tombstone when I go ...(with everything else I keep repeating). 

Hamstrings are a CRUCIAL and critical part of the body to stretch, strengthen and train. 

In Isometric and Flexibility Training I give you a "hamstring" stretch (though it stretches the entire core, lower back, shoulders, traps, sides, all of it) which is simple - you put your feet up on a high surface, one at a time. 

You keep both legs STRAIGHT while doing it!

(I can almost hear and feel a certain Carol slapping my then loose thigh when I was doing it. 

"Hey, Michael!" (she got the "hey" from me. Hehe. So cute). 

"Keep those legs straight!") 

That was at the top of the hill. 

That is a great stretch for your hamstrings, you could work them your entire life and never go wrong. 

When you open - loosen the hammies - you literally TRANSFORM your life with all the GOOD that flows into it!

You feel better, you perform better in all your exercises and workouts , if you've got tight hamstrings like I do, many of you do too, you'll just feel awesome, like you accomplished something. 

In the advanced book on isometrics, I'll be talking about an advanced version of this stretch I did yesterday. 

oh my. 

this one takes that previous stretch to a higher level - literally. 

And you'd be best warmed up well before doing it, unless you're already loose and limber - it's martial arts level (advanced) - this one. 

Look for that in the upcoming advanced book on isometrics, for now, as you know, but you need to hear it, a lot of you AGAIN - GET THE BOOK on ISOMETRICS! (the one out now)

Do so now. 

And something else you need to hear, as I finished my cross over jump ropes this morning (an advanced variation I did not put in Jump Rope Mania!) ... 

Cardio - the right form - I cannot overemphasize just how important it is. 

Lots of you think "pah, I just need muscle and strength". 

Folly, friend. 

You need BOTH. 

One doesn't go without the other. 

And you ain't gonna look like an athlete if you've got a huge belly spilling over "the cup that spilleth over" - simple as that. 

And jumping rope is an ancient technique that has been used by martial artists, wrestlers, swimmers, nigh everyone who does it to get in top shape - and quick. 

And you'll get all the cardio and muscle building you need with this one workout - especially lower body. 

It leaves you with no excuses either - how many do you need to pull out a rope and start doing the thing? 

None, I bet .. 

So get that course NOW too, my friend. 

Really, now. Lots of you keep putting it off - please dont. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - you know it's important, when I interrupted my workout to tell you this!

yes, another one of those "you already know it, but you need to hear it anyway". 

It seems social media these days, and people in general - two things. 

One, everyone finds an excuse to be offended, and then kick up a hue and cry over it. 

Could be politics, "off the cuff" statements made by someone - could be "what someone said" - could be "he's SOOOOOOOO racist!" - could be any of that crap - people just have nothing to do with their lives and are interested in finding some issue to gripe about so they can forget the monotony of their daily lives for just a second ... until they go home, of course. Where the wife is waiting with the baton, lol.

(or rolling pin, or what not, but you get the drift). 

Much like Bozo Glyn who as a great customer rightly said, "has an axe to grind" (oddly enough, my mom says the same thing "everyone has an axe to grind" and we ALL know the relationship there!! Hehe) ... People just fail to focus on or stick to the facts. 

Reminds of a scene in one of the best Bollywood movies ever "Munna Bhai MBBS" (the great Sanjay Dutt - one of the few actors in Bollywood I truly DO admire) ... 

Basically, a pickpocket shows up in a crowded station, and picks an old man's pocket - gets caught instantly. 

I wont get into the story and detail here, it's hilarious, but it was set in India, and naturally a crowd forms and starts beating on him. 

Old man has pity on him (or his wife), and then asks the crowd to stop. 

"Guys, stop. Whats YOUR problem? After all, its my wallet he's trying to steal!" 

And then he lectures the pick pocket. 

"See these people? They've all got some problems!

Some guy fought with his wife this morning, some guy is frustrated about money, some guy is angry about something else ... 

Point being, they're all ANGRY. 

And they are all looking for an excuse to vent their anger. 

You are the target ; a prime one!" 

.... Case and point with all this "getting offended" you see these days, if idiots in general would invest that energy and time they spend in getting offended on their own lives... 

But I forgot, how dare I talk SENSE. Hehe. 

Anyway ... 

I was thinking about this this morning when I woke up. 

Truth be told, Glyn doesn't have a leg to stand on either way in terms of his rants. 

He's the one who started it all, he's the one who was blatantly racist and abusive with no provocation, he's the thief that stole money and scammed countless women out of their hard earned cash, stabbed his friend Chuck multiple times in the bank, tried hitting on his girlfriend with wierd "sissy" notes he left for her, and much, much more (not to mention he's just a lying piece of butt licking shit in general) .... 

(I will share the story of how his drugged up self once literally shat in class, so drunk was he. No wonder he ultimately got DEPORTED!)

But even if he did - one question. 

Just how the heck his trolling on the BOOKS - which he never read or bought was warranted is beyond me. 

Why drag those books into it? 

Can Bozo do a pull-up - or a handstand - or even hold the pushup position for any length of time. 

Can Chuck, who constantly complained about my emails do 'em? 


have they DONE what I mention in the books to be ABLE To do them ?


Then my dear friend, you have no right to bitch and moan and complain. 

Because you haven't got the books, you haven't read them, you haven't got off your lazy duff and done a damn thing other than be a troll (in short) - and take advantage of the fact that Amazon, although they're working on it - currently allows these trolls to troll freely, but real commenters like John Walker I mentioned in an email or so up there get censored. 

My daughter asked who you were John (in the video). 


I told her, she loved it!

Anyway ............. that aside. 

"I'm independent. I pay my own bills. I am not kept. I do the keeping". 

I keep seeing these sort of statements - usually accompanied by a sneering sort of photo (with full make up on and such) on social media these days. 

And the simps love to simp over it. 

"Ma'am you're SO NICEEEEEEE!" goes Bozo Schofield. 

(for saying that, and being a bratty, entitled ... well, I dont want to go there, but you can guess the word). 

That aside though, facts. 

One, don't we ALL pay our bills? 

Two, how many times do you see MEN that pay the majority of everything anyway bragging about it? 

And three - perhaps most important, ever DELVE into the HISTORY behind these statements?

Usually - not always, but usually, these so called empowered women have GOTTEN to the point they are at now by virture of a man doling out the cash. 

Sounds misogynstic? 

Maybe . 

But it's TRUE. 

And I can corrobate this with tons of women's stories that I've been with in the past. 

Could be their ex's bought the car and house, or Daddy set up their little pharmacy or what not, or their ex husband sending them fat alimony checks... 

These facts are never brought up, eh? 

But they're TRUE. 

To me, if a woman has REALLY done it herself, you'll never see her spouting such statements. 

Or if she does, she'll say it in a matter of fact way. 

Or, most likely, her work - or something else - will speak for herself. 

Case in point being "Sunny Leone", a woman all love to troll, because she was in porn first, then made it big in Bollywood. 

Another one of those people people love to get offended about. 

Point being though, a woman like her - truly did it herself. 

Got cast out from her ultra conservative Indian family for choosing to do it her own way, then did it, probably struggled a lot, and today, she's a rising star. 

Thats my type of person - or woman. 

Thats the sort of person I like to associate with - or do business with. 

Business people. 

Sensible people. 

Not all the wankers on social media...

Anyway, my book on combating and BENEFITING from Nazi feminism - is a great, great read, my friend. 

Here it is. 

Oh, on that note. 

These same women then proudly post about "how the maid is also SOOOOOOOO independent". (usually a mistreated, overworked abused domestic servant with no rights, and as my wife once said, women are the one doing most of that abuse - and if you dont believe me? Go research it). 

Truly, women can be their own worst enemies, even the independent ones (the ones that BRAG about it). 

Apparently doing their own housework is beneath these independent women. 

I give up. 


To each his own. 

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

I've said it before, I will say it again. 

If you're not improving - in some way - in every workout, you're not doing it right. 

Lots of people complain of being "stuck". 

Either they're not losing weight beyond a certain point, either they're not increasing their rep count on pushups, either they're not getting their workouts done quicker, could be anything. 

The complaints come in thick and fast, and the human mind being what it is ... 

"Its not working". 

No, my friend. 

The routines WORK. 

What a lot of people forget is the "improve with every workout maxim". 

If you're doing jump rope workouts, for one, and you do it daily - you may or may not hit a max rep count daily. 

Thats fine. 

But you improve SOMEWHERE - daily!

Could be you do them in less time. 

Could be you jump HIGHER on each rep, on the double unders... 

Could be you work in other exercises with it, and feel great doing so!

It could be anything, key thing is to NOTICE. 

Now, the other thing. 

If you're doing multi-faceted workouts, like practically all my books (if not ALL) advocate, you're starting off on the right foot. 

You banish boredom and lethargy INSTANTLY. 

You're constantly challenging your body with fresh new exercises and workouts. 

And - you're never "at a loss" as to what to do. 

Ever embarked on pushups, for one, and just - in the middle of the workout - you felt it was not the day for pushupS? 

OK, so what else to do. 

You could push through the workout, not entirely a bad idea... 

Or, you could do OTHER things in the workout - from one of my workouts!

Truly leaves you with no excuses, and yet, you might ask - how do I IMPROVE with each workout if I'm doing different things? 

Well, you'll see by working out this way it's not only easier to improve - but you'll improve in small , minute ways you might not even notice. 

For me, that was my pushup workout last night. 

I did my pushups that much SLOWER - with that much better form - and felt so GREAT - GOOD - the best!

Then this morning, I was doing jump rope Mania! workouts. 

But, it wasn't the day . 

My timing was off. 

I still powered through 2000 reps, of course, but something wasn't "there". 

Something wasn't clicking. 

Out came the Lumberjack club! 

And presto, my swings improved immeasurably while doing those. 

I went higher - and lower - on each rep, getting a solid stretch in through the chest and trap fibers... 

And I improved my rep count to - currently I'm at a 100 per set - don't even THINK about starting with that sort of rep count when you start, by the way!

And there it is, my friend. 

It is one of the keys to success at anything - - not just training. 

So that is the lesson for this one - enjoy!

And be sure to remember what I said about the offers ALL being extended until December 25, 2021 - lots of people have already asked about it. 

Will I see YOUR NAME amongst those that have taken advantage - or asked about the Ship. 

I hope so, my friend. 

Because really, if there ever was a time to buy what you've been PUTTING off, it is ... 


Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Really, putting off what you should have done ages ago constantly and finding new excuses, it doesnt work for anything in life, my friend. Fitness is the same!

And even if you don't hehe. (since a lot of Bozos dont, lol) 

This is going to be short, sweet and simple - if that is the case, either way, please do two things. 

One, please leave a review via the review link you got in your email post purchase (from the website). 

If you have bought off Amazon etc, please leave a WRITTEN review there - in addition to the rating. 

And two, another great site to leave reviews? 


You can find Rahul Mookerjee on there too ...  

And that, friend is that. Back soon - oh, and if you ain't taken advantage of these huge offers we've got going on HERE - https://0excusesfitness.com/rewards, then please - do so NOW. 

Again, I'm not going to keep repeating myself on this one. Some of these offers will end like tomorrow IIRC ... 

Get in NOW, my friend. 

And please do the above - and please let me know! 

Thank you! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In addition to the 10% auto discount you get for leaving reviews, I'll even do up another special offer for all of you that leave reviews - please leave one - and then let me know! 

PPS - I'll share a great review from there shortly - stay tuned!! 

Oh, and before I FORGET -

A quick question I gotta ask - with all the whinging and "sqawking" about prices as of late ... (and no, not ALL of you getting this email have been doing that, but a sizeable portion has, as you can tell from the last email I sent out on Bozo Flix) ... 

It beggars the imagination - a lot of these people have not signed up for the Ship - and they have NOT partaken of any of the offers we have going on, despite them being REAL discounts, real offers ... 

Some are tyre kickers and Bozos in general, and thats fine. 

But for the rest of you - WHAT is the reason??

A LOT of you have not taken advantage of the offers, left reviews, or done much at all to be honest. 

Friend, 'm not sure whats going on, but this is highly unlike you. 

So do write back, let me know... 

We'll listen, as always! 🍻

Just insane, my friend. 

It's one thing in China where people kept referring to dating as being "people on their phones chatting with others or watching videos or what not - as opposed to, you know, LOOK - and TALK - to the person next to you" ... but the malaise has well and truly spread to the ROW. 

Y'all no doubt know this... 

Yesterday I was walking in the park and met a few people - by chance. I wanted to get out of the house a bit and WALK so I did that, but I met these people by accident, and then stopped to chat. 

Of course, they were all on their phones. 

It's interesting - or not - how people cannot step away from their bloody devices for ONE damn minute - while working out, they must have it, while on the throne they must have it, while eating it they'll cast surreptitious glances at it  (if not focused on the idiot box) ... and so forth. 

It's addiction x 1000. 

Of course when you tell these people that, you're met with furious "why does it bother YOU!" - or "it's MY life!" - or just indifference ie whatever. 

Peopel are turning into zombies and robots more than ever now. Sadly, at a time when we need people to be the polar opposite!

"I dont care". 

I know. 

But you do, friend, deep down inside you do ... 

Anyway ... so, I was talking to guy #1. 

Good guy, NOT a bad person, yet, he had his video on full blast while chatting to me. 

"Are you busy", I asked casually - hoping he'd get the hint. 

No, no - he replied. 

I'm just listening to the video. 

It went on at full blast while I was standing there, we were "talking" as he was staring away at the dumbphone (and really, given the crap most people watch these days, all astrological crap for the most part - you'd think the video could WAIT?) ... 

... and of course, after that, he had a "call". 

I wonder why he stepped out of the house in the first place. 

Guy #2 was better, but that might be because I just met him once - the first time (and he too, of course, was on the phone for part of our conversation). 


I was asking about his business. 

"Zero", he replied with a caustic sort of smile, given he's in the travel industry, I believe him. 

Speaking of which, the latest covid nonsense they're sprouting all over the world, Omnicron or what not ... 

I mean geez, give me a break - countries finally open - and now after a day or so of opening, bang - shut again. 

Dont say I didnt tell you - I've been saying forever they're going to shut it all down come Christmas time, and that is exactly whats happening. 

Anyway, these videos. 

Astrological crap, and other nonsense about "when the world will end" or "what to do to improve our lives" and other junk. 

Seems all one has to do is become a "Baba" in saffron robes, pick up a million or so utterly USELESS followers on social she-dia, and you're set. Thats how far people's brains have degenerated these days!

Next day these clowns get deplatformed. 

They're back to square one. 

And the people following them get suckered in by a new patsy. 

Not so here, my friend. I'm actively getting OFF social media - all of it - and I've made no bones or secrets about that fact for a long, long time!

Anyway ... can't the bloody videos wait? 

I mean, is it not just fucking RUDE? 

You're talking to someone, yet, you have the phone on at full blast, sad part, people just dont GET IT - or even think it's rude anymore!

And it ain't just women either in case you're wondering - men are just as Bozo like in this regard. 

"Watch the video!" 

Um, no, I'd rather READ it - or write it - or say it!

I'd rather not kill my imagination, the only thing I watch is how I want my own life to be - either in my brain - the best way - or outside. 

The best videos for me are those that I've watched in my own mind - of myself - repeatedly, and those are what bring results. 

I'm sure the third gentleman I met - old man - with NO phone (thank you!) - woul dagree!

He used to be a businessman - retired now. 

And I finally had a great, great conversation with him - much lik eI often do with the other old man from China. 

Seems to be that age group is the only one that knows what respect is about, that age group is the ONLY ONE that knows that life goes on ... that age group is the only one with any SENSE LEFT!

As Phil from another business told me, these 24 year olds preaching about "the world ending". 

Some people seem to be getting it though. 

My wife and daughter were recently talking about "not watching phone post midnight". 

As if until midnight wasn't bad enoug, hehe. 

And we'll see if or how long that lasts. 

Anyway ...................... 

UGH is all I can say. 

And, a great (Horatio, I believe) saying I learned the other day which struck a chord, and how. 

Deep within the infant's breast lurks the father's nature, ready to spring anew. (I morphed a few words, but thats the gist of what he said). 

So true. 

"Chip off the old block is my daughter". 

(I musta missed the bus on that one though, hehe). 

Anyway ..........videos, ugh. 

But they do have a purpose, and thats why I created those fine, fine videos for the 0 Excuses Fitness System, which will come to you at a 30% OFF - but only if you act NOW. 

Time be running out on that offer, so act NOW. 

But thats the only time I'll do videos, when it's something that cannot be taught via the written word. 

I understand folks might disagree. They likely will. 

So be it. 

But, the offer stands valid no matter what, so get your mitts on it NOW. 

Start thy Christmas on a BRIGHT NOTE, and not all the rubbish doom and gloom being spread. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

I still remember an email from I think 2004, another one of those emails that stuck in mind, sort of like the famous email Brooks Kubik once wrote about me around that time as well. 

(That one's mentioned in part on Advanced Hill Training; I wish I had a dumbphone back then, oh wait, they didnt have them then! Hehe. Several computer crashes later, I lost the orignal email, but it's sum and substance is so INDELIBLY printed on my mind, it will last long after I pass!). 

(in the ETHER!). 

It till date is one of the emails that has meant the MOST to me in all my online or ANY communication. 

Truly, Brooks - he's a great - one of the best! 

He, along with a certain Vince Palko "The Godfather of Internet Marketing" as he was fondly called, hehe - is on my FB list - which I never logged into, of course, since Nov 2020. 

The hell with FB and social media in general, and I've explained this many times before haven't I ... 

What they did to Trump was the last straw, not so much because its Trump (though dont get me wrong, I love Trump) ... but if they can do that to a sitting US President, they're literally Hitler, or the modern version thereof. 

Hopefully Congress finally passes that bill, I dont know, but as my friend Dwayne once said. 

"I hope these damn social media companies go OUT OF BUSINESS". 

I think he said broke too. Hehe. 

but FB, writing's been on the wall for ages, LinkedIn with their China pandering too. Hey, I did manage to get all my Linkedin Articles etc back from them though, so I'll be posting them again elsewhere, stay tuned on that one!

Medium most likely. 

Stay tuned for that, I had some great stuff, great SEO value etc, all disappeared one fine day when big tech banned me. 

I was prepared for it, I've often said dont rely on social media, build your own platforms, but most arent... 

Anyway ... 

I love Vince Palko, great guy!

I've no idea if hes still into fitness or marketing. Last I know, he started a company doing internet doodlng - or his famous cartoons, hehe - and he's doing damn well!

Thats a skill and a half. 

I remember him offering me a free doodle for my fitness "blog" back then in 2008 (back then, yes, it was just a blog). 

I declined respectfully but the gesture sticks forever. GOOD MAN, old timer, one of the best!

We spoke a couple of times on FB too, I believe. 

But that email was about sprints, or was it? 

I dont know, Brooks Kubik had sent out a similar email a while back about sprints, I responded, talked to Brooks about it, but this email ... I dont know, maybe it was sprints. 

But my nick on his list was Velocity. 

"Velocity, cool nick!" I still remember Vinnie saying. Hehe. 

That it is!

Cool dudes have cool nicks. 

And to me, it signifies one thing. 


Lightning fast, demon like SPEED


SPEED IS WHAT WE NEED! (remember Mickey? Hehe). 


I've always been Mr Fast. 

Climbing hills fast, romancing the lovely carol fast (not really, hehe, I wasn't even romancing her to being with), eating fast, writing fast - getting her done - QUICK!

And to me, thats just a cool nick I've used so often I might as well have invented. 

When I use the terms "idiot box" and "dumbphone" my daughter claims I (might as well have) invented them the amount I go on about 'em. 


I might - nah. I didnt!

But, Velocity is definitely me!

Another favorite nick of mine on another site is Mystery. I love that nick too, sounds great!

Always Jason Bourne am I ... 

"Mystery Man", as a certain lady Rohini once called me "Dont worry, I wont tell my husband I'm talking to strange men in the middle of the night!". 


We met in person once at China immigration .. Poor husband. Hehe. 

But he's a nice guy!

And I was NEVER worried. LOL. 


Thats that. 

Remember the Battletank Shoulders special we got going on, friends... 


So - claim your copy of the very best in fitness manuals NOW

And I'll be back! 


Rahul Mookerjee

Mere words do not explain the way I feel about this. 

While I wouldn't go so far as to say "I would kill for this" - I FEEL that way when someone TRULY disrespects me. 

This morning, I truly "lost it" - though most looking at me would never guess what the Black Mamba was thinking. 

This ties into all the calling I do out for Glyn Schofield for one, who better hope he never sees me in person again. 

As my friend from the Marines once told me privately. 

"Rahul, they better hope they dont see me HERE, on MY SOIL!" 

He was referring to some Chinese who were bullying him with the "This is China" crap - so now he's in the US, and he's issued an OPEN CHALLENGE to them. 

Needless to say, they never took it. 

In the movie First Blood, Part IV i.e. "Rambo", in my opinion one of the best of the lot, they had this thing about Stallone sharpening a knife that gets longer with every installment of the movie, hehe - and uttering these words. 

"When killing is as easy as breathing ... " 

"God didnt make you this fighting machine. It's in your blood!" 

"You didnt kill for your country! You killed for YOURSELF!" 

"God's never going to make that go away!" (for reference, there was this missionary sort in Rambo that the Vet WARNED not to go into Burma, she did anyway, and well, y'all have seen the movie, I'm sure! LUMBERJACK!) 

Carrying on from what his old mentor and Colonel said about "we never created this fighiting machine - we just chipped away the rough edges". 

That, to me, typifies yours truly to a T. 

I can tolerate a lot, my friend. 

And I do. 

But disrespect - I draw the line. 

I lost it this mornig with a guy I've been doing business with - for years and years and years. 

I've always treated him fair, paid up BANG ON TIME EACH AND EVERY TIME for the services he rendered. 

Yet, since this July, he's been giving me the round about on something he is supposed to do - and still hasn't done it. 

Broken promises, never answers calls, when I do, he disconnects, and wont call back for months . 

I can feel his thinking. 

"This guy has no options, so he's stuck". 

Oh yeah? 


No options? 


No I ain't either pally. I'm simply doing what I do for everyone, give them a very long rope, once I do biz with someone, once I find reliable people, I don't just swtich at the drop of a hat. I'm in it for the long term. 

Most apparently aren't. 

Anyway, it drove me insane this morning - so much so that I was almost literally sharpening an actual knife which most dont know, but I know very well how to use. 

I better not write anymore. 

On that! 

But disrespect I just dont tolerate. 

Especially blatant and RUDE sort. 

I've told the dude plenty of times if he doesnt want to work with me - then fucking SAY IT!

I've told him bazillions of times, RETURN what I gave YOU - for business! 

And if you dont want to do even that, at least SAY IT!

The ROUNDABOUT and DISHONESTY is what I cannot stand, much like Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once told me as well. 

I cannot for the life of me understand why folks can't be DIRECT!

Never getting back to anything, always "avoiding the hard questions" - I mean, just effing SAY IT!

Anyway ... 

Maybe it's because I've been hit behind the head - literally - all the time growing up. 

Maybe because of all the bullying I endured, never got a word of support, when I fought back, it was always "they are right, you cannot fight back!" 

Sounds insane, I know - but many of YOU have gone through the SAME damn thing. 

As an adult, perhaps and admittedly I went to the other extreme physically. 

But I'd rather that than ... you know, be bullied ... 

It's just - disrespect, I cannot tolerate it. 

And that red hot flash of rage - a lot of you  know what I mean. 

Of course, I'm hardly the maniac who like in the recent Russell Crowe movie makes it a point to "kill everyone he can associated with the person". 

I have my moments, then I calm down ... 

But disrespect, I cannot tolerate. 

This idiot promised me something to be done "within the next hour" 

Let us see if he does it. 

And on that note , fitness wise ... never tolerate anything less than the BEST my friend. 

And the best of the best is what I bring YOU in the 0 Excuses Fitness System

Go get you some now. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Ive always been this way, by the way. Fighter to the core, like my friend said, "you're one of the toughest hombres I know out there". 

And he knows plenty. 

I dont know why I felt compelled to put that bit of history out there, of course... 

I've written a post on wokeism here - an immensely popular one. 

But before we proceed, a bit on the "royal Cock up" as Phil ... we'll get into that, just told me. Hehe. ... 

It means "f up" for those not in the UK, or without an imagination. 

And obvously, for you on this list, that means I was not just talking to YOU on this list, but also my erotica (one time) publishers - but it's the most amicable split ever, they still sell my books on their site, and I love those guys - GREAT guys - common sense galore, and I've always supported them, and will continue to do so!

Yes, I'd have written all those books on the other site, 85 plus anyway. 

But there is always something about the first time, pun intended and not given the content of those books. And the first people you work for, your first job, and so forth ... 

Anyway ... the cock up on their end was something I pointed out to them (well, I was mostly asking about royalties from their end, although I sell myself for the past X number of years, and am doing extremely WELL, I still sell there too so ...) , but the cock up here is that we are, until Nov 1, apparently, down on email. 

No issues with the provider - it was a bit of a mess up at MY END. hehe. 

But, should be sorted soon. 

And wokeism aside ... let me just past the convo, it makes for better reading than anythng else! 

Hi Rahul

Yes, a right royal cock up! I had copied the site to play around with the Multi-Vendor option I’ll be offering sometime soon hopefully. Forgot to redirect the site and disable the newsletter programme!

Anyway, all good here and whatever is happening in this crazy f…..d up woke world just passes my by. Listening to one of my team who has just reached the magnificent age of 24 we are doomed anyway. Not a scrap of historical knowledge sits in his well-educated head let alone what life was like before social media and the sharing of everyday events that have become international news. Ah well, that’s life!

The website sales are moderate, Lulu distribution of our books is not as good as it was when we had Amazon direct. We have tried a number of pseudonyms to open new accounts but get found out everytime.

I’ll run a little promotion on your titles in the coming weeks and see how that goes.



OK, so yours truly .. 

Hi Phil

I have to agree, these young 'uns, social media addiction and dumbphones ... you are probably better off banging your head against a brick wall in that regard! (and as a customer said, that brick wall would likely make more sense, hehe).

Yes, this woke shit everywhere, this "forcing everyone to conform to some "big brother" BS or else", this "ostracization" of folks with INDEPENDENT thoughts ... Just pathetic to be honest but thats how it's all headed before (I believe, at least) "natural selection" finally does its thing (Darwin or whatever) and things get back to "normal" again i.e. what it used to be like in the 90's, that was the last time I saw anything remotely resembling normal, hehe.

Or, post WWII though I wasn't born then!

I'm dating myself by saying all that, I KNOW - LOL - no pun intended!

"Cock up", now thats the first time I heard it, and SO appropriate, hehe. Yeah all good buddy - was just giving you a "headsup" on that one. I'm sure those with their cocks already up would click through anyway! Hehe.

Thanks as well for the offer on the "mini promo" - my suggestion would be to try it on the<chopped> series, and perhaps the <chopped> books - or I dont know, maybe you could choose, but those are what are "appealing" to a lot of folks right now, especially in the UK and Germany for whatever reason. Haha. Always knew there was something about Hitler and why he wanted the swastika. LOL!

And, noted w.r.t what you're saying - yeah, Amazon accounts for most sales obviously, which probably explains the lack of or reduced loyalties. It's strange they de platformed yall, but thats Big Tech, and another reason I keep saying best to sell on your own site ...

(though Amazon, although they banned my account a couple of times for overly racy stuff, hehe - so they claimed indirectly - has never been an issue for me, so not sure why - perhaps it was something not related to the adult nature of the books, Amazon's algorithms can be strange that way i.e. the reason they ban accounts!).

Great to hear back - dose of reality as it were - and keep GOING!



PS - Don't EVEN get me started on panixations etc. LOL.

Well, that should explain my thoughts on it! And trust me, people are as tired of woke as YOU probably are reading this.

We just dont hear about the folks that are nigh tired of it, because their voices are never heard (though they're in the silent majority).

You will see why in the next conversation I quote!

But a coupla other things … and our friends from Germany will know this – the “Hitler” fantasy – either male or female is a surprisingly COMMON ONE – and as thought policing keeps getting more and more insane, “behind the scenes” people want a return to NORMALCY – desperately!

Dont get me wrong.

The guy was despicable and a madman, but as far as fantasies go, I dont think we – or anyone – have the right to judge anyone’s fantasies so long as they “conform” to SSC!

And of course, LEGAL and and of age …

Hey, those jackboots for one! Hehe.

I’ve written MANY a multiracial book - erotica themed – its never been an issue for me, and NO, it isn't the woke "colored over all"

It’s about the MIND!

And the workings of the mind that makes things, and life more interesting!

Second, of course, remember – and I’ve grown hoarse saying this on all my businesses.

Build your OWN business above all else.

Sure Amazon, Google etc might give you more sales short term or long short term.

But, Big Tech is notorious for deplatforming people – unfortunately, my last publisher was one of them – no plausible reason given either.

Just look at what Twitter did to a sitting U.S. President for one!

And one fine day, you’re doing GREAT On Insta with 1 million followers, for instance, next day you’re banned, and if you have all your eggs in that basked, you’re essentially screwed!

It's happened to me on the other business too, I got banned off Insta for ... posting NO nudity, not even close!

No reason given either.

Other than "sole of someone's foot" was deemed "NSFW" and fell under nudity! 

If you can believe that.

Some idiot like Bozo Schofield probably had a hissy because that is what he salivates after, it hit home, and ... well, you know how it is when things HIT HOME! 

Didnt bother me none, my site – which has always been my main focus - is going great guns, always will.

(the hell with Insta is what I said when I was deplatformed, despite my 1000 plus followers, all SOLID followers not finding me there, they've all come on to my email list there, "swelling it" WAY PAST 40K!)

IT's about giving people what they want. Period!

And third, but NOT least?

The books I suggested to my old publishers was the first series I wrote, it will always be close to my heart, "Madam" Jyoti was so NICE!

Those sparkly eyes, those pink flip flops … the shorts, of course. Hehe. All made for an unbeatable (PUN, lol, for those familiar
with the content of the books) - PACKAGE! (pun intended again, hehe, and not if you're Salivating Bozo Schofield, hehe - he loves those books too, hehe, though he can't GET NONE).

I suggested the promo on their site be done with those titles, because THOSE are what most people LOVE the most! (other than CHinese you know what, hehe).

And of course, WE hav e a lot of promos going on too for our cock up books – some expire at the end of October.

On the other site, people know about those! Hehe.

As we do for our fitness books - HERE!

Thoughts transmute, my friend, better than the written word ever could – provided we give them a medium.

No-one can really censor your thoughts my friend, try as they might - they FIND A WAY!

Anyway ...

Lets see what the great John Walker, one of my best customers had to say recently in an email about staying in touch.

That "what the hell is going on email".


Thanks for reaching out, sorry for not staying in touch but life just gets in the way sometimes.

I'm not sure what's going on but I just feel that with all the pandemic shit that's flying about that it's really getting me down.

There is so much pressure being ramped up to force people to get vaccinated, we are bombarded every day with new restrictions like so called vaccine passports without which you're basically locked out of everything but essential shops.

All that is bad enough but when your sister refuses to speak to you because "you are selfish" for refusing to get vaccinated, well that's the last straw.

There are so many brainwashed people doing all the world's governments bidding that I'm struggling to see where all this is heading, that uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that we spoke about previously has not abated, in fact it is now a knot that seems to tighten with every passing day.

Please understand you are my brother from a different mother and that will never change.

If I go quiet from time to time it is nothing personal, I've always been a lone wolf even as a small child and sometimes I just need a pause to sort things out in my head, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Anyway mate enough about me how's life treating you? Well I hope.

All is quiet in the mainstream media with regard to India, have things improved to any noticeable extent?

Just know I love you man, take real good care of you and yours.

Warmest Regards


Yours truly - 

Hey John -

Great hearing back from you - and no worries, I was never doubting either the "lone wolf" part (I'm sure you've seen the emails on my Uncle for one calling me a "wolf", hehe) - I've always been that way myself! - or the "brother from a different mother" part.

Yes, I figured it was "everything going on" that has gotten you down big time, I understand; people in general are just not acting normally. Sometimes I feel as if I'm the odd one out acting "as if its all normal" - which it is, really, it's just the panic driven "sheeple" thinking that has brought the world to this "cross roads" as it were.

(and, as you probably figured out, the "where are you" email ... haha, there's plenty of people that needed to hear that!)

You are right to have the uneasy feeling in your stomach (as you spoke about before), but (and as you know) remember that OUR OWN thoughts are what create, and destroy, and that there have been men and women (and I believe I wrote about this in a recent email) that have not just survived, but thrived during Depressions way worse than what it is now globally (though it's all going south - rampant inflation etc is just the tip of the iceberg). . .

I know you know that, but we all need a "buck up" every once in a while!

Yes, I hear you regarding the guilt trips etc people give you about not getting panixated as I call it. I just laugh at them and say "yes, Im selfish" - because, there is literally no point reasoning with fear stricken (panic) people ... or sheeple. It DOES hurt when your own sister - or relatives dont talk to you, I guess for me, as you know, I've never once had any sort of real relationship with any family (my younger sister for whatever reason played right into my mother's hand of "ruining the son's life") ... so it's easier in that regard, I'm used to it from a very young age - but hey - I hear you - all I can say is "to hell with people who cannot accept rational thought and/or another opinion" - even if those are relatives...

I know, not the nicest thing to say, but there it is, my friend . . .

As for me? One thing after the other, but thats life these days, we strive for better PERSONALLY - and I've found what I keep telling everyone to be true - hang in there, and things will get better. Precious few people listen anyway even during good times, but now? Like zero, hehe.

But it's true ...

And that is that for now. Thanks again for stayin in touch John - much appreciated! By the way, and importantly, DID you figure out what book you wanted to get next (I remember we spoke about that in July)? Just curious, of course, some sanity if nothing else, and a real solid dose of it as you know i.e. REAL LIFE sanity!


Rahul (The book on training with implements will be done as soon as I can get the kettlebell section finished - other than that, for you? I think you've got a lot of my books already, maybe Advanced Hill Training, and a few others, not sure - but either way - if thats still "on the menu" - let me know!)

And that, friend is truly ... THAT!

Back soon (oh and yeah- note the part abotu the books above, applies to everyone!) 


Rahul Mookerjee

It sometimes amazes me, the similarity I see between a lot of my customer's private lives - and what I've seen growing up - and what I continue to - and the constant reminder of "why I CHOSE to be the way I am". 

Growing up,and indeed until now, the concept of "life should be relaxed" was never a thing. 

Its always rush, rush, rush - if you're free, then "find something to do" - if you're earning money comfortably - then "slog to earn it" - or so forth. 

Basically all "driven" by my mom who always needs to "have something to do" - except that isn't HER doing something, it's her tossing the entire house up and down, involving all and sundry - on a weekend at that - when it's time for all to rest and relax. 

Apparently weekends and holidays are when "work gets done". 

Which to me has always seemed the most inane thing ever - yet, women in general, I've always seen it that way with women!

Could be ANY woman I've been with for that matter, right down to women "hurrying on holiday" so you can see more places. 

I mean, Jesus Christ, why GO on a holiday if you gotta rush through the whole goddamned itenary without pausing to rest, relax, let it all sink in? 

Perhaps that is why, as John Walker said - I'm the guy thats lived life on his OWN TERMS and will continue to as well. 

I figured it out, yes, I'd have to - or I'd have gone bonkers by now - or become a Glyn like cuckold. 

It's amazing so many men put up with it of course, the constant do this, do that crap! 

The constant "there's something to be done around the garden". 

The constant, "there's always something to do be done around the house" - usually the most ANNOYING, insane crap ever - which requires you to wake up at freaking 6 o clock on a weekend of all things!

John, looking at how my mother does it, always has, always will - I feel you! 

But of course he's different from my Dad in that we share most of the same values (myself and John - and a lot, if not ALL of you customers!)

Most of all, a LOVE for hard training, and a knack of sorting past the BS, and saying it - and doing it - like it is!

But really, this insanity that women get up to "housewise", just insane, even more insane that men put up with it!

I'll be back. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the fitness system that will turn you into a he-man not just physically, but MENTALLY as well - the 0 Excuses Fitness System

PS #2 - There is a reason I wrote the book on COMBATING and profiting from Nazi feminism. Believe me, there is!

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