Diet and hydration

Diet and hydration (15)

Thursday, 09 June 2022 09:57

I drink COPIOUS amounts of this.

Or, the "third thing" I drink copious amounts of, I should say, something Glyn Bozo trolled me endlessly on for some strange reason (his "blowing them on a hockey field" fetish having somehting to do with it, ugh)... 

One of them is the magic drink I talk about in the Simple and Effective Diet, and 0 Excuses Fitness (the former complimentary with a digital purchase of the latter) - Brooks Kubik mentioned it once when he mentioned me in his news letter, and a lot of YOU guys know what it is. 

Second, of course, the almighty Stella Artios, Snow, TsingTao, Kingfisher, or BEAST ice, hehe. Beer, in other words - chilled beer!

Few things better than chilled beer on a HOT summer day. Trust me on this one, even if you're not a beer lover!

But there ARE two other things that come close, both of which I'm not sure I mentioned in Dish Delicious, but I'm pretty sure the first shows up in some way, shape or form. 

And I drink tons of the first any time and every time I get the chance to. 

Easy to make at home too!

One being BUTTERMILK - the first - chilled and spiced, or simply plain - one of the healthiest and most refreshing drinks out there, and very easy to make if you know who even for a cooking neophyte like yours truly. 

Two being SUGARCANE juice - the REAL stuff - SWEET stuff - yes, REAL sweet stuff, not sugar as I tell you to stay away from, period, in the Simple and Effective Diet

And third ... well, watermelon juice, and watermelons in general. 

All of these do many things, including, but not limited to - 

Keep you hydrated (no replacement for water tho, but they do a damn fine job of keeping you hydrated). 

They keep you REFRESHED. 

Instant pick me up after a workout (like I just got done with). 

Instant NOURISHMENT - healthy stuff, all of it, and especially buttermilk if done right can be a meal unto itself. 

Resolve stomach issues, liver problems and such if you drink ENOUGH of it regularly. 

All the vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium, or what not you need in one sitting ... 

and much more!

It's called "lassi" in India, buttermilk - and in China, well, watermelon is more common and popular but the chinese would LOVE butter milk if I introduced it to them. 

Like the coffee I introduced to them, which they loved, milk tea, and so forth!

Maybe I will someday. 

For now though, the Chinese have shown great interest in the book Dish Delicious - from both a reader - customer - and a TRANSLATOR standpoint. 

My, my, my!

More on that later, if YOU the reader are interested, grab the book NOW. 

And more on those drinks later, for now, just remember they're some of the best things you can put in your body - period. 

Back soon!

Oh, and remember, just nutrition dont rock the boat.

Exercise is king, nutritition is queen, together, emphasis on TOGETHER - they make a kingdom. 

Not me, Jack la Lanne. 

Or a "kinkdom" in the Middle kingdom. Hehe. 

But really, no easy way out - they go TOGETHER! 

And here is where you can get the best damn fitness system ever. 


Rahul Mookerjee

I filed this one under diet and hydration, but if two categories were allowed, I'd choose exercise too. 

Yes, this morning when I woke up - and indeed until half an hour or so later, my calves were buckling in a strange sort of manner - as if "they had no strength left". 

This happens to me sometimes, especially after I wake up in the night with intense cramps (which did not happen last night) .. 

I've written about that before here - - and here - Thigh cramps in the middle of the night ( ... 

That didnt quite happen last night, it's my calves that cramp sometimes these days, and the reason for what happened today? 

Well, it was manifold, part of the reason was I was a bit dehydrated. 

The 4 or so liters of water I drank down "while sleeping" last night didnt do the trick, another 2liters in the morning (which I do every morning) seems to have helped, but it was a diet (for me, yesterday) which I don't generally do - a lot of bread for one (I rarely, if ever eat bread of any nature, even brown bread and such) - and a few other things I rarely eat which seem to have dehydrated me. 

But more than that, it's the intense squatting I've been doing, I believe, ever since Jan 10 or so this year, with NO let up. 

Not when I'm tired, not when I'm drunk or afterwards, not if I'm not feeling well (I've done them with fever too, leading to a lot of ridicule from friends when I said "my workouts banished the virus from my system") - and so forth. 

Every single day. 

True, I didnt hit 500 ALL days. 

True, I didnt do 600 in a row ALL days - or 750. 

True, EVERY squatting session to me feels different. Bodyweight exercises, you never master them, my friend - period - and the masters will be the first to tell you that there is always something new you keep learning. 

Or, back when I climbed hills after a break - I'd wake up in the night with intense calf cramps. 

But this morning was different. 

Normally, I'd just walk it off. 

This morning, I could barely walk when I woke up - and this persisted for a good half an hour or so, leading to the "I'm tired, I DEFINITELY need a break today" feeling (a lot of you will know what I mean here!). 

It would have been easy to sink down into a chair and do nothing at all. 

Hell, I've got plenty of books on the back burner for one ... (for both businesses). 

Plenty of work to take care of ... 

But what did I do? 

Well, I slapped my legs for one - and did a special workout for the calves and shin straight out of Isometric and Flexibility Training, which took like less than a minute. 

Thats the great thing about isometrics. 

You use them to build strength, to recover between sets, to recover post workouts, to stretch, to strengthen, to do just about anything!! (fitness wise). 

They're so VERSATILE. 

You can do them for a few seconds. Or a minute. Or, more than an hour if you so choose, and all of these benefit you - differently. But benefit they do!

Then, I did the unthinkable. 

I got down, and hammered out 25 squats which felt far tougher than they should. 

Deep breathing. 

Sitting here NOW?

My legs, calves, all of it feel on TOP of the world. 

I'm sure I'll have another great workout today!

Moral of the story is this, your body is capable of far more than you think it is (consciously). 

Moral also is, when you're feeling like it's time to take a day off - chances are excellent and second to none you need to do SOMETHING. 

Mark my words, if you REALLY need a day off, you'll know it. 

In most cases, doing a bit of something will lead to feeling much better, and you do a lot more ... 

And, get another workout in in the books!

So thats the lesson for this one. 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Lots of you have expressed interest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System; easily the best and most comprehensive of bodyweight fitness programs out there. As people have said "the best book ever, there is nothing that comes even close". And the videos too. 

HERE is where you can grab it NOW. 

And, Google loves THIS review from Murli in India the best - 

This is an amazing book on fitness that has the right combination of intensity and intelligence. These aren’t soul crushing workouts or weight training, but they certainly aren’t a walk in the park either. The word that could best describe these workouts is SMART. It helps you play with your bodyweight and get yourself super fit.

Amen, my friend. Amen. 

I wrote - have been writing - on the other site about how that impromptu FAST I Went on sparked changes in me I've never seen before in all my life. 

I'm not unfit, I'm not FAT, I'm not someone that has never done a pull-up, I'm not a Bozo, none of that. 

And I ended my 48 hour "on the fly of the moment" like everything else is for me, fast last night - and this morning I wrote to you about it. 

I've had no deleterious side effects, and I've been waxing INSANE and lyrical bout the manifold POSITIVE side effects I've been having. 

One of which was of course starting work on Advanced Isometric and Flexibility Training, which is a quantum step up from the last (spellbinding and truly RESULTS producing) book. 

If quantum leaps in your flexibility, and QUICK, I'm talking within minutes or less is of interest to you, along with the associated strength and conditioning benefits, then this is for YOU. 

Not to mention if you want to feel PROFOUND all day. 

Massive upper body strength & Power

This book is "short and sweet" and so will this review be.
If you're looking to develop massive upper body strength and power you need this book.
Yet another masterpiece from The Bodyweight Guru, buy the book you won't regret it.

So they said, hehe. 

Anyway ... 

What I want to write to you about now is this - the quantum leaps in fitness, and ACHIEVEMENT - and creativity - you get AFTER you break the fast. 

All I ate was something simple. 

A variety of "food items" to put something in basically, but thats it. 

No huge feasts, nothing. 

What did I eat - well, soup, kidney beans, honey - all basically more hydration than anything else, and a few toasted breads. 

But thats it. 

And NOW? 

12 or so hours later, well, I'd say ...14 or so hours later, I'm focusing on my goal(s) even more. 

LASER Sharp focus. 

Its different, I cannot begin to tell you how!

Not to mention, my MUSCLES feel different. 

I wrote to you yesterday about how I can truly FEEL the rep in each rep while doing the workout. 

Today, while doing pull-ups, I truly understand, and remember, this is the pull-up STUD telling you - what it means to "pull from the very core of the triceps". 

Not to mention, the ideas for writing keep FLOWING IN in a manner they never ever have. 

My friend, there are two things to end this one. 

One, many of you have not got the books above, I cannot understand why ?

Get them NOW, and experience them results for yourself. 

And second, while fasting is by no means required to achive super fitness, to be a stud or studette or simply have a flat tummy, I highly, highly recommend it all that might be interested. 

Trust me, the benefits will BLOW you away. 


Rahul Mookerjee


Monday, 03 January 2022 11:20

When to drink WATER - and when NOT TO!

When I was a young lad growing up, part of it being Sunday meant "wake up early in the morning". 

No rest for the wicked, hehe. 

This time though it was for what I didnt like then, but later realized it was a good thing i.e. to play tennis (I still preferred swimming, but tennis, especially on different courts, clay, cement etc - great!) . 

I used to play with my Dad on Sunday mornings and train with a coach (a not quite so committed coach) on weekday evenings. 

Those were the days where I'd guzzle water like nobody's business. 

It was a running joke that if the old flask in the house was empty, Rahul's done it. Hehe. 

I'm the same with beer these days!


I still guzzle a lot of water - and green tea. 

But I do it differently. 

Back in the day, I'd guzzle tons of water WITH meals. 

I'd drink a ton of water WHILE working out. 

"Wash down the meal". 

"Stay hydrated". 

The above two habits might not sound wrong, no? 

At least, so I thought ... 

When I met my wife, I remember her telling me not to do this - especially #1. 

Years later, I found out she was right i.e. it had been messing my digestion up all along, and was partly to contribute, along with my lack of physical activity/prowress, of course, to my IBS and such which I've had for a long time (no more though). 

Thing is, many people could use a tutorial or two on WHEN and how much to guzzle - water. 

First thing you know, and I tell you this in the Simple and Effective Diet, yours gratis with a copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness system, there is no substitute for water. 

No coke, no soda, no Diet coke - all of that is fit for car engines. Literally, they've done studies showing how these beverages CORRODE car engines - the insides - think about what they can do to yours. 

Green tea is great but sometimes, and often times, good old H20 is what is needed, and a lot of it. 

I often have a bottle with me while I'm writing. I'm always SIPPING it, not drinking it all at once, but I keep drinking from it regularly. 

When working out though, I got myself to the point, and I said this in the KIddie Fitness video today as my daughter headed straight for the water bottle after a round of sprints -  that I can literally work out hard and heavy for hours, and not drink a sip of water. 

Then I Come home, and I drink - a whole bottle of it!

When I wake up in the morning, my first activity is to - you got it. 

Drink two liters of water, no matter what. 

Hot, cold, full, not full, I drink it anyway. 

And before meals, and after, and during? 

During - NO. 

After? I wait at least an hour, this allows the digestive juices to start working and digest the food as opposed to diluting them with water. Maybe if all I've had is fruits, I'll sip some water - but not a lot - right afterwards, but I try not to. 

The right time to drink water is one hour BEFORE a meal, and two hours after. 

I'm not quite that extreme, but you get the pint - ah, point. 

Best to avoid pints too during meals for the most part, unless it's Guiness or something which has nutritional value by itself. 

Did I just turn the book upside down in terms of when to drink water, how much, etc?

I bet I did. Hehe. 

Most can't do without drinking a ton of water during their meals, for one. 

But it's a bad habit, one best avoided. 

And the Simple and Effective Diet, my friend, gives you tons of tips that if you apply along with your fitness routine will CATAPULT your gains like nothing you've ever done before. 

Again, yours gratis with the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

And you'll want to grab this now. 

Back soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee

I read this a while back, and to be honest it ain't surprising. 

Not because of Trumps "secret ingredient" that he apparently had delivered to the hospital while hospitalized with COVID19. 

But because of his well documented love for it anyway - remember the "button" on the Oval Office desk in the White House? Hehe - and because people are looking for ANYTHING to make a fuss about these days. 

I m ean geez, Diet Coke and Mickey D's or fast food in general ain't the healthiest, but sometimes, you gotta let a man do what he wants to do!

I mean, kids do it all the time, it's even worse for them and the world in general pampers them - when it should be the opposite in this regard, so why make such a fuss about Trump having Mickey D's delivered the hospital or what not when in bed with COVID? 

I know when I have a cold - the LAST thing I want to do is eat healthy (although I do, but I dont want to). 

I suspect most people are the same - and its the sam when drinking beer as well. 

Although I dont give in - though I Could - given my Eat More - Weigh Less techniques ... I dont blame Trump for his love of Diet Coke and such. 

Hey, his choice!

But really - fast food being the cleanest? 

So claimed Trump apparently, I dont think Trump's that batty though, I beleive thats another hachet job they're trying to do on him. 

Now, his "fear of being poisoned" - that I can sort of understand, with his haters being legion ... 

Donald Trump had McDonald's delivered to the hospital while he was being treated for COVID-19, reports say | Business Insider India  - More here. 

Personally, all too much ado over nothing, my first thought upon reading it - SO WHAT!

But anyway .... takeaways from this for you (pun not intended, and intended) - 

One, fast food restaurants in general unless they're Mom and Pop joints ain't exactly the cleanest out there. 

They sure ain't the healthiest - they're the polar opposite. 

Not only do they pack on the LARD - they also make you CONSTIPATED, and when you go - you'll be blowing out fumes worse than a skunk on speed x 100. 

True that, that last bit. 

I know, nasty. 

But true. 

Like gas bombs, almost ... 

And there's a host of other horrible things they do to your body - and the meat usually is mixed with tons of soy. 

True example of "make it taste yummy" - while making it as cheap and unhealthy and unhygenic to produce. 

Sorry, Micky D's - KFC is EVEN WORSE in my opinion!

I'd rather a REAL burger, like the ones I had down south near the beach in Biloxi , or on the way there I believe. 

"Granny's cooking" basically that was, little old lady cooking them burgers - damn, that was REAL beef, real meat, fries were real too!

THAT is real food, or fast food (the real stuff). 

And Diet Coke, dont even get me started - it's even worse than the regular stuff, if just because of the marketing. 

It can corrode car engines if you pour it on them, so just imagine what it does to your insides. 

(true fact, look it up if you do not believe me). 

Anyway .............

I revamped my products page today, and put Eat More Weigh LEss at the very top. 

And that book contains so many MINDBLOWING, PATHBREAKING secrets to truly gorging more on the most unhealthy crap ever and losing oodles of weight per workout WITH PROOF - that you really need to pick it up now. 

Dallying around ain't gonna work on this one, friend. Simple as that. Therefore, it's now UP TOP. (on the page). 

And while it doesn't have diet secrets or tips? 

It doesnt NEED to. 

But if you truly want to get in super shape, combine it with what I say in the Simple and Effective Diet, my friend. 

(which is gratis with a digital download of the 0 Excuses Fitness System). 

Watch the weight literally FLY OFF!!!

And go NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No delays on ths one, please. Go - NOW!

PS #2 - Also, if you're looking for real and healthy recipes - HEALTHY NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!! - go HERE -  Dish Delicious

Trust me on ths one!


Gotta be fair. 

Gotta call a spade a spade - not so much the "spades" Glyn has fetishes about if you get my drift, but the real spade - heavy spade the Bozo could never actually "lift". 

Wow. I seem to be great at double entendre today... 

Moi ... what was that word? 

Hey, Ill take the applause is what I meant. Hehe. 

Anyway, I spoke about Glyn the Glutton for free in the last email, and I've said it ain't just that night either. 

As our old friend Chuck once famously said ... "He drinks all my beer, he eats all my food, he makes a mess, he doesnt clean up, he sits in a room all day long and trolls people! "

Of course, he left out the juicier and the more salacious bits - and yes, I know, you the reader, have a hard time believing some of this but it's all perfectly true friend and can be verified. 

Bozo stole his girlfriend's panties too. 

"I think K had some panties missing", Chuck told me once cautiously. 

Just - UGH!

Anyway, what did he get right that night? 

Certainly wasn't his inanity of "I want to sniff shoes" that he kept saying when drunk. 

I remember asking like "Glyn, what!" 

And he's just blink and grab his beer and say "oh nothing! That was just some thought!" 

My own brain was pretty fogged at that time, so I didnt make much of it other than whatever, some fetish he's got. 

All coming out when Dr Hyde is drunk... 

But anyway, while scarfing down his free meal (though to be fair, I paid for the beer today. Bozo had the sum total of one sad, sorry looking half town one kuait note and some spare change, all totalling up to less than $0.5 in his mangy, oversized, bum-off-the-street like pockets, so Charles and I kept taking pity on him - he even hitched a ride to Dongguan for free, what a fellow! Didnt even pay his bus ride over!) (and of course, a few days later went nuts at Chuck's home - that tale is well told, Ibelieve) ... he did do one thing right. 

Just one, friend. 

And that was this, despite the empty beer bottles and the half full one you see sitting on the table (well, not all of you, for now, just the Ship members see it) - Bozo didnt actualyl drink much during the year. 

Perhaps because he was too scared his rat meat would grow wings and fly away ... 

But whatever it iwas, he didnt guzzle a ton of liquid during the meal. 

That, funnily enough is what he did right. 

And I'm not talking just beer. 

You'll see peopl eguzzling water like it's going out of style DURING their meals! 

You'll see people pouring glasse of cold water down their gullets and eating pizza along with it. 

And so forth. 

Then they complain about bloating, 

Look, fella, I dont know if I mention this in the Simple and Effective Diet or not, but the correct time to drink water, or any beverage - is half an hour before a meal, and 2 hours POST the meal. 

If its execptionally light, maybe one hour. 

But no less. 

And if you HAVE to have something, SIP some water - don't guzzle it - during your meal. 

Simple enough tip, but most ignored, so I thought I'd bring it up. 

And yes, this sort of thing immesnely helps with digestion, and your digestive juices etc doing their job and unleashing their full might and potency as opposed to if mixed in with and diulted with a ton of H20. 

Funnily enough, the tim eyou need to guzzle water the most is when the LEAST number of people do it - it aint post workout either. 

It's during the day. 

And it's first thing in the morning - - I guzzle two liters everyday, and it's KEY to keeping myself in the best shape of my life. 

Yet, folks head for the coffee machine... 

Anyway, thats what Bozo got right - for a change. 

And thats the tips. 

I hope it helps!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Do pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System - the very best in fitness ever, nothing like you've even remotely seen before!

You know it, friend. My advice - fitness - diet - life - anything, has been anything but "whats expected". 

Contrarian to the extreme from "yours truly barbarian". PATHBREAKING as well because of the results I'm getting, and my followers are (or I should say, the 0 Excuses Faithful, an ever growing bunch of real DOERS! Thank you! are... ) - and of course, because no-one else is, certainly not the typical Tom Tom's and Bozos (especially not the fat ass wackos Tom Tomming China while swilling cheap Chinese beer, ugh) - and no-one talks about including the so called experts. 

With that said, lets start. 

but first, remember - the contents of "this here" email ain't for the Bozos and Typical Tom Tommer's. 

I mean, just look at Bozo Schofield for one stuffing his gullet at all hours, and claiming then (sending 300 messages about it, no kidding!) that he can't lose weight. 


Despite so called waking up at 4 AM in the morning (he's right there)  and walking (to the commode and back to bed) ... 

Anyway, you've gotta see it, pal. 

The way the Bozo gorges on food like a starving man been denied dinner for way too long (though he looks anything but svelte in that regard) ... of course, when someone else pays. His only money is what he steals obviousy and all goes to liqor and drugs. 

What a true piece of work, ugh. 

But anyway, in the Simple and Effective Diet, I say some things that would please the puritans if they get that far, because right at the outset, there's some mindblowing tips and advice on how I got into the best shape of my life. 

And the puritans have kittens and toss the book and probably their lunch too after reading it, and dont get any further. 

But if they did.. 

They'd see this - 

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day"

"Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, Dinner like a Pauper" 

All well and good, youll say, probably is for the average Joe or Jane. 

But I'm hardly your average ass. Hehe. 

And neither SHOULD you be!

Yours truly didnt just ignore this idiotic advice. 

I turned it around on its very head, wallopped it like the Bozos's booty at the recieving end of my FOOT (nothing else, thank you) - my foot - and went on to get into the best damned shape of my life. 

One of the secrets is, this thing about "not eating heavy at night". 


I ONLY eat heavy at night - if I do. 

Because I'm about to sleep then and dont need ENERGY. 

Every other time I eat heavy, I feel sluggish and lethargic, and the vibe just ain't there. 

I feel like a phat phock and can't get any work done!

In fact, MOST of my high octane, high energy moments? 

Basically runinng on empty - including and especially when I workout. 

The exact opposite of what most think, believe, preach and advocate... 

And yet, my T levels are through the roof. 

As a certain Tracy yesterday told me some what desparingly, but she giggled a lot too (this is the "India man very hot" Tracy


You have too much energy, thats the thing!

That I do, friend. 

That I do. 


And if you'd like to know my secrets, do two things. 

Just do. 

One, get on the 0 Excuses Fitness System. Without it, nothing doing. 

And two, get the Simple and Effective Diet

Wait, what.............

The second is FREE with the first!

But you could also get it seperately as a paperback if you so choose. 

Anyway, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Well, she said “you’ll become a macaroni”.

(should have also said "soft and flabby in the middle, with nothing uip there in the noodle, hehe, much like a certain Bozo Schofield is. I can't get past that, hehe. Just hilarious his vauge and wierd and insane rants!) 

To many giggles ...

And it wasn’t Ann Lee either!

Yours truly doesnt like macaroni. Even during my FAT days, I never ever had junk food (other than beer, which admittedly is junk health wise unless it’s Guiness, but hey, we all have to have our “releases”...pun NOT intended again!)

Now, she was telling my daughter that as of late.

My daughter loves junk food. Of course.

No problem there. All kids do, and they have way more leeway than us adults do, but the plague from China means kids everywhere are stuck at home.

And thats not good, bro.

I keep hearing about my daugher’s junk food habits, and how it needs to be controlled.

I agree.

But try telling my mom that.


The “benovolent” grand ma taking to an extreme from what I gather.

But this ain’t about Granny either, bro.

This is about JUNK food.

The truism “garbage garbage out” is TRUE.

It holds VERY true indeed.

If you eat junk all day long, you won’t function at your best either mentally or physically.

In the Simple and Effective Diet, I give you diet tips, sure.

Which most will ignore, along with a liquid diet tip I give you ...

... but at th OUTSET of the book, I give you one of the most “mind blowing” (for most people) tips ever that will have the experts screaming bloody murder. The so called experts at least, but thos ein the know will KNOW what I BE Talking about.

It’s also the secret to my weight loss (well, a lot of it).

It’s also included FREE with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System, or you could fork out a pittance and learn what it is “on it’s lonesome” (but really, I’d rather you get the System and get it free, but you choose!).

Am I saying you can’t get in shape that way?


You CAN eat junk and still lose oodles of weight – and QUICK.

Hence another PATHBREAKING course on it – Eat more Weigh LESS.

And if you see the proof within, you’ll be convinced (in case you aren’t already, and you should be, if you know what I BE Talking about!).

But still.

Junk in, junk out.

Why not adopt all the above ALONG with a clean diet as far as possible?

Do so – writ back – and let me know!

(Be prepared to be astounded too, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And no, I ain’t telling you to turn into a saint either. We all have our indulgences, and I have more than many. Moderation though, bro is KEY!

(another key that should be obvious, but isnt apparently!).

Or a pig, or a hog, or whatever animal you prefer. Hehe.

It can be hard to do at times, especially during holiday times and especially given that much of the World is currently under China plague lockdowns – and that during Thanksgiving, Christmas etc when you should be moving out MORE than less (due to the amount of food most people stuff down their throats at this time of the year).

And again, can be hard to do sometimes (not overeating).

Hey, I know it.

I've been guilty of this on several occasions and still AM.

And this ain't even about when I'm obese.

Or was ... 

This is about the past two days when yours truly has admittedly been gorging on certain”ethnic” delicacies yours truly picked up ... that yours truly should NOT have been doing.

Big time. No. Tons of sugar for one, and tons of other stuf fI normally don't even touch.

Including “milk tea”, that new rage everywhere in Asia. UGH!

And I had it!

But really, it's simple to stop doing this – if you know HOW.

And this ties into the SECRET – the secret right in front of you and out in the open that I mention in the Simple and Effective Diet for one – a secret common to MOST high achievers, and a secret that the medical fraternity in general is vehemently against. Something we've been brought up NOT to do.

And yet, if you DO it, watch out. The results are nigh mind boggling.

And again, while the book is free if you buy the 0 Excuses Fitness System off the website, it can be bought solo as well if you prefer.

Herschel Walker, for one talks about and LIVES this secret daily, and so do other BEASTS.

Other “unstoppable forces of Nature!”

And back to knowing when to stop gorging. IT's got to do with how you FEEL my friend.

Thats right.

Something you already knew?

Not really brah.

Its about something you DID NOT think of (though perhaps you knew deep down inside).

That being not the physical “how you feel”, but how you feel MENTALLY.

Those that live in the flow, or us successful writers, and really, anyone that gets it knows what I mean.

If you feel RUN DOWN And lazy while eating, or after eating, you've overdone it, and you've eaten the wrong stuff.

If you feel full of VIM VIGOR and GUSTO like I do while writing, for instance, but the exact opposite after eating?

Well, you got it! Either overeating or the wrong stuff and usually BOTH.

Folks say they can “feel” a certain something (reference the last “you're always so positive” comment from Madam Tracy) coming off my writing.

And if THIS cannot be felt by you when you do something (and it was there before, but not after eating ) ... well ...

Sounds esoteric, I know, but this sort of barometer works far better than trying to judge “how many plates” and CERTAINLY WAY BETTER than the most idiotic calorie counting and “diet fads” out there.


If you're Mr Fast like I am, then your stomach likely doesnt have the 15 minutes or so it needs to signal “I'm full” to your brain before you over-eat.

But if you notice how you feel mentally ... well!

Last, but not least, back to ME. For once. Hehe.

(Bozo Scofield will probably have a corollary, but hey, hehe).

I plan on rectifying my mistakes starting NOW. I just ate, and I looked the offending items in the eye, and pushed them away.

I may have some later on, but only a tiny bit.

And probably not even that, but that will be THAT in that regard.

I've done my overeating.

And as I recommend in the Simple and Effective Diet, it can be GOOD to let GO once in a while and over-eat, drink, or whatever fancy you have, but don't do it DAILY, or else.

As for me, I've got workouts that will keep the fat away .... even when I do overeat, but wait.

Yours truly with his shitty genetics can actually FEEL the pounds piling on when I eat crap.

And though It can't be seen, I can already feel it in my obliques for one.

Bad choice, hehe, but sometimes we make 'em.

And I'll be HARD at work blasting away that fat with the very workouts that got me to the point where I ATE MORE – and literally weighed LESS!

Really, my friend. Proof's in the pudding!

Check it out yourself right HERE.

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – That last bit shouldn't be taken an as excuse to literally gorge more and workout less (it's about weighing less, but naturally most people will workout less if they eat more). But you CAN do it – thats how efficent the workouts are. Now imagine if you followed a halfway decent diet – AND the program?

Well the results will beggar BELIEF – I'll say that much!!

Get on the program NOW my friend. YESSSSSSSSSSS!

Tis a common lament amongst folks, even though who exercise regularly. You hit the gym regularly, you go for long walks, you do endless amounts of pushups and sit-ups - - but somehow, just SOMEHOW, that stubborn flab doesn't disappear as fast as it should.

You see some results in the mirror - but you aren't entirely satisfied with what you say - and for those of you that are overweight, the flab doesn't seem to go away "permanently".

Now, you might think that the obvious answer to this is the wrong form of exercise - and you'd be perfectly justified in thinking so. In fact, I've said many times before that exercising the wrong way can actually end up being detrimental to your overall health, fitness and motivation levels - not good if that's the case.

But what if your exercising the way you should, and still aren't quite "getting there" in terms of fat loss/overall fitness goals?

Well, the next obvious answer after exercise would be the big D i.e. diet.

That's right - the dreaded word that a LOT of us don't like to hear - including yours truly at times.

Now, when most people think of diet, they're thinking "oh, I gotta subsist on salads, and raw vegetables. Small portions, NO junk food, NO cheat meals, yadda, yadda". And so forth. And while you might be hitting the nail on the head in terms of staying away from junk food and eating more vegetables, the fact of the matter is that DIET for most people equals PORTIONS.

And this, my friend is the wrong way to think about it.

Smaller portions might leave you feeling hungry and irritated all day long - or perhaps you may feel like you've "accomplished" something mentally in terms of "sticking to a diet". But this ploy won't get you long lasting results - and when you do finally give in and have that large cheat meal, the weight will yo-yo right back on.

Not good, my friend. Not good at all.

I could go on and on about what sorts of food to eat, what to eat, when to eat, but I think the best way to go about this would be to give you a personal example - MINE.

Those of you that have been following this blog know that I moved to China last year. You also know that I've been "reunited" with my all time favorite fat buster and "get your rumpus in shape FAST" tool, that being a long, steep hill about 10 minutes walk from my house.

But what you might now know is that I had to leave China for a while in February (mostly personal reasons) - and what started out as a two week odessey turned out into a near 4 week trip, with VERY little, if any exercise thrown in. Oh, and that explains the long break in posts as well. . .

Now, that's not to say I turned into a tub of lard during that period - far from it. In fact people were commenting on how much better I looked since I'd been to China WHILE I was wondering if I was putting on weight, so that should tell you something.

Anyway, I finally got back in March, but I was still busier than a bee for the most part. Sure, I got my exercise in daily here - but my busy and erratic schedules often meant I was eating late, eating all the wrong things at the wrong times - in short - my diet was pretty bad at the time.

And after a week or two of arriving back, I actually noticed that I was putting ON weight in certain areas.

It was a VERY tiny amount of weight to be sure, but it was flab alright - and that's how it starts. Tiny turns into BIG before you know it, and this was when I was exercising hard on a daily basis - hiking up hills in the heat ain't no joke even in the best of weather, and I was doing my other bodyweight stuff as well.

I knew what the problem was, though.

Too many "burgers" (I use that term loosely) gobbled down late at night after I got a respite from my schedule. Virtually no vegetables in my diet, and no real "meat" either for the most part. Well, not unless you count the meat on pizzas to be real meat.  .  .

And so forth. Now, I got away with this sort of eating pattern for a while when I was younger, but that was for a few months - it eventually catches up with ya.

Anyway, something had to be done.

This won't work, I thought. Here I am, taking time out of  my busy schedule to work out daily - and I'm actually LOSING instead of GAINING??

And so, here are a few rules I made for myself around the 14th or so (I think it was that date - I haven't recorded it): -

NO more fast food unless I really, really had no other option.

NO more fried dumplings, or friend anything.

NO more French bread for breakfast (even though I love the taste)

NO pizza, except maybe on Sat nights

Make it a point to eat meat, and lots of it on a daily basis - and make it a point to eat VEGETABLES on a daily basis. And drink lots and lots of green tea/water (this part was easy - I was already doing it).

And - here's the kicker - NO alcohol of any sort, which for me means no beer, or very little of it. (Guys, you're going to hate me for saying this, but beer can really, really screw with an otherwise great diet).

As you can tell, these are pretty simple rules to follow. No fancy calorie counters, no cholesterol blasters, no repeated bloodwork etc etc. Just a few simple rules that I thought I could abide by.

The first week went by smoothly. The second was tougher, and I "cheated" a couple of times, but I made it through. No noticeable results as yet, but I did notice I was generally feeling and looking better.

I had much more energy and more spring in my step - even though it wasn't showing in terms of absolute and rapid fat loss.

Come the third week (around the start of April), and I noticed I no longer even wanted the stuff I ate before. In fact, put a Micky D's supersize meal in front of me, and I'd be asking myself where the greens were - - and thats not because I was feeling "guilty" - - it was because my body just didn't want the stuff any more, period.

Interesting observation, eh?

But what's more interesting is that it was around THIS week that I really started to notice dramatic changes in my stamina and fat levels - not to mention overall appearance.

My hill climb times started to abruptly drop from around 25-28 minutes per climb to between 15-17 - - and given how steep this hill is, that ain't no easy task, let me tell you.  (more on this tomorrow - - be looking for my post "The old man I met in China")

The tiny little bit of unsightly fat around my chest that had built up out of "nowhere" started to melt away WITHOUT any direct chest work.

Ditto for that troublesome area around the lower back.

And my pants started to literally fall off me - - even after tightening my belt as far as it could go.

Now, after that third week, I cheated a bit again the fourth week, and then the fifth. But it was only once or twice a week - I ate healthy most of the time otherwise - and kept my exercise routine exactly the same i.e. a hill climb followed by bodyweight stuff.

And I even allowed myself a beer or two on the week occasionally.

And guess what - the results just keep coming. I got in a 17 minute climb on a REAL tough route on the hill today - something which took me around 23 minutes a few months ago (still a good time for that route, but 17 minutes is REALLY good).

So, that was the result of my little experiment - need I say more? I'm not even going to get into how I could and do "cheat" a bit more occasionally than when I first started - - or about how I cannot even stomach the unhealthy stuff any more - - perhaps I'll address those points in future posts.

Folks, diet DOES, and WILL play a huge part when it comes to getting the results you want in terms of fitness. If your not getting the results that you want, then take a long hard look at your diet - it might just be whats drawing you back.

To put it another way - - exercise is king - - and nutrition is queen - - but a cranky queen makes for a tough life if you're the king!

And now, to end this, I'll throw in the final wrench by stating what my diet normally looks like these days: -

Rice at most meals, along with grilled beef, pork, or lamb. In  other words, I usually eat meat and rice (two huge no-no's for most dieters) at EVERY meal, except perhaps breakfast. Lamb comes in first on my list, followed closely by beef - with pork running a close third.

(I should also mention I try and stay away from chicken, turkey and other supposedly "lean" meats - they don't do much for me at all.)

I eat steamed leafy green vegetables at EVERY meal - preferably a good bit.

I eat eggs when I want to, and snack on salted cashewnuts and almonds if I get hungry during the day (or evening, for that matter).  

I don't eat a lot of fruit - none at all, actually these days - but I don't mind the occasional apple or orange. But, I don't drink any commercially processed OJ or other drinks - NO sugar whatsoever in my diet in any way, shape or form.

I skip breakfast at times if I have to (or lunch sometimes) - but I NEVER control portions when I do eat. In other words, if I want a few more chunks of beef, I'll go right ahead and eat them without feeling guilty.

(Side note: this doesn't mean I eat like a hog - far from it - but I certainly don't limit my portions either)

I drink plenty of green tea and water during the day. I do have the occasional beer, perhaps once or twice a week, but no more than that, and I don't go overboard with it.

And that, my friend, is the diet that's been giving me excellent results - - perhaps not what "the doctor ordered" in terms of a traditional diet, but it works for me.

And it'll work for YOU too, my friend.

Remember, diet is important - but the RIGHT form of diet is of paramount importance. A diet ideally shouldn't even feel like a diet - - if it does, it ain't the right one for you.

And I'll end on that note. If you work out today, make it an excellent one - and write back and tell me how it went!!

Best Regards,

P.S.: - Forget watching calories, limiting your portions and all that other jazz the "pundits" yell about. A simple and no-nonsense diet that you can actually FOLLOW - and that won't leave you cranky all day long is laid out right HERE: -

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