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Tuesday, 27 October 2020 14:11

Why I never “married” a Chinese girl, and why I can't “relate” to most people (or talk to them for any length) and why that relates to FITNESS.

Quite a few many “why's” there!

But the point begets.

What point, you ask.

Well ... if you've been on my not-so-conventional list for any length of time you know what I'm talking about right off the bat, and won't need to read this (but might enjoy doing it anyway).

But anyway, on with it.

“Nice to meet you!”

(out of the blue, seemingly random, willy nilly)

But they don't do random, my friend. Theres always a plan, always an objective. ;) Sorry, but I borrowed that from the Bourne Supremacy ...

“You too, uh, where did you find me?”

Blah, blah, blah (or so it seems like to me).

And then it comes. And always has.


“So, what do you do Rahul (or Michael, as the Chinese like to call me)?”

“I'm a writer”, I reply.

“Great! How many people in your office?”

“Don't have one”

“Um... where is your office?”

“Don't have one”

“Um...where are your products?””, I reply.

“Um, but where are your products” comes the answer ten times out of ten, or perhaps 9.


And it's at precisely this point that I lose interest, and the reason I said “Chinese” up there is because I've spent most of my adult life there.

No, I don't necessarily buy into the myth of “gold digging Chinese femme fatales” either. They're more practical in general yes. But in all regards!

Anyway, intelligence is all for me, along with an open mind.

And for whatever reason in todays uber practical (so called) world I haven't encountered much of that, either romantically or in terms of what you'd consider “regular” talking.

For instance, I predict certain things will happen.

They do. Like clockwork.

I'll tell people about them before they happen.

They say I'm an idiot (or that I “dont know for sure”).

And yet it does. (I never say anything without reason ...)

And when it comes out in the news a day or so later, the “credibility” attached to the news channel (or not) makes them “believe” whether it's true or not (or not).

And so forth.

'Tis how the average human brain has been trained to function my friend

And I wouldn't say it's necessarily “wrong” either. If that works for the masses, so be it.

But yours truly would rather tune in, and talk to people that get it, and truly DO tune in too (such as you on this list, for instance).

And that in part explains my caveman like lifestyle, athough there are plenty of other reasons.

And now that I've got that off my chest, here cometh the (of course!) SALES pitch.

A blatant pitch as any.

For the best damned fitness system ont he planet, that works just fine whether you're a caveman, introvert, frolicking extrovert, Casanova, Juliet, average couch potato, or simply a pumper and toner looking to change thee wicked ways.

Here is where you can grab it – 0 Excuses Fitness.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – and yes, it truly DOES deserve the moniker of “best damned fitness system” out there. Check out our testimonials for one on that!

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