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Thursday, 05 November 2020 12:37

Those that TRULY WANT TO – will find a way no matter what

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“Life finds a way” (from Jurassic Park, the scientist “Malcom” I believe).

(and I DO KNOW that the book was far better than the movie, hehe. Ditto for the Bourne series ... but I love the movies anyway!)

But you know this of course.

“Where there is a will – there is a way!”

No introduction needed there is there?

Anyway, the background – or “skinny” behind Malcom saying what he did is this.

Jurassic Park was obviously a theme park (fictional) populated by and full of (some scary, some not) massive dinos from the Dino Era.

Cloned dinosaurs. Apparently they “found a gene somewhere and blew it up”.

And part of the security of the park, and to ensure these monsters weren't really as harmful as they looked was this – they couldn't reproduce.

So even if one did get out – and with all the security they had, they NEVER thought it would be possible – it wouldn't really matter long term.

Because they “all had a female gene” or something. Or a male one. Can't remember. But they wouldn't be able to reproduce. That is the way they were engineered in that lab. (see “Lost Island”).

So they thought ...

... and they were wrong, of course.

“Life finds a way! I don't mean to be philosophical, but there is it”.

When they were doing a routine check of the park once and the security smugly told Malcom “there was nothing to be worried about” - everything was safe – and all the other BS – that is what he said.

“But look at the animal count”, laughed the person doing it. “They're the same!”

Theyre not reproducing, and ...

Great, said Malcom.

“Now why don't we check for a digit higher than the number”.

Person looked at him incredulously as he spat out one of those ideas that just “came”.

And presto, they found the extra animal. And a lot more!

Turns out that frogs for one (I believe it was frogs) have this curious ability to “change gender” (or the males have it, at any rate) if there are no females around.

Apparently the male sexual organs turn into female ones so they can procreate.

Nature is nothing if not resourceful and inventive my friend.

And of course, the beasts di descape eventually. They led to three books for one, hehe.

My point being?

A while ago, (on Oct 22, to be exact) one of my sites got taken down due to one of those “amalgamation of circumstances” which I believe will work out for the better in the long term.

Curiously enough it was a site where I wrote almost as much as I do here, but did little to NO marketing.

And curiously enough, I make the MOST sales from that site.

Curiously enough, although I thought the loss of ability to write my emails and send them to my list and of course have them on the site like on this one would lead to a dip in sales, guess what happened.

The sales actually ROSE.

(pun for those that know th ebiz, hehe) 

Scarcity thinking for one.

But the main thinking isn't that.

Point is this.

When people really want something, they'll find a way to get it from you, and these people sure did.

And THAT is the type of person I cater to my friend.

If you're truly a 0 Excuses Fitness person fan, you know it. You know why I dont cater or even give the time of day to the lookie lous', wannabes, non believers, liberals (hehe!) , sheeple, time wasters, “on the fence'ers” and other such bozos for one.

Because I simply don't care.

You attract not just what you thik about.

You attract what you ARE. In all your (its) shapes, forms and guises!

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS – Truly want to get good at pull-ups? Well, invest in my course right here my friend.

And if you don't, and complain about the cost, or some other BS – well – I hate to say it, but it ain't gonna cut the mustard w/me. You truly do NOT want it in that case!

(and I DO mean that).

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