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Saturday, 14 November 2020 10:50

Getting rid of what you do NOT want – to make space for what you DO WANT

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I've written about this before, of course.


Get rid of (or make a decision to – and follow through) that which you do NOT want in your life, and guess what replaces it.

Emerson's laws said it best.

“Every excess is balance ... every debt is repaid ....”

And while I do not remember that great philosopher's words to a T, the sum and substance of it is this – if you get rid of what you do NOT want – then the equal and opposite reaciton occurs.

Guess what replaces it's place.

That which you DO want.

It's the “fear” of “losing” that stops people from doing the former, of course.

Most people.

And I used to be one of those peopel a long time ago, and in some regards, still am (or was, until last year I should say)

Now, I function 100% PLUS on vibe 

If it was 100 percent before, now it's AMPLIFIED.

If I get a vibe off something I do not even remotely like, or want, or prefer, then in the vast majority of cases I make a conscious choice to DROP that person – or thing – from my life.

If I can't drop it rightaway, I make a decison to do so, and follow through.

This holds for life. Relationships. Friends. (or so called friends). Contacts. And yes, business and fitness too!

Fitness wise, well, you already KNOW what I mean.

I never ever once went to a gym in my entire life – and for a damned good reason.

Now if they built them like they did in the days of Doug Hepburn, I probably WOULD GO!

And then some.

But the way it is now, you wouldn't and couldn't entice me to go there if you tried to.

Not even with free memberships as the lovely Carol once gave me (and I have to thank her – she tried).

The weather was insane in China at that point (my city) and she was trying to offer an alternative, so in that regards – kudos to her.

But yours truly climbs in category 3 and worse hurricanes!

Anyway, business wise as well.

It's no secret that the vast majority of the world loves to watch the one thing I dread.


“Watch that video!” my contacts keep telling me, before sending me another MINDLESS time wasting video – something which cuould be summed up in a pithy manner, and yet I get to see the person rant on about the obvious.

And when I say it in words, apparenly the impact is less for the sheeple, because “so and so” with X number of followers didnt say it on YouTube or whatever 


And I've made the decision to stay away from videos, and for most part, voice notes which are all the rage these days.

I just saw a discussion on LinkedIn (that I participated in) on this where the vast majority of people is all FOR audio notes, and yet, yours truly?

No way

And for a good reason. People tend to rant way too much on audio fo rsomething that could be said in one line or less most of the time 

And of course, ignore the written word ... (convenient to do on audio).

Not to mention all biz is done ultimtely at the end of the day in writing (Freddie was damned right in that regard!).

And yet, despite the hordes moving to the opposite side, I stay on mind. Very firmly so, and I'm geting “worse” by the day, and BETTER at culling ANYONE, or any sor tof practice I do NOT like out of my life.

Including certain forms of social media as well (WeShat being one that I culle dbefore, got back on, but have culled for the most part yet again, and this time for good in many regards) 

And guess what.

What I WANT is coming to me.

Without even trying in most cases.

More sales. More customers that get it, and want more. Customers that DO what I ask in my books, and get great results!

And in life, pretty much the same thing.

(Unless you count the bozos trolling me actively, but since they help boost sales, hey. I'm all for that too, hehe).

And so it endeth. Remember the lesson therein (again) – most valuable one for you!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Pick up the best damned fitness system EVER right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

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