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Friday, 20 November 2020 19:15

Why DEFLECTING (or not acknowledging) the other side's irrational behavior can sometimes be the BEST thing to do ...

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And I mean consciously acknowledging, of course!

Anyway, I just asked my “wife” (if I can even use that term for her, hehe) the following.

“Do you mind running the coffee pot through the wash?” I mildy queried.

Being I did the laundry, and she was doing the dishes anyway, I thought it was a fair enough request ..

“No!” she yelled back at me. “You'll kill me if I break that thing!”

“Kill you??”

She meant it tongue in cheek, of course. But the gist of her entire argument boiled down to “what if I break it accidentally”, and “what your reaction will be”, and other such utterly irrational things ...

After all, she handles glass far more delicate than that daily!

Bad mood. Mood swings. Et al. All adds up to irrational behavior at times from the best of people.

 Now, in the past this would have led to a shouting contest.

“How dare you react like that”, I'd have said.

She'd have yelled back with some insult or the other. Childish, but in the “heat of the moment” all matters.

And nothing would have come out of it – nothing productive that is!

And thats another reason why yours truly caveman avoids political debates as well. Or discussions with any but those that GET it. And can recognize FACTS and FACE 'em them fair and square!

We're seeing th epolitical drama play out right now w.r.t President Trump refusing to “vacate” the Oval office.

While I highly doubt Trump of all people will refuse to do this (he's too smart!) - I think the reason he is vacillating is because he wants to “win even after he's lost” from a persona l standpoint.

He wants to keep his most core supporters energized. He wants to get donations etc for either this “fight” in the courts (to be frank, it was always a losing battle with no evidence) ... and probably if you read the fine print, for further Trump political campaigns etc.

Now don't get me wrong fellas.

I love Trump. 

Always been a massive supporter, and still am, but THIS sort of behavior and these antics?

I mean, to me its clear that there was monkey business going in in terms of the elections, but unless that can be PROVEN – well – the courts ain't gonna accept it.

And delaying transfer etc even during the best of times is NOT a very President like thing to do, regardless of political affiliations!

If this was a business deal, I'd be fully behind Trump doing what he is.

He's actually doing the right thing for the future Trump brand in many ways, but for the country right now?

I dont think so, my friend.

If you've lost, and you can't prove that the elections were rigged, well, by all means say they were.

But repeatedly delaying cruical transfer of power is NOT the best thing for the country – any country – especially in these times of the Chinese plague 

And of cours,e the reactiosn from the pro Trump camp these days are ILLOGICAL to say the least.

Emotional “how dare you” responses, and insults.

And there's no point going down that line.

What does it accomplish – zilch all, I'd say.

And in my case, jumping back to the “S.O” scenario, she calmed down almost immediately thereafter.

Sometimes, my friend, it pays not to react!

And by hiding your strength, and biding your time, and doing so sensibly.

Anyway, I'd rather stay focused on my goals.

And one of them is something so “outrageous” that even my most ardent dectrators will be hard pressed to believe I pulled it off.

If those of you thought the 2018 'ending' was a miracle – well, you ain't seen nutting yet, hehe.

And no, I ain't gonna let the cat out of the bag just as yet

Tell the world what you're going to do, but show it first! ;)

Fitness wise, same thing.

You! Fit! You can't even touch your toes properly!” I heard people sneer often because of my naturally tight hamstrings. 

Um ...

First thing you know, that isn't necessarily a matter of fitness. IT's a matter of properly stretching, and you'd be surprised to know some of the fittest people on the planet have the tighest hammies for one.

Not a deal breaker by any means.

“You! Lose that much weight! It'll never happen!”

And rather than get into the debate of if it will – channel that “emotion” (reaction) and make it happen – andthen enjoy the illogical “my jaw dropped” style responses coming your way.

They'll do all they can to discredit you and not believe it happened, and at that point YOU can laugh at them – and how!

And thatsmy point for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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