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Sunday, 13 December 2020 06:38


I suppose it could also be an isometric if done that way.

Actually, it IS an isometric of sorts, but I haven’t included it in the book on isometrics because folks would diss it as being “too easy”.

But remember, bro.

I was going to write to you today about SIMPLE working best – in life, fitness, biz, relationships, anything, but I didnt for whatever reason.

Perhaps because I’ve mentioned it so often, an dperhaps because I am getting tired of stating the bleedin’ obvious.

But really, that exercise is mentioned in Corrugated CORE.

And in the “beginner” exercises section.

Truth be told, ADVANCED trainees such as yourself who do 100 plus pull-ups per workout have used it, and continue to use, and BENEFIT from it, and SO CAN YOU!

(Thats the course that got the infamous Bozo Schofield so riled up, hehe, and for a reason! When the FACTS CUT DEEP ... hehe.)

This one exercise is something that doesnt involve a push or pull.

You dont even need to stand to do it, though it’s preferable if you do.

And neither will it interfere with performance on other exercises.

You can do it as often as you like, or perhaps for 3 minutes a day.

If you CAN go that long, that is!

And I dont think you’ll be able to when you first start!

Anyway, it’s a superlative exercise, and NO, before you ask, it is NOT the famous isometric where you do nothing but squeeze the abs and contract them together.

That one is good, I’m sure.

I’ve heard and seen many people do it.

But THIS one is far better in my opinion.

And so I’ve included this one, but not the more popular one, heh.

As I do with all my courses. I tell you and include what WORKS and WILL WORK for you too if you let it.

Handstand pushups.

I teach you these in a way I have NOT seen ANYONE teach!

But believe me, it’s this way, albeit harder to pick up first that will get you to the levels of strength you ultimately desire in a much better and more co-ordinated overall body fashion!

And same thing for pull-ups – squats – or anything I mention and teach!

And back to the exercise above – RUN on over HERE now to find out what it is – Corrugated Core – and get cracking bro.

I look forward to hearing about your results!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is what a reader had to say about the book - 

This is functional core training, not your usual get "buffed for the beach" nonsense.
This is hardcore training for a hard core, if you're after performance above pretty, then this is for you.
John Walker.


PS #2 – And yes, DO send in reviews for all books you’re purchased. Much appreciated!

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