Thursday, 12 January 2023 11:36

Foot positioning while doing pushups

Everyone talks about HAND positioning when doing fitness, but foot positioning? 

Not many people talk about this at all - except when doing Hindu pushups which people do understand (somewhat) how placing the feet differently turns the exercise into a whole another exercise - and workout altogether. 

Even when doing the regular pushup, I bet you didnt think about it - the slightest change in foot positioning turns the exercise into a completely different one- then of course, you add in hands etc, truly - pushups are not just the big dog of fitness, but the MOST versatile bodyweight exercise out there, my friend, the MOST! 

Slight changes in foot positioning hits your entire core and triceps - body, actually, differently, and when you really bring the legs into it - watch out!

It's no coincidence that my triceps are HURTING - differently - like a deep, deep burn - even though I did not - or have not, as yet - hit my daily 500 pushup goal - its been 320 thus far.

Slow and steady - or, slower and steadier than usual is part of it. Proper form and ALL The way down and ALL the way up - another part of it!

Always ways to make it a hell of a lot tougher do I find ... so should you! 

Anyway, enjoy the video at the end of the page. 

For those whose email readers dont auto pop up the video this here is the link -

And remember two things before you click on away - or three. 

One, pushups are by far the fastest and best way (along with a healthy dose of squats) to get in SHAPE - quick. 

And my book Pushup Central shows you how to - with variants upon variants upon variants of pushups that most wouldn't have dreamt of - or thought of - and definitely not done before you crack the BOOK open. 

Truly pathbreaking, so get this course NOW if you have not already. 

Two, the great Virat Kohli from India. 

Ive no idea how many runs he churned out in today's match against the Lankans, but he's been in a rich vein of form, yet, it was only a while back that all the pundits, the great Indian public and so forth (and in a cricket crazy country like India where effigies are burnt and houses stoned when cricket matches are lost thats something - cricket is almost a religion here!) - WROTE him off. 

He was going through a bad patch which lasted much longer than anyone thought, himself included. 

Today, you wouldn't think it by looking at his purple patch - which is back!

Virat isn't so much of a genius or even inspired as much as he is PERSISTENT. 

It shows in his game, mentality, most of all fitness, and I've no idea, but ask him - he'll tell you how many pushups he does himself daily!

Its persistent that brings you the big things my friend, persistence long after everyone has written you off - in many cases even your own conscious mind has. 

The will - and desire - to go another round when the deck's stacked against you, and when you think you cannot. 

Thats true genius, true champions, the material they're made of. 

NEVER make the mistake of writing a genius off - or do so at your own risk. 

And thats that .

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee