Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 30 July 2023 07:45

More on clarified butter.

Man, we truly live - and LEARN - dont we! 

I certainly do, have been all my life, still do even in areas where people rightly call me an "expert". 

Like pull-ups, for instance, last night I popped off a set of one arm pull-ups which amazed even me - I haven't done these in a while!

Then again, with my monkey bar work etc being as "pristine" as it was months back when I last did it - oh, and I seem to have been finally upgraded to the data plan I wanted which ran out on Thursday - so expect a lot more videos, heat notwithstanding, hehe outdoors ... and thick bar work etc, it just goes to show you, pushups and squats - and pull-ups at HOME - do a fine job of keeping you in shape and you literally need nothing else at all. 

Cut out the beer, the carbs, eat well - and healthy - and thats all you really need. 

Growing up, a lot of fuss was made over eating with things like "butter", or - especially - clarified butter, which gets a bad rap in India, if just because of the less than sleek physiques a lot of the Indian wrestlers present. 

Admittedly the traditional "pehelwans" that consume liters upon liters of this magnificent potion I learned about way too late in life - better late than never though - dont exactly have corrugated core. 

The Olympic wrestlers in India, now them men and women - man, they're in shape !! 

But they're both in shape - the traditional wrestlers aren't "fat" in the traditional sense of the word. Much like sumos are amazingly healthy "inside" - and need that fat to knock opponents off base, a little weight helps these Indian -and Iranian wrestlers as well. 

Thats not to say a corrugated core is not required. 

It is. 

And later on in life, a lot of these same wrasslers suffer from debilitating injuries etc that stay away till they keep training hard and intense, but with that excess weight, it "tells" on you down the line. Ask any pehelwan that, they'll tell you the importance of core conditioning - even the modern day "traditional" Indian wrestlers are no longer what you might expect "core wise". 

Anyway - growing up "ghee" was a no no. Thick flatbread like parathas smothered in the stuff was a no- no. 

When I got married (ugh) I remember mom cattily telling me "she cooks way better parathas than me, shes from North India!" 

(Mom's from the East). 

Whatever. I love good food everywhere!

But anyway, I often saw these wrasslers, and indeed, to this date they do it (see the movie "Milka Singh" - heh) literally DRINKING vats of clarified butter - and milk - and I often went "ewwww". 

People told me it would add the calories on. 

Well my friend, like so much of the bullshit the so called experts spread, they were WRONG. 

Even women aren't always right - such as my ex - who kept telling me "dont cook with anything other than olive oil in the oven". 


I've been cooking with layers upon layers of clarified butter as of late when roasting stuff - medley of vegetables, or whatever I roast, and man, the way it sizzles, and the RESIDUE it leaves on the bottom of the pan - I was literally drinking it up last night. 

Fills you up. 

Gives you energy. 

And it's HEALTHY, unlike the "yellow butter" most people seem to prefer. 

If you cannot find that around you, try cottage cheese. Or, "white" butter. 

But really clarified butter is highly underrated, and as the old time Indian wrestlers used to do - YOU can take you a mortar and pestle and hammer in some cashewnuts, almonds etc into ghee and make a delicious healthy paste which you can store - eat - and build plenty of muscle on a diet like that. 

Lots of folks think "grilled meats" are the only way to get your protein. 


Those are great yes. I plan on showing you a lot with meat down the line, but ... in the meantime? 



All of these are GREAT my friend, and cooked in enough quantity in the oven or however you choose - I've literally not (other than two cheat days this month - one was a pasta lunch, the other sphagetti - well, three cheat days) - had a single bit of "grain" (ok, the last thing was half a pack of white bread which messed me up for two days, and I swore off it instantly). 

I had meat at the start of the month. 

But I'm here to tell you something most people will ignore as usual - one, reducing carb intake or eliminating almost entirely is key to losing weight right. 

Two, the SPLITS. Get good at them, damn good at 'em. Stretch out the hamstrings, stretch the entire body, the insides, all of it ... 

And three - well, embrace the difference. The non "normal" often works the best my friend, and here's living proof of it - yours truly. 

Thats that. 

Remember to place the -pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness while it's still at the price it is... 


Rahul Mookerjee

There is always a reason for everything once you get in touch with the FORCE, the Spirit, the Universe. 

And I often step out of the house - to walk - and get more ideas than I already have in my already very fertile mind. 

I get them all the time. These walks, by the way. have got nothing at all to do with fitness - except when I get an idea like I did today - that has to be done NOW. 

I mean NOW. 


The way I was dwadling, although I Did not waste my time - I was doing isometrics which would kick most folk's ass from here to Timbuktu and then some - but once I got that idea, man! 

I literally HARED to the park I hadn't been to for ages, like 5 months. Too damn hot, too many damned mosquitoes, but I had to test myself on two things I aint done for a long time - that time frame. 

Dont even ask me why the cat crossed from left to right, why my LEFT calf been twitching before I even worked out today and such. 

Always a reason. 

If you think positive, you'll attract that x 1000 anyway - so there it was, thick bar pull-ups, you ask? 

Felt so damn easy I could do 300 of them instead of the 3 I videod. 

Then monkey bars, which most gym goers and so called fit adults cannot even BEGIN to do right let alone at the advanced level I do 'em at. 

I was amazed at just how EASILY I slipped into them damn positions! 

And it's all on youtube, I'm not even going to link 'em here. 

I ran out of data, or I'd live stream yet again. Mental note, get the unlimited I had before, I canceled that because I rarely step out, so I have 4GB per day now, thought that would be more than enough, it aint either on 5g plus connections. Hehe. 


Other updates? 

Selfie stick long delayed, soon to come, not so I can show you my pretty little face, but so I can FILM myself working out better, angles and such. 

And that, my friend is that. 


Always a reason for it ALL. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - INcluding why I did not post on this site for like freaking forever. 

Friday, 14 July 2023 10:16

"But thats all you need!"

Aaron, a friend of mine that helped me ... well, that was Vincent I believe - move into an apartment - I did not have a vehicle at that point in ... what was it, 1998? Came to my apartment, and I told him it was a studio apartment - small, tiny - but I was happy with it. 

As a struggling college student at that point, though I never viewed myself as struggling, and probably therefore never really did, but thats a different story. 

I mentioned how I "rigged" curtains - so no-one could peer in through the window (you'd be surprised at the number of jackasses that have tried to peer in through the blinds). 

Basically a velvet sheet I had lying around that I taped - with celltape - to the window on top of the A/C - hehe. 

Aaron looked around, and nodded approvingly - while I was a bit ... not embarassed, but trying to explain things, and he made this comment. 

"But thats all you need!" 

And true, in relation to my goals right then and there which was to have a space I could cook all the food I liked (not just in the microwave - hehe) and drink all the damn beer I wanted - it was what I needed. 

That goal hasn't changed until today. 

Now, I still remember Maria a girl I know until today telling me how "your apartment looks like a 5 star hotel" in 2004 I believe (in China). 

To her it probably did. 

But, it served much of the same purpose then (with the hill) that it would today. 

Hey, I'm a simple guy at heart, and to all these people that keep asking why I dont have a fancy office setup, refuse to make fancy videos etc (I don't even like videos that much, I finally caved into demand a couple of years back, but I'd rather WRITE) ... 

... Hey, all of that is great. 

Having a Sidney Sheldon like house on a remote deserted island with nothing but the sea to keep you company is fuckin paradise to me.  

Other hand, you have Jeff Bezos who was using used doors for desk well into Amazon's journey of becoming a success, refused to trade in his beat up Honda for something better until 10 or so year after, I believe 20 - he founded Amazon ... 

It's about priorities. 

Its about me spending money on what I want. 

Indulgences make you feel good, too many of them make you WEAK. 

If you're already sitting in the lap of luxury, why would you aim for more, to keep making yourself better? 

That ain't me saying those with non spartan surroundings are idiots, or it's a non worthy goal. 

None of that. 

But for me, this is what works, and I've been on all ends of the spectrum, and will continue to be as long as I exist. 

I dont need nothing fancy to help yall, my friend. 

My mind is more than enough. 

And thats truly, as Steve Austin would say - the bottom line. 

And no there ain't nothing wrong with wanting more and getting more as I have either... 

OK, enough spanners in the works. 

But to a lot of you asking about the office setup from the bedroom, thats why (main reasons). 

More later, I'm sure. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Hard hitting real life advice available via my coaching sessions. Apply NOW if you're interested. 

The three letter - not four - word at the end is KEY. Like I keep saying in Gumption Galore, and people are picking up on that thankfully - it isn't what it is. It is what it is - for NOW. 

That applies to every area of your life, now this question I keep getting "you're doing well, you've been around for so long" "yet you haven't made a million bucks as yet" - that I keep getting from folks - both struggling and not ... I thought it was time to address it, and I have via a video on youtube - after doing that, I thought I'd put some words down in writing - which has always been my preferred means of communication. 

Napoleon Hill's book Outwitting the Devil is a great answer to the question, if you can read between the lines. 

Guy made tons of money in his life, but just when things were going swimmingly well, something "happened" - and - he was back to square zero or worse. 

I remember my own father's comment about ME - what I spoke about in some of my videos the other day "it all always goes so well, then it messes up - there must be something in your mind that causes it!" 

They even - back in the day - wanted me to go to counseling for this, which was the stupidest thing ever - I ended up counseling the counselor (Basic Instinct Two - she wasn't that sexyyyyyy though, but cute tho) - and they flat out said I did not need any sort of "counseling" which I already knew, try reasoning with Mom though ...

(even Dad was like, just get it over with once and forget about it - haha) 

Anyway - Napoleon Hill speaks of this. 

SOMETHING made him quit the job where he was making history - and bank. 

SOMETHING happened that made him STOP making the loads of $$ he was, and brought him back down to EARTH. 

And a lot more, what was that something? 

As he writes about an inner voice telling him, until and unless you truly DEVOTE - not just DO - DEVOTE - yourself to what it is you were truly MEANT TO DO IN THIS LIFE - and we all have a purpose we were put on the planet for - you're going to keep experiencing this. 

It's not about money, my friend. 

THe money is a means to an end and energy that comes, ebbs, flows ... 

Most people dont get it. 

You have to be happy FIRST - and find out what it is that makes you HAPPY - and then DO what it is that makes YOU unique. 

Your USP is something only you know, if you're HONEST about it. Sometimes it might not "sound good", even to you - but like Colonel Trautman said in Rambo III, "thats too bad" - you're stuck wth it! 

Focus on the USP, go through the ups, downs, trials, travails, it is only then you will discover true happiness - and that isn't linked to money - or a million dollars. 

Back to that - I realized that a long time ago. 

It was never a goal for me. 

Charles Mitchell once made the comment about me not having as much money "the only reason you dont have as much money as" Jeff Bezos, because my books and products dont cater to whiners and pansies looking for the easy way out and feel good crap that doesnt work. 

"Never turn into a pussy trainer to sell more books!" 

"just so you can sell more books" ... 

And I never have, never will - to me, staying tru to myself is what counts. 

Giving you advice that works, whether you like it or not is immaterial, whether you pay big bucks for it is also, to an extent, irrelevant (many do) is whats always been numero uno priority for me, all else falls into place itself. 

A million? 

Why not a buck more? 

Or a buck less? 

Does it make a goddamn bit of difference? 

I Dont know, its great if thats a goal for you, most would claim it is (while having no inkling of their true goals that would get them there) ... 

But again, it's never been one for me. 

Then, the "yet" part. 

I started THIS website in 2010. Yet, I was working a job at the time, I wasn't doing this full time or even near it - I still remember being thrilled with my first $6 sale - I was doing digital back then too although no-one else was. 

I had three products for years. 

Fast and Furious Fitness, Shoulders like Boulders! - and Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! 

The latter two are not what you see today either - watered down versions of that. The first is, and remains, and always will remain the same, an all time great that has been hailed as such. 

I quit the job - or was fired - or both. 

I went to China. 

I started 0 Excuses Fitness in 2017 - I Still remember Cindy and I creating those vids! Haha. 

Hell, legally we weren't even around till 2018 - when 0 Excuses Fitness became a sole propreitorsheep (in India - the China plan did not materialize - ugh - so much paperwork there) ... not really, hehe (sheep). 

And our current US present "Inc"  only happened last year (I dont believe in legalese etc until the situation WARRANTS it, now there are those that do it the other way which is fine, but I'd rather test the idea first and see how it works and THEN go all in as it were). (for the most part, at least).

All this while, my main focus was on making MONEY. 

And I made tons of it - not mainly through this biz, which was always a "side deal for me". 

(On a side note, I told Carol - the chick you've heard so much about all excited and such about the new biz I started, her first question was as dumb as bricks - and what 99 percent of the populace would ask. 

I'm a month into something, and she asks "well, how many customers do you have". (how much money are you making). 

To me this was the dumbest, stupidest, most boring thing one could ask someone that "just started" - but it shows how most people think, why people will never understand the one percent amongst us that strive to be the best we can, the folly of announcing your goals to the world, especially those "so called close to you" and so forth - I've been guilty of that way too often!) 

Yet, all that while, I kept going through the sort of tumultous ups and downs Hill mentions in his book, and it was only a few years back that I understood the wisdom of his words, which took him more than two decades to truly understand. 

You gotta be in it *your life's purpose* ALL the way, or not at all. 

You've got to go through the ups and downs, the latter downright mean and nasty. You, the greater your goal/calling is, have to be prepared to SUFFER - eat humble pie - all of that - in ways you never imagined possible. YOu have to PERSIST, and not look for "other ways to make easy money" (which for years I Did, and found). 

I'm making money NOW. 

Not a million, but I definitely outsell a lot of the bozos and complainers out there, but again - I had to learn HOW myself. 

And it's an art. 

A skill. 

And those only get better with practice. 

So no, my dear "wife" that keeps asking "when will the million dollars come" - I ain't been doing this for "years and years". 

If you were to ask me full time, seriously, mind to it - I'd say 2017 onwards. 

Except, I took a huge break from it - big mistake - in 2019. 

Not that that impacted anything negatively, but I felt repercussions in other areas of my life as punishment. 

The Universal Court of Justice sees ALL my friend. 

Its always complicated - there is no "one way". 

My spartan surroundings are part of me, they always will be regardless of how much money I make. Like Michael, a friend of mine once told me "I'm the guy dressed like a bum on the road". 

People have compared me to that as well. Hehe. 

And so be it, as I could care two figs less about what dont matter. 

If that bum on the road makes more money than YOU, and helps more people than YOU - then isn't that COUNTS? 

To me it is ... 

For those ROOTING for us to do better and better that a lot of you silently are, well, speak up - and thank you! 

You'll be the first to know when I hit the million - or billion - dollar mark. 

And that, friend, is that. 

Its about living life to your fullest potential. Most dont scratch the surface. You're not going to take the million with you when you pass, but you WILL take the spirits of people you've HELPED - ultimately, people remember what you did for them more than the money you made doing it. 

And that, friend, is what COUNTS. 

OK, I'm sure I've missed a shitton of things here. So be it. 

I'm sure there's be more to come! 

Zero to Hero! - and Gumption Galore - are MUST grabs. Do so now. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - One of my original books ideas was this "From 120 - 60 kgs ... from Zero to HERO! - from LOSER in every area of life to WINNER" and so forth. 

That turned into the first book mentioned above. 

But, this book is in the works, my life story basically - stay tuned for it! 

PS #2 - Again, it's never been a goal, it isn't for now either. You are here to make a DIFFERENCE - thats what COUNTS. 

PS #3 - Learning in the trenches, getting the CONFIDENCE that goes with it - never comes easy. It came doubly hard for me. If you're struggling, and constantly thinking of "what if I had secure income", then you're not the right person to be reading this, or benefiting from my coaching

You gotta be willing to let go FIRST. 

Take the HITS first. Henry Ford took them well INTO, not ON his way - to success. So can YOU - if you choose to. 

There simply is no other way. Having a backup option, a fail safe, is NOT an option. 

It took me way too long to learn that. 

I hope I can teach YOU these things so you get to where you want to be quicker than I did! Haha. 

Way too many parents think "paying the bills" is enough. Way too many think "ah but I sent them to the best colleges, the best universities" etc - thats enough. 

It's not, my friend. 

Hunter Biden is but the most glaring example of this, there are plenty more. Succeeding as a parent takes WAY more than just forking out the cash when need be ... (I still remember a friend Tim saying "my Dad doesnt give a shit about all this (college results etc) - he just pays the tuition!") ...

I said every "Dad" should teach their kids this, but you should really put "parent" in there - any responsible parents, Mom, Dad, whichever. 

These are basic life skills EVERYONE must have, and are not taught in any school or college out there - not the traditional sort at least. 

Napoleon Hill was tasked years and years ago with writing the Laws of Success, which surely aren't taught in them "hallowed" institutions either. . . 

Anyway - without further ado (and yes, this is not gender specific - it applies whether you have a son or daughter) - 

One, how to throw a decent punch - and how to defend yourself. The basics, thats all -but the basics are important. 

Two, the importance of street fighting when need be.

Three, proper COMMUNICATION - and the knowledge that the MIND trumps all - and that getting physical should always be a last resort - but one that one should never back down from if need be. 

Four, the importance of standing up to - and combating - BULLYING - of any nature. 

Five, standing up for your OWN rights, no matter what your gender might be. 

Six, changing a car tyre - and basic car repairs. 

Seven, basic fitness skills, and bodyweight exercises like the basic pushup and pull-up. 

Eight - the importance of PERSISTENCE, goal setting - and the fact that nothing good even comes easy, the value of practice - etc - all taught in "Think and Grow Rich" - Zero to Hero! - and so forth. 

Nine, the difference between right and wrong - which never goes away, and ultimately, in the Universal Court of Justice, is all that really counts. 

And ten, well, everything my own father never taught me ... perhaps because he didnt know it himself? 

The worst thing you can do for a kid, my friend, is to let them remain "directionless" and justify it by saying "we paid the bills" (often times for fancy BS that doesnt deliver what it promises - believe me, I've been there, done that - on the receieving end). 

I'm sure there are hundreds more things that will come to mind ... but for now, I am typing this before my meditation, my tea even. 

Therefore, thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - 10 - Respect, and the importance and VALUE of "goose and gander" and what goes around comes around... 

Lots of fathers (and mothers) dont know the basics of fitness themselves, and thats fine - you can and should set an example yourself first. Start right HERE

PS #2 - Folks, I know I probably missed a shitton of important things. No worries this was me "off the cuff" as always before my tea, I had to do it, but sitting here, editing, which I normally would never do, COOKING is another skill that (the basics, nothing fancy) everyone should be taught, male or female. You'd be surprised at how many folks dont know how to boil an egg! 

I was never ever taught any of it, but - hey. I'm grateful in that regard, I learned in the trenches (everything) and thats always the best way, though not the most pleasant at times to say the least. Hehe. 

Tuesday, 04 July 2023 16:32

A true blue story of "el tigre"

Replete with meat blood and everything. But hang on, before that, a bit of background - 

I believe I was in an apartment those days, so I had everything to cook with, microwave, oven, slow cooker, fry daddy - everything - and though the toilet would sometimes get "backed up" (Glyn, where're you when needed - ugh) - the fridge worked pretty well. 

El Tigre usually had a case of beer chilling in there at the very least, as well a lot of meat and cheese, some broccoli etc too. 

Now, that night the girlfriend wasn't with me. For one, someone had driven her car into a ditch I believe or something, so it was at the repair shop so she couldn't come over, and second, she was spending girl time with some Miyako, or maybe "Mieko" - who knows. 

So I was at home myself, and had some fresh salmon I was going to cook with lime juice and broccoli. Four pieces, simple, effective... 

I had a bunch of "beast ICE" (they no longer make that brand - Milwaukee's BEST ICE, hehe) - neither do they make Southpaw from what I hear - and I then put the meat (or fish) on the foil, started cooking and such. Smelt pretty good when done, I bit into it, but damn, there was a strange taste to that fish, before I knew it, I was sick as a dawg. 

Jeremy, a friend of mine told me "the one good thing after throwing up after having a bunch of beer" - pour more down. 

Them the wild man days - not that I'm any saner now. 

So thats what I did. I didnt much feel like eating - at that point - so popped in Hannibal or something, then I felt like eating later. 

So, trusty ole Papa Johns to the rescue, since it was 1130, no-one else would deliver I think. 

And that brings me to the tale, now I order LARGE 14 inch pizzas with extra meat and cheese when I do, and garlic bread, but for some reason or maybe I was too hungry, the meat seemed a tad less. 

So I pried open the freezer. 

Saw a round of "chuck" beef - remember those? Not you Charles - hehe 

Popped it in the microwave (I'm well aware of skilleting it till it turns pink etc but remember, I was pretty toasted) figuring "its heat, it'll cook just as well". 

It seemed to. 

And when done, I gingerly poked the side to see if it wasn't too hot (I didnt want to burn my tongue like I once did my thumb when putting out a cigarette with it). 

OK ... 

I bit into it. 

And I still remember the RAW beef - and the taste of blood, literally .. dripping down my chin. 

Memory's a bit hazy beyond this, I'm not sure what I did, if I tossed the entire bowl of meat, or cooked it properly the next day, but thats true tiger like living - or "wolf" like, as my Uncle calls me - haha. 

And we've all had those stories of falling asleep on the toilet after a drink too many, eh. Hehe. 

Them were the days, they're still here to an extent, except my fitness routines dictate I dont down a fraction of the brew I used to back in the day - but when I DO sit down to drink, I can outdrink you under the table - guarandamnteed. Just ask my buddy from the Marines, and our beer drinking sessions till 5 AM in the morning which his wife never let him "live down". LOL. 

And thats the tale of the tiger. 

I remember his friends cautioning him about bacteria and such, and they were right - I was lucky I didnt end up in the ER or worse... 


I dont recommend doing those things - but we've all done 'em ... 

Crazy is what ultimately works, crazy people are ultimately the real achievers. 

I wouldn't go as far as Steve Jobs who reportedly cooled his feet in the toilet - wtf - but I've heard Glyn Bozo for one (no kidding for one) likes to touch his fat butt to the bowl - literally. Ugh again. 

Aint no accounting for taste... 

ANd thats that, friend. 

Animal Kingdom Workouts awaits you. Get in the best animal like shape of your life - QUICK! 


Rahul Mookerjee

Life's a trip eh. 

Thats some trippy ass shit, Holmes! 

And Denzel Washington aside (all time favorite for me) - I was supposed to continue the fast I've been writing about on the site for more than 7 days - I was aiming for 9, which betters my previous best by two days. 

Now thats a complete water fast mind you - NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING except for green tea during the fast, and NOT with anything added in - ie basically hot water and tea leaves. 

Or tea bags in a pinch, which aren't half bad, but aren't even less than a quarter as healthy. Folks, if you got a choice, get WHOLE tea leaves, NOT the tea bags you find in supermarkets - they're far healthier, tastier, and natural (the tea bags have extrannoeous crap in them you dont want, and grinding the tea leaves to the sort of mixture that you can put in a tea bag - it completely ruins the taste for one, and removes many of the beneficial ingredients in it found naturally). 

Believe me, I import and export this stuff, naturally, I know a little something about. 


A tiger lives on the fly, and decides what to do instinctually, when there's a meal available which in my case was staring me in the face for over a week - he POUNCES, and GORGES. 

So did I. 

I mean, I could easily have gone on to 9 days, but "on the fly", thats a goal for another time. These four days have done wonders to my body - especially the last two. 

I can already feel the food digesting, flooding through every part of my body - and as I ate, I remembered what a friend Aaron said in college about not eating at the "Commons" - the college mess which was pretty good (cafeteria). 

I cook in here, he'd say after a bunch of damn BEAST ICE - which I kept up with him and then some. 

I used to scoff at his statement sometimes. 



(Bond Hall where we lived was kind enough to give us one in our rooms)

(and it had pretty good food, but not as good as "microwave cooking" after a bunch of damn beer late at night). 

Trust me, pizza in the microwave after a lot of beer (the microwavable kind) may not appeal to the purists, but it hits the SPOT - big time. 

Today, I did not prepare for this in advance, and I ran out of beer before my fast began. 

Therefore, I ate early - 8 PM as opposed to my usual tigrish late at night 930, 10 etc. Actually, around 730. 

Thats key to staying fit, give your body a chance to digest the food before you lop off to sleep. 

And what I had was pasta - microwaved, "on the fly" remember - precooked chicken - cucumber (I ate it without slicin and dicing, raw, no peeling) - and a few lops of CHEESE. 

I was kinda worried the pasta wouldn't cook well in the microwave, I'm used to doing it on the stovetop, but it came out WONDERFULLY. 

I added in tomato sauce, spices, salt, and other delicacies, and as you can see from your Youtube/Insta, hey - it is as delicious as it looks. 

Thick creamy meaty tigrish style meal. 

I could do another one tomorrow if I so wanted... 

And hey - Aaron I feel ya. Hehe. I remember the big guy cooking for us - great times. 

I remember another big guy Marc the African Silver back Gorilla doing his thing in the oven/microwave with his PIZZA - which was truly DELICIOUS - he used homemade cheese for one I believe. 

Hated doing dishes, but dont we all. Hah. I dont so much mind doing 'em at the right time, but Glyn, if you're reading, you're more than welcome to satisfy your morbid fantasies "Serving a real man as you say" - washing my dishes, but NOTHING else. Ass licking, ask Josie or anyone else! Haa.

Where, you ask - is all this leading up. 

Well, Dish Delicious for one, a very well received little manual, true, my wife provided some of the recipes for that one, but believe me, this cat can outdo her in the kitchen when he wants to - ala Southern style "soul food" which HITS the spot - big time. 

Anyway, as for THIS cat - my plans now? 

Sit and relax for an hour, then take a shower. I never shower right after eating - its best practice not to. 

Neither do I drink water, or any fluid - one hour before, or along with my meals - or until one hour later after the meal by the clock if I really have to, preferably two. 

And then brush my teeth, and sleep like a big cat does after a good meal. Admittedly I'd do that the way the big cat does normally during my phat days "straight to bed after dinner", but times be different now. ;) 



Rahul Mookerjee

As I battle a "roach invasion" in the so called house I'm in right now, I gotta say this. 

The "Casual nature" with which most people view these pests - I dont get it!

My first instinct is to SQUASH them all - no matter how many there might be. 

But you look at my wife, even my other "family" - they all view it as "so what - they live with human beings anyway!" 

Or, the resigned, there's nothing we can do. 


It's an easy solution - pest goddamed control. 

It's something I INSIST UPON - I wont put down a penny of deposit, not one red RMB, not one Red MAO before moving into an apartment in China or anywhere, except in India apparently they dont look too kindly upon that ... ??

The landlord's (or ladies) have always looked upon this request as coming from a crazed foreign devil (with wild hair, as I told my daughter - hehe - look for a change there too soon) ... 

... but end of the day, they did it. 

I dont get it, my grandfather had a six storey house, was one of the best doctors of his time in the whole damned city, yet, A/C and pest control were foreign concepts. 

I get the first, perhaps. 

But #2? 

I've NO idea how people put up with it. 

if you look at doers, achievers, most people of that nature, you'll hear the same thing from them ... 


Just horrible, nasty it is ... 

My point really is this - KILL the damn thing. Yet, my wife, for some strange reason won't do it. Nothing religious or beads-sheads or Tarot nonsense about it, she just wont do it, which is strange? Theyll be running riot around her, and I'm the one running around stomping 'em out ... ???

I dont get it, my friend -I dont quite. Folks! When asked, they'll say "so what". 

Most people are so caught up in their dumbphone addicted torpor that a bomb underneath them would likely elicit the same reaction. Musk has it SPOT on in terms of limiting number of tweets etc one can view on Twitter "for free", the entire world is slowly but surely coming around to booting the sizeable chunk of freebie seekers OFF Their services - which I've been doing for ages, so it SHOULD BE. I wasn't ever a Musk fan, but hes doing a damn fine job with Twitter I must say, true business man, I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the few companies out there that will eventually turn a hefty profit. 

I'm sure he feels the same way about roaches - hehe. 

And thats the rant for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Through 65 pull-ups already, it ain't even 4PM. DAWG! ?

Friday, 30 June 2023 12:35

Lifes a trip eh?

Thats surely some trippy ass shit, Holmes!

Just as I got done dissecting an utter moron (a so called past affiliate) who wouldnt know how to sell anything it if it hit him in the face ... the "yang" showed up in terms of email. 

I've mentioned Paula before as an example of an affiliate that I'm truly honored to work with - everyday. 

She's been mentioned on the other site, but today - I'll mention another guy that I'll keep his name private for now, but he's PRECISELY the sort of affiliate I'd like to work with (or partner with). 

I did up a video last year to keep these trolly Benny "fat lout" sorts away, but I should really put this email I've gotten from this guy (the guy I'm referring to here) as another shining example of who I'd love to work with not just as an affiliate, but otherwise. 

Remember the emails I sent out about the Amazon mess, how as soon as it happened, I thought it was a blessing in disguise - indeed, As Napoleon Hill rightly said, every misfortune, every mishap carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit ... 

... in more ways than one. 

Not only did my own sales NOT tank as most people had predicted - if anything, they're on the rise again (Benny's trolling will help there too, hehe) - but it also allowed me to curate further through my list, this time people I work with, and remove people from there as well. 

It's amazing how many people will stop being honest when they're asked to stop whining about a steady so called guaranteed paycheck from the biggies like Amazon who can boot you at any moment without notice, and bam! There goes your six years of work or whatever it is - this applies to Twitter, youtube, any other platform you can think of, I've been saying it forever - build your OWN brand. Morons and lazy fools dont get it ... 

... anyway, all I did when that mess happened was to be flat out honest as I always am, I wrote to people telling them about it - since audiobooks which is where the mess started are a three way deal - Amazon, myself, and them - I told them the situation honestly, how it was not my fault, how it could happen to anyone, and how they shouldn't work on my projects if they weren't comfortable knowing any of this. (Amazon for whatever reason didnt notify them, so I did). 

I did the right thing. 

Then, I asked them (they all in one way or the other whined about money either directly or not) to be an affliate for the site, and the answers I got, and my, I wrote about this - talk about "showing your true colors" and what they really felt about the business - of course, that said, FUTURE potential is rarely something most people see, most people see just the "here and now", so it wasn't surprising. But, I'm glad I could block those folks out of my life too. 

There's always a diamond in the rough though and amongst all this there has been a guy that has stood by me knowing it all, has been more than professional, continues to be, and is truly a connessiour ...

I should also say at this point we're talking the other business, not this one, but it applies to both. 

One look at his email, and then you compare it to Benny the fool job's email before him - well, poles apart as it were, no pun intended. 


Here goeth - 

So I apologize I don't know if I ever saw the email that had the affiliate link stuff in it but yes, of course I'll sign up for it to be an affiliate. I forget exactly the website I believe it might be <chopped> or something I forget it's probably in a lot of the emails I just haven't looked at the moment I apologize, so everything you suggest is great I'm totally on board and agreeable except for one thing…  You mentioned that with other book readers and stuff like that you offer them 25% of the proceeds in the case of this project I'm not just a reader, but I'm also doing the sound design and the music... Therefore, I somewhat feel that, at least, as far as the sales of the audiobook I should probably get a larger percentage because I'm not just reading, but I'm doing the other stuff as well… And this is something I want to keep doing with you and for you, and this higher percentage, I'm suggesting, would not be the same percentage, if I was doing music and audio if another person was doing the reading for the book (which I do believe it's a great idea and I'd be more than willing to put music to other books that other people have produced readings for you as well....
In the case of me doing music on other peoples readings, I don't believe they would deserve more than 20% but if I'm reading and doing the music and sound design is 40% of that small quantity of stuff too much to ask for?
And by the way, I'm completely on board doing the affiliate link stuff but I have to warn you I don't really have much of a social media following so to speak and ever since I moved locations from San Francisco down to Los Angeles I haven't really integrated into the scene down here much but I can start pushing the links on places that I'm on  no problem just I never saw the email that talked about the affiliate stuff
Thank you for the well wishes about my mom she's not likely to get any better but she's not getting any worse for now, so at least there's that and I've actually been mostly taken up by dealing with the things of losing the studio job that I had but at least I've gotten a bit of upgrades to my equipment around here so most of my time recently has been spending integrating those things which is just about done actually… And let's talk more about this. I hope it's not too much to ask but I'm OK if it isn't I'm in this for the long-haul ....
There is just so much work that has been going into this already and I need to take a step back and take a break every now and then I'll go crazy but I got the fire lit under me again to keep working on this current process is I think I'm basically done with chapter 3, and I'm engaging into music for chapter 4… In my opinion is probably the most difficult chapter to do properly because it really deserves a lot of sound design to be done reasonably so it's taking extra time the following chapters I believe won't need as much sound design, so they'll not require as much work  I'm happy with what I've gotten so far with chapter 4 I think I may move on the chapter 5 to keep things fresh for me but you'll like what I've come up with so far. 
So yeah, if you could send the affiliate link email again and we might need to talk to you know zoom or something at some point soon when it comes to what you think is fair as far as percentage stuff goes, but I hope we're not too much into the agreement about tha but I'll wait to talk to you about it or at least wait for your response. In the meantime I'm pushing forward and sorry for the lack of communication and delay, but I am still, and I believe always will be in your corner, and honored to be so...
PS I never know what it's like for global style calling, but if we don't really need to do a zoom but you just want to call me so we can talk about something quickly. Here's my number if it's possible for you to make such a call I don't really call international much so I don't really know what the rates are or if there are rates anymore cell phones are really weird to me. 
But per chance you want to talk about something instead of writing about it always feel free to give me a call and it's OK. You won't wake me up if I'm asleep I don't pick up my phone anyway.
Feel free to call me anytime and really you don't have to worry about waking me up. I keep really strange hours and I sleep like a log when I fall asleep
 anyways take care buddy.

THAT is the sort of dude I'd love to work with - and do! 

Or, lady (Paula). 

Look, thats an example of a guy whose in it for the long haul, knows his worth, and is not afraid to ASK for it. 

I've heard his work, and he's a true professional at what he does, so I've agreed to giving him 40% - not just for affiliate sales for products he's worked on for me, but also a flat 40% for any of those products that sell without his intervention on the site. Why? Well, he deserves it to be honest! 

Not a social media addict, but tries anyway - doesnt much like dumbphones... does things the old fashioned way - hangs in there, does not whine about product price, but negotiates a better cut for himself or herself - MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thats an example of who you want in your life, not wackos like in the last email ... 

Thats that. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee


I really shouldn't be saying this - some people are going to burst into tears, some jump up and down with their fat bottoms wiggling and the "earthquake" might disturb the neighbors beneath. 

Much like Jay, a friend (former) of mine - described what he thought was an interracial couple (I'll let you imagine the rest) "going at it" in the apartment above his. 

The "big" fantasies were most likely his that he was self projecting onto ...ah, but I digress. 

I received, or should I say, I had to dig through loads of trash to see the most blatant, egregious example of "self projecting". 

I'll let y'all in on what I mean, but remember two things - 

First, yours truly hooks people in a manner they can NEVER let go of me - or my great products - now this is  not a bad thing, as I wrote back about "being a master of my craft" this morning (those that buy from me said it, not me- haha- but they're right). 

But it's highly annoying when losers, fat boys thinking theyre "big but not fat", and making all sorts of idiotic excuses about not being able to do pull-ups and such, and other price wankers, freebie seekers that dont get the message that my stuff will NEVER ever be priced "cheap" - it aint for cheapos, simple - are attracted to this same thing. 

The Trumpinator sure has a lot of haters. 

And like him, I love mine. I never miss an opportunity to let them (usually trolls too with no life, living on their wives and significant others, never having so much as a dime of their own in their pockets and so forth) "troll" or hate on me, but it's gotten to the point where it's just hilarious - folks that - such as this one nutjob "Benny" who I had long done forgotten about until last week or maybe a couple of weeks, I'm not sure - who claim my products are "crap" (without ever opening a single one of them) - yet want 'em all for free (hmm!) - then complain about my videos not having "views" or some shit (like who the fuck really cares about "views" except social media "dopamine" addicted buffoons that cannot get off Tik Tok workouts where they claim to do thousands of reps daily, yet can barely do one of them in proper form) ... yet, they find the time to scroll through each and every one of my videos, and here - this guy, I've spoken a lot about him - but today he gets into Glyn category - he makes comments about my "ass". 

Ugh, just ugh. 

This is precisely what I mean by these LGBTQ sorts not keeping to their own and forcing everyone to do it their way or else. Ugh again. 

This also feeds into what I wrote about before about buffoons (the vast majority of folks out there) employing "selective reading" - and then imagining things in their head and claiming I said things I never did. 

Oh well, thats self projection and a glaring knowledge of one's many shortcomings, and attempts to dodge 'em showing up ... 

Now, this character in short - an affiliate who signed up for the site, wanted products for free (was firmly told NO), claimed he could make "x amount of sales" - never made a single one - then whined about the products being too expensive (they are, "too" is ... well, a matter of perception- this fat ass is the sort that downs a 13 pack nightly - or 12, lol - looks like it, so if that is more worth it, by all means Benny - top of the world to ya!) ... then bitched up a hissy when I called him out for being a fat ass, and more  - a lazy fat ass who refuses to recognize the slob looking back in the mirror at him (hey, views Benny - ever thought of that. lol. We all love a train wreck, or perhaps "roadkill" as Uncle Bob once said) ... and worst of all, a lazy phucker that at the age of 40 plus - I think - lives on his wife and mother, hasn't held a job a single day in his life. 

Ugh again. 

I had some fun with him and then blocked him out of my life like I did with Bozo Schofield, somehow though, I knew I hadn't seen the last of him, and I was right, he kept popping back up. 

Then I blocked his emails as well. 

And pretty much him overall. 

But I could sense his beady little eyes reading my stuff, looking to glean all the "free info" he could from it - what a loser! 

(and a hypocrite - until I called him out for being lazy, fat and completely, woefully out of shape - everything I did was gold to the point he'd write in showing me his pictures (ugh - why Benny?) etc, preening and posing, saying "I've been loving your stuff" - bascially the sort of loon who needs a shoulder to whine up. Nah, I dont got a handkerchief either Benny. Just pure UGH!) 

Anyway - apparently a video of mine - the "latest" videos he says (which befuddles the mind - the bodyweight exercise Guru was doing squats in the latest video, so I've no idea what he's blathering about) "got his goat". 

I sort of know which one he's referring to. Cackle. Except, I thought the pestilence called Benny had finally left my life (that was a test of sorts to see if he had, but as expected, he hadn't). 

Anyway, let's take a look at the ramble he sent me. 

Dude, are you really that bored to be talking shit in that last video of yours? Man I knew you read my stuff but to try and make something out of context to make yourself look good to your list is pretty damn petty. 

Quite frankly I found it hilarious. Hilarious that you feel the need to try to tear a man down cause he talked about his experiences and helping others be aware when he was injured. That's messed up even for you. I hate to burst your bubble bro but your voice is way higher than mine. 
If you really believe that I'm full of shit, you're more than welcome to come to the states to train with me, I always look forward to training with somebody. I read your stuff from time to time to learn more what not to do and just pass by the constant bitching about your wife. I do like how you reference Tik Tok Fitness since they're technically not workouts but fun demos I like to do. Again you're more than welcome to test me yourself and see how you would fare. 
It's a damn shame you have to resort to irrelevant trash talking since you can barely make views on just about any of your videos. Sometimes I just scroll through videos just to see how you do your exercises and you need some serious adjustments especially on your "Jack Lalanne" pushups since your ass is up in the air too much that makes your form off base so you might want to fix that. 
Chances are you'll never see this and you're too much of a coward to write back yourself without making a post about it first. Here's a list of things I know you'll potentially do with this email....
1. Completely ignore it
2. Write about it and talk shit as if you're the shit even though you're a narcissist.
3. Make a video telling 10 people how much of an idiot I am and you can out train me any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
4. Use some kind of dumb reference either politically or compare me to a retard or something of that nature.
5. Write/Record some of the same shit you've already said and act like it's a completely different thing.
6. Find a way to completely trash anything I do or say to make me seem like some dumbfuck who never trained a day in his life and make up some fucked up thing about my wife (which BTW makes you even more of a disgusting human being since you're reflecting on the terrible relationship with your own) 
7. Try to outdo me in exercises that even you have hardly any real technique on
My guess is within the next week....You'll do either number 1, use 4, 5 and highly likely do 2 or 3. Number 7 won't do you any good and 6 is probably something you won't be able to resist since you love to hear yourself talk like a parrot wanting a cracker. 
I triple dog dare you to even write back and say something and then write about it to your "audience" which really consists of maybe 5 people that have nothing better to do with their lives than listen to a right wing bullshitter who can't even keep a marriage in tact without some kind of drama or pouring hot dog flavored water fuckery about another human being. 
Have a great day Rahul and I really hope you can find something original to come up with. 

Jeez, that reminds of what Alan said when he read my messages on wechat. "Eye watering", and this clown apparently typed it out on Andriod (phone) ... 

Anyway, lets address this - 

Hilarious that you feel the need to try to tear a man down cause he talked about his experiences and helping others be aware when he was injured. That's messed up even for you.

This my friend, is precisely what I mean about "selective reading" (or listening). This guy got pissed off I called him out for being a pansy - ie being fat, doing nothing to improve it, then getting injured (predictable) and running to wifey and mommy to "take care of his grown ass" as it were. I mean at least bear your damn cross without expecting the world to do it for you, but of course, liberals, and that sort - thats a lost concept to them. 

There was not one single comment about "helping others" (which you didnt, by the way - you just whined on incessantly as you do) - it was about you being pathetic as you are. I mean, you got injured. Help yourself my friend. Get to the damn hospital, but dont be a burden on productive members of society (pun intended with burden, there's a hell of a lot of it). 

I normally dont see this guy's emails, but his message on live chat made me dig through trash to get to it - it goes automatically to trash Benny so you're right, I mostly dont even see your garbage let alone "read it". . . 

 I read your stuff from time to time to learn more what not to do and just pass by the constant bitching about your wife. 

Um, no you dont. Thats the part that "gets your goat" (you're precisely the sort of cucked man I do my best to avoid - ugh) - and you're reading for "free nuggets" as most freebie seekers do (but you'll be blocked from the site shortly as well once I get that last bit of software going. Youtube, of course is another story for now...) 

It's a damn shame you have to resort to irrelevant trash talking since you can barely make views on just about any of your videos. Sometimes I just scroll through videos just to see how you do your exercises and you need some serious adjustments especially on your "Jack Lalanne" pushups since your ass is up in the air too much that makes your form off base so you might want to fix that. 

Uhm.... I really dont want to get into asses here, Benny, yours is way bigger than 3 peopel combined, Glyn Included... 

Seriously, guys, I've got comments from women writing in about how my "soles" are more beautiful than theirs, Benny with his "ass comments" - I mean, look, it boils down to two things - 1. Yes, I do have a well shaped ass (well rounded, nice booty as the girls say - dimpled too from the muscle - most martial artists, real fitness guys are exactly the same - from JCVD To Stallone to anyone who does any real fitness as opposed to babbling about it on a free site) - hah. Lots of squats will do it, and 2. Camera angles. But even then, that ass SHOWS when I do pushups ... any sort. 

Benny likes my ass, and unfortunately has all sorts of nasty thoughts about it when I type "ass to grass" - just triple ugh, what more can I say. But please keep those thoughts to yourself Benny, or to Glyn, another confirmed "ass maniac" (are you into scamming old ladies as well Benny? Two of you would get along like peas in a pod, pun intended, though I wouldn't want to see the result of that giraffe partnership)... 

Form? Benny? The guy that can't get his chest to the floor on a siimple pushup, ass to the grass in a squat, clear his chin over the bar for a pull-up let alone hold ...talking about form? 

'nuff said ... lol. 


I thought I've been very public and honest in that I could care two hoots less about views. I'm all about CURATION my friend, and the lesser the better- so long as they're QUALITY folks that dont waste time on Tik Tok and claim they workout (when it shows they dont) like certain idiots I know... 

Some of my videos show a total of ONE view. There you go. One. lol. 

Some zero. 

But this I do know for a fact my friend, my BANK Account shows plenty more zeros after that 1 - more than yours ever did. And thats the metric I care about - its about the four quarters, NOT the 100 pennies... 

I dont think an idiot like him would process all this, so lets skip past it (skipping - hehe - poor Benny can't skip either since his ankles are too shot from the weight. Like the guy in Oman once told me when I was fat, "reduce that weight, it's not going to go on your dick!" (this was when I had a nasty ankle sprain and could barely walk)). 

He was right, Benny... 

Took me a while to get it, so dont worry - one day you will too and you'll say thank you. 

Onwards ... 

Chances are you'll never see this and you're too much of a coward to write back yourself without making a post about it first.

You're right, I would never have seen it - you caught me right before the eventual auto delete my friend. But somehow I'm not sorry I saw it - it just gives me a chance to tweak my systems better. ;) 

And if writing about something makes me a coward, well, best take a look at what you sent my friend. 

Really, this self projection ...lol. 

Last, but not least, the six commandments of Fat Boy's list on how to live life - 

Which one was I guilty of? 

ya'll write back and tell me! 


I just gotta say this, this nonsense of me making up "effed up things about his wife" - I'd like to hear what exactly. As I never once said anything about his wife, or anyone other than "pity" them for having to put up with this massive pestilence in their lives. Like I said, this is why I rarely discuss anything with anyone these days ... 

To end -

1. Completely ignore it
I would have. But you got lucky! Benny's lucky day. His highlight of the week? Hehe. 
2. Write about it and talk shit as if you're the shit even though you're a narcissist.
Nah. My friend, all those comments on the site, all those good things said about me - CUSTOMERS that pay good MONEY for my products said it. Those on my list say it. And I'd rather hear what they have to say other than Bozo sorts like you and other cheapasses ... 
Narcissist? For some one that preens and poses on Tikky Tok "excuse for workouts" thats pretty "sweet" -- next thing I know though, Benny will be paying me money to kiss the tip of my biceps. Dont believe me?It's happened - ask Bozo Schofield. Haha. 
3. Make a video telling 10 people how much of an idiot I am and you can out train me any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
Or maybe 1 person? is that OK? I can think of one right now I could send it to ... hehe. 
4. Use some kind of dumb reference either politically or compare me to a retard or something of that nature.
LOL. The self projection really shines...
5. Write/Record some of the same shit you've already said and act like it's a completely different thing.
6. Find a way to completely trash anything I do or say to make me seem like some dumbfuck who never trained a day in his life and make up some fucked up thing about my wife (which BTW makes you even more of a disgusting human being since you're reflecting on the terrible relationship with your own) 
Well, he pretty much described himself there. I dont need to do it! 
7. Try to outdo me in exercises that even you have hardly any real technique on
Again, from someone that cannot do a pull-up - someone that cannot get chest to the floor on pushups, someone that whines when he's told to do ass to grass on squats... 
I dont want to "outdo" or even train with someone like that - sorry - unless they're willing to learn from someone (me) who is truly a as he's been called (I can see Benny ignoring it) " a master of his craft". 
More to the point, why would I care Penny? 
I mean, I'm here to do business, not wack off to porn - or asses - or whatever - with nutjobs that have no job, no money, no business, do everything for "freeeeeeeee" ... et al? 
All I'm here for is to make sales my friend (in terms of youtube etc) - to teach folks - not to "outdo" you - quite frankly I could care less about that even if you were a super stud - which you're the exact opposite of, but even if you were...
This is exactly why I need to curate even MORE than I do now. Come to think of it, the affiliate system did a fine job of doing it on its lonesome by dumping your initial email in the trash where it belonged, my bad on responding to that and giving you a chance. Ugh. I'm too nice sometimes... 
My guess is within the next week....You'll do either number 1, use 4, 5 and highly likely do 2 or 3. Number 7 won't do you any good and 6 is probably something you won't be able to resist since you love to hear yourself talk like a parrot wanting a cracker. 
I triple dog dare you to even write back and say something and then write about it to your "audience" which really consists of maybe 5 people that have nothing better to do with their lives than listen to a right wing bullshitter who can't even keep a marriage in tact without some kind of drama or pouring hot dog flavored water fuckery about another human being. 
Well, since that you're that bored, I "wrote back". You dont have to triple, double, or quadruple dare me. hehe. You just have to make sure I catch the email before it gets auto deleted - which is within a day as far as I know, but I have to tweak it further - so thank you in that regard. 
I'm not much of a one for flavored water. I'd rather my cold beer. I'll leave the conoctions to Bozo and you - as Bruce Willis said in Expendables Two "are you two going to suck each other's dicks now" hehe. 
BTW, give me one reason on why I should "want" to keep a marriage I am getting nothing from and have got nothing from "intact"? 
I'm not much into self flagellation Benny. I walk away from situations that will never change. Attempting to change a NAzi feminist is akin to beating your head against a brick wall, of course, you wont get that. 
More to the point, I wasn't the one responsible for the current state of the so called relationship. Therefore, I'm not going to be the one to fix it (not that I care two hoots about it anyway). 
I dont live on my wife, my friend - unlike you. And thats all that needs to be said in terms of "pathetic". 
It might also, for those with a bit of brain which you dont seem to have consider this FACT - despite begging, pleading, cajoling from my parents and myself- the wife refuses to divorce me ... I wonder why? 
Hehe. I must truly be a good catch... 
I truly do hold all the aces my friend and I worked damn hard for it. 
Have a great day Rahul and I really hope you can find something original to come up with. 

The very fact you care shows how addicted you are - it'll never go away Benny. Accept the inevitable, pull out wifey's handbag, cajole her, BEG her to get the product for you. Believe me, one look at a real man's site, and she will. And no, I dont even mean that in the sense your warped mind is thinking - what she will think, and KNOW is this - DOER. As opposed to loser. Hehe. 

No, it doesnt mean she will buy my products because I have a nice ass (women love it - unlike those guys that claim theyre handsome but are really anything but - I really AM, my friend - not to mention ripped, rugged, a RED BLOODED MALE (stud) and in better shape than 99.9% of people out there - and Im proud of it since I WORKED for it, didnt come easy) - or because you like it, but because everyone can sense "real man" - and real. And although you're welcome to salivate about my ass and most likely soles too (ugh) - please do not come "near me" with those intentions, as you'll get your own ass handed to you in that case. Really, you LGBTQ faggoty sorts (not everyone is, but the ones that are that way) need to grow up and learn the meaning of goose and gander. Again, it's fine if you have your preferences, I'm all for it, my other business cater to that sort of person - but dont FORCE it down my throat, ugh. Please. Nice please. Or else... 

And thats that. 

Folks, when you put REAL information, REAL stuff out there, you'll attract this sort of nutjob into your life - galore. 

Profit Troll shows you how to profit off these fools - like a Godsend, everytime sales are somewhat slow (for Benny it's always a big fat zero apparently) or every time Glyn needs money, they show up here. LOL. They can't stay away, and its GREAT for the cash register. 

Trust me on this one. 

Anyway. Enough for now. Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System which is the one and only system out there that will elevate you to beast - or superhuman status if you DO the thing and be real. 

And thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Benny, I truly do want to return either to the States or perhaps Tassie in Oz. China ... well, its great, I love china too, but I'd REALLY like to return to the Southern United States, I love that part of the country. Unfortunately we dont welcome liberal LGBTQ loons like you down there too much so even if I DID want to train with you which I wouldn't in my wildest nightmares - then sorry, nothing doing my friend. 

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